Tigers sign top pick, 18 other selections

The Tigers have agreed to terms with top pick Jonathon Crawford, the former University of Florida right-hander who went 20th overall in last week’s First-Year Player Draft.

The deal had been expected, both for the spot where Crawford was drafted and its accompanying draft slot. Terms weren’t announced, but the 20th overall selection carried a slot of $2,001,700.

Most likely, Crawford will report to short-season Class A Connecticut. Tigers VP of amateur scouting David Chadd said last week that he expected Crawford and the other pitchers they selected on the first day of the draft — right-hander Corey Knebel from the University of Texas went with the 39th overall selection, while Vanderbilt left-hander Kevin Ziomek went with the 58th pick — to begin their careers there. Neither Knebel nor Ziomek have signed yet.

The Tigers announced deals with 18 other selections from the draft Friday, but none earlier than the fifth-round selection. Among the other signings:

  • 5th rounder Buck Farmer, RHP, Georgia Tech
  • 6th rounder Calvin Drummond, RHP, Arizona Christian
  • 8th rounder Zach Reininger, RHP, Hill (TX) JC
  • 10th rounder Kasey Coffman, CF, Arizona State
  • 12th rounder Dominic Ficociello, 3B, Arkansas
  • 13th rounder Austin Green, C, Univ. of San Diego
  • 14th rounder Ben Verlander, OF, Old Dominion
  • 16th rounder Duncan McAlpine, C, Dallas Baptist
  • 18th rounder Jonathan Maciel, RHP, Cal State Long Beach
  • 19th rounder Austin Pritcher, RHP, The Citadel
  • 21st rounder Curt Powell, SS, Georgia
  • 25th rounder Johnnie Kirkland, RHP, Southeastern
  • 27th rounder Joe Mantiply, LHP, Virginia Tech
  • 28th rounder Scott Sitz, RHP, Florida State
  • 30th rounder Ryan Beck, LHP, New Mexico State
  • 31st rounder Brett Huber, RHP, Mississippi
  • 32nd rounder Tanner Bailey, RHP, Mississippi
  • 40th rounder Taylor Johnson, 2B, St. Edwards


Will there be an position players in Connecticut or 25 pitchers?


Dan, I like the cya comment. Like we have not eaten more than 2 mil before? I will not make another comment about Valverde or Leyland. I saw the Prince interview. This guy will start bashing. It is not even summer yet! Go Tigers!

Rondon K’d the side in the 9th for a save last night. Through 15 ptches (11 strikes).
Castellanos up over .300 now. AJ had a couple of hits.

Through???? Sorry ………THREW!!!!

DD cant and was not trying to fool GM with his words. Those words could be for Valverde.A trade takes time and you dont want to add pressure to your player or bother him while you still owe him 2 MM and could have to play him if you dont find something better.

Tigers lineup Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Tuiasosopo 7, Infante 4, Avila 2. Porcello is starting

“Amaro also said #Phillies need to build around Lee, Hamels & Papelbon: “I have no desire to trade those guys. At all”
Jayson Stark

With an ever increasing threat of rain it would seem to me that the pre game celebs should have been arranged so s not to set back the starting time a half hour.
Good to have AJ back. I don’t expect much running from him on the base paths much before July.
He doesn’t seem to “love” stealing bases much anyway. Not like Ricky or Leflore or Tim Raines once did.
I do think he could be quite adept at stealing bases if he really put his mind to it. He’s actually a very cautious individual.

Unless I am mistaken, Toledo is going to have to send somebody down to make room for Worth. Russo?
The hens have a few guys other than BR, A2 and BV that are worth a look. Hoffman and Ortega could help this team.

I think it was Evenak. the 35 YO MSU or UM SS

Why Avila and not Peña?

“Leyland about suggestions he switch closers: “It’s like everyone is telling me I’m bald, but nobody can tell me how to grow hair” Gage

Pingback: Game 2013.65: Tigers at Twins

The Detroit Tigers’ bullpen. What’s really wrong?? Last year’s secondary puzzle parts have mostly failed or are injured. Dotel is now on the 60 day DL. Coke has failed. Al Al was fine for about three weeks then the stress of too much pitching in very cold early spring games took a toll. He completely lost command and was sent to Toledo. Villarreal probably was the victim of pitching in back to back games. Leyland elected to break in Villarreal the second and third games of the season in frigid Minnesota. The third game of the season he threw thirty-seven pitches and has never been the guy we saw last year since that day. Again on to Toledo. Our fifth guy from last year Darin Downs has just disappeared the last three weeks. Is he injured, too?? His work in April and May was certainly very good.

Mr. Leyland wants bullpen guys with three or more years experience and prefers that most of them are over thirty years of age. To start the season he had Dotel, Benoit, and Coke that qualify. First, Benoit has been solid all season and is with out a doubt the glue holding the bullpen together. When Dotel went to the DL, Valverde had to immediately be rushed to Detroit no warm up at Toledo necessary. Then Coke was gone for fifteen days. He is back of course and Leyland is trying to get him going yet again. And in the worst way our manager wants Dotel to get the elbow healed and back on the mound. He wants Al Al back in the mix because of what that funky slider will do when it is right. None of this has happened. Meanwhile, in June, our manager has basically gone with a four man bullpen of his three vets (Benoit, Coke, and Valverde) along with 23 year old Drew Smyly who has filled THREE roles for him so far this year. How long can they be expected to hold up??

Besides Drew we have had other young guys with almost no MLB experience step up and pitch well. Jose Ortega filled in for the entire month of May. Luke Putkonen won an extra inning game. Evan Reed threw four innings with a 2.25. The only young guy to have a rough go of it was Bruce Rondon. He was quickly returned to Toledo and has pitched quite well down there. Of the young guys, our manager only really trusts Drew Smyly. .Our manager wants the old familiar faces from last year and to be brutally honest most of them had average to sub par seasons. Oh, yes, I could also say he wants another pitcher outside the organization who is over thirty years of age. Will we get to the trade deadline without the bullpen imploding?? And that’s your report from optimistic DOK. How are we doing tonight???


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