Sanchez hit by line drive in rehab start (updated)

The toughest part of Monday’s rehab assignment for Anibal Sanchez was supposed to be the weather in Florida. A line drive off his leg wasn’t a thought. Now, it’s a potential road block.

Sanchez pitched in relief for Class A Lakeland Tuesday night after the Flying Tigers restarted a suspended game from Sunday. He lasted just 1 2/3 innings, though, before a comebacker hit him on his left leg and forced him to leave.

As of late Monday night, Sanchez was supposedly feeling OK, much better than initially feared. There was no official word on his status yet, but the injury doesn’t sound serious. Team president/GM Dave Dombrowski said in an email they won’t know anything definitive until Tuesday.

Either way, it would be a surprise if Sanchez doesn’t make another rehab appearance. He was supposed to throw about 60 pitches, but ended up with less than half that.

If Sanchez can’t join the Tigers rotation next turn, that would put Jose Alvarez, who took the loss in Toronto in a wild outing that showed uncharacteristic command woes over the course of three wild innings, in line to start again Saturday in Cleveland. The Tigers don’t have an off-day before the All-Star break, so there’s no way to simply skip Alvarez for a turn.


Crap is right.

Even die-hard Leyland fans will have to wonder about this:
“I don’t think it was such a bad weekend,” Leyland said. “We won one and lost two. We could’ve won one of the other ones.”
Ok that seems like a winning formula!

don’t take lack-of-responding with agreement. not going to argue about it.

guy doesn’t swing the bats. Torii, Alex, VMart, Dirks, Prince, Verlander => JL isn’t their problem, they are to blame for their problems.

VMart vs RH :241/.670 6 HR. . vs LH :213/.531 0 HR

Jl said he would rest Alex with share time arrangement with Peña. It did not last long. He kept playing Avila in a day game after a night game.
Fielder must DH a couple of games a week to get used to his future and for the good of the team
Santiago played Winter Baseball for nothing. The bench wont keep him sharp. Using him as defensive replacement wont hurt the team
Martinez is not hitting against LH. 2E was available and rusted in the bench until injured. His track record is not good but he was doing well. Why not play him instead of the utility or VMart?
Garcia looked bad. Of course, playing once every two weeks.
Dirks, numbers went down as lead off but he is coming around.
The worst inning for the pitchers :3 and 7. Why 7? some pitchers going too long and other being pulled to early.
Downs has the stuff but he was used twice in a month and he went the Below, Pauley road.
But Coke who is no a MLB player is there once and again.
Rondon was thrown out there like that pitcher that came with bases loaded and Manny hitting after he said he was not called up as a closer
He fills the lineup card. Always biased toward veterans and below average players.There is never an opportunity for newcomers or young players He hates players with hunger and heart like Albuquerque.

JL should have rested alex more – but there is nearly no chance that HURT his batting.
Fielder is a much better 1B than VMart. Much. So why does he have to DH? Career his DH OPS is .611 compared to .859 when 1B. For the sake of the team he needs to play 1B 90-95% of the time.
Santiago as late game defensive replacement is a good idea – make sure you are winning though 1st because Omar and Jhonny hit well Ramon doesn’t do anything well.
If martinez doesn’t hit against LH then we aren’t going to win a playoff series anyhow – why give up on him and make him a platoon player? Sometimes you know someone else can do a better job TODAY but if you don’t run your horse out there he’ll never get going. Without your horse going you’ll never be successful.
Garcia should have been sent down 3 wks ago. I would have brought up NC. However, you are incorrect about his playing time. He played in complete games on June 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 21, 23, 25 – and yes i realize he only got 9 PAs between the 10th and 21st. Here’s a link:
Dirks shouldn’t be used above 6th in this lineup.
Downs was misused, but I suspect not as grossly as one would imagine. Were our starters going deep?
Coke is a LOOGY – I don’t know why JL doesn’t ‘get that’ but he doesn’t. boggles my mind.
AlbQ needs to not walk people, he – and I – hate relievers who walk people.

