Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

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The one change for the Tigers today is in center field, where Don Kelly starts the start over Avisail Garcia.

I went back to the standard today for Beat the Streak, picking Miguel Cabrera. You can see the MLB.com beat writer selections here.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (35-27) (career numbers off Wade Davis)

  1. Andy Dirks, LF (1-for-6)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-10, 3 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (4-for-12, 2 HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (0-for-2, 2 walks)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (3-for-12, 2 walks, K)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (4-for-13, walk, K)
  7. Alex Avila, C (2-for-7, 2 HR, 4 walks, K)
  8. Omar Infante, 2B (2-for-6)
  9. Don Kelly, CF (2-for-5, K)

P: Max Scherzer

ROYALS (29-32) (career numbers off Scherzer)

  1. Alex Gordon, LF (8-for-20, HR, 6 walks, 4 K’s)
  2. Eric Hosmer, 1B (5-for-15, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Salvador Perez, C (6-for-9, 2 HR)
  4. Billy Butler, DH (11-for-39, walk, 6 K’s)
  5. Lorenzo Cain, CF (0-for-3, K)
  6. David Lough, RF
  7. Mike Moustakas, 3B (1-for-17, 4 K’s)
  8. Chris Getz, 2B (4-for-10, 2 walks)
  9. Alcides Escobar, SS (6-for-22, 2 HR, 3 K’s)

P: Wade Davis


I have not make any “horrible” comments about Kelly so as not to offend the sensitivities of any Blog readers. But, the Tigers’ 25th player gets another start today. Through 61 games, Kelly has appeared in 44 and started 23. By comparison, AA has also appeared in 44, Jackson 34, 2E 32, Garcia 22, Pena 22 and Santiago 18. So… draw your own conclusions about the appropriateness of Kelly’s use.

well jackson was hurt that doesn’t count! I broke down the PAs the other day and they confirm your numbers.

Corrections: “made instead of make” and “sensibilities instead of sensitivities.” Sorry.

2E last game. 6 /04/2013.
276/910 on the road.
350/1185 vs RHP
2 for 5? little sample .

Holy bejeezus Salvador Perez’s numbers vs. Scherzer.

Beck:Leyland on Dotel: “I think he’s trying to see if he still has it. Dan was right about him.

Jeez, I did not see where JL responded in that fashion. Maybe JL does wait on advice from the genius commenters and I am wrong in that regard.

“I think he’s trying to see if he still has it” . Dan was right about him

That’s a little different. Kinda hoped JL did tune in for more than a chuckle.

I never liked the Dotel acquisition, for the money / years we paid him. There were a couple others last winter I wanted Dombrowski to seriously pursue.

Overall, Royals have hit Scherzer pretty well. Tigers may need five runs tonight.

Scherzer. 6.42 R/GS. First in MLB

runs per game started? offense I’m taking it…

RS: Run Support Average (per start)

good lookin

already mentioned>>> no 2E T-soap

I think 2E is one of those guys that Leyland just loves to have on the bench. Kinda like Marcus Thames. Nice guy, won’t complain and you can ignore him as much as you want.

I think JL worries about his defense and pretty much has his role set against left handed pitchers.

It’s time to for a Don’tel now. The guy was OK but even though I liked him shooting his mouth off and displaying a little character, I’m not so sure there was a fit for that behaviour on this JL run team. That plus he is another year older, doesn’t have a wide repertoire of pitches and is coming off an injury. What’s the point?

GW Wilson at BYB says the LH adjust their swing to Co Pa and that makes the difference between Road and Home.
But, the Tigers have the (almost) the same number of HR/2b and 3b in both scenarios. The numbers of walk increase and SO decrease at Home plus 40 more singles. The large number of day games?
The Babip is lower on the road,just bad luck?
How comes they have better plate discipline at Home?

shouldn’t babip correlate with the area of fair territory per stadium, and even the distance to the fences? I mean, if there is more places to put the ball in play then the babip should be larger, right?

Yes, the huge gaps are supposed to benefit them at CoPa . But this year they have been good at Progressive Field and Baltimore two little Parks and failed at Seattle and the xbases are the same . Still , the main difference is the number of SO and BB.

It must be the home cooking. Plus the fact the little woman is barking out orders. They just behave better.

they don’t all have wives…or do they?

JV and Scherzer , no

The pitchers are not affected. They are more or less the same away and home. 0.40 ERA gap

single to lead off the game

Let’s get this guy early!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely KNEW Prince would not come through. I kinda figured he’d hit into a hard hit DP not a lazy one like he did. He is not playing an inspired type of baseball. Very similar to what we saw in the post season.
If he and Avila don’t get their power number going this team is going to struggle to score runs like we have already witnessed too often this year.

