Tigers agree to terms with Knebel

The Tigers added to their draft signings by agreeing to terms with Corey Knebel, the 39th overall selection in the First-Year Player Draft two weeks ago.

The former University of Texas closer said on draft night that he expected a deal to be completed shortly, so a deal had been expected. It took a little longer than fellow Tigers first-round pick Jonathon Crawford, but Knebel is in the fold. Baseball America’s Jim Callis first reported the deal Monday.

Major League Baseball’s slotting system pegged the signing bonus for Knebel’s slot at $1,433,400. Knebel got the full slot value, according to Callis.

Tigers vice president of amateur scouting David Chadd said earlier this month that the team envisions Knebel as a starter. For the time being, though, he’ll begin his pro career in the bullpen. Knebel is eventually expected to join Crawford and other Tigers draft picks at short-season Class A Connecticut, but will begin working out in Lakeland.


when can he start closing?

I think the plan is to make him a starter, if I correctly recall Chadd’s take on him.

Right. My understanding is he’ll start out in the bullpen to get adjusted.

Hopefully some time this week?

Good one Ted!

maaaaaaan i sure hope – people don’t boo PaPa tonight – that does NOTHING but hurt PaPa’s performance and thus the teams – and shows no class.
We need to find a solution booing him does nothing.

I don’t like it much either but one could argue that it least gets Leyland’s attention.
I’d hate to think how he would manage if nobody questioned him.

that makes it seem it has benefits that might outweigh the consequences. looking back (e.g. inge, grili, higgy, raburn, rodney) would you say it usually does or doesn’t outweigh the consequences.

Looks like Holaday. If I had to guess, I bet he’ll call up a reliever 1st and then Alvarez later.

oh man i hope alex’s stay in AAA is long enough to teach him to hit and throw again. running isn’t his thing.

Did Rodney get booed a lot? Grilli was never going to be able to make it in Motown.
Inge, Sheffield, Raburn-who knows how long they would have been foisted upon us without fan criticism.
Valverde’s time has come and with all the fan reaction going on, management at least has to look for alternatives.

not that you mention it maybe it was the only person booing Rodney. now i really feel like an rump hole

Sounds like Sanchez to miss 2 starts, so makes senses to bring Alvarez up again to make those starts and leave Smyly in the bullpen.
Catcher – Holliday or Cabrera?

the lineup is going to improve by subtraction….lolz…

“Prior to tonight’s game the #Tigers recalled the contracts of Bryan Holaday and Avisail Garcia from AAA Toledo.”

They had too. He kept hitting in AAA over 400.

WHo do you get rid of when you need another pitcher?

Thy dont need another pitcher until thursday.Alvarez will be recalled then and Garcia goes back. He will help the offense for this days allowing to rest Dirks

Also, Garcia was sent to AAA because he was not going to see much action with AJax back. What has changed?

Dirks was rested because his knees were hurting. Him will allow more rest this week.
I guess he will be back to AAA in three days.
IMHO he is being showcased .
Anyway, he has nothing to do in AAA, he keeps hitting and hitting there

Looks like Holaday and Garcia? were brought back up. If

Why all the hate on Avila…he is at .667 with a 1.000 SLG in his last 1 games!

Garcia is an very interesting call up to say the least……

Nobody hates Alex here. We were worried about him.
I had no problem with him hitting 170 as soon as the pitchers trust him. Like everyone else , I expected JL to stick to his sharing time strategy to allow him to recover

Jackson CF
Hunter RF
Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Martinez DH
Peralta SS
Dirks LF
Infante 2B
Pena C
Scherzer P

I would have kept Infante 9th, he turns the lineup over well hitting in front of AJax and Torii is my ideal. Pena should be 8th, Infante 9th…. that’s all.


Pena, Infante, Dirks. When will they find it?? Not sure.

That the official lineup for tonight

Booing doesn’t help…..it doesn’t show Leyland anything and it shouldn’t. You wanna boo a guy who is loafing it…fine but otherwise all it does is make your hometown crowd look like a bunch of idiots and put more undo pressure on a person who is already struggling. It’s stupid and has the opposite effect. Want somebody to be worse…go ahead.

This was my biggest worry about signing Sanchez to that contract, him being injury prone.

Didn’t they just send Garcia out when Jackson came off the DL?? He’s coming back for the Orioles series because he 3 for 9 with a homer against them. We will be able to have Alvarez ready for Red Sox.

That is my take too

“Leyland on who will handle 9th inning tonight: “This is Days of our Lives, boys. We’ll find out tonight.” Can you say committee?

…yet he is on the bench tonight (Garcia) and two RHP are scheduled to pitch the rest of the series for Baltimore. So why Garcia and not Rondon/ABQ/B-Real?

Garcia his RH better than Dirks or Kelly not as good as 2E

Villareal blown save yesterday. Al2 pitched two inning. I guess none would be available until tomorrow
I was expecting Rondon too

Where is Rich?

Another reason for Garcia to be with Detroit for three more days is the fact we now have two options for PRs.

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