Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Angels

Surprisingly, the bullpen is pretty fresh tonight in case Jose Alvarez doesn’t work into the late innings. Darin Downs is the only reliever Jim Leyland listed as unavailable, and Drew Smyly’s return essentially fills his spot. That said, Downs threw just 16 pitches, and he hadn’t thrown in a few days, while Evan Reed topped the 50-pitch mark before he left last night.

I switched things up and took a shot with Torii Hunter against his old team for Beat the Streak tonight. He’s 12-for-29 for the homestand and went 3-for-4 last night, though he doesn’t have a 10-game hitting streak going like Cabrera. He is not an ex-teammate of Hanson, who joined the Angels over the winter.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers off Tommy Hanson)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (2-for-5, walk, K)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-6, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-3, 2 walks, K)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (5-for-18, HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-2, walk, K)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (0-for-3)
  7. Andy Dirks, LF (1-for-3)
  8. Omar Infante, 2B (1-for-9, K)
  9. Brayan Pena, C

P: Jose Alvarez


  1. J.B. Shuck, LF
  2. Mike Trout, CF
  3. Albert Pujols, DH
  4. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  5. Josh Hamilton, RF
  6. Alberto Callaspo, 3B
  7. Chris Iannetta, C
  8. Erick Aybar, SS
  9. Brendan Harris, 2B

P: Tommy Hanson



wait you mean Evan Reed is available tonight even though he threw 53 pitches last night….interesting.

Gotta agree….No way Reed can be available….Downs shouldn’t be available because he is horrible. Pretty sad state of affairs if this is ll that’s available to us in the pen. Big gamble to allow this to exist this way.

Marmol? As long as he doesn’t close he might be good for earlier innings. Am I getting desperate? LOL

Marmol is Willis, Willis is Marmol?

Marmol is an interesting proposition as a DFA, who could be a low cost, low risk acquisition. He is only 30, was an MVP vote-getter in 2007, an AS in 2008 and had 38 saves in 2010 as well as 34 saves in 2011. Of course Marmol has been a disaster this year, even with his 10.4 SO/9.

What is the great fear from DD and JL about BR? Absolutely could be now worse than what we have seen in the last ten days.

Exactamente. Face-saving could be part of the reason but I suspect they really honestly, don’t feel he is ready to close. While it is true he would be no worse they don’t want him to come up and ruin his own confidence and set his progress to the closing role backwards. They think they have something here and they want to stack the cards in his favour. When he comes up they will likely want it to be a certain win/win situation.
I don’t agree. He was not given a very long trial at the beginning of the year. Now is the time to throw him in there and see what he can do. And by that I mean as a closer.

Hanson may be a last moment scratch for the Angels. Buckner looks to be the replacement.

Lord the errors have already started tonight!

And a hit by pitch….Buckner is now listed in the box score I wonder what’s up with Hanson?

Nice hitting by Torii and Miggsters……thought Jhonny at first may of gotten all of that one.

Well that’s a better play at first Miggy!

I took the trash out and the game is tied?

So its your fault.


Doesn’t appear that Alvarez will make it much more than 5 or so innings.

Good move by JL to move the runners with Pena at bat. Contact. Stayed out of DP. Runners advanced.

Loaded up for Hunter and he already has 5 hits in this series.

Bummer wasted opportunity!

De La Rosa – nasty free and easy heaters. See ya Hunter.

A better move would have been to SacBunt with Omar. Omar can bunt and he can put some pressure on the defense to make a good play too.

New look Beck’s Blog????

Obviously a very important inning (6th) for Alvarez and the Tigers.

I check my email and the Beck’s Blog has a new look.

Man, I hope our Tigers get it going tonight.

Had a bad feeling about this inning. Aybar??

Angels looking for 8 in a row. Now on top 4-3.

Thick OF grass. Has it hurt or helped the Tigers? The Angels?

Too late appearently!

Another freaking god blessed double play ball…..unfreaking believable.

“They need a spark,” say Dan and Jim.

“Down with Downs ” has sometimes been a mantra in SoCal. Apparently not tonight.

