Porcello suspended six games for hitting Zobrist

It appears that Rays manager Joe Maddon wasn’t alone in his reaction to Rick Porcello’s pitch off Ben Zobrist’s shoulder on Sunday. Major League Baseball just announced a six-game suspension for Porcello along with an undisclosed fine.

The six-game suspension is common for a starting pitcher in this instance, usually ensuring that he misses a turn in the rotation and the team has to fill his spot. Because this suspension falls so close to the All-Star break, however, the Tigers can tinker their rotation order out of the break so that Porcello, who’s on turn to pitch next Wednesday, doesn’t have to replaced. To do that, though, they need his appeal to last into the middle of next week.

Porcello said he has appealed the suspension, but declined comment aside from that. Jim Leyland had no comment either way.

If the appeals process doesn’t stretch out long enough, the Tigers could use Jose Alvarez in Porcello’s place. Leyland said today that Anibal Sanchez will return to the rotation Saturday in Cleveland.


Well, this is definitely the crisis point in the story of this season so far. Baseball seasons are like a novel or a movie.

I didn’t realize MLB thought RP threw at BZ intentionally. Why did that happen?

On the suspension, I’d say it stems from Leyland running his mouth. I’ve always said Jim would be better off not talking at all.

leyland to media: we’re gunna get them back
MLB to leyland: you don’t say that in baseball
leyland to self: mumble, mumble, mumble

Here’s what I don’t get……in that brawl/ retaliation fest that happened between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks…Grienke retaliated and hit someone from the Dodgers after Kennedy hit Puig . That retaliation was only worth a fine, why is Porcellos worth a suspension, especially since it is the second such incident Grienke had been involved in this year? Could someone please explain that to me. Sorry this is bull.
So here’s my problem is if that’s the way MLB wants to handle things (which I have little problem with) then why didn’t they suspend Grienke?

The only drama I’d like to see and read about is the Tigers WINNING!

I feel bad for Rick. Talk about getting the short end of the stick.
I am just as guilty as others at playing the blame game when the team takes a dive. I wish it didn’t come down to this year after year. I would rather be bragging about my team.

Greinke was retaliating in the customary way. He hit Montero in the back .The punishment is a fine.
( He was hit in the head by Kennedy and ended in DL the first time)
Porcello did it the following game after his manager announced retaliations

He hit Zobrist in he arm. Puig was hit in the head by Kennedy, Grienke then hit Montero in the back within the same game (Puig didn’t go on the DL don’t believe he even left the game), then Kennedy hit Grienke.. All managers spouted off. Grienke was fined for seemingly doing the same thing as Porcello. Again if this is the way MLB wants to handle things like this I’m okay with it, just be consistent. Just seems to me they are picking and choosing.

Greinke went to DL after the brawl with Quentin and Kennedy threw at Greinke´s head.
It was on game situation not announced the day before.In the other thread I linked t what JL said after Hammels hit Harper.He said, Hammels deserved 15 days for bragging. JL announced the beaning. I see not big difference in those situations.
BTW: I think Porcello did right . You stand by your teammates. Right or wrong.

In fairness, Porcello hit Zobrist in the arm in large part because Zobrist ducked back and raised his shoulder. Pitch was kinda up.

I agree, but I wouldn’t have done it in the very first inning. That made it even more obvious, if that’s possible after Leyland pretty much sold tickets to the event.

I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned the first Grienke situation that just confused it. So if we are just talking about the second Grienke situation I still don’t get the difference in the penalties. But I guess what you are saying is that your take it is Leyland’s fault for talking about it, and that if he hadn’t said anything Porcello wouldn’t have been suspended and hat because Kennedy threw at Grienke after he threw at Montero tat was penalty enough?

