Game 75: Breaking down the Tigers’ breakdown

That was ugly.

“We got beat down today,” Torii Hunter said. “They looked good. We had six errors. They had like 17 hits, 16 hits. All around, they beat us in every facet of the game.”

This is one of those games when Jim Leyland says to turn the page.

“I just think that this one’s just one that’s in the book and you put it in the book and you forget about it,” Leyland said, “because there’s nothing you can do about it. It was just an ugly night for us. Obviously they hit the ball all over the place and we didn’t make some plays. Those things happen. There’s no sense getting all excited about something like that.”

The story might be better told in the statistics:

  • 14: Runs allowed by Tigers pitching, their highest total since they gave up 15 to the Giants on July 2, 2011. That game capped a stretch in which they allowed 14+ runs three times in a five-day stretch, and ended up bringing in Don Kelly to pitch with two outs in the ninth inning on June 29.
  • 6: Errors by the Tigers, their highest total in a game since Sept. 11, 1982, in a 13-3 loss to the Red Sox. It’s also the highest error total by a Major League team since the Pirates committed seven errors against the Cubs last Sept. 7.
  • 2: Errors committed by Miguel Cabrera, just his second two-error game since returning to third base last season. The other came last Aug. 31 against the White Sox.
  • 2: Errors from reliever Evan Reed. Surprisingly, he’s the fourth Tigers reliever since 2010 with a two-error game. Brayan Villarreal was the last, having done so on May 25, 2012 against the Twins.
  • 4:03: Time of game, second longest for a nine-inning game in the Majors this season.
  • 36: Runs scored by the Angels in four games against the Tigers this season, tripling Detroit’s scoring.

Thanks to baseball-reference and STATS for the info.


Here’s my breakdown of the Tigers,……embarrassing! Porcello s brief period of good pitching was obviously a mirage.

With this team defense, he has no chance at all.
He will be around 7 MM next year, way too high for a fifth starter.

“During current homestand (Tigers are 4-4):
Tigers pitchers: 6.00 ERA.
Tigers starters: 6.96 ERA.
Verlander/Porcello/Fister: 10.65 ERA.”
Iott at twitter.
Who would know ?the call up , released last years, has been the second best during those games

Beck last December:
“The assumption has always been that Smyly would fill the Sanchez opening next year. If Sanchez stays, it’s hard not to see Smyly filling someone else’s shoes. Maybe it’s Porcello, who lowered his ERA and raised his strikeout rate from last year but paid mightily for ground-ball hits and unearned runs and might be a better fit with another defense. Maybe it’s Scherer,”

That was the time to bank on him

The Tigers in Venezuela.:
Just a footnote,their vision of Venezuela is more sympathetic then the view from Venezuelans. The bit about families is true only among middle class. My other country has a bad image of itself about that. Very accurate for the rest. Anyway, good or bad is my country.

bad bad game, shake it off and win tonight so we can move on. Just can’t seem to play well against a struggling Angels team but they sure don’t struggle against us! Go Tigers

Downs now has a 8.10 ERA in his last 10 games.

holy cow last night was a bad night to have friends over to enjoy the game. Can we bring up Rondon yet?

possibly overlooked good news: Alex Avila got a hit last night on the farm. Yep-sir that makes him 1-12 with 4 Ks and 1 BB.

Porcello’s problem is much more than grounders and the defense of the Tigers. In fact, his nemesis is the fly ball. Nearly 10% of them turn into HRs, which leads the rotation.

He has three two-homer games on the year, but none last night. He gave up eight singles and two doubles, and his ground ball to fly ball ratio (not groundout to fly out) was 13:8 with four line drives, which was better than when he threw seven scoreless against the Twins two starts ago.

Yeah Rich, the Angels were like a “Barracuda” Seen the Wilson sisters a few times.
Where was Smyly? After Downs came in and walked the lead off batter with the bases loaded I was screaming at the tv, Pull him! oh well, just one game. Reminds me of another song, “Turn the page’. Let’s get ;’em tonight boys! Go Tigers!


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Don’t say this too loudly, but i Andy Dirks has hit well in about 4-5 games (since the last game vs BAL). I think Omar and Andy shouldn’t bat higher than 7th in the lineup.

I was at that game last night…….as far as Porcello goes his problem last night was not range in the infield. Not one of those 15 million hits that he gave up would have been gotten by anyone. All solid hits. Not that there weren’t defensive blunders last night because they were abundant. …but it wasnt a leaky infield. He was just horrible.

And yes Evan what about rondon? How can he be any worse than Downs or Reed.

he has been only been hit the past 2 outtings (2 hits, 1 hr, 1BB, 0Ks)….so i guess one can make the argument that he needs work….but then you look at some of the numbers in the MLB ‘pen and they are bad too ….

What about Matt Hoffman for either Coke or Downs? 4-1 / 1.03 in 30 games 26IP.

I quoted this tweet by Jason last night, here again:”Darin Downs hadn’t allowed an inherited runner to score since May 1, stranding 9. Allowed 3 tonight.”
It was an open game, with Miguel and Fielder out, the game was “conceded” why waste the bullpen that will be needed today for sure

Those are some ugly stats. I stopped watching when it was 10 – 5 and read instead – probably saved myself some heart burn. Yikes.

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Dirks 7, Infante 4, Pena 2. Alvarez is pitching.

that’s a great lineup!

Darin Downs this month
7.2 innings pitched
10.57 era
15 hits
3 bb
2.35 whip
10 runs 9 of them earned

Not sure how that is acceptable in anyway. Even though those were the first inherited runners he allowed to score last night. He in no way shape or form has been useful.

compare those to Evan (nice name) Reed:
6.1 IP this month
2.84 era
8 hits
2 bb
1.57 whip
7 runs 2 earned

or Cool Hand Luke:
7.2 IP this month
2.35 era
8 hits (1 HR)
1.04 whip
3 runs 2 earned

(no walks for luke)

Some people think that runs caused by E by the pitchers must be earned.
In his pervious outing he was better than last nigh for sure

AH forgot about those good point ELtigre

Or to Matt Hoffman on the farm for the season:
26 IP
1.03 ERA
18 Hits
1.14 WHIP
3 runs

Oh. And he is equally effective against LH and RH batters.

no walks in 26 IP ? if so bring him up when we send downs down

well….to be fair i think you still need to bring up rondon asap. If he fails get a closer by the deadline – if not go with rondon for the season. DD made our beds – we will sleep in them!

12 BB

thanks i guess i could have done the math (whip * ip) – hits = walks

In fairness to Porcello, even with last night’s debacle factored in, he has been 3-3 with a 4.13 ERA and 57 Ks over his last 10 games. That’s not bad.

And that’s in 61 innings pitched.

It would help Rick and Doug if the grounds crew use some of the old tricks like growing the infield grass a little taller, softing up the dirt in front of home plate and use a bit more sand on the infield.

That’s the most useful and realistic suggestion I’ve read all month.

Starting pitchers for Detroit

Scherzer. Month of June 2 era…last 10 2.63 era
Fister. Month of June 4.64 era. ….last 10 4.35 era
Porcello month of June 5.22 era…..last 10 4.13 era
Verlander month of June 4.35 era…..last 10 5.31 era
Alvarez month of June 2.45 era
Sanchez month of June era 2.53….. Last 10 3.16 era
Starting pitchers with the exception of Scherzer and Sanchez ( who just has to get well) but Fister, Porcello and especially Verlander have to contribute in a positive manner. Those three have got t do better. Alvarez has done well. Maybe he takes Porcellos spot…or Verlander. (Just kidding kinda)

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