Cabrera won’t play tonight

In all the hubbub over Max Scherzer’s 13-0 start and Colby Rasmus’ slide on Omar Infante, this kind of got overlooked. Now that everyone has calmed down, I’m giving you a heads-up now: Miguel Cabrera won’t start tonight.

Jim Leyland made the announcement after the game Wednesday night, after he subbed him out in the ninth inning for the second consecutive game with tightness in his back.

“I think it probably tightened up on him,” Leyland said. “Like I said, I don’t know how it happens like it does, but it does seem to happen. We’ve been on turf now for six straight days. Guys aren’t used to that. I think there’s probably something to that. You’re on the dirt, and then on the turf, and you’re running the bases on the dirt and then you hit the turf. I don’t really have an answer for it other than the back’s bothering him and I’m not going to play him tomorrow.”

Cabrera didn’t say a whole lot after the game. He suggested his back felt OK, but that’s not really a surprise from him.

Cabrera has missed one game in each of the last two seasons. He last sat out a game last Aug. 26 against the Angels, a game the Tigers actually won, 5-2, when Max Scherzer outpitched Ervin Santana. Jeff Baker started at third that day.

The Tigers won the one game Cabrera missed in 2011, too. That day, he was on paternity leave to be with his wife for the birth of their child, and the Tigers called up Omir Santos to give Alex Avila a much-needed day off. Doug Fister pitched well and the Tigers won a getaway game at Tampa Bay.

Cabrera was also out of the starting lineup in two other games in 2011, but ended up making a pinch-hit appearance.

Don Kelly will start at third base tonight. The only other guy on the Tigers bench who can play third is Ramon Santiago, and he’ll be starting for the injured Infante.


you know what that means, fellas! Donny Kelly Baby batting 3rd!!!! EH? EH? [obviously that was a joke regarding JL’s tendency to place the man who defensively replaced another in that person’s spot in the lineup]
I’ll be up north (big star lake, baldwin, MI) with my family listening to the game. Love listening to the game(s) with family. Curious to see what happens as far as ‘payback’ goes – also how Prince holds himself with no Cabby – and maybe most importantly: how Vmart and Avila hit. Have a good weekend ya’ll – be safe!! GO TIGERS!

That’s not a joke until we actually see the lineup. You never know.

Got two in the series, a big four in Cleveland next, I’m okay with Cabrera sitting this one out. He’s there to pinch hit. Maybe the other guys step up.

With our two best players out the burden of excellence will fall heavily on Justin Verlander to regain his form.
Here’s my lineup for today (given the news above):
I would rather Kelly getting another at bat than Ramon. Kelly has a better chance of coming up clutch than Ramon. Whether it’s a hit or SacFly or base-running.
Better not to bunch up our LHB too much with the southpaws the Jays have in the pen. Hence dropping Hunter to #3
This is a pretty weak lineup when you consider Miggy is out and Fielder couldn’t hit the floor if he tripped right now.

NC threw a guy out at home last night. 5th OF assist. 3 errors.

Tigers with Scherzer starting: 21-11 in 2012. 14-3 in 2013

Lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 7, Hunter 9, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 4, Kelly 5. Verlander

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