Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Orioles

Chris Tillman is about 10 points tougher against left-handed hitters than right-handed ones, so Jim Leyland took today as a spot to start Bryan Holaday behind the plate. The expectation was that Leyland would do it Thursday with Jose Alvarez pitching or Friday with Jon Lester starting for Boston, but thought the day game after a night game was a better opportunity. He also gave Torii Hunter a day off, inserting Don Kelly in right field. Kelly is 1-for-7 against Tillman, though the hit was a home run.

Cabrera’s history off Tillman, and the fact that no one else on this team has hit this guy, made it an easy pick for Beat the Streak. It actually had been a few days since a Cabrera pick. A hit from him today would get my streak to a season high of … well, five. So it goes. Other picks can be found here.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers off Tillman)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (1-for-6, 2 K’s)
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (3-for-7, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-3)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-10, HR, 2 K’s)
  7. Don Kelly, RF (1-for-7, HR, walk)
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Bryan Holaday, C

P: Rick Porcello

ORIOLES (career numbers off Porcello)

  1. Nate McLouth, LF (0-for-6, K)
  2. Manny Machado, 3B (1-for-4, walk)
  3. Nick Markakis, RF (7-for-16, HR, 2 walks, K)
  4. Adam Jones, CF (3-for-15, 6 K’s)
  5. Chris Davis, DH (3-for-9, 2 HR, 3 K’s)
  6. J.J. Hardy, SS (5-for-12, 3 K’s)
  7. Travis Ishikawa, 1B
  8. John Ryan Flaherty, 2B (1-for-2)
  9. Taylor Teagarden, C

P: Chris Tillman


Kelly, formerly regarded as the 25th player on the Tigers, can now be called the “8th Man.” Today will mark his 49th game played this season. Kelly is now comfortably over the Mendoza Line at .225.

How bout that. His average is climbing.

Affirms my previous question/comment about Avisail Garcia, why bring him up? Sitting on the bench for 3 games doesn’t do him any good. If you don’t start him today, why bring him up?

“Chris Tillman is about 10 points tougher against left-handed hitters than right-handed ones, so Jim Leyland took today as a spot to start Bryan Holaday behind the plate.”
Oh I see. that explains why neither 2E nor Avi are in!?
Not exactly a powerhouse lineup today.

good pt

picking and choosing where to use a particularly line of logic – a JL classic!
You know what – why doesn’t he just write down his logic, per player, on a piece of paper (food crumbs, grease, ash all over it no doubt) to Jason. Jason digitizes it (e.g. photo) and posts it.
Then JL doesn’t really have to explain all the ins and outs of every decision. He has undoubtedly (to me at least) thought of 99% of the angles (including talking to the player face to face, trainers, player chauffeurs, etc.) —- and considers them and makes a lineup. If he just gotted the ones he could (privacy for some reasons obviously) we’d all have less 2nd guessing to do. We have better things we’d like to be doing!

“jotted down” * not “gotted”.

Could be a rough day! I did take the day off to go to the game hopefully my streak will continue.

hey have a good time at the game! i have a friend in sect. 330.

bring us more luck!

Go get those Birds man.

I know we can’t win every game! It looks like Justin’s fastball is predictable. Baltimore hit the home runs and we did not. We are not even into the dog days yet! Tell ’em DOK, stay positive! My daughter and her husband are at the game today after going to the Blue jays on Monday. Nice to be on vacation. They bought on stub hub this am and are 3 rows up on the 1st base line! Go Tigers!

This team does not look much like a championship team. The team is built around muscle yet our LHB are not hitting well. We have guys who are built to clobber the ball but we don’t hit homers. Not really. Fielder with 12 is extremely discouraging.
Peralta is hitting but again not many homers. Unless these guys start to bust down some fences it is going to be a very frustrating season.
Fielder doesn’t look like he CAN hit a homer. VMart can’t hit a homer nor can Dirks or Avila. We can have 3 .300 hitters in the ineup but it won’t mean a thing if we can’t get them in from 3rd. The team looks lacklustre right now.
May as well bring up Castellanos.
If anyone thinks I am being negative they are absolutely right.

Tigers are 14th in MLB in terms of HRs. I disagree that this team is built around muscle. Outside MCab and Prince, I don’t think there is much power. VMart is a line drive hitter, so is Dirks. 2E seems to have power potential.
Castellenos is not a power hitter, he is a .300 with lots of doubles. Of course he is 20 years old so he could develop power. Currently I believe Garcia has more power.

donny kelly baby

Holaday already has contributed as much if not more to this offense than alex would on a typical day.

alex avila 2013 OPS+: 52

Looks like a double digit LOB day coming up today.
AJ is really seeing the ball well though. One of the few players on this squad right now that is actually playing good baseball.

andy looking good with the bat😄

I personally expect little if any production from Kelly when he plays, given his feeble track record. So, when Kelly produces I am not only surprised and take notice, but am happy for him and the Tigers.