Totally disagree with Prince being “a much better 1b than VMart”, stats don’t back you up. And as far as Prince’s # as a DH, he’s never DH’d more than 4 games in a season so throw those numbers out.

fair enough.
the real issue is trying to keep Prince’s moral up when you are making him play DH. A secondary issue would be his weight – as you’ve signed him until 2099 making a fortune – you don’t want him going Kung Fu Panda on you.
And then with 1177 vs 120 complete games at 1st…..i think something can be said about that as well.
people have speculated Miggy doesn’t try as hard at DH….just saying that logic works for prince

Not Martinez at 1B on a regular basis but only a couple of times to get him going.
Avila rested will be better with the bat

Miguel Cabrera in high leverage:
373 .506 .746 1.252
9th:300.391 .300 .691 3BB 3 SO
8th: 219.359 .469 .828 6 BB 9 SO
7th :303 .425 .515 .940 7 BB 8 SO

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So is sanchez coming back or do we have to go with Jose for another round?

Did you hear Leyland last night. “it is what it is. Torii hit one up the middle but it got deflected by the pitcher and so we are kind of snake bitten lately. We are in a funk right now. Tomorrow they have a good pitcher, we have a good pitcher. We will see what happens. Hopefully we will win” Seriously? I think Jimmy smokes is the one who needs the pep talk!

Hope you feel better Anibal! You can do it!

Well we now have dropped 6 out of the last 7 games. Tonight we get a ground ball pitcher on Astro Turf. I can visualize a lot ground balls going to the right of Peralta.
Lot of articles now centre on the new Sabremetrics in baseball. My eyes gloss over after the 1st paragraph. I just can’t get to darn interested in how a FIPS divided by a BABIP has more important than a wOBA times the ISO less the oRAR.
Baseball is a game you see. We have seen far too often lately a team that completely loses composure and becomes little more than a sideshow on the ballfield.

so many of us, including myself, were so excited to have Victor back to be the rah, rah guy, the clubhouse presence to really motivate, and I am not sure that happened. Not that it is his job, we just thought it would spark them.

probably hard to be the rah rah guy when you are such a big part of the problem (offense)

Don’t see how veterans Victor and Torii would spark a team laden with other veterans. A team’s spark comes from its younger players under the guidance of veterans.

something Rich is watching daily on the nationals [jealous]

dan is today a day where you would put santiago out there instead of jhonny? Makes sense probably..


Peralta 36 AB/ 1 R/ 11 H/ 1 2B/ 0 3B/ 1 Hr/ 6 RBI/ 2 BB/ 11 SO / .306 BA
2E 10 AB/ 0 R/ 3 H/ 2 b/ 0 3B/ 0 HR/ 2 RBI/ 5 BB/ 5 SO/ .300 BA
Infante 32 AB/ 2 R/ 9 H/ 3 2B/ 0 3B/ 1 HR/ 2 RBI/ 2BB/ 6 SO/ .281 BA
Fielder 42 AB/ 6R/ 11H/ 2 2B/ 0 3B/ 1 HR/ 5 RBI/ 4 BB/ 10 SO/ .262 BA
AJ 23 AB/ 4 R/ 6 H/ 3 2B / 0 3B/ 0 HR/ 0 RBI/ 2 BB/ 8 SO/ . .261 BA
Pena 21 AB/ 0 R/ 5 H/ 1 2B/ 0 3B/ 0 HR/ 1 RBI/ 0 BB/ 4 SO/ .238 BA
Avila 15 AB/ 1 R/ 3 H/ 1 2B/ 3B/ 1 HR/ 2 RBI/ 1 BB/ 7 S0/ .200 BA
Santiago 5 AB/ 0 R/ 1 H/ 0 2B/ 1 3B/ 0 HR/ 0 RBI/ 1 BB/ 0 SO/ .200 BA
Kelly 16 AB/ 4 R/ 3 H/ 2 2B/ 0 1B/ 0 HR/ 1 RBI/ 1 BB/ 3 SO/ .188 BA
Vmart 33 AB/ 0 R/ 5 H/ 0 2B/ 0 3B/ 0 HR/ 1 RBI/ 3 BB/ 3 SO/ .152 BA
Cabrera 35 AB/ 4 R/ 5 H/ 1 2B/ 0 3B/ 0 HR/ 1 RBI/ 11 BB/ 14 SO / .143 BA
Garcia 15 AB/ 1 R/ 2 H/ 0 2B/ 0 3B/ 0 HR/ 0 RBI/ 1 BB/ 4 SO/ .133 BA
Hunter 35 AB/ 0 R/ 3 H/ 1 2B/ 0 3b/ 0 HR 1 RBI/ 3 BB/ 9 SO/ .086 BA

When you perform like that late in games you are headed for a lot of losses whether you were ahead or behind at the time. Your either not tacking on runs in close games or your not going ahead in close games late. That is why we are 3 -21 when losing after the 6th inning. No gumption. And by the way I looked back at the last 3 years and these are not the typical track records of these guys in these situations, something new for all of them.

