Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Jays

More Toronto 004

Miguel Cabrera is in the lineup for now, but Jim Leyland said he’ll watch Cabrera in batting practice to make sure he’s moving around all right. At this point, though, he’s a go.

The Blue Jays, meanwhile, get Adam Lind back in the lineup, which moves Jose Bautista to the second spot. J.P. Arencibia is back behind the plate.

Fielder’s numbers off Josh Johnson are very tempting in Beat the Streak. Yet he isn’t the same pitcher these days, so who knows how well these numbers apply now? Putting the 17-game streak on line with Cabrera again tonight.

TIGERS (career numbers off Josh Johnson)

  1. Austin Jackson, cf (1-for-2)
  2. Torii Hunter, rf (3-for-4)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b (1-for-1, walk)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b (5-for-12, 3 walks)
  5. Victor Martinez, dh (1-for-1)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, ss (1-for-1)
  7. Andy Dirks, lf (0-for-1, K)
  8. Omar Infante, 2b (2-for-8, walk, 2 K’s)
  9. Alex Avila, c (1-for-1)

P: Max Scherzer

BLUE JAYS (career numbers off Scherzer)

  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Jose Bautista, RF (6-for-11, HR, 3 walks, K)
  3. Adam Lind, DH (1-for-5, HR, walk)
  4. Colby Rasmus, CF (1-for-5, walk)
  5. Rajai Davis, LF (2-for-10, 2 walks, K)
  6. Maicer Izturis, 3B (3-for-10, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  7. Mark DeRosa, 1B (0-for-2, K)
  8. J.P. Arencibia, C (1-for-4, walk)
  9. Emilio Bonifacio, 2B (2-for-3, K)

P: Josh Johnson


if a LHP was starting today or tomorrow (not the case) then you might get victor out of the lineup for a day…who are we facing against CLE?

How about Omar 2nd, Torii 5th, and Victor 8th?

not a bad idea. I would argue however that it’ll change the way omar and torii are pitched to. possibly messing them up.

I agree. I think Omar is better suited to be hidden in the order. Like a “silent assassin”.
— Bob

Dirks doesn’t seem to perform well at the top of that order either. just an observation.

I call ’em snipers. The guy you didn’t expect to get you, gets you. Dirks is in a good position to be a sniper too, if he starts to hit.

I’m probably late to the table on this, but it appears as if Prince is not hitting to left field as much as last season. Is this correct? And if so, has he said anything about it?

He’s not hitting to left as much in terms of getting hits—-that’s for sure. He does fly out there a lot though.
The problem as I see it with Fielder is he can’t do the opposite. He is not pulling “the ball to the wall”. Not getting pull field homers like he should be.
He’s actually hurting the team since the other LHB hitters like Dirks, VMart and Avila are not hitting anywhere nearly as well as last year. This is a big problem.
And his defense? Even Benoit was pi$$ed at him I think yesterday. On that Bonifacio leadoff bunt he stood behind the bag, failed to stretch for the throw or even come off the bag upon receiving the throw. He was flat-footed. Bonifacio gets on base there and we have a whole other ball game. We all know what speed does.
Fielder impresses me as a bit self-centered. Enthusiastic hand slapping and high fives when he parks one but very subdued if his Bash Bro does.
I would not mind to see him go elsewhere.

Finally. Power going the opposite way. Double and homer last two nights. He does not need to pull it to do damage.

This is all moot now with AA’s HR but would anybody else have had Dirks bunting? Would PF have been able to score on the SF by Infante?

With Lind and Rasmus back to back in their lineup, there could be a chance for the Skipper to use Coke late in the game.

They’re hitting Max hard but so far no damage thanks to Aj’s leaping catch. Wish AD and TH had been able to make catches.


A lot of runs against a very good pitcher

Wow! Omar has been robbed twice on great catches.

Omar is the 2nd best player on this team this season.

Are they nuts letting him walk on it?

Bautista is a heckuva ballplayer. Omaar gets that ball by him and Max is 13-0.
This game not over.
Real tired of Fielder. He’s mucking things up IMO.

Was it a clean slide?

I saw a picture. There is a price to pay for that

He looked hurt. When you can’t put weight on your leg, it’s not a good sign.

No, dirty slide, Rasmus is known for it. He is a hard-nosed guy and I wouldn’t mind him on my team. Omar might not like it though. I hope he is OK. He is needed by this ball team.

The slide was very late and the foot was up. JL better be careful in the post game interviews🙂
— Bob

2E re-habbing for the Hens tonight.

75 pitches for Max. 2 quick innings and maybe JL lets him go for a CG?
I would doubt that but I would imagine Max would like to get the 1st of his career.

I thought the slide was dirty, It was very late he, was at the bag when he started it and his spikes were up. Need to bring Rondon in later to nail him in the knee.

