Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Rays


(Again, I’m not covering the series this weekend. I just threw in a photo from Clearwater Beach from Spring Training to have a photo here.)

Subtract Torii Hunter, add Don Kelly, and you pretty much have the same lineup as Friday night for the Tigers to put up against Chris Archer, who will be facing the Tigers for the first time in his young career.

As expected, the Rays don’t have Evan Longoria, who sounds unlikely to play in Sunday’s series finale as well. With Longoria out, everybody else moves up, which means James Loney batting cleanup and Wil Myers hitting fifth.

Some decent numbers from the top third of the Rays order against Justin Verlander. Even Ben Zobrist, despite the low average, has some good results off of him.

Only twice since the start of last season has Miguel Cabrera followed a four-hit game by going hitless. Those are good enough odds for me to stick with him on Beat the Streak with a 13-game streak on the line.

Reminder: Today’s game is part of the FOX Saturday night package, so it’s on the regular FOX network, not Fox Sports Detroit. Like the last few Tigers games on FOX, it’s one of five regional broadcasts, so if you don’t live in Michigan or Northwest Ohio, there’s a decent chance you might not get it. If that’s the case, you might have to listen on the radio or online, or feel free to follow along on Gameday.

Gameday | TV: FOX (Channel 2 in Detroit) | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Don Kelly, RF
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Brayan Pena, C (0-for-1, walk, K against Archer)

P: Justin Verlander

RAYS (career numbers off Verlander)

  1. Matt Joyce, LF (6-for-14, 2 HR, walk, 6 K’s)
  2. Desmond Jennings, CF (3-for-7, 2 HR, K)
  3. Ben Zobrist, 2B (5-for-28, HR, 2 walks, 7 K’s)
  4. James Loney, 1B
  5. Wil Myers, RF
  6. Luke Scott, DH (4-for-17, HR, walk, 4 K’s)
  7. Yunel Escobar, SS (2-for-12, 2 walks)
  8. Jose Molina, C (1-for-7, 3 K’s)
  9. Kelly Johnson, 3B (0-for-11, 6 K’s)

P: Chris Archer


The current blackout restrictions are out of date and MLB needs to negotiate a new deal. Fox has enough channels to show all the broadcasts or allow them to be seen through the MLB package. They lose me as a viewer today.

Well, if this game starts getting on my nerves, I’ll just look at that beautiful picture and meditate.

I’ll try to throw in some better photos from Toronto this coming week (Canada Day on Monday!). I’m driving the rest of the road trip, which is the first time I’ve done that for a two-city trip in a few years, so it should be interesting.

You know Michael Cuddyer has a 25 gamer going!

Be careful.

Yeah, I’m blacked out too. You’d think Fox would throw it open to all their local affiliates and go head to head against the other regionals.
I had the best time last spring at Clearwater Beach. It was spring break and, while I no longer participate in the….uh……festivities, it sure was fun to watch. A study in the mating rituals of Homo sapiens, if you will.

Those rituals seem to involve a lot of alcohol and staggering around.

Not blacked out here.

JV needs to pitch a good game. Cleveland on the verge of winning again.

Cleveland won. Can’t any Tiger get a clutch hit besides Miggy? V-Mart just struck out on the worst pitch thrown to him.

Why he gave up the inside of home? Almost if not every pitch from the middle to the outside

JV still not looking good.

Great AB by DK

Radio only for me today. Dan said Avila is hitting at Toledo? .167 going into today. What is he talking about? Now they are right on talking about JV’s fastball. It’s down, and I have been saying this for a while now. It’s that time in JV’s career when he needs to adapt. Jv is a big 4 seamer guy—maybe experiment with the 2 seamer?

Need more runs, need more runs, need more runs………I need to meditate.

Oh, crap, It’s tied.

Great bullpen management

Geez, I hope Pena is OK.

Looks like Ver is going out for the 9th.

no, Smyly.

Going into extra innings. Let’s go Tigers!!!!

No love lost between Miggy and Rodney.

Miggy and Rodney having words.

Is there an incident from his Tiger days that is behind that Kathy?
The Detroit Tigers and their Amazing Disappearing Offense!

I don’t think so. Rodney threw one right past his head.

Rondon in

Totally lost there

Bruce Rondon is in,

Oh, lawd, they got a hit.

Well, 2 on and 1 out. Light a candle!

Scott is a Tiger Killer. Good luck.

That was strike

He is not ready

not in the 9th in a tie game. Rodney’s got the swagger, that’s for sure.

Rays win.

Only strikes ,down to 90 MPH.

The Tigers are 2-9 in extra innings. Pathetic.

A 100 MPH means nothing if it is straight and the other team hits it hard. DD, this joke of a bullpen is all on you. Please fix it, ASAP. Will we ever win another extra inning game again? The bats went right to sleep as usual. It’s getting pretty frustrating to watch.
— Bob

He’s not ready to close. Jim said he’d use him in the 6th, 7th, 8th but he didn’t He put him right in the fire and he failed. Has a very straight, 100 mph fast ball with no movement and a great change-up.

I don’t care how great a bullpen you have if you don’t score you won’t win!!

Pretty predictable……..they stop hitting….Verlanders arrogance……….bad pen. I’ve been itching for Rondon to get up here, but pretty much the same outcome as we had last time he was up. I guess he can fool minor leaguers but its not playing yet with the big leaguers. I don’t know. Really disappointed….been saying that a lot.

Why not PH Hunter for Kelly? or PR for VMart? ( 7th?)

