Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Red Sox

Austin Jackson is back in the Tigers lineup, much to Jim Leyland’s relief no doubt. The hope is that this isn’t an issue they have to watch over the next few weeks.

On the BoSox side, David Ortiz remains the main man for Max Scherzer to beware, as the numbers show.

No numbers for Tigers hitters against Allen Webster — not in the big leagues, anyway. So I’m falling back on my rule of thumb for Beat the Streak: When in doubt, pick Cabrera. There’s a seven-game streak on the line. Here’s who other writers picked.

Quick reminder that tonight’s game is on FOX, not FS Detroit, which means no MLB.TV. If you’re in a region getting another game (five regional games tonight, including Twins-Indians), you’re kinda stuck. You can follow along online with Gameday, or listen to the broadcast here, or follow along on twitter.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Brayan Pena, C

P: Max Scherzer

RED SOX (career numbers off Max Scherzer)

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF (3-for-6, HR, 3 walks, K)
  2. Shane Victorino, RF (1-for-3)
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (3-for-10, 2 HR, K)
  4. David Ortiz, DH (6-for-10, 2 HR, 2 walks, K)
  5. Mike Carp, 1B (1-for-2, walk, K)
  6. Daniel Nava, LF (1-for-3, K)
  7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (5-for-9, HR, 3 K’s)
  8. Stephen Drew, SS (1-for-7, 3 K’s)
  9. Jose Iglesias, 3B

P: Allen Webster



El Tigre, the Tigers were valued at $643M by Forbes in 2013. The original price paid was $82M. Player expenses are $143M. Gate receipts alone were $98M and total revenue has been reported at $238M. The annual yield is 11%. The Tigers are an appreciating asset for Mr. I. I don’t think anyone needs to worry about finanacial issues with the Tigers. These people have it figured out.

“Current Value: $643 mill.
Revenue 2012: $238 mill.
Operating Income 2012: -$0.4 mill”

What does that mean to you? An appreciating asset with a substantial annual yield means profit to me. In fact, I think the yield last year was around 35%. I think what we are hitting on is why the owners have historically failed to open their books to the Players Association It is all about business and Mr. I and the Tigers are dynamite at it. Only a fool would not read between the lines. If baseball was not profitable based upon its myriad sources of income the owners would have bailed long ago.

And, for instance, take the Dodgers and McCourt. He pled poverty and later sold for millions of dollars in profit after ripping off the fans and his wife. A year later, the Dodgers were valued at around $3B and his wife was taking him back to court to redo their settlement. It’s business and this is how the capitalist system rolls.

Actually the Dodgers sold for *B*illions

Generally, the BoSox have hit Max fairly well.
If there is one guy I’d live to see win 20 games it would be Max.

gunna tape this one and start it half way through. bummer. but the fishing has been excellent.
Tonight I’d imagine Max, Luke and Benoit….AL ALBQ if we need him.
Don’t mind the weather – i think we’ll be fine tonight on rain at the park.

No lefties tonight in bullpen. Smyly, Downs and Coke all on rest, according to Leyland. That likely means Alburquerque against a left-handed hitter at some point.

the ole’ LOOGY-for-the-night role! Before last night, his last outting was on June 17 (1.1IP) so he should be relatively fresh.

We have to knock out their young pitcher Webster who has given up four homers in eleven innings in the Show. The offense needs to rock and roll. Go Tigers!!!!

If this is it for Valverde in a Tiger uni, he finished 5th on the all time Tiger save list, one behind Guillermo Hernandez. Had the 2nd best month in Tiger history, saving 12 games in August 2011. Pitched most games in one season by a RHP (75) in 2011. He was a Tiger All-Star in 2010-11.
Baseball is a short term memory game. For the players, who must forget the last AB or pitch to succeed in the present. For the fans who shower a player’s current success with applause or ridicule their recent failure regardless of prior performance. I think with Valverde the fan’s view recently has become too myopic. It’s time refocus on the breadth of the player’s contribution to the organization.

well said Woody.
Let’s turn our anger on FOX for not allowing those of us outside of Michigan to watch the Tigers. Out dated rule.

portwineland…The Dodgers sold for a tad north of $2B. Their value? Shaikin of the LA Times reported the organization’s worth at $3B after the sale (December 2012 article entitled “Keeping Dodger Blue out of red.”) TV money driven profit acquisition.