Games not over so I hate to over react, but what is it with this crappy Angels team that we just do nothing with. Really bad teams are beating the Angels (Houston). It really is completely unacceptable.

It is no fun watching the Tigers play the Angels.

They are a dull bunch right now.

Thick OF grass just helped the Angels on Trout’s double. Run scored.

A lefty pitcher walking a lefty hitter to lead off was pretty much another giant mistake.
hard to get back into ball games when your crappy pitchers allow so many hits and don’t keep it close and allow your hitter’s to get back into games. And guess what the angels ain’t this good.

A “spark?” The Tigers need a bomb. Or back-to-back bombs.

Catching issue at the plate again. Pena miscalculated.

We need a really good backstop, not a bunch of reserves filling in for one another. And so far, Avila is in the reserve category.

High throw. …

He was not positioned properly.

He had to be up there the throw was high. I don’t know I’ll look at it again.

Avila has a couple of hits tonight and an RBI.

Oh, that clip of Carlos brings back fond memories. We don’t have anyone on this team who would do that. Dullsville, USA.

No pitching and no gumption on this team………..with this long east coast road trip they could find themselves in a heap of trouble.

Freaking? When Alverez allowed the single with 5 2/3rd innings he has done his job. Why Jones? Why not Leyland? Bring in a new pitcher! Why does Dirks not bunt? I like Leyland as a person but he is not the manager to lead us to a WS victory!

I agree one batter too late, but Smyly wasn’t good tonight either. He put it out of reach.

Love the new look of the blog, Jason! At least the Whtiecaps are playing good ball. The draft pick out of Texas, Corey Knebel, has been lights out in West Michigan since joining the team. Could be the closer in Detroit in a couple of seasons.

DD is to blame. Why doesn’t he go get us the players we need?

I love watching the whitecaps. They could probably beat the Tigers. They have a good manager!

I agree. Parrish well definately help the development of some of their prospects in West Michigan.

I said this coming in. We would be lucky to win one against the Angels, who have now won 8 straight and 2 in a row in Detroit.

The Tigers need a catcher and a closer and a LF and a DH. Most, if not all of those holes can be filled internally and/or are coming to fuitition. The issue is…time is running out.

Pretty disgusting……to let the miserable angels team make you look ths foolish two days in a row. Three weeks ago we are complaining about he we can’t hit, now the pitchers with the exception of Benoit can’t seem to get their jobs done consistently, but the hitters have been okay.

GK…I do not get you. Heard it last year and again this year. Angels? Miserable? They won more game than the Tigers last year and have now won 8 straight against the Tigers. If the ANGELS are so miserable then what does that say about the TIGERS?

Well I’m not going to argue with you or be rude like you…..but I didn’t say anything about last year, that’s ancient history. But THIS year the angels are horrible…..they don’t hit, their pitching is very inconsistent and their fielding has been suspect…..except of course against the Tigers of course. Their record tells me they are not good….their record against Houston tells me they are not good. So I guess I just don’t get you…..I’ve said for the last two nights I didn’t think the Tigers were playing well…..especially pitching and that’s been going on for a few weeks. But t doesn’t make the angels good.


That’s uncalled for……….

I a

Read what I said again. It was not rude. Now, read this again because it is rude. FUCK YOU.

Tell me you don’t know baseball. Smyly comes in to get Ianttta. Albqu pitches the 7th. Benoit the 8th, and the closer….Hope and Dream

that 2 run homer by aybar really jacked us up…but to be honest with you tonight i put it on the bats. We expected a AAA guy to give us 3 QS? Torii showed up tonight but sheesh fellas at home the bats have to show up to WORK. And cabby’s 3rd E in 2 days….tisk tisk

Houston 7- LAA 3. Season series so far.
The Tigers have a better record against winning teams

I was surprised that Alvarez pitched to Aybar instead of Smyly, but I’m not the Hall of Fame manager here.
Team is sleepwalking. You could perform surgery on them in this state of unconsciousness.
IMO, worst loss of the season, once you consider the entire situation tonight.
Good thing they stole those two from Boston.

