Game 62: Fister’s run support woes, take 4

Doug Fister is a 6-foot-8 pitcher who can field his position like an infielder. He can pound hitters into groundouts, or he can use his breaking ball to rack up strikeouts. With a healthy season so far, he’s reminding people how effective he can be when he can take the ball every five games and get the repetitions his health never really allowed him last year until the stretch run and postseason.

What he cannot do at this point is score runs for himself. That, at this point, is the hang-up.

The numbers over Fister’s last four starts are pretty good: 30 1/3 innings, 28 hits, nine runs earned, three walks and 26 strikeouts. He has pitched at least seven innings in each of those four games, pitched into the ninth inning June 5 against the Rays, then pitched an eight-inning complete game loss in Kansas City last night.

“Actually, if we had taken the lead, I was going to put him back out there [for the ninth],” manager Jim Leyland said.

He’s 0-3 in these last four starts, in no small part because the Tigers have scored four runs total over those last four outings. He went back-to-back outings without the Tigers scoring a run for him.

“Man, I feel so bad for him,” Torii Hunter said. “He’s been pitching his butt off. We just can’t get a win for him right now. He keeps going out there, he keeps chucking the ball. Eventually, we’re going to get something going for him.”

His second start in this four-start stretch made him the first Tiger in history (or at least since 1916, as far back as the data goes) to pitch seven or more scoreless innings with 12 or more strikeouts and not get a win. Last night added him to the complete-game loss category, which has been pretty rare for the Tigers under Jim Leyland.

Seven Tigers have pitched complete-game losses since 2006. Justin Verlander has four of them, including two last season. Fister is the first Tigers pitcher other than Verlander to throw a complete-game loss since Armando Galarraga did it in his final start as a Tiger, taking a 2-1 loss at Baltimore on Oct. 2, 2010.

“I felt good, felt strong,” Fister said after the game. “I appreciate the confidence that [Leyland] has in me.”

Play of the game: Salvador Perez’s third-inning triple not only drove in two games, it put him in position to score the go-ahead run two batters later on Lorenzo Cain’s infield single. It was a ball hit in right-center field enough that both Avisail Garcia and Torii Hunter went after it until the last second, leaving no one backing up the play once the ball got by Garcia’s diving attempt.

Out of the game: Miguel Cabrera generally pounds Royals pitching, but he’s now 0-for-6 lifetime against Aaron Crow. Ned Yost went to him in the seventh inning after Jeremy Guthrie hit Andy Dirks on a two-strike pitch to put the potential go-ahead run on base and move the tying run into scoring position.

Crow could have opted to walk Cabrera and load the bases after falling behind on a 2-0 count. Instead, he spotted a slider for strike one, got Cabrera to foul back a 95 mph fastball to even up the count, then sent down the Triple Crown winner swinging at another slider to end the inning.

Line of the night: Guthrie didn’t strike out a single batter over 6 1/3 innings, and walked three, but still held Detroit to two runs on six hits over 6 1/3 innings to improve to 7-3.

Stat of the night: 6 — Inherited runners stranded by Crow in four June outings. He allowed half of his 10 inherited runners to score in May.


If Jackson is in the game, we probably win it. If Kelly is in the game, we may have won it. Peralta demonstrated how his methodical approach, while creating a great fielding percentage, can also cost base hits. Last year it cost some important doubleplays. This offense will sputter at times and that’s when the other facets have to step up. That should have been a 2-0 win and people talking about Fister for the ASG.

glad andy got a hit last night. Garcia will take his lumps. I really wish Vmart, Prince had done better last night…..I am afraid of the offense going cold on this road trip. Tonight is a must win – tomorrow will be tough with Shields. Be patient at the plate lets get into that bullpen again tonight so Shields has more pressure on him wednesday.

