Fielder back in Derby, but what about Cabrera?

Prince Fielder will defend his crown in next Monday’s Home Run Derby. Whether Miguel Cabrera joins him remains to be seen.

Cabrera essentially confirmed Monday night that the open spot on the American League’s Derby roster is waiting on him and his back.

“He asked me already, so we’re waiting to see how my back’s feeling,” Cabrera said. “Hopefully I can do it.”

This is the same back issue that led manager Jim Leyland to rest Cabrera on Thursday. When Cabrera returned to action on Friday, Leyland said he wasn’t at 100 percent. Cabrera said AL captain Robinson Cano asked him a week ago, so his back issue dates back at least that long.

“I hope he can wait or he can have somebody else be ready,” Cabrera said. “He talked to me one week ago for that. I tell him, ‘Maybe I’ll do it, but you’ve got to put Prince on there. You’ve gotta put Prince first, then me.’ He won last year, so he deserves to be there again.”

Prince’s status was never in question. He loves the Derby, and his two crowns makes him an easy choice.

“I want to have fun, but obviously you want to win,” Fielder said. “We’re all competitors. I just want to win to have my boys stand up there with me. That’s the only reason I like winning, so that they can experience it. It’s really fun for them, and I have fun seeing how much fun it is for them.”

If Cabrera takes part, he and Fielder will be the second pair of teammates in this year’s Derby, joining Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez and Michael Cuddyer. The 2011 Derby had two pairs of teammates as well with Fielder joining fellow Brewer Rickie Weeks against Red Sox David Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez.


I hope he leant do it…..if there is even a small question of his backs health.

would be fun to have 2 tigers in the HR derby but honestly i’d rather have no tigers in the entire AS weekend. not even hyped about JL managing the AL team.

i heard omar is about to be on the dL…..who do you play at 2nd if omar misses the next month? 2E and Ramon?

bring up Perez?

I think Omar does need to go on the DL, with the All Star break coming, it gives him extra time to heal. The question is: is Danny Worth healthy? While Perez might be an intriguing prospect, I don’t think he is on the 40 man roster.

He is

It would be cool if Miggy would do it although it is by no means a must. Initially I wanted Miggy over Prince. When I saw Prince is already in I thought maybe better if Miggy doesn’t participate. However, when I see that multiple teammates have participated several times in the past then I have no problem with a Bash-Brother combo.

ESPN ticked me off a bit. In their discussion about who should fill the fourth spot Miggy was basically ignored and his name was only briefly mentioned near the end almost as an afterthought.

Regarding Infante…if he can’t play very very soon you need to bring up someone else. I wouldn’t mind seeing Perez over Worth. Kelly can play some second and didn’t someone on here say 2e has played some 2nd? But if Danny isn’t hitting we don’t need another light hitter, we already have Ramon. Ps what kind of a fielder is Perez?

danny worth hitting a whooping .609OPS with toledo this year (.580OPS in the past 10 games). 6 errors will take the phrase “defensive specialist” out of the conversation. Don’t know beans about perez, tho.

If we’re talking one week of baseball, Santiago is the 2ndbaseman. That one’s easy. That’s why he’s here. Who you fill out the roster with doesn’t much matter since he’ll sit the bench anyway.

I agree he has earned it, but you cant run short on the bench either and you have to have a replacement if Santiago gets hurt right?

i think we’re talking a month of a baseball. just my opinion.

Fielder in the HR derby – what a joke! Why he’s even at the All Star game is a mystery. Tigers have painted themselves in a corner with him and his self proclaimed “playing every day” mantra. Although on the surface it appears to be admirable, why should Leyland and the organization choose not to give him a day or two of rest when he obviously needs it! NO, he has to play every day because he’s the “Prince”. He also should back down from this stance if not purely for the betterment of the team. That would be the selfless thing to do.

i’d love to see you build a case that sitting him is better for the team!

sure with how he’s helped them the past couple of weeks.

since june 20 he’s batted .189/.268/.351/.620, but his BABIP is .196 during that time period. Cut the fella a break ball players offense sometimes fluctuate. Remember March/April when he hit 1.009OPS?

The players vote Torii and Prince into the all star game. Prince is top five in RBI’s in the league.

A low BABIP over the short term doesn’t necessarily mean a guy is hitting in tough luck. Anyone watching Prince knows that he’s not being robbed of tons of hits. Sometimes BABIP just means you’re hitting like garbage.

There had been rumors of the Tigers looking at Utley along with a number of other teams. Anyone hear that?

15 million dollars for a guy who often doesn’t show up in the postseason? We already have too many of them!

I don’t see Utley. Money and injury prone.
Hernan Perez is on the 40 man roster. Was last year too.
Wouldn’t hurt to bring him up for a look see. He can hit he can run (steal) and he can field. He can watch too. Santiago is playing well enough but would not hurt to have someone else here.

nothing specific on the Infante injury except it’s his ankle and it’s not getting better. Has anyone seen anything more?

If the Tigers are to place Infante on the disabled list, the move would be retroactive to last Thursday. The Tigers have several options to fill his spot, including Toledo’s Danny Worth and Erie’s Hernan Perez, both of whom are on the Tigers’ 40-man roster.

Worth has struggled to hit consistently this year as he’s batting .228 with a .609 OPS in 36 games in Triple-A Toledo.

Perez has hit .300 with 35 RBIs and 28 doubles in 86 games at Double-A Erie. He leads the Eastern League with 107 hits and 28 doubles and is second with 24 stolen bases.
Bring up the guy with speed. Speed is what this team lacks and needs most. (Other than Prince Fielder to start playing better.)