I got your point, it is crazy and you hit the nail on the head on why the owners won’t open their books. My other team the Pittsburgh Pirates, is said to make a profit before selling 1 ticket in the regular season due to revenue sharing, TV, internet, etc and a low payroll. The have an exciting pitcher that is bringing a lot of excitement, throwing 100 mph, great secondary stuff (Garritt Cole). He has won his first 3 starts and there are reports that he will be sent back to the minors for $$ reasons (super 2 status). So I appreciate what the Tigers do, spending money (mostly) wisely.

KRod just reached 300 saves

His numbers are good but he drove Angel fans crazy. He will definitely drive you nuts if your take on relievers is anywhere near your comments about VV.

And Angel fans are not to be confused with folks from New York, Boston, Chicago or Detroit.

I have never commented about JVV but to call him the Roller coaster like we used to do with Rodney ( who I always praised ).

HUH? 6-19-13 comment:”Pitching BP and giving away games like candies? And $500K for doing that?”

That was the true and just before he was DFA. I meant, i did not called him names.
About KRod , I see him as a good setup

4 HR in 5 innings.BP is a proper description

Orioles have four players leading AS voting at their positions.

Hardy, Davis, Jones deservedly. They have my vote too

Jhonny deserves to be the starter at shortstop.

1 slam in Prince’s CAREER!

G Whiz Prince. You swung at Ball 4 and Ball 5. You are right, Kathy. He is totalling pressing.
— Bob

Last night I could read his lips and he was not a happy camper.

He’s in a bad slump. Touted as one of the Bash Bros, and he’s just out of sync. He’ll probably catch on fire pretty soon.

HR Victor!!!

Woooo hooooo … Grand Slam!!!!!!!!!
— Bob

GS , he is back

Very nice to pick the Prince up like that. WoW! I thought for sure VMart would ground into an inning ending DP.
Prince has been pretty much neutrailized in clutch situations for a while now. Don’t imagine he will be doing much “visiting” with the opposition after that horrible at bat.

Obviously very early but this could be a key inning. After a quick inning for Max if the Tigers could tack on a couple of runs here it would be huge.

Geez, that was a bad call on Torii. He was safe.

I think Hunter was safe. It appeared the hand was in before the tag.
— Bob

Another bad running for Hunter. Even if safe was a bad choice

This kid has some nasty movement on his stuff. We have to show patience.
— Bob

Did the FOX announcer just say the JV was the reigning MVP and Cy Young winner? You are about a year late. Man, these FOX guys drive me up the wall.
— Bob

Bob – at least you get to see the game….

Good point. They still drive me crazy.
— Bob

Good job Andy and Ajax!

AJ is pounding the ball. Even his outs are hard hit. Not striking out much. Very impressive return from the DL.

The prettiest thing I`ve seen today is how Max righted the ship and started to pound the strike zone. We need our hitters to step up now and get him a few. 3 runs against Boston can be almost a tie game at times.

Hot, hot, hot.

Very thankful to VMart tonight and Andy. If we can’t hit RHP we’re toast so to see these guys start to come through is great.

Come on AlAl. Seven run lead and you walk the lead off guy. And now a single … Next please.
— Bob

AlAl: has 96 in his back pocket. Probably the most wicked slider in the game today. Cockiness, confidence and a little panache. All he needs is to cut his walk rate down even a smidgeon and he could be awesome.

Victorino needs to have one thrown in his ear. That is bush league.
— Bob

What happened?

He keeps trying to throw guys out at first on clean singles to right field. IMO, it is bush league. The players are all laughing about it but nobody would be laughing if somebody was actually thrown out or pulled something by stretching for the base because they went from jogging to sprinting at the last minute.
— Bob

11- 0 !!!!
— Bob

Didn’t Shane do that last night and get Miggy out at 1st? He did it again today and almost got him out again.

He almost did, he was safe. The ball was hit really hard

Didnt see it last night, but he almost got him tonight. He would have got Hunter if his throw would have been on line. Hunter lunged at the last minute also. Thats all we need .. somebody turning an ankle because of this garbage.
— Bob

Well, they know he’s going to do it.. It’s an easy out. Might be bush league, but that’s how Boston plays.

