Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Off day after driving back from Cleveland, but here are the lineups, including the first Major League start for Hernan Perez and a rare start against a left-hander for Alex Avila (Leyland said he was going to do this at some point this week, with four lefties slated to face the Tigers over the final six games before the break):

TIGERS (numbers off Jose Quintana)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (2-for-6, walk)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (1-for-3)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-5, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-6, 2 K’s)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-4, walk, K)
  7. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  8. Hernan Perez, 2B
  9. Alex Avila, C

P: Justin Verlander

WHITE SOX (career numbers off Verlander)

  1. Alejandro De Aza, CF (3-for-13, 2 HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS (11-for-50, HR, 2 walks, 9 K’s)
  3. Alex Rios, RF (8-for-33, 4 walks, 9 K’s)
  4. Adam Dunn, 1B (3-for-20, 2 HR, 10 K’s)
  5. Jeff Keppinger, DH (3-for-6)
  6. Conor Gillaspie, 3B
  7. Dayan Viciedo, LF (0-for-9, 3 K’s)
  8. Gordon Beckham, 2B (5-for-28, HR, 7 K’s)
  9. Josh Phegley, C

P: Jose Quintana


Really working the counts…….

Blacked out here. On Gameday. JV has not thrown many fastballs or is Gameday not reporting well?

Judging by JV’s stuff tonight (so far), we’re gonna need 5 or 6 to win this one.
Unfortunately, Quintana doesn’t look like that is possible.
JV does not have it after 3. Good thing The Sox don’t hit much.

Game wet and a giant bore so far. Tigers hitters couldn’t be making things easier for Quintana than they are. Jv has been okay but he’s getting the first two out pretty easy but the 3rd out is a challenge

53 pitches and about 8 maybe 9 fastballs. 93 tops.
Lots of changeups. Probably 60% and a few sliders.

Didn’t pitch Viciedo very well here in the 4th. Fastball is low velocity and out over the plate. Been a very different year for Justin in 2013.

Illitch bought and brought Fielder to slug. To hit home runs. 23 MLB players have more homers than Prince. TWENTY-THREE!
I know a lot of fans aren’t worried about that but pretty soon those weak at bats we are seeing now will result in less opportunities for Miggy.

Oh Oh! 2E. Dry off a bench spot. JL is thinking again.

omar keepin a spot on the bench dry for him don’t worry

Every single inning jv has gotten the 1st 2 out then a hit, unfortunately this time it was a homer.

I hate it when they score right after the Tigers do. After 2 outs JV must think he has it wrapped up. I think he is tired from all that extracurricular activities listed in another blog plus how many games has he thrown less than 100 pitches over the years?

Psychologically let’s up?
Every out so important. Another couple of feet and Perez has that 3-0 foul ball.
Time for our guys to put some offense on the board.
The way JV has thrown tonight we should feel glad to be in this game at all.

This may be an important trial for Hernan. Given the Biogenesis issue. I worried a bit about this before the season started.

JV is struggling. We really need our offense to win this game for us. I don’t see Justin being able to hold them off much longer.

oh man jhonny and prince swinging poorly

2E sits again. JV over 100 pitches again. Rios steals again.

And there goes the game………again.

Come on. Get JV out of there. What’s the purpose now?


Ugh! Ugly game right now.

This is what happens when you don’t hit. BTW, I must be a little behind everybody watching on MLB networ. Right now Dunn just homered. Why is JV still in there. He should have been pulled after the Dunn homer (which I predicted here at home). I guess it would be too much hindsight to say after Rios’ single but I certainly knew he was finished there and then.

You better log off MLB

yes log off asap better to not see

Was your stream stopping and starting? ( yeah I know, sounds like a urinary problem) That happens when I use my BluRay player for MLB.TV. I can get 15-20 minutes behind.


Goodnight, all. I’ve seen enough.

Miggy just hurt himself jumping for the wild throw. What a brutal inning. Man, when it gets ugly … it gets real ugly.
— Bob

We left. …..verlander was horrible which is pretty typical this year. Hitters went blank against a lefty. .feel like I should get some money back.

Oh man. Now I see what “ugly, ugly” means. Baseball is a funny game. The ChiSox have been awful and have been losing 8 of their last 10.
The Tigers just had one of their most successful road trips and finally started clubbing the ball a bit. They come home and then this?

I predicted that Dunn homer too. I also left……….the room. Now I’m in here. The other room. Seems to happen a lot this year.

Long road trip and an emotional series in Cleveland. Win the next two and it’s all good. Lose one…….and it’s not.

Justin verlander an all star.. …freaking hilarious. Prince Fielder and Hunter all stars that’s not quite as humorous but close.

humerous will be when 20 all stars are suspended for the rest of the season a few days after the all star game.

Holy Murphy! How did things get that bad that fast?

WhiteSox look like a WS contender! Good pitching, strong batting.

