Benoit fourth in early Final Vote balloting

Joaquin-Hunter? Pence-oit? It’s not exactly Bran-Torino, but it’ll do.

The fact that it pairs together the two rivals from last year’s World Series is an interesting sidelight.

With more than 16 million votes cast already, Joaquin Benoit ranks fourth in Final Vote balloting, trailing leader Toronto’s Steve Delabar, Boston’s Koji Uehara and Yankees setup man David Robertson. The release says less than 600,000 votes separate Uehara from fifth-place Tanner Scheppers, so it’s still a close.

To try to rally support, the Tigers have taken a page from their 2009 campaign for Brandon Inge and teamed up with a National League club for an AL-NL Final Vote ticket. It just so happens that the NL team swept the Tigers last October, and the player involved played a role in it.

Hunter Pence is one of five position players vying for the NL Final Vote. Considering Yasiel Puig is one of the other four, he’ll need votes wherever he can find them, even if they’re coming from Detroit.

Fans can vote for Benoit and Pence online at or, or text “A1” for Benoit and “N4” for Pence to 89269 in the United States. Standard message and data rates may apply. Mobile voting is also available in Canada by texting the player codes to 101010. Fans have until 4pm on Thursday to vote. Unlike the All-Star Game voting, there’s no limit to how many votes fans can cast.

For the second consecutive year, the All-Star Game Final Vote will also include a social balloting element, as the support for each of the 10 candidates’ official hashtags over the final six hours of balloting will count toward their final vote totals. From 10 am – 4 pm EDT on Thursday, any tweet that includes #BackBenoit or #VotePence will be counted towards the official vote totals used to determine the Final Vote winners for the American and National League. 


Read something about DD not pulling the trigger on a closer or relief pitcher over the winter. The article was made to sound like it was logical on his part no to because there wasn’t much available. That Soriano was the only solution. Bull. What about Uehara? This guy would have been a very nice addition to the staff.

He is having a good year, but he’s was not realiable of Texas the last year and a half. The traded Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis to get him. Can you imagine the uproar if DD made that move.

Really? But he was a free agent last year and the BoSox took him.
The guy can be a machine at times. Seemed to always do pretty well against us.
I guess my point is that there were many other options to explore . It was not simply overpaying for Soriano.

My thought is that Benoit was always there as a closer and Detroit could have picked up another late inning reliever over the winter. Whatever.

[crosses his fingers for this game to be played tonight despite the weather situation]

If they don’t, that leaves a 5 game series to do later in Cleveland. Great scheduling this year, hey? Hats off to BUD.

ooooh a 5 game series could be fun tho!

Several bullpen arms have been less productive than expected and that hurts the team. I think they felt good enough about middle relief and setup guy. Beniot was the fall back, until they decided to sign JVV and got the chance when that failed. Coke, AlAl, BV have been less than hoped for and Marte is injured. Based on last year, it is hard to blame management for not anticipating limited results from those four.

Don’t forget about Dotel – that was another huge bust for the team.

I wonder what the deal is with him?

Management had a higher opinion of Coke, AlAl, and BV than I did. I thought them all inconsistent and unreliable. I trusted management, however, and got schooled to never do that blindly.

Alineación vs. CLE: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Tuiasosopo 7, Peña 2, Santiago 4. Scherzer comienza.

when did 2E get back!?

He was activated last friday.Avisail was sent back toAAA then.


Got my votes in for Joaquin this AM….over and over.

I don’t like the All Star balloting mechanism. The only Tiger I voted for was Benoit.
And, as you said Kathy, over and over. What’s up with that? I had to stop because I was getting addicted to punching in numbers!!! I’m sure it would have been limitless. Thought they allowed you to vote 25 times . Which in itself seems hardly very democratic.

Good to see 2E and Pena in the lineup. I wonder if they are going to consider just putting Omar on the DL. Not so sure it’s very good to be short-handed on the bench day after day.
BTW–2E can play infield. Strange as it may seem.