I think one of the keys on our team is Prince Fielder. While he does seem to get on consistently he is not tearing the cover off the ball. He is a guy that should be just as dangerous as Miggy. He’s not. When Miggy can’t hit 1.000 and drive in 5 runs a game, Prince has to step up and clobber the ball. He is not pulling the long ball. He needs to start yarding the ball.
VMart is coming around but he too, has to pick up the slack that the other LHBs in the lineup aren’t doing. Dirks and Avila are just not dangerous players in our lineup and it is making it easier on RHP to have their way with us.
Avila shows signs every now and then but still plays withou a sense of urgency that I think he needs to amp up. You can play cool as a cuke if you are a Robinson Cano but not Alex Avila in a prolonged slump. His defense is also suffering. He threw a runner out yesterday (surprise surprise) but the throw wasn’t particularly good and he can thank Omar for blocking the bag ans slapping a backhand tag on Getz to get him. There was a time that every Avila throw was darn near perfect.
We need our LHB to provide some clout. When they do this team wins. When they don’t, well it becomes a real challenge to come out on top.

What is Alex’s caught stealing %?? Brayan’s???

Torii is always good for an interview: “He probably shouldn’t have dove,” Hunter said of Garcia. “Usually when a righty hits a ball to right-center and stays inside the ball, it fades back to the right fielder. But he’s 21. He’ll figure it out.”</i)
I totally disagree with the veteran implying the rook made a mistake on the play.
Garcia has the legs. Hunter has not been getting to balls and he is not likely to dive for it. He knows Garcia's energy level and he knows he likely will go for it. He should have been backing up the play. Also, Garcia was moving toward the diamond not away from it putting him into better position for a throw if needed. Corner outfielders back up the center fielder. that is part of the job description.
I like what I saw (other than the ball not going into the glove) from Avisail yesterday. We need more effort like that from this team, not less. Donny Kelly does the exact same thing in that situation as Avi did.
Stop talking about how to play outfield Torii, and go play it like you can.

sorry for the typo in the HTML

1st entry I couldn’t agree more……second entry I couldn’t disagree more and I won’t go into it again I said my opinion last night. But Torii might know something we don’t. And I will stop there.

If anyone wonders why there is a negative edge after a 4 game win streak, it’s the road thing. Subtract the sweep in Houston and Detroit is 9-17 on the road. That totally nullifies a good home record and makes the season a struggle. This can’t continue. The hitters will need to grind their ABs from the first inning and not wait until the starter is settled in. They do this very well at home.


What do BOS, NY, BAL, OAK, TEX and TB all have in common? better road records than the tigers – and in that order (from 1 to 6). We are 7th, but tied with KC. Then it’s MINN, LAA, HOU, TOR, CLE, CHI, and SEA in last.
point? good teams win on the road.

OK GK. You get the last word!

Garcia did not lose the game for us. We score 2 runs and it is on a home run by Miggy. How do the Tigers get motivated for a road game? What more can Leyland do?

Stop leaving runners in scoring position.

Yes, we are not road warriors just as we were not last season. The good news about the road is we are all done with the left coast and Texas. We are down to our Central division rivals, our four AL east division foes other than the Orioles, the NY Mets and the Miami Marlins at the very end of the season. That’s it. Do we need to make any special plans?? Do we play the Mets and Yankees back to back?? Any plans to get V-Mart behind the plate in NY and Miami??? One thing I would suggest above all else is do not pitch Verlander against the Mets in New York. Anyone remember what happened in his spring training game against them???

Sixty-two games in the books and we have a 5.5 game lead in the division. We now start the countdown from 100 games that still remain. Our Skipper did drop a golden nugget of information on us after our 3-2 loss to the Royals. Why if we had gotten the lead in the top of the ninth (hopes and dreams???), he would have sent Doug back out there. Good ploy by him to boost the spirits of DF but what message does it send to some of our young pitchers??.

First of all, our now six starting pitchers have all done much superb work. However, I was surprised to see that one could argue that the three best after the seventh inning starts are Scherzer, Sanchez and Porcello. Rick has not had many chances but so far the league BA against him is LOWER in the seventh and beyond as opposed to the first six innings. The highest BAs against belong to Verlander and Fister. Doug Fister has allowed the most runs after the seventh inning among these starters. Doug Fister in the ninth?? How many of you think it as a good idea???. I did not see any of it.

