Leyland’s Tigers All-Star pick: Justin Verlander

You knew it was going to somebody.

The All-Star manager usually picks one of his own, and at least one of them is usually a questionable pick. As it turned out, the player vote put enough Tigers onto the AL All-Star roster that Leyland used only one of his picks on one of his players. He went with Justin Verlander.

Nobody would’ve figured going into the season that it would come to that for Verlander to get onto the All-Star team. By the time the roster was due, he was very much on the fence.

“First of all, I think he’s one of the great pitchers in baseball,” Leyland said. “I think that’s obvious. I think take a little bit of history into consideration. I think you also take into consideration that he’s won nine games, he’s got a lot of strikeouts, and I think that he’s one of the faces of baseball, and I think he deserves to go. I think when you put all those combinations together, I think it’s a no-brainer.

“Sometimes there are guys probably voted that maybe had good careers and were voted in because of that and there’s some sentiment there, but I don’t think anybody can say that about Justin Verlander. This guy’s been Cy Young, MVP. He’s got nine wins. He just pitched seven shutout innings the other day. He’s up there in strikeouts. I mean, I don’t think anybody can argue that one. They can, but I don’t think there’s anything to make of that myself. People have their opinions.”


Line up:Austin Jackson CF, Torii Hunter RF, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder DH, Victor Martinez 1B, Jhonny Peralta SS, Andy Dirks LF, Alex Avila C, Ramon Santiago 2B,

This time I m fully agree with JL

I fully agree

How can anyone complain about Verlander in the ASG? He is the best SP in the AL year in and out. When you can look at his stats this year and say he is undeserving; it again speaks volumes of how great a pitcher he is. Porcello, Hernan Perez, and Avisail Garcia to the Royals for Santana and Holland.

Hey, Robin, is that trade a fact or a wish? Holland may be okay but why do they need Santana?

I don’t agree with Evan Reed. Jose Ortega would be my choice.

Reed for mop up duty. Not many opportunities for the 7th man.

Funny how often guys who are not getting the job done get tendonitis..
Still, this is a move that had to be done. Darin was marginal at best.
Reed is at leastt a better choice than Villarael who just can’t stop the flow when it comes to walking hitters.

this is a non-story. on a scale of 1 to 10 (most controversial), i’d give this a 1.

Interesting how the three areas that were hurting the team this year (DH, closer, LF’er) have seemingly rectified themselves. Fingers firmly crossed. Dirks is playing pretty good ball right now. VMart stroking the ball hard, and Benoit seems to be adapting too, if not, excelling in his new role.
Tiger fans are being treated to all around good baseball by their ball club. Even Brookens is on a hot streak.

been away for awhile. can someone post what the current bullpen assignments are when Tigers have lead after 6? Benoit for 9th, ? for 8th, ? for 7th.

Pretty much Smyly for the 8th and q for the 7th if JL gets his druthers.
If I’m
David Dombrowski I’m talking to Seattle about Oliver Perez. Offering a 2nd tier prospect, Guez, Dorn, Crosby or Tyler Collins.
Perez would fill huge hole in our bullpen.

haven’t followed Oliver Perez’s recent performance, but he was unbelievably wild during a stretch with Mets which eventually ended his time there.
it’s this time of year that the team’s major league scouts can really make a difference as the trade deadline approaches.

Reed? If that’s the best option that’s really bad!

Why not Below? He’s doing a better job?

He was DFA to open the spot for Valverde. Claimed by the AAAA Tigers team in Miami

Below? He is a Marlin now.

Good One amigo!!
Remember the Philadelphia (Kansas City) Athletics? They were the farm team for the Yankees.
Guys like Roger Maris, Virgil Trucks, Bobby Shantz, Clete Boyer, Johnny Sain, etc all (and many more) came from the A’s after the Yankee’s owner “helped” Connie Mack sell the Athletics to a friend in 1954 and move the team to Kansas City. The Yanks and A’s then pulled off a series of trades the next few years which almost always favorued the Yanks. The Yanks didn’t much bother trading with any other team and enjoyed winning pennants while the A’s were league doormats.
Not sure if any of this was investigated, but it should have.

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They keep those stats on the list even for guys who are gone.
Coke is supposedly a lefty specialist now, unless some innings need to be eaten. Rondon is for 6, 7, or 8 depending on situation. Again, the 7th man, who is now Reed, will pitch very little. I’d rather keep people like Ortega working everyday in preparation for the inevitable injury on the big club.

Makes sense. The power right arm seems to be well served by Rondon and Q. We do need a lefty out there though, rather than Reed. Be far more useful as we have two lefty specialists now. Smyly for the 8th and realistically, Coke for 1 or 2 LHB only.

Fister may need to be invincible today. These bats can’t keep hitting like they have. Can they?

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