Man, that’s a lot of numbers.

I hate to say I would rarely put Ramon in for Peralta.
I would definitely not do it against Wang.

Man, isn’t it nice to have speed? Davis, Reyes–they make things happen. Davis on 2nd and Bautista on 1st obviously looking to double steal caused Putkonen to mis his pitch and the result was a 3 run homer.
Speed does not have to actually run in order to upset the defense. It’s mere presence can change the game.
We have had a recent history of lead-offspeed on this team that has never been utilized. Granderson, Jackson do not shake up the opposition when they get on.
They become as predictable and boring as any other runner on the team.
Speaking of Granderson, wouldn’t he look good in a Tiger uni again?
We need some more pop in this lineup. Dirks Avila and VMart aren’t doing it. I do not expect Avila to come back and hit the way he did in 2011. We’ll be lucky if he can back to .200. Alex’s salary this year is 6 times what it was last year. Not a very good return on investment.
I do like the guy and hope I am dead wrong but I don’t see the fire in his belly.

Love the speed! It discombobulates the opposing team.

International bonus $. can be traded now under the new CBA. Marmol and the slot bonus for Guerrier . Same with Arrieta for Feldman. The market is open

Did anyone see Trevor Thompson interview Toronto’s Davis yesterday?

Our journey is half completed and we have a 43-38 record and trail the Indians by one game in the AL Central. Last season after game eighty-one on July third we carried a 39-42 record. So after all the planning, acquiring players, and playing half the schedule, we are four games better than last year. That’s it. Unbelievable!!! Of course, we have lost six of our last seven games. Not good. The last time that happened in April 2012 we were at home and released Brandon Inge and traveled to New York to play the Yankees. Do we need to shake up the team again?? How would we do it?? Last year at this time our top four starters and their records were Verlander 8-5, Sherzer 7-5, Porcello 6-5 and Fister 1-6. Please look at their current records, then add Anibal Sanchez 6-5 and note that Smyly as a reliever has a 3-0 record this season. Does that look like a group that should be only five games over five hundred?? Our team batting average of .279 ranks number one in MLB. Nobody better. But unfortunately we do not get timely hitting. After the seventh inning the players must have their favorite bats packed away and take broken ones to the plate. Or worse yet maybe Verlander’s bat!!! Just need to dig a little deeper men. Overtime?? Extra innings?? We have the worst record in MLB with 2-9. The main question for the second half is simple. Do we want it?? Are we going to lay it on the line?? Fight to the bitter end??? We have the talent but do we have enough determination. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol at verlander’s bat

“MLB announces 6-game suspension for Porcello for throwing at Zobrist” Knobler.


Sorry that’s bull

If you want a good read go to mlive and see what Huge has to say. No emotion, no leadership. Someone please tell me what the manager’s job is? Or a good coach?

I have a policy to never read that guy.

yep same here

#Tiger RHP Rick Porcello suspended 6 games, fined for intentionally throwing at Ben Zobrist on Sunday:

how in the world could porcello be suspended? people hit people every freakin day!

i think it is Jim’s fault for telling the media there would be a price to pay.


That happens when you say: “there’s a price to pay for that.”
What puzzles me is no fine for JL

I was writing at the same time

Jim Leyland, Anibal Sanchez is on his way to Toronto and is scheduled to pitch for the #Tigers on Saturday.

That’s good.

Austin Jackson CF, Torii Hunter RF, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder 1B, Victor Martinez DH, Jhonny Peralta SS, Andy Dirks LF, Omar Infante 2B, Alex Avila C, (Doug Fister P)

Here’s what I don’t get……in that brawl/ retaliation fest that happened between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks…Grienke retaliated and hit someone from the Dodgers after Kennedy hit Puig . That retaliation was only worth a fine, why is Porcellos worth a suspension, especially since it is the second such incident Grienke had been involved in this year? Could someone please explain that to me. Sorry this is bull.

Am I wrong here? Is it normal for a pitcher to get a suspension without being tossed from the game by the ump?
Porcello is a good (for lack of better word) soldier. Leyland wouldn’t ask Scherzer or Verlander to do that.
I hope they don’t rush Sanchez now.

As long as I know , I he appeals, he can pitch this Friday.

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