.196 BABIP for prince since June 20, Dan. There’s luck involved when hitting round objects with round objects.

Perez is hitting .300 with 24 SB and 45 runs scored for AA Erie.

neither worth nor perez can hit at the mlb level. so yes, just bring up the speed.

Perez is has .500 MLB career ave. How do you know he can’t hit at MLB level? Trammel and Whitaker came up straight from AA ball

were either non-drafted? Perez was even if he has a single in 1 of his 2 MLB plate appearances.

Not many guys from Venezuala are drafted, so that point is moot.

(only US players are drafted Evan)

touche! right on right on good to know! my b. Maybe Perez can hit who knows not me huh?

It’s time to be smart:
Firstly, Miggy, don’t even consider the derby. Can you imagine how great your back is going to feel with a few days off like that? You might catch up to Davis in the real derby within 2 weeks of the All Star sideshow. Let Davis go and ruin his stroke!!!!
Secondly, Leyland, put Omar on the DL and get him right. He will only miss 6 games more because of the break but will have another TEN days off of his ankle to be fit and fiddle for the last 42% of the season.

Good suggestions Dan. They can postdate the DL date to make it retroactive if need be,

Exactamente Ted.

Hernan Perez might have the highest career batting average in Tiger history!

in 2 plate appearances

Ramon has earned the fill in job. did you see the bare handed play last night? Are you looking for a spark? Then bring up Perez and see what he can do. Maybe I am in the minority but I think Prince will be huge. He wants to win. Did you see his emotion last night? Max said it was the biggest victory for the Tigers this year! Go Tigers!

“I have an MRI tomorrow on my ankle, and we’ll see what happens,” Infante said after Monday’s game.

He has emotion…what does that have to do with his performance lately? Why doesn’t he require a break/day off when everyone else does? He can cheer from the bench…

Wasn’t cheering much in the dugout when VMart made that spectacular catch off of Asdrubal’s bat on Sunday.
I think Prince much prefers to cheer for himself. He was probably more stoked that he drew a walk and slid into home properly than as much as anything else.

DB, yes Ramon has earned the job. But we need a real infielder on the bench until Omar gets back.

No Miggy, don’t do it! We know you can hit home runs!

I find it interesting that none of the press have questioned his hitting slide. If it continues, there will be a lot more IBB for Cabrera. The way VMart has been hitting I’d move him behind MC…

I’m surprised we haen’t seen more RHPs/strong> intentionally walking Cabby to get to to Prince.

I’m surprised we haven’t seen more RHPs intentionally walking Cabby to get to Prince.

Justin Verlander cover boy of MLB video game;
Justin Verlander boyfriend of shapely Kate Upton;
Justin Verlander wants to play pro golf;
Justin Verlander wants to participate in Home Run Derby;
Justin Verlander wants to sing with barbershop quartet (with video)
Justin Verlander (ERA 3.54) needs to pull head out of the clouds and put into the game.

I’ve partially done one of those five things Verlander did or wants to do. Can anyone guess which one it was?

sing in barbershop quartet
la la la la lala…

Is it date Kate Upton ??? You lucky dog !!! 😉
Barber shop quartet is my guess.
— Bob

AGREED AGAIN DAN!!! Forgot his career in broadcasting with FOX.

120 miles west of Chicago here. Weather not good. Is it moving towards Detroit? I hope they can get all 3 games in against the Bad Guys. Put it on the board! It’s a can of corn. LOL.

real tossup on that weather hitting detroit. I’d put a 45% chance we get rain during the game.

Beautiful here now…..according to the weather report (mmmmmm??????). Tonight is supposed to be good, tomorrow will be in question.

certainly if it misses us it will miss us late. If anyone is interested a good internet tool that a friend of a friend made can be used:

I believe you were spotted on the swimsuit shoot with Kate, right?

“The Detroit Tigers today placed second baseman Omar Infante on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to July 4 with a left ankle sprain.

To take his place, the club recalled second baseman Hernan Perez from Double-A Erie. Perez is batting .300 with 28 doubles, two triples, four home runs and 35 RBIs in 86 games with Erie.

Perez, 22, played two games and went 1-for-2 with the Tigers last season.”

I think the writing is on the wall for Danny Worth.

Detroit Tigers
1. Austin Jackson, CF (2-for-6)
2. Torii Hunter, RF (1-for-3)
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-5, 2B, 2 SOs)
4. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-6, 2B, 2 SOs)
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-4)
7. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
8. Hernan Perez, 2B
9. Alex Avila, C

fortunately for the TIgers the WSox suck. Even their announcers are making fun of them… watching last night’s game vs Cubs Hawk said finally a team that’s made more errors than us… I was laughing the whole night at their comments…

Avila is going to get eaten alive today by Quintana.

Prince is definitely struggling. He seems off balance a lot and is leaving the strike zone far too much. But someone commented that more pitchers will IBB Miggy. For now, that is OK with me. That is the time when Prince is giving his best results. That is why he has so many RBIs. His stats after a Miggy walk are outstanding. That is when I have the most confidence with Prince at the plate.
I do not get the impression that Prince is a “me first” guy. Facial expressions and body language do not make that a truth.
— Bob

The correct answer to what I’ve partially done that Verlander has done or wants to do is…………I’ve been to St. Thomas. Only thing missing was Kate Upton.
But there’s still time…………

That’s what I was going to guess, but that seemed too obvious!

You get a different impression than I do Bob. I think he is moody. He is outgoing when he is going well and unwilling to sacrifice himself and adapt when they aren’t.
If there was one major deal that I could make as GM it would be to get something (and admittedly a lot of something) for Prince to improve my team next year.

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