KC gets their leadoff guy on and I’ll bet you they don’t let us off the hook as easily as we did.

price’s contract looking more and more like a noose every day

What do they pay Price anyway?? I’ve been out of work for a couple of years or is it three??

Don’t give BBa anything to hit especially with 2 strikes

Ball strike ratio will not work.

Avila shouldn’t be kept around just to handle this pitching staff IMO. They have to get him going offensively. His confidence is ebbing as evidenced by his inability to throw anyone out anymore. Eventually it will creep into his game calling.
He has to hit. For crying out loud, Joe Mauer has almost 3 TIMES the amount of hits Alex has. Not double but triple. That’s a huge hole in the lineup.

26 pitch 1st inning. max better make the adjustments or it’s gunna be a rough one.

The part that troubles me about Prince is the fact that he is blocking player development. And not just at 1st base. In order to justify this he has to achieve superstar status. He has to be as feared as anyone in the majors in that cleanup spot.
I would actually like to see DD trade him in the off season. With an albatross of a contract around his neck that won’t be easy. But it can be done.
Miggy at 1st base opens up more possibilities for Castellanos and perhaps a proven outfielder.

If you look really close at his stats he IS a superstar and he is feared by the teams we play. Just keep bringing that lunch pail Prince!!!

Donnie Kelly did the job.

donny kelly baby giveth, tom brookens taketh away

Another screw-up

Geez, VMart can’t even make it to 3rd with 2outs on a bloop hit to RF. What a ponderous team on the bases.

Austin was 1 for 3 tonight with a ribby and played CF. DHed last night. He faced Worley @ Rochester!!! Plouffe hit a HR for Rochester. Villarreal was better. Just one walk over two innings. Toledo had seven runs in one inning.

I have to cease commenting during this game. Too frustrating. Brookens’ sending Infante home was one of thew most ridiculous things I have seen this year. He was thrown out by 45′.

Kelly has been a clutch performer this year under .200 average and over .400 with runners in scoring position.

Hey Mark. Would “Clutch” Kelly be a good nickname??

You can call him ASG Kelly if all you look at is RISP on a small sample basis.

Better Guy is what Phil Coke called him when I was talking with the two of them in Baltimore. I asked Coke if Kelly was as good of a guy as he seems and he said a better guy. Kelly just laughed when I asked him if Kelly was as crazy as he seems in interviews.

Or maybe, just call Kelly the “Tenth Man” because of the way JL uses him. No way he plays like a 25th guy would usually be used.

Kelly has at last passed the Mendoza Line, the .200 BA taken to define the threshold of incompetent hitting

They have to stop looking at him and look for themselves.

12 th in RBI for the team

After three innings, Max is on pace to throw 153 over nine innings. How long will he go??

Can’t help myself. Frustrating to see the dead-beat support our hitters provide their “family”.

Oh, light a candle

I walked away for one minute and KC has a run on two hits. Did they both hit the first pitch??

0-2 change up

1-1 change up

The other, first pitch

7 max

That was a pretty play at 2nd.

I’m so sick of hear about Alex Avila. Shut up already,and put Pena in there.

Here comes Kelly. Does the legend grow??

another 3-2 loss?

TENTH MAN aka ASG aka CLUTCH Kelly is up again. KC is apparently afraid of him and brought in Collins. Darn, Garcia now has to PH.

Nope the Skipper follows his Baseball According to the Legendary Skipper Book and pinch hits for Kelly.

2 for 5 as PH

The gut is right. He was not just hungry. What is the next call??

The Skipper is tossing his pair of lefties. And has of course drawn to RHB to add to the game.

The stranded season of 2013.

Yeah. We are done.

Torii…….argh!!!!! Whiff at crap out of the zone……

With all do respect crow has a nasty slider. Cabrera whiffed on 1 last night too.

But i know what u mean hes been swinging at that crap all night.

Moustakas will get Max.

You meant Max will get Moose?

Yes, he did. Good job, Maxwell. Say one thing to get the other???

Where is Smyly?🙂

Oh my an eight inning rally??

Why would anyone walk Alex Avila??

Here comes the formula. B & V Inc.

I must say. Alot of funny comments tonight. Lol.

Can we end the Royals 6 game winning streak?

Yes we can. But its gonna be tough. Heart of the order for k.c. get ready to pull most if not all of your hair out. An insurance run or 2 would do wonders for my hair. Lol.

Never like to see us play binary ball. Will we hang on??

