Valverde accepts assignment to Toledo

For some of you, that headline will hit you as a sign of your worst baseball fears all over again. Some of you, on the other hand, were expecting this news any day now. Either way, the Tigers made it official on Thursday, announcing after the game that Valverde accepted the outright.

“I’m glad he’s going to stay in the organization and just see if he can possibly go down there and get it straightened out,” manager Jim Leyland said Thursday.

The assignment comes with no guarantee he’ll make it back. The fact that the Tigers don’t have a set closer to replace Valverde, and the fact that no other team claimed him on waivers, made this likely the best opportunity he was going to find.

“We’ll take a look at his velocity and the movement on his pitches, command on his pitches and his ability to throw a split-finger, which when we first brought him back we thought was very important for him. He really has struggled with that,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said last week. “Again, I think a lot of it is mechanically related. When [Tigers pitching coach] Jeff Jones talks about it, his arm angle is a little bit lower than we would like. That’s what we would look for.”

Valverde was expected to make a stop in Toledo on his way back to the big leagues in April after he signed a minor-league contract, but the Tigers promoted him straight from Class A Lakeland. The 35-year-old hasn’t pitched at the Triple-A level since 2006 in the Diamondbacks organization. The outright does not void his contract; if he’s brought back to Detroit at some point, his salary and incentives will pick up where they left off.

It’s not yet clear whether Valverde will be closing for the Mud Hens, who have had Bruce Rondon thriving in the ninth inning for most of the season. Team president/GM Dave Dombrowski said in an email to on Thursday that they have not determined his role down there yet, having just received notification today that he’d be accepting the assignment.


He is like Jason… Voorhees.
Those offers from the Yankees? Nobody claimed him?

Sanchez will pitch on Monday at Lakeland. So Alvarez will go vs Jays. That precludes a reshuffle of the rotation. Having Sanchez on Friday would allow to move Porcello between Scherzer and Verlander. The bullpen wont suffer like this three days and he will be better off sandwiched between the two flamethrower

I posted this on the previous entry—should have been here:
I don’t think Valverde will be back. They can’t afford to bring him back if they are in contention and there’s no point if they’re not.
He’s finished.
Prices figures the team needs a spark. Or something he couldn’t quite define. Well what they need is character. That’s what is missing. Fielder looks only marginally interested. I think he is tired of being second fiddle in the orchestra. But he clearly is not 1st fiddle calibre.
Team needs a change. I’d call up Castellanos to replace Garcia (who is proving he needs to play not sit) and play him. At least until 2E returns. Perfect time for it. Start of a road trip and Dirks struggling. Is that the answer? No, but it’s at least interesting and maybe something may come of it. At the same time bring up Rondon and send a message that uninspired play will not keep you in the show.

Quoted at BYB: “We’re focusing on the wrong thing as we always are. We got one run in ten innings”
“We always want to talk about other issues, we got one run in ten innings.”
“We scored one run in ten innings, and didn’t get a lot of hits.”
Apparently JL should be focusing on the offense too. Fielder and Martinez are not producing. Should they be back-to-back? Should they try to inject a little offense into the equation? Should they tell Fielder they will fine him every time he swings at a pitch over his head or in front of the plate?
Should we acquire a solid LHB? Should Fielder play every game just because he has a streak going? Would it not be helpful to have some speed in the lineup?
Is it wise to have Garcia sitting on the bench and not playing ball—-somewhere?
Is it acceptable to have a guy on your bench that might not reach the Mendoza (50 yard) line this year?
This offense is a product of the manager. He is the one that needs to focus.

Man, I really, really, really hope they aren’t going to bring VV up at the end of the year and use him in games, like they did with Inge a couple years ago. I hope they can trade for some relief help before the deadline.

GK and Dan. We agree that we dis agree at times but I would never use uneducated language. I do like Leyand’s sunglasses! Why would you let Coke pitch to Albert! Time to change up the line up (profound). Omar bats 3rd. Torii 5th. etc.
Greg, how is your health? Spent much of this week at the hospital as my bro in law has a cancer brain tumer. Not good and he is a huge Tiger’s fan. 57 is too young! Go Tigers!

Evan, on a lighter note, a huge bass broke my line and took my favorite rapala. Will be trying to catch a bass with a lure in his mouth haha. At the cottage this weekend listening to Jim and Dan. Weather looks good. Did I say Go Tigers?

I’m sorry about your brother and the bass that gotta away DB!!! I broke the tip off of a rod recently on a smallmouth (ford lake, ypsilanti, MI) => retipped it and gave it to a youngster down the street.
Valverde is a broken machine – which like any machine isn’t necessarily garbage it just has a broken part. His splitter, of course! Can’t work on that in the big show — work on it in AAA! The more interesting observation: Rondon will nearly HAVE TO come up. Who goes down, easy: Downs. Fix the split bring him up – don’t fix it don’t bring him up. DD is on the hot seat!
Are the bats the problem or the moral of our batters? Cabby and Prince had bad looking ABs today and yesterday! Was it the blowout yesterday and the homeplate UMP today?
Castenellos instead of Garcia? Make it happen Dan! Alex Avila 0-4 today? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

i heard Rod today say “alex has a proven track record of success here at the MLB level”….”so they don’t need him to do any hitting on this assignment”. Get your head out of your neighbors lawn and into the game, Rod – the guy is minus on the team.

well he is right now. and just like jVV he can’t work on that stuff in the big show. We gotta fix alex to make this offense work RIGHT. he has to turn it around – and AAA is the place for that.