No, Greinke did was he was supposed to do and hit Montero in the back: fined.
Kennedy hit two players , on the head,nothing is worse, ( the fist one probably by accident) and was suspended ten days .
.I mentioned he being hit and going to DL to put the brawl and previous incident in perspective. And to point out there were two pitchers involved with different punishment

I guess what I am trying to understand (I’m not trying to be difficult) is how does MLB justify the difference in penalties? Grienke retaliated and hit Montero for Kennedy hitting Puig he was fined. Porcello retaliated for a pitch that came within inches of Miggys head, Porcello suspended. What’s the difference. I agree and actually I think Kennedy should of gotten more. I’m just trying to get your perspective on why Porcellos offense is worthy of more penalties to me they seem to be about the same thing.

Because , JL ,as Rich said, sold tickets to the match. One thing is hitting a player during the same game and other the next day after a threat
I think most of us agree about that.

you can ‘accidentally’ hit people after that hit your guy. you can’t however accidentally hit someone you if you said you would hit someone on purpose. hitting someone on purpose is a suspension.

interesting thought: what if the pitching staff NEEDS alex? we’re something like 5.9 ERA since he left and gone like 5-9. Obviously Alex hasn’t been very good defensively or offensively….but maybe we underestimate his contribution behind the plate.

Verlander is better with Peña with more innings :
3.98 3.39 K/BB .284 .343 .401 .744 with Avila 40.2 IP
3.34 2.91 K/BB ( more walks) 242 .308 .379 .687 with Peña 59.1 but 70 points of Babip less.He is luckier with Peña? or make hitters contact weaker?

The numbers were inconclusive before his DL stint

he numbers were inconclusive before his DL stint for the rest of the staff

You really believe that?

No i am just speculating. On the local news they just flashed pitching stats since alex’s DL date and were trying to make a case.

The entire affair was silly. Rick could have pitched four innings with the Rays hitters wondering when the retaliation would come. No, he hits the 3rd hitter of the game. Your #3 for our #3. It’s like two gentlemen taking turns with one slap to the face and then they’re friends again.

And if you want a chuckle, visualize the analogy I just used.

Let’s go to the beginning of this episode instead of the ending: If Miguel Cabrera doesn’t ham it up and mock Rodney and Tampa at the end of the Tiger’s win on Friday night, Rodney doesn’t rear back and burn two fastballs to Cabrera after he had two strikes on him the following night. Cabrera got what he deserved; and now the team pays for the immature drama he caused. Of course, many think Cabrera is a god of some sort, so they will take umbrage with this comment – but truth be told, his 7th grade mocking of Tampa after a win was the root cause of this suspension.

The bow and arrow thing?

i don’t remember that but if it is true….then i don’t disagree with you

So Rodney can’t celebrate and shoot his arrows, but Miggy can’t. I didn’t see nor do I believe for a second Miggy when they won taunted anybody. But even if he did does that justify having balls thrown at our players heads all night, because Miguel was not the only one who had pitches buzz their towers. Rodney and Miguel were teammates and I don’t believe there is any bad blood there. ……and if Fernando can’t take a little celebration than he needs his head examined and maybe he should stop shooting his little arrows when he wins. Goes both ways dude.

Well, if the Tampa guys started doing the “salt & pepper shake & hug” some sparks might fly. They don’t like to be mocked.

You still don’t spend the night throwing near people’s heads which is what Tampa did.

Okay that’s what I said said about 13 posts ago your opinion is because JL spouted off about it.

we know this: if your manager says we’re going to hit them and the pitcher does he is suspended. OK.
what about this: if your manager says at the beginning of the season that every time his big man is hit the other team big man will be hit – all season long no exceptions. Then does every pitcher who retaliates that season get suspended?

UGH! victor i swear man – UGH!!!


Ugh Prince….and now he hits him….here we go.

Clank—-Plunk. Here we go with bad baseball again.

and Dan’s “turf + tigers infielders” comes to fruition ASAP. Then Doug follows it up with a patented “base on beaning”. 13 now? Man maybe I need to go out fishing right now!

1-0 TOR. Nice throw by Andy Damon-I mean Dirks, sorry.

“Well, this is definitely the crisis point in the story of this season so far. Baseball seasons are like a novel or a movie.
By Rich on July 2, 2013 4:31 pm – Reply”

spoke too soon?

Might be more fun…..we get behind we don’t have the gumption to catch up.