I think in the initial voting it is 25 times…must be unlimited for this final vote.
Well if the very wet afternoon/evening if its headed to Cleveland we could be watching a lot of Boys in the Halls and Tigers Weeklys tonight during a long rain delays. I’m torn with this, if it gets cancelled then I will see Max pitch tomorrow night and back to the ballpark on Wednesday for JV.

By the way what I don’t want to happen is they start it and stop it two hours later and waste him.

2E played shortstop and some 2B in the Minors but is listed as 1b and 3B in the depth chart

I saw 2E play more infield than outfield in ST when I was there.

2E has played 64 innings at 2b in the majors 28 at SS and almost 200 at 3B. Lots of versatility.

Oh wow I was up north and somehow missed 2E coming back.
this game will likely start closer to 8 than 7. with a stroke of bad luck, even closer to 9 than 8.

Well I know I’m no meteorologist (and we all know how accurate they are no offense Evan). But I’m looking at the radar and it looks like a whole lot of ain is headed that way. It will truly piss me off if they stop and start ths game and screw up Max’s start.

By the way I remember 5 or so years ago Chicago prematurely canceling a game at like 3 in the afternoon against us, I was talking to one of my salereps at the time and it was sun shining and never did rain. Coincidentally or not Soxs had a bunch of injuries and we had already beaten them the first couple of games and we were playing well. So no I wouldn’t put it past a club.

Here we go with the rain……..great decision to start it.

Bad running. With 2 outs he had to score

I repeat…..AJ not good w/RISP.You got any stats on that, El Tigre?

He was 303 with bases loaded career.

With RISP this year:.294.403.490.893


Come on, Max. Get this guy out. Looks like a ran delay is on the way.

Defense indifference in the second, not that smart

What a bunch of crap. Never should have started the game.

Was it indifference or just no shot?
Great decision to start the game Cleveland….guess that’s one way to avoid having o face Max! Low class…if it lasts long enough to keep him from going back out.

He did not even bothered to check the runners.

Oh I was talking about Pena not Max, Max is horrible at holding runners.

What the heck was Max doing with Chisenhall? Very surprised fastball after fastball.
Had a chance to throw him something soft a couple of times and didn’t. He was lucky Chisenhall didn’t tee off on him. He was certainly getting good swings.

GK, I think that is one element of Max’s game that is not particularly good. men on base. Has a horrible move to 1st yet seems preoccupied when someone is there.
Then he got frustrated with all the foul balls and totally forgot about the runner on 2nd. He can get out of whack if his concentration gets divided.

Maybe I’ve only seen AJ’s outs w/RISP. A single there could have had enormous consequences. Kazmir has not had a good rep lately. Any sign of clearing in Cleveland. I haven’t checked the Weather Channel.

Iron Mike Hessman has two homers off Alvarez in the Toledo game. Always liked that guy.

He was discussing signs with Peña, He likes to call breaking balls.It was all on him. Probably did not want the risk with the slippery ball

Game back

Well that sure worked in Cleveland’s favor.

What happened?

A change up smoked to OF . 1-2

Has Fielder hit a homer oppo this year? Dude needs to pull, for how strong he is he just can’t hit them out ….at least it seems like it.

Thanks–just got it back now. Missed the top of the 3rd.
Fielder is probably all happy now that he has the invite for the Derby.
Sorry, I am so down on this guy that it makes me angry.

The HR derby has been blamed for bad seasons before

The answer is Fielder has not hit one out to left all year.

Caught some luck there on the come-backer to Max. He does not have his A game tonight and it will be interesting to see how he manages himself on the mound. That is the mark of a good pitcher. To find a way when your stuff isn’t working.

Well so far it looks like the ump (like a lot of umpires ) gets fooled by left handed pitchers. Seems like they get an extra few in inches either side if the plate.

Hey….when I watch the games at home I watch them on the tv, but also look at pitch tracks on MLB Gameday ap on my ipad. Is anyone’s else’s Gameday frozen?

Yes. Jackson due up.

I was just gonna say that if Max gets thru this finning and part of the lineup (the 5th)
No sooner he walks the leadoff guy and then throws a wild pitch. This is gonna be a challenging inning.

Don’t give Brantly anything to hit. Just walk him.