Not that hurt, I guess.
— Bob

I just hate to see them play so badly. Why is it JL is attached to JV being on the mound with an umbilical cord? He just refuses to act upon what everyone else sees, and presumably what he sees too. If he was acting upon solid sound judgement he would have not had him out there for the 8th inning at all.
It was clear he was on borrowed time, had no fastball to speak of, with a complete inability to get a 3rd strike and much difficulty getting the 3rd out.
I understand the relationship, the image and the loyalty, but I don’t understand the denial.

denial, hopes and dreams……same thing, right?

A game that Verlander starts, I’ve gotten to the point were I feel like there is about a 30% chance of winning. He’s become extremely hittable….good the first 3 or 4 weeks and since he’s mediocre to bad most games…with the occasional good outing just to make you think he s coming around.

They are close cousins Evan!!
But seriously, it is a shame that JL feels obligated to JV as much as he is. I understand that Justin had a 1 run game and, for him, a relatively low pitch count in a tie game. But, JL has to be looking at the whole picture. Verlander was off, courting trouble, going through the lineup for the 4th time, not fooling anybody, fastball dead, etc etc.

This is like the Twilight Zone. It just shows that one poor decision (leaving JL in for the 8th) can start a chain reaction of ripples that leads us to this.
Get all these cheap hits now Chisox. Get them out of your system.
— Bob

Shame on the score keepers for not giving the pylon at 1st base an error. Guess what if your not going to hit a ball anywhere make a routine out on a ground ball …don’t give a crap about the base runner pay attention…

Kind of hard when you can’t see the ball at all. Been there.

He’s a pylon……

He had himself positioned right behind the runner…..he wasn’t holding him on….

That’s why he couldn’t see it.
— Bob

Hard to believe this was a 1-1 game just an inning ago. Pulling Verlander for Alburquerque wouldn’t have worked anyway. They’re still a reliever short. Maybe two.

They are a couple of starting pitchers short lately.

you know who looked like real crap at the plate today? a guy who’s name was in MLBTRADERUMORS article regarding suspensions.
with that said – turn the page fellas. we didn’t get a rest after that road trip – looked tired and uninterested.
Donny Kelly Baby!

i felt like the offense woke up at the end of the game tonight. while it was way to late —- it was something we’ve been looking for. and if momentum exists then it gives us momentum for tomorrow.
Vmart, 2E and Cabby looked pretty good out there at the plate today. So that’s a takeaway!

greg you ok buddy?

I’m starting to worry.

Hey Evan
Been back in the hospital again. Working on getting blood platelets up. Thanks for asking.

I just wrote “I’m starting to worry” and then you comment. Yes, hopefully can use your laptop, phone or whatever devise and keep us informed. Get well soon, Greg. We miss your insight.

dang greg sorry to hear that. What are they saying the platelet count is at anyhow? Are you getting a straight up blood transfusion? Ugh man….at least these tigers have gotten you used to taken some pain.


Watched the whole game. We did not hit. I was calling for Smyly in the 8th. Isn’t that the new formula? Also, I did not see the pylon at first base but I saw a lot of them on the highway yesterday. Get well soon Greg! Go Tigers!

Smyly can’t go back to back, that is the issue. They are indeed a couple relievers short. Too bad we can’t bring in Coke/ABQ to get outs in the 8th which is why I think Leyland left Verlander in.
Don’t understand the venom directed at Fielder. The play in the 8th was long after the outcome was established. Tough play, he didn’t make it. Are fans just upset with his salary? Compare him to other 1B and tell me who is better. Chris Davis, yes. Any others? Pujols (who costs more, is older and is a DH)? Fielder is .262/15 HR/66 RBI and protects Miggy in the lineup.

Agree, PWL.

yea very interesting how quickly people get on prince’s case. I’m aware what his numbers are. It’s not that he’s getting unlucky.
But maybe he’ll get going with Vmart being on fire – and the word getting out that maybe Prince would be a better guy to pitch to.
And for the record i absolutely send JV back out for the 8th. He pitched the 7th fine, he’s your horse and your pen had snake eyes written all over it and he’s at 100 pitches.

I agree Evan, and FWIW if JV pitched the 8th and had a good inning, everyone would be talking about how smart JL was for not putting the game at risk with the questionable BP we have. It’s hard to trust all but one or 2 members of the BP with a game that’s incredibly close in late innings.

I agree it would have been difficult and maybe even uncanny for Jl to have taken out JV at the start of the 8th. He is the horse, he did have a a 1 run game going., BUT after the Dunn homer he clearly needed to be taken out. he was being hammered and with the 2 runs the loyalty to leave him in with the mentality that this was “his game” was gone.
He did not have an undefeated record like Max.
Paint the picture any way you like, JV was finished, physically and mentally after Dunn roped him.

was the pen warming after that hit by dunn? I can’t remember

Totally agree Slowbyrne. Please tell why Smyly can not go back to back? He threw 16 pitches on Monday.

Sorry, DB, didn’t read your comment before I posted. 18 pitches and he can’t pitch again? Utterly ridiculous.