OK. A preemptive HBP?

“Trying to remember last time I’ve seen benches warned after both actions in question came from same team.”

him too:”Both dugouts just got warned. So if you were waiting for any potential response for the slide on Infante, it probably won’t be tonight.”

“X-rays negative on Infante, who suffered a shin contusion. Will be evaluated Thursday.” Beck


Are they looking for a fight?


Max is getting himself in real trouble here. If Lind gets him they actually should take him out.

Nice job on Lind but I do not understand why on earth any of our pitchers throw Bautista and Rasmus low fastballs. High hard one will get Rasmus most times.
This is Max’s last inning.

Any word on Infante? Ouch! Bautista another guy you’d love to have on your side.
High hard one Max. Letter high.

This is dangerous. The Jays don’t quit.

Hopefully our guys can show us a little payback here in the 7th. Score a couple here and the Jays probably don’t come back.
I think it would be foolish to put Max back in.

Any word on Omar?

Peralta OPS is jut 10 point lower than Fielder´s

Max is going back out. Careful Jim.
— Bob

Nice work by Rondon. If he can harness the strike zone, he can help us big time in the 2nd half. Hopefully, that is the last time we have to deal with Reyes and Bautista tonight.
— Bob

was out slammin gillz tonight told my girl to tape the game she didn’t. what happened exactly? omar ok?

Havent heard on Omar yet but I have the Toronto feed. Rasmus broke up a DP but started his slide way too late with his spikes up. Reminded me of Gardner on Carlos a few years back.
— Bob

They haven’t said anything about Omar, that I’ve heard. That’s what scares me.

Dan & Jim are talking about him now. He had to be helped off the field.

Drew Smyly is the Man!

Thank goodness JL didn’t think he could get away with Coke in the 8th.

sounds like a bad bruise.

That is good news if it is just a bruise. Whew !!!! I guess I wont see him play tomorrow😦
— Bob

X-rays negative on Infante, who suffered a shin contusion. Will be evaluated Thursday.

Thanks Tigre. Good news.
Was already thinking about who they might have to call up.
For me it would have been Hernan Perez–not Danny Worth.
At least Perez brings a good deal of spped with his game. He has played well for Erie this year and is on the 40 man roster.

Your welcome

I hope we see some good at bats this inning. I swear this team sometimes acts like they just want to hurry up and smoke a cig so bad they rush, rush, rush. Buy JL one of those electronic cig do-dads.

Fielder looks like Boesch.

There goes Jason’s streak.

Donnie Kelly at 3rd base.

Good comparison Dan. He is leaving the strike zone way too much. He is becoming very easy to pitch too.
— Bob

Wow, what a bullpen!

13 – 0 !!!!!!! Go Max !!!!
— Bob

When Mad Max is on the mound, you know you got a chance. I used to say that about JV, but I’m a little snake bitten on him. We get the old JV tomorrow, we can take 3-4 from a dangerous Jay lineup. Hopefully, Omar will miss only one or 2 starts, if that, and we can continue to grind a little momentum. Continue to see slight up tick in V-Mart’s swing. Alex had another good night. Three things, I believe, really helped us tonight:
1. There was only one free pass, a walk by Max, and no errors. Teams like the Jays feast off of those extra free runners.
2. By the same token, 12 of the Jay’s 27 outs were strikeouts, which meant we limited them to putting the ball in play 15 times.
3. The Jackson catch after the De Rosa triple; a true game saver; lead is 4-0 at the time; momentum would have switched entire;y to Toronto.

Kudos to Alex and Victor once again for solid hitting. Miggy looked out of sync; Prince just looks pathetic right now. Glad things didn’t get out of control after Torii’s thump. We don’t need that to continue tomorrow. Let’s hope JV is JV, and we can glide out3-4 on the way to Cleveland. Good night all!

It appears I agree with every Tiger fan on the planet regarding the Rasmus slide. They used to throw rolling shoulder blocks in the 50s but the game isn’t played that way anymore and the players don’t expect it. Dirty play. And what is that he does after every catch? Gang sign? I can’t use the words here that I called him during the game.
Benoit is exactly what I like in a closer. No antics, no histrionics, no shooting arrows, just trot in, calmly do your job and walk off shaking hands. Thanks Joaquin.

And Rod and Mario don’t have to call that a clean play. Call it what it is.

Good game by the Tigers. I think having Avila back behind the plate is helping the pitching, and glad to see him pitching in offensevly (sp?). Glad that Omar is ok for the most part.

Yikes, JL says neithr Infante nor Cabrera are playing tomorrow. That means Kelly and Santiago in the same lineup. That should never be the case.

Yeah, when Gardner slid into Carlos he was never the same. Rasmus needs a lesson. Rich, I am with you on Benoit. Comes in with a silencer.

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