I’ll be surprised (an at this time the Jays have one run, if this team will actually get back in this game.

And a passed ball. Sloppy baseball and there isn’t even a dang out yet!

Bad defense killing him. Fister off.
Fielder failing with bat and golve

Fisters not helping himself either…….he’s getting ahead of these guys and doesn’t put anyone away…he plunks guys. I think we are all frustrated

When you need to K the 27 opposite players being a grounder pitcher, you go off easily.

Must be nice to have a team that gives a crap……….keep collecting those paychecks boys no matter what ya do the money is guaranteed. Send me a note when you feel lie showing up I might start paying attention again!

I live how Rod praises the left handed Toronto batters for having a good approach going the other way against a ground ball pitcher. I guess our hitters aren’t that smart.

Come on Tigers, don’t let these guys beat you!

5 for 5.

It worked

Omar is on fire and good for Alex.

alex avila with a great swing – maybe these tigers are going to stand up and dig in today? 4-3 tiger

i’m sorry 4-3 jays. my b.

It looks like the Tigers are battling back.

omg can you believe what has transpired this game. the neighbors might call the cops i’m screaming so loud!

Weaver is smiling somewhre

Touchdown Detroit!!!!!

Glad I didn’t shut it off.

I’m wrong about their ability to get back in it……they do have something. Now it’s Doug’s job to get himself back on track.

Well surprise surprise. Is that ever nice to see.

Doug Fister got a big out to end the first inning. He held them to only four runs and left two men on base in scoring position. His team responded big time. Now can he and his teammates put a zero on the board for the Jays??

Guess not.

No such luck…..dang Doug

They are going to have to score in double figures tonight. These Jays can bang the ball around. Even minus Lind and Encarnacion.

Won’t happen. They just can’t hit opposing bullpens.

That was a shut down inning Douglas.

Well I am already afraid that we are going to see Coke in this game.
Fister has settled down but the middle of the order will be his test.

No more hits guys.??????….one inning of hitting and done…. Hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

You go Jackson!

The table is set

And nothing………just once I’d like Rod Allen to give me a Hawk Harrelson call.and be annoyed when an at bat or something doesn’t go our way, instead of gushing over a play by Raja Davis which costs the Tigers a go ahead run. Lol..

Two. There were two outs

Two runs

Time to call the bullpen.

it’s the 7th fellas. same ole same ole or will today be different?

Boy–again, the hitting has vanished. Do we have the “right stuff” today in late innings or are we going to be subjected to the late inning blues.

Top of the seventh. Need to score now. Doug has thrown over 100 pitches and meanwhile the Jays have used four pitchers. Fourth time around will they hit Doug. Probably. What’s our best combination to put up so more Jay zeroes??

Fister got the handshake

Here we go. Another strikeout of the side, the fans are jacked, the players motivated and the top of the lineup is up.
Doesn’t look particularly encouraging.

Tigers hitters bat .304 innings 1-6..(best in MLB)…..7th and later .226 (2nd worst in MLB)

Late innings. Tigers have a habit of not scoring. Any relief pitcher who gives up one run will be a loser.

When Al is on , he is the best

Okay so Albq has a shutdown inning. Will JL let him go out next inning or bring in Coke, etc?

Can Leyland manufacture a run? Will he be stubborn again and bring in Rondon in a pressure cooker situation?
We have Smyly and Benoit. Use them.
GK—I think this ump is not very good.

AJ no good with RISP.

Torii has had his quota of hits. No run.



I would go with Albuquerque.

WOW! I’ll gladly eat those words.

The long fly by AJax ( gameday wrongly called it SF) was instrumental for this run. That is more important than the bunt

Jays bullpen, second best ERA in AL

Last pitch to Miggy didn’t even touch the strike zone according to their own radar or whatever they use.

It was not. The catcher fooled the Ump

Dan….his strike zone has jumped around. But more importantly is Miguel hurt?

He wouldn’t, would he?

I’m talking about who is warming up.

ESPN crew has not say anything about injury

Why do they keep the camera on Miggy? Is he acting hurt or pi**ed off about that last strike?