Until Fielder and Martinez hit with authority, walks will keep coming for Miguel

what is martinez batting like 225 now? holy cow man! At least delmon can play defense!!

Yes, VMart is not hitting well. No, Delmon cannot play defense.

His Babip is low and he has 7 Sacrifice but he needs to hit with consistency. He is still better there than Delmon

Garcia was called by DD who knows he is ready. JL sits him

He made it clear last year, a rookie cant come and take the spot form the established players.
Trout and Machado would be benched in Detroit

get it together rick – in game adjustment needed – settle down – get the two outs

the ole hanging sinker!

“new record, #TIgers Leyland calls question of more playing time for Tuiasosopo legit (5 times), good/very fair (twice each), great (once)” Gage

Well it looks like my streak might come to an end

naw we got this today. today we come back. season turning point.

send dirks to the farm to work on his swing – bring up rondon instead – lets 2E, Kelly, Garcia, Hunter and AJ handle the OF duties.

They better comeback, Red Sox coming to town.

Biggest comeback this season: 3 runs down

See even eltigre agrees: we are due! 😉

chip chip chip away boys!

c’mon austin —- get omar home!

rick losing velocity on fastball. def. time to get him outta there JL.

nice hit Miggy! that was a HANGER and you roll over on it….

I’d say Palmer, McNally, Cuellar and Flannagan.

The Detroit Tigers are listless right now. It’s so bad now that Fielder is no longer enjoying himself at 1st when the other team singles.
We can get all the Torii Hunters and Victor Martinez’s in the world but this team is still lacking character. We are playing late Octobler Tiger baseball in June.
Fielder is not pulling the ball and hitting with power. Miggy looks like he is disinterestd. Guys are swinging at the 1st pitch 5 runs down..
Can anyone dare to compare this team with the ’68 Tigers?
No way. Not even close.

of course you walk jhonny peralta he’s the only one besides jackson who can swing the bat right now. oh boy it is going to be interesting if he gets suspended!

2E!! 2E!! 2E!!

He should be playing.

Just back to the game and we are down 6-3. It looks like they got us with the homers again. We are starting a comeback. Can we finally come all the way back???

There is going to be a totally different roster on this team a couple of months from now. Don’t think Downs will stick around, Reid. Coke will be traded (hopefully) Valverde will be released. Dirks in AAA

got to get markakis or this rally dies. c’mon darin!

Im with those guys. Today we get our 1st comeback and ride it out for awhile and put some distance between the other teams in the division. Were halfway there. Just gotta get outta this inning 1st.

we got outta this – i think momentum is in our corner! high pressure pitching for REED here!

I just dont get this bullpen. U got at least 3 arms( Ortega, Rondon, a2 ) down in triple a pitching well ready and waiting to come up. And our bullpen is struggling besides smyly and benoit yet no moves are being made.

ALBQ last 10 appearances: 14.1IP, 9hits, 5ER, 2HR, 13BB…. he can stay down there with those numbers against farmhands…

Well i didnt actually check but last i heard i didnt think he was doing that bad. Still cant be any worse then what we got. At least he can run into some strikeouts even when hes not pitching good.

Face saving and stubbornness.

game over

andy gets a hit in a meaningless inning…..better than nothing i guess!

Well its simple really. There big bats are performing and ours arent. Its just not our time right now. No worries tho our time will come when we have it all working at the same time and when we do all the other teams better look out. Theres still plenty of season left.

Today in a nutshell: Baltimore is a ball team. Detroit is not.

Today is one day. The season isn’t even half done yet. They can make trades.

biggie bagel runs the basepaths faster than martinez!

A2 in a heartbeat over Reed.

! heck no i want guys who throw strikes. but mostly i want al albq to throw strikes and get up here and help!

I just want a bullpen that doesnt suck. Lol.

Well my streak is over……..hitters bad, Ricky bad, and pen bad. Disgusted we these over paid over hyped, underperforming (whatever) so called baseball player.

let it all out GK, i’m sure you have plenty more frustrations to get out! you are usually the stable one here that gives us perspective, but even you have had enough. now thats saying something! hang in there.

Is it the bottom of the 9th? Some fans give up just like these overpaid players! I don’t think I will watch any more games this season.

it’s over but i’m watching and listening to see how papa does

This team hasn’t had one comeback win all year even a few run late inning comeback……this isn’t the same team that used to do it with regularity. You shouldn’t judge me and my loyalty I spend a few thousand dollars a year on games, food, parking, and whatever else is involved. I’m not a so-called fan, but I’m realistic and since I watch every game I pretty much know what they are capable of right now and a 9 run comeback isn’t going to happen. I’m not dillusional

that’s one meeeeeeaaaaaaatttty splitter, chef papa!

“line drive city” -jim price………”nice area” – me

I hope Greg is not watching.

Not sure if JL will be able to speak to the media after the game with his head buried so far in the sand.

VV looks like a real solution doesn’t he?

Papa is a launching pad now! Houston, we have a problem!