Depression leads to clouded thinking. So I’m in and out once again.
1. Two first inning homers to get a quick lead. Should have gone for the jugular early with this life long AAA Ace. We let him off the hook.
2. Fielder’s nice RBI to get us back on top again.
3. Al’s inning was very encouraging.

So see Dough holding the Halos down. Hope he proves me wrong. The 10 gamer at home proves to be a bust. Can you imagine the ten on the road? Plum scary!

I can’t type. It should read Don’t see Doug holding———! Actually, dough might work better

Or maybe DOH! 🙂

We have always agreed to disagree on this blog. Let’s not ruin that reputation by losing our demeanor.

Yeah…….eight years worth of comments on this blog and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen those two words put together and addressed to another commenter.

Yeah… Just had to clear up rude versus not rude for GK. Apparently DIATRIBE DAN needed further erudition.

We have a team that can pitch like all stars (at times) and one that club the ball around the park (less frequently than we should reasonable expect) but the truth is we have a team that can be bad. Simply bad.and at times quite inept.

Let’s at least knock Weaver off the hill tomorrow and remind him of what Venezuelan sluggers do to California beach bums!!!

By the way, there is no room on this BLOG for that kind language. If Jason needs support to “dismiss” posters that so indulge, then I gladly offer mine.


Only one word to describe this: Psycho!

I hate to change the subject but Bruce Rondon pitched another clean inning today striking out two. 14 pitches 11 strikes.

OK then bring him up, will you? thanks.

Another rough game to watch, Alvarez left in for one too many batters – Jim and Dan called it on the radio last night, they expected him to be taken out and then Jones came out instead of Leyland. We need to blow the halos away tonight to help us forget about the last 2 days.

Enough is enough Richard – this is too good of a blog

If Alvarez was near 100 , why Smyly was not warming earlier?
Will Alvarez pitch on Monday? or Sanchez will be back cold?

only 3 hours until gametime! today’s game: a must win! Can we do it – absolutely!

C’mon El Tigre, Captain Hook is no longer the manager. Mr. Mumbles was again late. Please tell me again why we won the Central last year? Players or Manager—or the White Sox choked?

The difference between Sparky and Jimmy in regards to pulling pitchers in that situation is Sparky would leave him in til a runner got on and stick to it. Jimmy says “well he only needed 1 more out” and leaves him in. Doesn’t mean Sparky’s move always worked either.

Hey Tigergirl, don’t forget it is a day game today! Go Tigers!

I can understand Leyland trying to get 6 out of Avarez. No problem with that. But not if he thought he was “done”. Leyland was quoted as saying, “We just tried to get an extra inning out of (starter Jose) Alvarez and just didn’t get it. He was terrific, but he was spent.”.
When did Leyland come up with that observation? If he knew he was “spent” he should have taken him out before the dinger. And I would argue with a RHP not another lefty. Especially with Trout, Pujols and Trumbo coming up soon.
In Leyland’s defense Alvarez was pretty much in control of things and got the 1st 2 outs in that 6 relatively easily. The question remains though, when did JL feel he was “spent”?

Thanks, forgot about that! Guess it is gameday while working! I added the picture of Guillen to my gravatar after Kathy reminded me!

Agree with you that he should have been out of there before the dinger and also that a RH pitcher made more sense to follow him. First MLB game Alvarez gave us 93 pitches and 6 innings. Game 2— 85 pitches and 5 innings. Last night it was 110 pitches which is clearly too many. That was classic Leyland trying to squeeze every last out from his starter. Smyly followed him because he has become Leyland’s magical eraser who corrects Jimmy’s screw ups. It backfired last night big time. We do not agree with Smyly pitching at all but after Drew walked that LH batter why wasn’t he pulled immediately??

weaver had no right to say anything to maggs. drama queen beach bum!

Evan, come on. Only game 163 is must win. What is this #77?? Short wait for it. Just be happy if Mr. Fister is ready to take the ball!! Go Tigers!!

It may not be a must game but it is a game that will tell us if we are a “good” team. Good teams will not be swept at home by inferior ones. They simply find a way to win.
If we see another poor performance it will be very concerning.

i think it is very important to not be swept at home before a road trip – especially when you suck on the road. maybe not must win – but heck its crucial!