It was strike

Like I said leftie pitchers I think fool umps Kazmir certianly got pitches that were in similar position.?

The ump positioned himself in the equivalent position for both batters.

Finally unfroze.

It is time for Fiedler to do something. The guy must be hitting about .150 the last week and a half.

He’s batting .176 in July with 4 rbi’s ………..not exactly earning his 20 whatever billion. I will say first month or so he was great ever since feels like he’s underperforming.

Francona just made a big mistake. Kazimir taken out too soon if you are an Indian fan. Glad to see him go.

Just checked. The last 10 games (including this one) Prince is 6 x 43. That’s an abysmal .140

2-E hits HR. Take him out. JL has to play percenrages no matter who is hot.

2e bats nearly 100 points higher against righties than Dirks…although I do realize dirks got a hit there.

I think it was a pretty predictable (for JL) move to do. Pretty dense actually. Dirk’s single notwithstanding. 2E gets treated poorly for a guy who has supplied some power and some big home runs. Half of them against RHP I might add. It’s true that 2E hits LHP better though. He is only hitting .333 against righties! JL sure knows his stuff eh?

He asked to remain, he is there

Cabrera doesn’t look good at the plate tonight. Well none of them do really.

Very bad play. Too many throws and taking the runner to the more advanced base.

Can someone verify this for me? Did Mario say Tito Francona?

I didn’t hear that. But I wouldn’t be surprised. Tito is his nickname. I have heard him referred to that many times.
— Bob

Yes, that is his nickname just like his dad.
no win for max tonight. Kazmir way too much for them and his high 4 era. Pitiful

Well Max remains unbeaten. Bet he’s choked at the umps for tarping the field on that 3-2 count. That was rather odd even as hard as it was coming down.

What a great play by Pena. I love that guy.
— Bob

Smart smart play by Pena

That’s why you always run to first base, Swisher was embarrassed.

Wonder how Chris Perez’s dog is enjoying the pot Chris had delivered to his house for him?

Rocky Mountain High!🙂

He was the MVP for my team here when the won the championship for the first time,and old timers, who knew his father,used to call him Tito.

I didn’t know that I do know his dad was Tito Francona. Played a year or two for the Tigers back in the day. Had a very long career.

I always thought Terry was his nickname and Tito was his real name.

If this game goes extra extra innings we should have an advantage.
Let’s hope Rondon can do the job here. I don’t think it a good idea.

Well he didn’t get the strike out king Reynolds out. Oh boy. Here we go.

Well these extra inning games have been brutal for us this year. If the Tribe can pull this one out it will be a big victory for them. We need to dig deep and refuse to lose.

Rondon has to throw his secondary pitches on the 1st pitch sometimes. Gotta put that thought in the heads of the hitters instead of letting them wind up for the hard one.

And a passed ball

They are crossed

Apparently Smyly having a hard time finding the strike zone tonight.

Thank god he got out of it….raining pretty hard

Pena playing really good ball. Excellent job behind the plate tonight.
JL should keep Smyly in for the 10th if we don’t score.
Francona making another mistake. Gotta take advantage of that.

Boy bad at bats by Torii and Aj…no way miggy gets anything to hit. Can Fielder finally do something

Holy Smoly!!!!

Victor !!!!!!
— Bob

But nice at bat by vmart!

Ok Benoit….please! Time to work your magic!

When was Lonnie Smith signed?

I can’t watch. Light a candle!

Oh no tying runs on…….and the strike zone has become very small I comparison to some other pitchers.

Merciful heaven. Tigers WIN!

Boy Benny had me nervous

3-9 in xtras.

Great job by Pena today. Really impressed with him. I look at the guy and he looks out of shape, clearly overweight. But he doesn’t play that way. We’re fortunate to have him. Kudos to Santiago for getting Kipnis there in the 9th. That would not have been a pretty inning if he doesn’t barehand that ball.
They are playing good ball.

I was wearing my Santiago t-shirt today. I may own the only one………..

Great game. Dramatic.

Where in the World is Brennan Boesch?
Seriously. What happened to him?

Yankee system…he’s been up and down.

He’s not been in a game for a long while. Must be injured.

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