Now its just straight up embarassing. Bye bye valverde. This is ridiculous. If they keep him in the pen after this then something is seriously wrong with there heads.


man Evan Reed’s performance looking better by the minute!

Headline! Clown in a MLB Uniform exposed! All you VV defenders should b really proud. The best thing to happen this year. now we can put this nightmare behind us.

Good way to look at it. The game was lost anyway so it actually is a blessing in disguise. Now hopefully hes gone for a long time then he realizes he cant cut it anymore and retires and never ever comes back. U gotta give rondon a shot. The guy is lights out dominating down there. He only had a few innings. Let him get his feet wet. Give him a real chance and not just a couple games. Some people need a lil time to settle in.

Fully agree. 2 innings were his chance

i think i’d rather don kelly go out there than chef papa

I’d rather have freddy garcia lola


Well the starting lineup today is responsible for 1 run. 2E got the other 2.
The main guys on this team are not getting it done offensively.
We all knew when we saw Kelly, Dirks and Holaday in the lineup, that we were pretty unlikely to score much at all.
The team needs a shot in the arm. Or a makeover.
Every now and then you get bombed but this is not a team that is playing like one. No excuse for this one.

dan just suggested the walk rates were too high to bring up ALBQ — jim kinda agreed but didn’t.

I am talking about all the fans that left when it was 9-3. A real fan would stay until the last out. Ha ha Greg. You beat me to it.

And yes, Kathy, I was watching. Still the best move Leyland has made this year. A clown can only hide for so long. This game is a real eye opener. There are many problems.

I’m not holding my breath, Greg.

I guarantee they will make moves after today! (They have to bring up a starter for tomorrow)

They haven’t gone into the locker room or had an interview yet. That’s telling….maybe.

I stopped watching on gameday after the 7th inning, came here hoping to see we had a great comeback – guess not. Rough day for Tiger fans that is for sure.

Oh crap, had to look at the box – Papa gave up 4 runs? The damage was already done but maybe that was something good, game was out of reach the way we have been playing, might as well throw him to see what else, better than putting him i with a 2 run lead, but geez. Glad I was working today – bummer Greg to be at the game.

Something is going on because they still haven’t had interviews

Actually A2 has been very good lately. In his last 3 appearances he has pitched 4 innings with 9 K’s and 2 BBs and giving up ZERO hits or runs.
Rondon has been solid.
As to VV. It was pretty clear to a lot of fans for a very long time that he doesn’t have it anymore. The resigning of Jose was a fiasco and even when he lucked out getting some saves, there was still ample evidence of this.
I’d hate to be media in the clubhouse today!

yes he has looked good the past 3 outings. Did you know his AAA stats and his MLB stats this year are nearly identical?

I hope they took this game as a slap in the face because thats exactly what it was. A hard b***h slap. I just hope that they got some sense knocked into them this time and start making some moves because this isnt working. Time to shake things up. Cant get any worse.

I doubt this supposed powerhouse Tigers team could beat the Astros right now.

Toledo would have beat them today.

oh man leylands post game didn’t suggest valverde is going away after today

Boston coming in to town for four. Let’s see what this manager, I mean team, is made of.

Well-the team (such as it is) is reeling. Though Boston hits RHP better than southpaws I think the BoSox juggernaut will make short order of Alvarez. The Tigers are in a universal wide funk. Nothing they try right now is going to work.
Managing included in above. Holaday today against Tillman???
Yes, I know, he got a hit.
This team needs to muscle up. Baltimore had no trouble reaching the seats at Comerica. Why do we? Without power this team is sunk. There is a reason Illitch spent millions on Fielder. The team was being on power at the expense of speed. We have neither. Only 3 teams in the AL have hit fewer HRs than us. Luckily they are KC, Minny and the ChiSox..

Evan, any snippets you can give us about the post-game? I would not expect to see JL throw JVV under the bus. That is not his style (unless you have crossed him).

not really — i was listening to it but it sounded particularly mumbly today. Then came on the local radio guys (mike and terry on 97.1) and they talked about how JL was kinda making excuses for jVV because it wasn’t a pressure situation….talked about maybe giving him another shit – i mean shot – at a pressure situation.

hopefully we can start getting transcripts of JL’s post game ‘comments’

I meant the team was “built on power”.

Got a chuckle out of me on that one. Thanks.

My All Star votes:

The end.

Hey Evan, do you have enough data to determine how many splitters our closer threw in his first ever blowout game appearance?? Was the HR off a spitter?? How many of the hits??

Al2: 27 SO/13 BB .5 SO in 11/3 on Monday

Alvarez recalled. Garcia back to Toledo

What JL thinks about Valverde does not matter. DD is the responsible for hiring him and will be his call to release him. But as Henning said they need a replacement first.

According to Gameday.:
Machada singled on a split
Markakis singled on a FB
Jones doubled on a FB
Davis hammered a split
Flaherty singled on a FB

He appears to be an equal opportunity thrower.

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