Rondon recalled from Triple-A Toledo

The last time the Tigers were in Florida, they were heading north from Spring Training without Bruce Rondon, the closer they hoped would win the job going into camp. Just in time for their return to the Sunshine State, Rondon is back in the fold.

The Tigers announced early Friday afternoon that they’re recalling Rondon from Triple-A Toledo. They’ll announce a corresponding move to make room for him on the 25-man roster later today. Presumably, we’ll get an idea what his role will be in this bullpen as well. To make room on the 25-man roster, Evan Reed has been optioned back to Toledo.

Rondon’s success with the Mud Hens has been well-chronicled. He allowed just 14 hits over 29 2/3 innings as the Hens closer, walking 13 and striking out 40. His relatively low save total of 14 is more a product of a lack of late-inning leads.

He doesn’t have to close in Detroit to have value right now for the Tigers, and Thursday’s extra-inning loss demonstrated that. When Jim Leyland went with Phil Coke against the top of the Angels order, including right-handed hitters Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, it showed again how shallow the Tigers are in late-inning arms, especially from the right side. It was the second time in the series that Leyland left Luke Putkonen warming up during a key at-bat.

When the Tigers designated Jose Valverde’s contract for assignment a week ago, team president/GM Dave Dombrowski said they weren’t calling up Rondon at that point because they didn’t think they could ensure him the regular work he needs to develop. That was when Tigers starters were consistently giving deep quality starts. That’s no longer the case.

“Some people [in the organization] think he’s ready to come here and pitch right now and do a good job for us,” Dombrowski said at the time.

Even if the starters were pitching deep into games (and they will again), the Tigers’ needs for middle and late relief are glaring enough now that it’s worth calling up Rondon and getting him a role. If he can provide some seventh- and eighth-inning outs, whether he’s a designated setup man or not, it would make a huge difference for this team right now.



what is the hurt of saying: this guy is our closer?
I’ve posted this before:
Drew 7th (can pitch 2-3 innings), Benoit set up man, Rondon closer. Coke LOOGY, Al ALBQ strikeout specialist (1-2 inning only) with high walk/wild pitch rate. a ‘project’ righty and a project ‘lefty’. So easy a camel- i mean caveman can do it.

I think you can have Rondon close on nights when Benoit isn’t available. If the limitations on Benoit are already clear (3 days in a row, high pitch counts, etc.), then there are ways to bring along a closing prospect if you’re so inclined.

fair enough. albeit a 180 from how rondon was brought into the role 3 months ago.

Looks like he is ready. Don’t know if he is ready to close yet.

OK i agree to a point but aside from beniot and smyly – who i do not want as my closer (their roles too important as is) – i think he’s a better option than anyone else.

On the previous thread I said to bring up Rondon. I guess they read it! If Fielder bats in front of Cabrera maybe he gets more fastballs. I still don’t buy the theory that Miguel needs more at bats

Fielder’s production after a Miggy walk is his best production. If you switch it, Miggy will be walked even more than his is now taking bats away from the best hitter in the game.

Are you crazy? The best hitter in baseball you don’t think he should bat more? Hunter made the last out in the last 2 games I’d rather see Miggy in that spot than anybody else in baseball.

Wont be Coke, but he deserves to be the one going to Toledo

probably Downs or Reed.

It might be Coke. They may declare him to be injured. Reed seems more likely.

i think downs over reed! can’t ALBQ get out lefties as well as righties?

Downs, Reed, Putkonen and Coke all need to go bye-bye.

The last 3 days were brutal. I sat through all 3 games, at the Stadium, and we got swept. To a team that was 10 games out of first in their division. Something needs to change and get right fast. Our starters need to go deeper into the game. 7th inning. Teams are just working the pitch count up of our starters. Frustrating to say the least.

wow are they taking a long time to send someone down to the farm aren’t they?

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