Jim said he wanted to be able to use Smyly on consecutive days and that was the reason for only 1 inning going forward. Did he throw lots of pitches in his previous game? Is that the reason?

If that’s the case than that further supports the idea that Smyly is being misused.
His future is in the rotation. If they put him in the pen then he has to be either
A) The long man, or
B) A 1 inning specialist
If it is the latter then he has to be expected to be able to throw 2 and sometimes, 3 days in a row if needed. If he can’t then you are contributing to the inefficiency of the bullpen. You put too much pressure on the rest of its pitchers.
Smyly has done a really nice job but at what cost?
Much of the problems of the Detroit Tigers refers to the strategy of DD over the winter to not address the bullpen.

As to better 1st basemen:
1 Allen Craig STL
2 Joey Votto CIN
3 James Loney TB
4 Chris Davis BAL
5 Paul Goldschmidt ARI
6 Freddie Freeman ATL
7 Adam Lind TOR
8 Adrian Gonzalez LAD
9 Eric Hosmer KC
10 Edwin Encarnacion

for clarification better as in OPS or what?

Hmmm….I made a mental list once and it was similar. Prince is paid to hit the ball out of the yard, just as he’ll do next week in his HR Derby. If he doesn’t hit homers, his value is diminished. Whether it’s acceptable or not is a matter of opinion. You won’t find it with numbers.

OK, now how many of these guys were available in 2012 when the contending Tigers needed someone to protect Miggy. Because with Boesch hitting 4th last year, we don’t make the playoffs. I’ll give you Votto. Gonzalez had a dreadful year last year and makes just as much as Prince. Encarcion is a DH.
Did we overpay for Prince, yes. What was the alternative? Cespedes (an unknown at the time), in hindsight yes. The Tigers are in a win-now mode, enjoy the ride folks.

When you look at all the great pitchers over the years, besides having great arms and a good arsenal of pitches, it is their focus that stands out to me. Max stays focused. Bob Gibson stayed focused. Closers have to be focused. Verlander drives me nuts when he starts questioning the umpire. Last night it was good enough to win but we just didn’t hit. That Chicago pitcher was good.

Smyly can go back to back, I’m not sure where this idea that he can’t came from. I wouldn’t have used him after the Dunn homer but he could have pitched. The problem is Alburquerque is here to do a job and he’s not doing it on most days.

well to be fair, the first 5.2 innings he pitched he gave up 1 hit, 6 walks and 0 ERs.
his past two appearances have resulted in 5 hits, 2 walks and 2 HRs while getting 3 whole outs.

He was good for what……..maybe 2 outings and then started getting bombed. If they don’t get Al fixed, they better find another pitcher.
Prince isn’t hitting as many homers as we’d like. Maybe it’s that skinny bat. He’s improved at first base and has a proven track record for hitting. He’ll come out of it. He was terribly shy as a little boy (was he ever little) and is really a Detroit icon. I remember him just being huge compared to other kids his age. That had to be difficult for him. His dad was so outgoing and just kind of overshadowed Prince. And, then came the big split when his dad screwed over his mother. Wish that relationship could be mended. My son just adored Cecil and I want Prince to be just as successful.

7 outtings he was good – and now 2 bad ones.

Nice, Kathy. One of the games I took my kids to my son got a life size poster of Cecil. Just watched the replay of Mr. Mumbles on the post game show. He kept saying over and over that JV did not have his best stuff.

So JL admits that JV did not have his best stuff. After 7 innings and only 1 run in with the stuff he had, JL should have got him out of there and felt like he robbed the bank with the trouble JV was in and out of all night. Sure, his pitch count was only around 100 but there were a lot of high stress pitches because JV was battling. Use Smyly for the 8th and Benoit for the 9th (the right move at that point at home as there would be no save opportunity any longer). Maybe MIggy still hits the homer in the 8th and Benoit is in for the save. Maybe Smyly gets hit around too. But we never got to find out. Once again, JL left his bullets in the chamber. He has his formula (and he is not alone, most managers have the same formula), that his 8th and 9th inning guys pitch mainly with a lead, and rarely tied or behind by a run. If you use Smyly and Benoit for an inning each and it is still tied, then the rest of the bullpen needs to step up and do their jobs and JL has to let the chips fall where they may. I don’t 2nd guess him then. That is the problem I had with last nights game.
That being said, the effort from the hitters has to be much better. I heard Mario and Rod say in the 8th or 9th last night that Tigers batters had something like 16 outs where they saw only 2 pitches or less. Hardly, grinding out the at bats.
Win the next two and everything is fine. But Texas is looming for the weekend and we have had trouble with them in the last couple of years. Don’t let the good series in Cleveland go to waste.
— Bob

Greg – hang in there, we are all thinking of you and pulling for you to get back home to watch our boys play. Rough game last night, but a terrific road trip all in all – way to beat up on the Tribe. I have not been on the site for almost a week so have not read much at all or posted – home computer went on the fritz!

Right on Bob. You feel the same way as most of the people in West Michigan do.

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