Tuiasosopo scratched with mild intercostal strain

Matt Tuiasosopo was scheduled to get a rare start against a right-hander tonight, based on John Lackey’s success against left-handed hitters. Now, the Tigers have to hope they haven’t lost Tuiasosopo for a while after scratching him from the lineup with what was called a mild intercostal strain.

The injury hadn’t come up previously. It’s the same injury that sidelined Andy Dirks, ironically, for part of Spring Training. Dirks will bat in Tuiasosopo’s spot tonight, batting seventh.

The Tigers will face lefty Jon Lester on Friday, so if Tuiasosopo can’t go, Dirks would probably start in his place again.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Brayan Pena, C





PHEW! I’m just glad it was Kelly! What a hole that would put in the roster :p


Wouldn’t it be nice if Fielder could hit like Old Man Papi? Though Fielder is hitting like an old man.
How does Cabby slice a ball that hard to right on the inside part of the plate?

At least Miguel came to play

Martinez and Fielder are killin’ me.

Torii’s kill’n me too tho – miss reading a routine ball? [sigh] this team is really frustrating me right now!

It is not a good team right now. Emphasis on the noun as much as the adjective.

Torii did run a rather lazy route. Contrary to what his biggest fan said.
Fielder just has no power to the pull field anymore. The only things he pulls now are ground balls and money from his Cayman Islands bank account.

good one!

Another one for Hunter

This was about the “3B”

Too bad nobody on this stinking team can get a freaking timely hit!

base hit. Are you at the game?

No not tonight…. Have company.

OK torii bases loaded – you know you owe us for that awful play in the RF…….so what’s up?

jammed but got a 2 run single! 🙂 OK Torii!

Here comes Mash & Bash, I hope

Far better than expected against BoSox

Victor is like a black hole in the 5th spot.

Holy crap. Nice grab by jackson. I didnt think he had a chance. I just got home and turned on the tv just in time.

Geez, Phil.

Can’t throw a strike. And, he’s leaving him in there?

Vmart looked like he was starting to work out of it but he’s sliding backwards.
Awesome Coke can’t get a pitch over the plate.

Iaam a Pepsi fan. No Coke for me.
When Phil is in the game I am a worried fan.

This shit is just getting really really stupid. So sick of this pen. Just straight up sickening.

coke fools batters like bad magicians fool adults. thanks dombroski for this awesome bullpen we have!

dave dombroski should be fired after this season. what kind of drugs made him think this bullpen was going to support a WS championship? Phil coke should be a BACKUP PLAN why is he a major part of this pen?

This is why we don’t win games after the 6th inning if we are not ahead…no reliable pen and no clutch hitting. Unless Dombrowksi makes some moves it will never go our way. Dombrowski gave us this crappy pen, he needs to fix it,

Oh geez leyland i dont understand why your pulling coke. Why dont you just leave him in there. Hell hes only given up one run. Why not just forfeit the game.

I can usually keep a level head and stay positive about the tigers but i dont know how much longer i can do it. I feel like just hunting down everyone responsible for this pen and slapping them. I am not gonna have anything left in my house by the time this pen gets fixed.

“These truths are self evident”. Apparently 2 years of below average relief pitching by both Valverde and Coke is not enough to illuminate either JL or DD.
The only thing worse than having no closer is having a bullpen managed by Jim Leyland.

Smartest thing I’ve heard all night

Prince Fielder might want to do something to help this team win instead of yucking it up with David Ortiz at first base. Seriously what has Fielder done lately but strike out or pop up? He needs to start earning some of rather large contract.

Apparently, the walk was kind of intentional to face Ortiz

Last time Fielder had an RBI……last Friday night. Really really really unacceptable.


More quality at bats by Cabrera and Fielder……useless lately, glad I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t waste my time watching these overpaid pylons.

Hmm let me see. The game is tied at 2. Oh i know ill put in the worst pitcher in my pen who cant get righties out and use him against u guessed it righties. Then after he blows the tie ill put in my best reliever. I dont understand why everybodys mad at me. What did i do.

This is a good candidate to walk off against. Hes struggled a lil bit this year and his confidence is down.

Dont worry Bailey. ..even though you’ve stunk lately I’m sure our Tigers won’t cause you any problems. …we don’t have walk off wins ….not one this year

PR and bunt.


It’s about damn time!

First walk off of the season

that might be a very big game for the tigers. stay tuned fellas

Well how bout that. Its about damn time. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That makes me happy!

Holy crao…..first walk off of the year….wasn’t sure it would ever win!


Yes, Jhonny Peralta.!!! All you All Star voters give him your support.

3 for 5 vs Bailey

And VMart gave then the opportunity

Negative Noras… Eat your bile!

That came just in time for me cuz i was about to lose it. Definately needed that. Now lets ride that momentum and get a nice winning streak going. Starting with a sweep of the team with the best record in baseball.

Alvarez and Smyly did a great job!

tonight was a good example why JB is probably more useful in the 8th.

Press conference. Why was Phil Coke pitching in the eighth inning?? Does anyone know why Smyly followed him???

Hey GK, if you dis Fielder on this blog isn’t it the same as booing him when he hits a pop up? Can you be any more negative? What does your husband think of the Tigers? Great win and I knew that Jhonny could not bunt and called the home run! Go Tigers!

Guess what when he doesn’t have a single RBI in a week…I’m not going to to say that it’s okay. He as one of the two highest paid players on this team has to to better. He’s stranded 12 runners I believe in that time. But there is a big difference complaining about him on here or to my spouse than booing one of my teams players at the park it’s counterproductive. Not that complicated of a concept. But it’s been perfectly clear on here it’s only okay to complain about certain players and of course bashing the manager is always popular…. But your right this team is annoying me right now…that’s why I said it was good I’m going out of town and unable to watch.


Jhonny pheralta you are a stud. Just goes to show what happens if you work hard and stay focused. (See also jeremy bonderman) He worked his tail off in the offseason. Lost some weight. ( he looks great btw). Hes now lighter on his feet and swinging that bat like it was as light as a feather. Kudos to you and i am voting as much as i can for the all star game.

Nice….he deserves to go…..even without today’s miracle!

Yes he does and i have been voting as much as i can. Actually what i do is gather up all my friends emails who dont watch baseball and i sign up with there emails and vote for all them too

In a game where Miggy strikes out three times, the odds of winning would be pretty slim. What I like and have always liked about Jhonny P, is his humility. He never looks for the lime light; he mad another great “hole” play tonight, and he becomes an instant hero. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Tiger. Thanks JP for stepping up. Kudos to Putkonen; for the time being, he looks ready to be the seven.
1. Another excellent appearance by The Drewmeister. He’s one that we all can “drewal” over.
2. The infield hit by Ajax keeps the inning and hope alive for all Tiger fans.
3. The great catch by Ajax in the seventh off Mr. Will of the Sox.

Momentum shift is huge for us. With some timely hitting, we could do a 4-Sweep. Very rare(Houston doesn’t count). Would really be a great relief for the team.
In agreement on Prince; he needs to be less the “Fresh Prince of Belair”, and more like Biggy, the Monster Homer Hitter. Poor old Victor seems so out of it, and beside the big hit, Torii appears to be in a stupor. It’s got to come from 2 through 6 every day. It’s not happening on a consistent basis. Round 2, 20 hours away. Good evening all!

Sorry, but there is one player missing there: Alvarez held Boston to 2 runs( one should go to Hunter´s account) for 5 innings. And that is not a common feat for Ttigers starters in recent years.

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