The message it send is: you pitch your ass off for 8 innings you get a chance to finish pitching your ass off.
Rick has only pitched into the 7th or later 3 times. Where as Fister has gone 7 or more 9 times of course he’ll have given up more runs, by the way that leads the team. JV and Max have gone 7 or more 8 times each.

It is 2013. We can not have our Skipper going back to 1990 and turning all these starters into Doug Drabek clones. I don’t mind a guy getting an eight inning road complete game like Doug did last night especially with only 105 pitches and very little stress after the runs were scored.
So far we have one guy down who claims he will be ready to go next time out. How this division gets really dicey is if we have one or two starters out for several weeks like Doug Fister was last year. Doug’s pitch counts are the ones that bug me right now. Based on what the Skipper said last night I was happy we lost 3-2. I have never said that before. I HATE losing 3-2. I would rather we got our rearends kicked 9-0. I don’t like the other team to get ten either!!!!! The only game I’ve seen this year was our 10-0 loss to the Angels!! I should be lower than whale shit!!!Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our potential closers last night?? It was probably between Coke and Putkonen. Since we are in Kansas City. Who was the last Tiger to close a 1-0 game??

well we got a pretty well rested ‘pen tonight — and max on the mound. Tonight’s game has to be won by the good guys.

Luke Putkonen is the last Tiger to save a 1-0 game doing it last October in Kansas City.

Does Valverde get another night off??

Fielder-.VMart: 0 for 8. That the way games are lost.
And Peralta giving away the winning run

2012: Tigers on the road: 38-43. 2011 45-36. 2006:49-32( they won it on the road). Cabrera, of course, Torii a new Tiger,Peña , new Tiger and little sample, and Peralta hit 300 on the road. Then 2E with 276 , the rest below

They better win the ASG. The Twins won the WS winning every game at home

Yes, but they played in the Metrodome. They should win every game in that building. We own them at Target Field!!!!

CoPa is our Metrodome. Or they are playing like that.

Lineup: Dirks 7, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4, Kelly 8. Scherzer is starting.
Dirks need to hit 6th again. Hunter can do better there.

Dirks is from Hutchinson, Kansas. He will be leading off. Remember he is a player’s manager. Go Andy. When Jackson gets back, I would drop Andy to ninth. Alex at seventh just works the best. Right now that shortstop batting sixth works, too. Go Tigers!!!

Dirks batting first: 277 and 299 OBP
Last 14:240/.269.260/.529 OBP: 269 lading off. He is putting the breaks on the machine.He is not doing well there anymore.
Infante cant hit on the road, so he not the solution either.
What happened to the sharing time Avila/Peña? He was rested two games, hit well a couple of games and back to the grinding routine.

Andy is good player. Good teammate and good guy. Loved the way he gave the little kid a head rub after chasing a foul fly to the stands. Gives you his best all the time. His skill set is not overly developed. Last year at .322 (I think) is too much to expect. Seems to me he would be a .275 – .280 guy with 10 -12 homers if he plays semi-regularly. Very dependable outfielder. He’s not the complete answer to the ongoing left field dilemma. Castellanos is the answer to that problem.
I hope they are able to keep Garcia and Castellanos. I think both will be really good major leaguers. I think there is a slight chance DD would trade Garcia though. And, giving credit where it is due, his track record at trading prospects has been pretty good.

Castellanos 2 x 4 today. Up to ..298 now
Rondon 1 inning 1 k 8 pitches/7 strikes.
Jeff Baker just hammering LHP this year—go figure.

Its time the tiger management stand up and tell Leyland to start leaving starting pitchers in when they are pitching good.Today Verlander lost a great performance because of Leyland..He always takes his starters out no matter how good their pitching..Valverda sucks and needs to be sent back down…Why is it so hard today for managers to leave pitchers in? Back when I was a kid pitchers had complete games all the time. Denny McClain /Mickey Lolich woody Fryman ect: These guys could pitch 300 innings and still be strong what changed? I know the computer changed baseball ,The computer said pitch 100 pitchs and that’s what managers go by. Leyland is costing the tigers many games because of taking out pitchers that are pitching good just because the computer says so.

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