Ugh – Weaver – let’s get him out of the game early with tons of runs

Good half-inning by Mr. Fister.

Prince looks awful at the plate. Good grief!

2 on and 2 out. Can the Tigers knock someone in?

Pena gets the clutch hit!

Sure wish Dougie could make better pitches with 0-2 and 1-2 counts. So many of the hits allowed come on that pitch.

Fingers are firmly crossed with the amount of ground balls Fister is coaxing off the Angel bats. Let’s hope they don’t start to sprout “eyes”.

Not enough hitting going on here to win this game. Unless these bats pick up this will go down as an L and a series sweep.
Fielder, who is bloody awful right now, is 7th among AL 1st basemen in homers and 24 in the league!!!
Not sure those are numbers Illitch thought he was buying.

jim price just said that he talked to al avila about how there is something missing with the team this year. something in the way they come to the plate. something kind of spark is missing. e.g. a fire. And jim said that avila acknowledged that management knows this.

My biggest gripe with Fister: With the stuff he has I have no idea why he throws so many hittable 0-2 pitches. He had a nice count against Hawpe and gave up a bad hit. He was ahead of Aybar 1-2 and got real lucky after throwing one right over the heart of the plate.
This is something that he has done since he’s been here and one can only imagine how good he would be if he could finish these guys off.

Steal attempt by Victor? I assume it was a hit and run, but with a 2-strike count?

Sure would be nice to have a dependable LHB on this ball team. Horrible at bats by Fielder and dirks today. And GK, you would be right today, the umping is brutal.

and ideas?

Evan, really? Price does bring some contentious stuff up at times. I have never heard him challenge JL with it though. Sort of softballs his interviews with Leyland.
When is the Valverde Watch over?

grumpy HOF manager prolly easier than talking to management (DD, avila, kaline).
i don’t know i’ll ask mr. price next time i see him, but is Valverde going to close games or is Rondon going to close games in AAA?

This is the inning (5th) that we need to get out of to have a chance at winning this game.

Under normal conditions would be time to call the bullpen

Fister is doing a great job today, too bad his pitch count won’t get him any further I would guess. I have complete faith in Benoit, not sure who is warming for the 8th inning, would like to see us take the lead to get Doug in line for a possible win with the work he has done today.

Coke was warming early

Who is that ump behind the plate? He’s awful.

Paul Nauer

guy is doing a poor job

AL ALBQ gettin the job done!

definitely some interesting weather in the area – c’mon boys wake up those bats!!

well done OMAR now AJ your turn!

ok fair enough HUNTER what have you done for us today?

this ump is driving me nuts like a pirate in my pants

OK, Tigers. The window of opportunity of open.

is open.

OK cabby we need you man. please give me a hard single or something like it.

not a huge fan of the way miguel looked at that AB. i feel like the UMP has begun to get into everyone’s head.

Our guys just don’t look like they know HOW to win right now.
We really need someone (besides Pena) to provide something from the left side of the plate. It might have to be Kelly.
Pretty disgusted with the way the team has been playing.

c’mon benoit – we gotta get outta this inning man.

2E would be better than Kelly. He is hitting vs RH better than Kelly

Once he is back of course

Peralta was riding a high Babip, He is running out of luck

we need his luck to stick around long enough for VMart to get back on track. Dirks, Avila, Prince all – should statistically – have better second halves.

OMG, this is torture.

Benoit is a bonifide bullpen piece! confidence in the changeup and everything!

Walk off time…

That may have been our last chance. I don’t think our bullpen can contain these Angels. Benoit is probably through and we just don’t have the talent left out there nor the kind of pitchers with the confidence to .

The game s done—Coke in to pitch against the Trout, Pujols , Kendricks???
JL will be answering some questions about this one.

dan ” what a piece of hitting by trout”
me ” what a piece of managing by leyland”

JL is a pretty slow learner.
Now he walks Kendricks to get to Hamilton? Like he needs an excuse to keep Coke in after blowing the game? Hamilton is likely to yard one here against this guy who has hurt the Tigers as much as anybody in their bullpen the last few years.
I can hardly believe Leyland anymore.