Richard i agree kelly is being used to much. Im not hating on him or anything but he is in there way to much for the 24th or 25th guy on the team. And look at garcia and 2e coming in and immediately get on base. 3 out of there 4 appearances they got on base.


VV (groan)

No splitter so far

See he needs to have someone in the pen warming up RIGHT NOW!


I think I’d take him out.

Yeah. VV just sucks. Put in the “Committee.”

No one throwing in the pen say Dan & Jim.

There goes my hair. Crap!

Crap cokes up. I dont kno that thats any better!

one four balls?

Throw the splitter. If u miss who cares. At least it sets up the dp

And there it is. Great call ump

Whoa 95mph heater. Nice!

I thought he was walking Butler to set up the game ending triple play!!!! One down two to go.

‘Bout time we caught a break!

VV sucks . I hate having to stress before he gets the job done. Get rid of him and also trade Fielder, Stick CLUTCH in his spot.

Ya our bullpen definately needs a makeover. I said something the other day about what if we never signed fielder. Cespedes would of been our right fielder. That would of left plenty of money to spend at 3rd or short. Potential for way better defensive range in the infield. Or maybe even castellanos would be starting at 3rd. Who knows. But theres alot of ways we could have gone with all that money.

Nice job jose. Way to bounce back after a poor start to the inning.

Dance PAPA!

Now go away so we can trade half the team away to get Grilli back!

Tigers win 3-2!!! Tigers win 3-2. And the fans run to get a little nitro from the medicine cabinet.

WHEW! But I’ll have to change my battery now. Right score. Wrong team…..er I mean right team.

106 comments for one game? You guys ever hear of Twitter?
See ya tomorrow. 😉

We could easily make 106 comments about the 9th inning.

Billy Butlers interview….he acts like there weren’t pitches his pitchers threw that were called strikes that weren’t on the plate! It goes both ways dude!

Valverde is 9 for 11 in save situations and more importantly 5 of 6 in one run saves. Those numbers plus his age and experience could keep him with us for much of the season. Having said that what I personally would like to see is Smyly being used as a closer in situations where the other team has two or three lefties lined up for our ninth inning pitcher. Remember his two blown saves. See if the situation matched what I just described. Not sure if Smyly was available those two times so let’s just look for future opportunities. That’s all we can do. Call them tandem closers. The closing team. Whatever floats your boat. Not talking a committee just a simple A or B. And every time he chooses A it makes sense. Same when he chooses B. He can do it. And if Jose fizzles out in the summer I say bring up Rondon and run a young tandem team. Go Tigers!!!!

Yeah… Among the things I have learned tonight include we should use Twitter, get rid of Fielder, get rid of VV, use Kelly as the TENTH MAN he really has actually become, and count on AA to handle the pitching staff, even if he cannot catch the ball or efficiently throw runners out.

Mad Max made some great adjustments after one inning. 26 Pitches and two walks usually does not equal being around in the 7th. But there he was pitching his usual very good seven innings. The ERA keeps coming down, and he’s 9-0. This might be the Cy Young year for Mr. Gumby. It’s amazing that every game we play with these Royals is usually one run. Remember I said last night, that it would take at least three to win; fortunately, our consummate base runner, Miggy, gets to third, and scores on the V-Mar Sac Fly. Then we have to suffer, as usual with JVV. In his world, there is no such thing as a clean inning. Every hit is the equivalent of a double with the immediate advance to second following a hit. The Butler call was a gift, and after five mini-strokes, JVV saves another. I just can’t imagine this torture going all season. Three good things happened for the good guys tonight:
1. 8-9 were 6 for 8. You couldn’t ask for more. Again, Player 1 or 25(Kelly) came through again. I will stay out of the discussion, but I tell you, it’s a solid contribution every time he’s in the lineup.
2. The 12 Pitch at bat by Miggy in the top of the 6th. It lead to a walk; nothing else, but it sure shows what grinding out an at bat means.
3. The T-Soap double in the top of the ninth. Two plate appearance/ a walk and a double. Great contribution from our forgotten Bench Guy.

Kudos to the pitching tonight; no walks after the first inning, and only one extra base hit(the Lough tater). Starting pitching continues to boggle the mind. Which JV will we see tomorrow? The dominator or the dominated? Stay tuned. Would love to get the series. Good morning all!

And 2E absolutely smoked that ball in the 9th.

Yeah, Greg. Regarding your “Three good things.” Thanx. As far as the rest of it goes…Liked your positive angle on things. Stay with that.

Even though I do not necessarily agree on your take on things, I really your positive takes.