Well, he put Garcia in for Kelly. That was a mistake right there. The only person that could have pinch run was Ramon, I believe or Holliday, Halliday?

Verlander gave two earned runs. Lack of defense cost one run. And he was one inning too long for sure

Best we’ve seen him pitch in quite awhile. I don’t fault Verander. This team can’t hit when they need to. 2E is still on the DL and Dirks stopped hitting.

I dont blame him either. It was a QS . And for the third time , the team failed him

And offense.

I agree. At least JV was better tonight, esp with the pitch count. I thought for sure we was done after 7th. Hindsight is easy after the fact, but I would not have sent him back out for the 8th. Of course, there is no guarantee that the cast of characters in the pen would have held the league. The problem is 3 runs is not enough.
It is time for NC. The offense needs a spark. We need to try something different. Harper, Trout, Machado, Puig, Myers. These guys are provided spark. Maybe NC is ready. Let’s find out. It cannot get much worse. I am Dirk’s biggest fan but it is not working with him playing everyday. Let’s try NC.
— Bob

Oops. League should say lead.
— Bob

I forget his name but it looks like that players’ agent was right all along. VV is done. You can’t count on a rookie closer. The agent tried to get DD to sign another closer.
I can’t remember which closer it was, Soriano? How is he doing wherever he is?

Soriano, Rafael. 20+ saves.

Scott Boras is his agent. 14 million per year. Grilli has at least 23 saves and is paid 3million.

The offense is Jackson, Hunter and Cabrera
The others are hitting around 200 for the last 10, including Fielder at 210. Peralta as expected cooled down.
But Hunter is giving back with the glove

Meanwhile—down on the farm…..
JL, and I understand this is hindsight, did not put Rondon in a position to succeed.
Rondon showed before he wilted under pressure. This was the wrong time to use him.
Q and Benoit are better choices in extra innings. For that matter Smyly could have thrown another. I know JL just announced his formula which included Smyly as a one inning non-closing relief pitcher. What a waste of a young vibrant arm.
This game is on the limp stick offense once again.

“More #Tigers Leyland about pitch from #Rays Rodney to Cabrera: “Can’t throw it up around the head. There’s a price to pay for that.”

If the game is open and Rondon is there. There will be consequences

He said Q wasn’t available…..and possibly Benoit. I don’t know I wasn’t very happy to see Verlander go back out simply because while yes he only had 2 earned (which is better) he wasn’t exactly great tonight he walked 4 and gave up 7 hits. He was bailed out by double plays. Offense is as usual……non existent in late innings. And our not so beloved pen. Cleveland literally on our tails.

Meaning I don’t know what choice there was other than to put Rondon even though it wasn’t an ideal situation. Here is kinda the way I see it and I don’t know if its right or wrong, but he pitches in high pressure situations all the time in the minors and in Venezuela…should this really bother him or is it the stuff? I’m certianly not qualified to judge, but I think if you are a relief pitcher on a major league team you have to be able to pitch in that situation or your not useful.

in full agreement on rondon. thought it was what it was. people get on JL quicker than an angry spouse gets upset

Rodney buzzing Miggy: Get real JL, you are clutching at straws here. Is that your best motivational strategy? Lame.

series is 1-1 fellas. Thought Omar could have stopped that first single up the middle during rondon’s inning. Justin pitching better that’s a big deal. Forget about yesterday’s lunch lets take this 1st road series.

After watching some movies (like I’m going to watch Yankees-Orioles, FOX), I got into Gameday and the radio feed in the 9th. Can’t judge performances that I didn’t see, but I did think Jim may have needed to give Smyly another inning and then get into his planned bullpen use on another day.
Again, the main issue is lack of runs, and this applies even to two of the Boston games we won. Nobody has a perfect bullpen but Detroit’s lack of late inning offense dooms ours to failure more often than not.
The head hunting tirade is just a sideshow to the main event.
All in all, though, here’s where we’re at: the Tigers are on pace to win 88 games, just like last year. I think they’ll continue on that pace as long as Leyland is the manager. It’s up to you to decide if that’s acceptable or not.

It’s a team so there is plenty of blame to go around including Leyland…..but these 10..20 million plus players are the ones that ultimately need to do their jobs and they just are not most of the time. As well as Miguel is doing he is not doing well late in games that goes 2-5 in the batting order. Justin Verlander I simply have little faith in this year, even last night most innings were stressful….nothing fluid or easy. I don’t know

1. Jackson
2. Hunter
3. Cabrera
4. Fielder
5. Martinez
6. Dirks
7. Infante
8. Santiago
9. Holaday

VMart DH meaning Fielder refused to DH today when ( if really) asked to

Knowing JL he probably didn’t want VMart playing on that turf.

Chris Iott:
“Leyland said he will ask Prince Fielder if he wants to be the designated hitter Sunday in the series finale.”

Austin Jackson was playing where he was s supposed to be.
Runners on 2B and 3b . Two outs. A single ends the game.
Escobar has no power , you play shallow to have a chance of catching the ball.

Miguel :7 and later:.261/.811 with 24 BB. He cant hit if he is pitched around. And that will continue until Fielder begin hitting with authority.
He is giving the team MVP numbers . You cant ask more from him
Verlander was good last night but Fielder failed twice in one play to give away the second run. Baseball is a team sport. the seven players behind have a glove for something.
Peralta is now like like Brendan Ryan without the glove
And VMart needs some bench time once Tui is back

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