Now he brings in the only option he had to start this inning..

i ask you, why on earth would coke be in there to face those guys? he is a LOOGY. I think i am going to write the manager on this one!

I like the soda but time to cut ties with Coke

Coke needs to traded (wouln’t get anything for him) or simply demoted. He has been horrific against RHP, terrible in the clutch and not even getting LHB out with any kind of consistency. Leyland may need to have his head examined. I think Phil Coke’s “brain” has teleported itself into JL’s cranium.

good one

Coke’s left arm pointing skyward (like he just got the guy to pop-up) and Pujols hitting the ball 419 feet. Classic.

I’m thinking that Leyland is putting Coke in for this situations intentionally to showcase the need for BP help to DD. Regarding a trade, I can’t imagine we would get much for him considering the year that he’s had.

I had that same thought.

Double dittos

I think JL simply believes that Coke is a good pitcher. He likes his energy and he likes his stuff. The trouble is so do opposing hitters.
They have got rid of VV and they still need to get rid of Coke, Downs and Reed.
Smyly is being mis-used in the pen. Alvarez is a time-bomb. Porcello seems unable to break through.
If our rotation struggles, and it just did, you can see the effects on the ability to win games. With this bunch we have trouble winning games when the rotation is on fire sometimes.

Sure would like to hear that post-game interview today.
Long road trip. With our guys playing the way they are they may want to get out of town.
Wonder what things will look like when they get back?

Our “HOF” manager comes under fire today for using Coke, but if you’ve been watching, he’s been making a boatload of bad in-game decisions lately. I’m talking about starting runners in motion, which I believe should be done only rarely. Also removing starters too soon, like today. Fister could have gone another and you may not have that third bullpen inning. Now Benoit was used up and there’s a game tomorrow. Then he removes a starter too late, like last night with Alvarez. It’s been going on all along.
The club is still sleepwalking, and has been since that last Valverde game in KC. Valverde, by the way, has accepted the Toledo assigment as I said he would. He will be back, count on it.
That’s all, going back into the shadows. Nice back there.

Things that true Tiger Fans know:
1. After scoring only one run in the second, we knew it would really be a long day.
2. When your 1-5 goes 2-19, you know its going to be a long day.
3. When your cleanup hitter kills rally after rally, you know its going to be along day.
4. When an Angels Bullpen ties with an ERA over 4 ties you in knotts for 2 straight game, you know its going to be a long day.
5. When Phil Coke enters a game with the score tied, you know your’e going to lose the game.
6. When JVV accepts a demotion to AAA, you know we’re in big trouble.

1. Torii’s peg to get Caillaspo in the 4th.
2. Doug’s strong 7 innings.
3. Pena coming through with another clutch hit.

Just a thought! Our strikeouts for starters are down, ERA is up, and innings pitched down. Does this have anything to do with Alex being on the DL? He can’t hit, but maybe is game calling is that much better. Depressed in Roanoke, Va. On to Tampa Bay.

4-6 on a home stand. 0-6 vs Angels for 2013. Only 1 or 2 comebacks in late innings for the season. Bullpen a mess. Starters sliding. Hitters inept. How soon before July 31 can DD make some changes? I really believe there is some undercurrent of player dissatisfaction with JL. Why else does this happen every year even when they get to the playoffs or the Series?

I shut it off before Coke came in, because I knew we would lose. It’s as simple as that Losing formula.

I don’t think Valverde will be back. They can’t afford to bring him back if they are in contention and there’s no point if they’re not.
He’s finished.
Prices figures the team needs a spark. Or something he couldn’t quite define. Well what they need is character. That’s what is missing. Fielder looks only marginally interested. I think he is tired of being second fiddle in the orchestra. But he clearly is not 1st fiddle calibre.
Team needs a change. I’d call up Castellanos to replace Garcia (who is proving he needs to play not sit) and play him. At least until 2E returns. Perfect time for it. Start of a road trip and Dirks struggling. Is that the answer? No, but it’s at least interesting and maybe something may come of it. At the same time bring up Rondon and send a message that uninspired play will not keep you in the show.

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