No he was stretching his back and grimacing a bit while he was in the batters box. But he shoulda been pissed about the strike call.

4 lefties in the bullpen for the Jays?
Take Miguel out. We don’t need him hurt more than he is.

Looks like back spasms for Miggy, he’s out.

@Sbnation:”Meanwhile, the Tigers fanbase is now at DEFCON 1 because Miguel Cabrera left the game with an apparent injury.”

VMart swang at ball 4 twice. He is getting the odd hit but his bat is pretty much impotent. No extra base power and no runs.
Throw in Dirks and Avila behind him and the bottom half of the lineup can be very bleak.
Benoit coming in to close. He simply cannot let the number 8 or 9 man on base.
Please no drama. This team needs a win badly.

Ramon at 3rd?

Santiago played last year. The other option Kelly

Sorry, I was thinking of tomorrow game. Yes, Santiago at 3B

Thhe guy already swung the bat. Go sit down.

Bailey got his no hitter

Why would Benoit not try to work the top of the zone to a slash and burn hitter like Kawasaki?

Good—he did.

Congratulations, Tigers!!!

O-k-a-y. Great relief pitching. An ugly run wins it in the 8th inning but they were way overdue. Can we get two decent outings from starting pitchers now to take this series? Wondering about Miggy.

Needed that and we need something from #4 & #5 too

Cleveland-KC tied 4-4. Will Indians ever lose another game? Here’s something to chew on…..Would Marmol or Francoeur help the Tigers?

Marmol was traded to the Dodgers.

Worried about Miggy?

Toronto one hit after the second inning. Where do they rank in late/close situations??

.231.. Bottom middle of the pack..not very good either. Baltimore is tops.

Well guys, I’m back home from another five day stint at the hospital; this time low blood platelets. Feeling better ,but will need some followup. Missed talking with you guys over the past week. The best thing is that we finally get a late victory. It’s about time things start evening out. Glad to see Alex back in the lineup. Hopefully, Miggy is not severely hurt. With Max and JV, we have the potential to take the series. We just need to get out to an early lead without having to break your back to get even. Some good stuff tonight:
1. Doug’s gutsy performance was one of the best this year. A momentum changer. To get six from the beginning of that start is pretty remarkable.
2. Finally a 7-8-9 clean bull pen. That’s been a while coming too.
3. Alex’s big double in the second to keep the big inning going. Hopefully, we can get enough from him to keep moving for the rest of the year.

Kudos to Miggy, Torii, and Omar for keeping some consistent offense. Again, you can’t downplay the importance of Fister’s start. Saved the pen for the next two days. Glad to be back again. Good night all!

Glad your back! Everyone always comes back for “their 3 good things”

Sorry Greg….it’s nice to have you back. We need you and your positivity around here (cause most of us are not) . Hope your feeling better.

sorry greg – missed your contributions to the discussion!

(groan) Cleveland back on top.

Miiguel Cabrera had pain in his left lower back. Has had some issues with left hip, similar area. But he’s still hopeful about playing Wed.

“One possible factor in Miguel Cabrera’s back tightness: Tigers in midst of 7 straight games on artificial turf.” same source

I thought the same. And two more turf days to go until Cleveland. I say if a ballpark can’t use natural grass, it shouldn’t exist.

Two big ABs from Avila, the 2nd inning double and the 8th inning bunt, both the key ABs in those innings, IMO.
The offense was still shut down. They scored six off Wang, who’d given up 7 in 2 innings in his previous outing, and was DFA’d after tonight’s game. Toronto has three team’s worth of lefties and the Tigers were shut down cold. Still need offense.
Bullpen very good when using the right pitchers at the right time. Must be able to repeat on back to back days.
Funny moment of tonight was when it was 6-6 in the 2nd inning after an hour of play and I blurted “it will probably end up 7-6.” This happened.
Welcome back, Greg.

Who did you pick to win 7-6 after two innings???

Where is Valverde?
Ortega is just terrific right now. Another 3K save for him today. ERA now well under1.00
Nice to have that down on the farm.

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