I find it easier, at least on me, to watch Valverde with a “you can do it” attitude, rather than waiting for the sword of Damocles to drop.

Although deep down i always think the tigers can win. Even when there down by 10. All the way up to the final out.

Yeah, or as you said the other day… Not watching and getting the results later in a parking lot is best.

If that was not you, sorry.

Yeah, that was me. I was at a show, “Rock of Ages.” Really good time with that one.

9-0 but 3.19 ERA. 12 in the AL have a better ERA including Anibal.

W-L is a worthless stats to value pitchers

Third in RS in MLB.

Glad we won that game. Nice game by Max, Kelly, Miggy, Infante, 2E, Benoit and Garcia – they all did their jobs when they had to and even Papa did his job too – no denying it. He made it interesting by walking that first guy and the easy take of 2nd base but in the end he did his job. So will the call for Prince continue if June ends up being terrific? I just can’t be so quick to want guys off of this team, but I am a bleeding heart and always see the glass half full with these guys. Prince will get it back. VMart will get it back, he is working on it, his average continues to slowly climb and he is getting his rbi’s in. This is fun stuff and I love all the ups and downs this team brings us. Did anyone see the article on Max the other day? Can’t remember where I saw it, about him and how he met his girlfriend – a nice article, seems like a genuine good guy. I am thrilled his record is 9-0 and sure, it might not be the best to show value of a pitcher, but I still think it is awesome, he must be doing something right along with his team who were able to muster just enough for the win. Keep it going guys, we have a long season still ahead of us and some games will be ugly and some gaes will be beautiful.

Beck in a good post about Castellanos:
“that leaves left field as the one spot for Garcia or Castellanos to find a role at this point.
The Tigers want both of them playing regularly to help their development, so there likely isn’t room for both Castellanos and Garcia any time soon.”
There is a chance of Garcia sticking. So who goes?

I don’t see a problem with Castellenos playing in AAA this year, he is 2 years out of high school. Bring him up in September and have him compete for the starting job next year. (Barring injuries of course)

Spot on Winelad.

Great to see Valverde get the final out. Batting average is another misleading stat. RISP, RBI, and OBP. Prince hits a easy grounder on a 3-1 pitch. Torii lets a first pittch fastball go by and then at to swing at that nasty slider. That’s baseball. GK, the umps are making up to us on that Butler call. Go Tigers!

Tiger Girl-if you find that article can you direct us to it?
I don’t necessarily want Prince gone this year because of his non-slugging. I just think he creates a logjam of player development and that we might get some pretty incredibly valuable players in return in the upcoming years. I don’t doubt he will again mash with a vengeance but he is definitely a part of the “everybody except Cabrera team” right now. If his LHB is not punishing RHP (and it’s not) then the LHB problem on the team is exacerbated.
Wouldn’t mind seeing Catellanos up early. There is no room for Castellanos and Garcia obviously with AJ coming back. Garcia will need to go back and get those at bats and learn how to hit with more power.
Things will be different next year. Torii will get less playing time next year. Dirks could be the odd man out and I doubt they will be able to keep Kelly around for one more.

We got real lucky with Butler’s called 3rd strike. I think we likely lose that game if Butler walks and probably if he singles.
But even I will give credit to Valverde for being smart enough NOT to through Billy another endless stream of fastballs. It took some guts to throw him a splitter in that count and it fooled both Butler and the ump..
That pitch took the wind out of the sails of the Royals and “saved” the game.
This does not change my confidence level or my opinion about Valverde but I was really pleased to see him take the risk of throwing that pitch at that time. He is trying and he is fully aware that he needs that pitch to be in the minds of opposing hitters.

Valverde threw 4 of his 20 pitches for splitters. 3 of them were strikes (OK 2 were strikes and the other one a gift from GAWD against Butler). Half of his 1st pitches were for strikes. His velocity was good and even touched 95 on one fastball.
With that said, he looked terrible and I am surprised we got away with the win. And lastly, I thought I saw that he DID NOT dance last night! Anyone else notice that?

WISH? Wish the Tigers would get rid of Papa G! Today was just another example of why they never should have given him another shot. Leyland & Avila have to go too!

I don’t often disagree with El Tigre but I don’t see W/L as a meaningless stat. If that is truly the case then we won’t see Jack Morris in the HOF. Jack was a winner and there are guys that know how to win.
Max’s ERA is pretty respectable and the way he is pitching he will have it under 3 before the ASG.
2E amazes me with his ability to come in smoking stone cold off the bench.

3.94. ERA. I doubt he does


Count me out/gone til they get rid of LEYLAND, AVILA & Val V. !!!!

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