Good to see Omar go yard. Good to see him play as well as he has this year. Last year he seemed to press as he wanted to justify his acquisition. Remember that time when he just could not seem to turn a DP?
Yes, I agree that the throw to 1st from RF is bush. It’s bush because it has always been that way. I would qualify that if it is a significantly important time in the game then if you can you should go for it.
Great game by Max.

Disagree with you Bob, thats hard nosed baseball not bush league. If you want gimme’s play golf.

Victorino has NEVER thrown anyone out at first on hard hit balls from beasts like miggy or even anyone else, but scouting reports make guys know he will make that effort. The upshot to the deal is the runner has to go hard and cannot make the usual rounded turn to second.

This is not the same Max as in the past three years. This is “Cool Man Max” on the mound for the D-Cats. Last year’s Max would have contorted his body into a big rubber band after the first inning runs. “Cool Man Max” strikes out Ortiz the second time around, and then lo and behold finishes seven strong innings, and goes to 11-0. It’s the stuff of champions. V-mart returns to 2011 mode, and grand slams the guys to a 4-2 lead in the first. You just knew after that happened, tonight was going to be fun for the Tigers.

1. The guys scored in five of 8 innings. That’s going to get you a win about 90% of the time.
2. We went ahead in our first batting opportunity, and never looked back. There was never a very serious offensive threat from Boston after the opening inning.
3. Eight of nine starters got a base hit for the second night in a row. And the one with no hit was the same for both games.

Kudos to Victor, Ajax, Torii, Andy, Omar, and of course Max. Prince Charming needs a spell lifted or a magic potion given to him. He is currently missing on all cylinders.
Let’s take the Series tomorrow. Good night all!

Nice to see a well played game. AJ brought some defense, Dirks surprised with a swipe, long balls win games, and of course really fine pitching by Max

Bad night for Villareal, Rondon, only fastballs, a more or less Ortega.

Thursday night our fill in for Sanchez did a solid job. Last night we attacked their young pitcher who replaced Bucholtz. Good job one and all.

hopefully JV can keep their bats cold

boston:Ellsbury CF, Victorino RF, Pedroia 2B, Ortiz DH, Napoli 1B, Gomes LF, Drew SS, Lavarnway C, Iglesias 3B, Doubront SP.

Lineup: Jackson cf, Hunter rf, Cabrera 3b, Fielder dh, Martinez 1b, Peralta ss, Infante 2b, Garcia lf, Holaday c. Verlander p.
Garcia in the Minors 464 games in RF, 54 in CF, 1 in LF

Dew Bront vs the 2013 tigers:
Omar Infante 6pa, 2 hits, 1 K,
Miguel Cabrera 3pa, 2Ks
Prince Fielder 3pa, no hits
Brayan Pena 3pa, 1 hit, 1rbi
Andy Dirks 2pa, no hits
Jhonny Peralta 2pa, 1 walk, 1 K
Torii Hunter 1pa, 1 hit

Dewbront is particularly better against lefties….btw… fact lefties have like a 0.021 better ops (761 vs 734) than righties do this year. Also, no lefty has GDP with him on the mound – maybe today is prince’s day!

I believe Avila starts a rehab assignment today. To come back to the big show — does he need to show he can hit or is he coming back whenever he feels better? Maybe Holaday today can show he can contribute more than alex has this year. Shouldn’t be hard.

He was not sent there for his bat, so my guess is he will be back as soon as possible.

i figured Avila would be back when his DL time expires. Leyland is very patient with his vet players. I’d expect Avila will get the majority of PT upon his return.

UGH! you are right!

DewBront’s away ERA close to 5 as opposed to close to 4.
and also it’s best to get to him early: 1st PA: .826OPS, 2nd PA: .610, 3rd PA: .711

or said another way on the road his whip this year (35 innings) 1.783, and at home (38 innings) it is 1.216.

Pedroia is 0 for 16 vs Verlander. Oddly,he is the kind of hitter that usually does well vs Verlander

A lot has been made of Torii’s contribution to the clubhouse. I’m sure it’s all pretty much spot on but there is another guy on this team that I am really quite pleased with in terms of being a good team-mate. That’s Brayan Pena. He seems to be a very warm and genuine personality. He is positive and supportive of his mates and not a “Me,Me, I” person or player. I think he fits in very nicely with this team and that his pitchers trust him and believe in him. He has been pretty solid offensively and has a good idea on how to handle the bat situationally.

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