Coke had three options before the season.
He is a lefty with a pulse, he can be traded.

or not, at BYB they say he will have enough service time to veto the assignment by July 22 th:

I agree the Garcia appears to have been affected by to much in activity and now would be a good time to call up Nick C. I would like to see Hoffman for Coke. They cannot keep trying to get Phil right while trying to win games. Rondon for Reed. The bullpen needs some help and now is the time to make a move.

Garcia for sure has been affected by the lack of playing time and the go up and down. Why would be different with Castellanos? He will be glued to the bench too. Why ruin two prospect instead of try to get going the one already up? Who is also the one with better glove? Garcia had 1 game in LF for his whole career in the Minors before being called up.

I would think of his call up as temporary, until 2E gets back, unless he lit it up. Last year as a young player NC seemed to wear down at the end of the year, so a few weeks of platooning might not hurt him. If he lights it up, he cuts into Andy’s playing time and make for some tough decisions when 2E is ready. Garcia is not seeing the ball and it is hurting his development. Sometimes bringing up a top prospect can spark an organization.

Garcia down – Castenellos up until the trade deadline…..that’s a great idea, make it happen!

Trout, Harper, Machado, Puig, Cespedes, Darvish. You’re right Mark. I don’t think we can insert Castellanos in that group because he doesn’t have the same energy level and defense (Darvish excepted), but do any old-timers remember when Ron Leflore was called up? Mark Fidrych? Does anyone think that Muneori Kawasaki had nothing to do with the Blue Jays coming to life?
A fresh face can bring a little enthusiasm into the clubhouse. Again, not saying that Castellanos will do this but I do think it wouldn’t hurt to see what his bat will do in a major league lineup until 2E gets back. And I agree that bench warming for either NC or Avi is detrimental.

I would just like to say that phil coke SUCKS ASS! Im so sick of watching the tigers lose because phil coke cant pitch a scoreless inning.

I hope we get some bullpen help soon because this is getting real old.

phil coke sucks like a spoon sucks at cutting a steak – its the wrong tool for the job. in 2013 his OPS against LHB (RHB) is under (at) 600 (900). He is a loogy – and the manager hasn’t been treating him that way. Why hasn’t he used him like that…i think its a mixture of “lighting a fire under DD’s butt”, “trying to get phil going against RHB” and “the skipper being an creator of habit”.

Sorry my friends but we will suffer thru some games for the rest of the year with the current manager. I have said it before, bring up Rondon. What have you got to lose!!!!

You got two out of three, Evan. Sending a message to DD is not Jim’s SOP, but the other two are. Coke is not a LOOGY in Jim’s mind so “that’s just the way it is.” Trying to get someone going by sending him out to fail time and again is, in a word, foolish. I mean, you could send me in to pitch and I’d NEVER “get going.” 🙂
The bigger picture, however, is the lack of runs scored by this team. No reliever on earth is going to pitch a scoreless inning every time out, but that seems to be what is being required of this pen. The lack of runs, IMO, are due to the overall malaise we’re seeing on the field day after day.
I’d think a Hall of Fame manager would be able to address this.

maybe sending a message is a strong way to say it but if DD is not going to give JL the parts he needs to win JL will continue to send those broken parts out there until DD gets jim his parts.
But the offense IS the problem! the question is WHY is it like that — is it the bad bullpen? Hitting coach? club house character? Maybe they just need read this blog and it’s comments during the 7th inning stretch….

late games offense and road offense = bad. to be specific.

I think DD has given the manager the parts. He does not know how to use them. Why not try Dirks or Garcia or Peralta in the 2 hole? Torii bats 3rd, Miggy 4th, Prince 5th and Victor 6th? And please don’t tell that Miguel needs to bat 3rd so he gets more at bats. Shake it up! Rattle something! Get mad!

dirks has shown he can’t hit at the top of the lineup and peralta is too fat and can’t bunt. Garcia sure – but i thought torii was doing a good job

Miggy bats 3rd so he gets more plate appearances. He’s not going anywhere, but I sure would think about moving Victor down in the order.

I’ve thought of getting Fielder in front of Miggy but I do like the certainty of Miggy getting up in the 1st inning. Good to have him hit before the opposing starter gets a little wind in his sails. Plus the extra at bat he might get.
Here’s a crazy idea: why not bat Fielder 2nd!!!!!? Obviously that is not going to happen on various levels.
I am pretty down on Fielder. His performance has been below average and (it may be just me) I detect some loss in his intensity level. If he were to see more fastballs (like Torii does), maybe he could get in a groove again.
VMart is not providing the same “protection” for Prince that Prince has done for Miggy.

Fielder’s production after a Miggy walk is his best production, so you do not want to change 3 &4.

As to JL and his insistence on making his dreams materialize, well they simply are not going to. Valverde is no longer a reliable closer and Coke is no longer reliable. These are facts that only managers with blinders on do not see. Loyal and egotistcal to a fault. Jim knows the better way, come hell or high water.
He’s getting kinder though, no longer are the fans idiots for disagreeing, now they are simply not “focussing ” on the right problem.

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