Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Originally, this was supposed to be Justin Masterson’s start for the Tribe. Instead, Masterson is starting Sunday, and Carlos Carrasco is making the start today. The Tigers have way fewer at-bats against Carrasco, but he held Miguel Cabrera to 1-for-7 in 2009 and 2010. Torii Hunter, on the other hand, is 3-for-6 with two home runs off of him. I had both of them on my Beat the Streak list when Masterson was the scheduled starter, but decided to go with Hunter by himself when the pitching change happened.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (numbers off Carrasco)

  1. Andy Dirks, LF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (3-for-6, 2 HR, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-7, walk, K)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-2)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (2-for-3)
  7. Alex Avila, C (1-for-3, K)
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Avisail Garcia, CF

P: Rick Porcello

INDIANS (numbers off Porcello)

  1. Michael Bourn, CF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B (5-for-18, HR, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  3. Nick Swisher, 1B (6-for-22, HR, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  4. Michael Brantley, LF (7-for-25, HR, 3 walks, K)
  5. Mark Reynolds, 3B (4-for-10, HR, walk, 3 K’s)
  6. Carlos Santana, DH (9-for-27, 3 HR, 2 walks, 7 K’s)
  7. Yan Gomes, C (2-for-4, K)
  8. Ryan Raburn, RF (0-for-2, K)
  9. Mike Aviles, SS (2-for-6)

P: Carlos Carrasco


Benoit, Valverde pitched the last two days. May want to save Smyly to back up Alvarez tomorrow. At any rate, I won’t see the end of today’s game until about midnight.
And I hope the shelf life of that little drama expires at 4:08 this afternoon.

Does anyone understand why Brantley is their cleanup hitter??

Manny Acta used him to have all his good hitters together. Francona keeping him there is a leylandism,:SW, L, R to reduce the chances of JL using his the three LH relievers

Putkonen and Ortega for tomorrow as they had Alvarez’ back at Toledo!!!

LOL. Can’t keep up with these blogs. Garcia in rather than Kelly? No more righty-lefty match-ups? Andy better start hitting or he’ll be the one in Toledo when AJ returns.
Once again, does anyone know the story with BEN Verlander?

Garcia hits against RHP far better than Kelly.

Not to mention he has been working the count like a Yankee

Ben gave up pitching this year and was the college player of the week at least twice. He hit for some power this year at Old Dominion.

Nepostism; Piazza, Ripken, Bone family, three generations, the Bonds , the Griffey.
Not that good but still the Aarons, the Nieckro , the Maddux,the Di Maggio. I see no problem with that. It is a common practice and in this instance seems a legitimate choice like it was with Alex

Good job Rick. Held them to one.

Nice to see some run support for my man slick rick. And nice to see a shutdown inning after. Go tigers!

“Cabrera negocia contrato por 30 millones de dolares al año.”

In talks for new contract 30MM /year

Just complimenting Cabrera on his play at 3rd and he goes and does that.

Tigers draft Torii Hunter. Who’s next?

Plutonium isn’t fooling anyone.

Stopped hitting after the 3rd and here we are in a game that looked ripe or the taking…..too bad.

Love guys who don’t quit. HR for Raburn is a bit of redemption for him. Now, time to stop this nonsense.

Was that a quick trip around the bases for RR??

Putkonen just punched his own ticket.

Hunter Jr drafted by the tigers

Really surprised by that one. Thought he was going to play football,

He will play football. I guess is just a gesture

I again have the Cleveland feed. The broadcasters are salivating at getting a shot at VV in the 9th. He is throwing in the pen. Might this happen?

Big add on run out there.

Game on. Get beat using your best.

Oh my. JL is bringing the Potato in.

PAPA! Game on.

Infante?!?! No doubles defense. Jeez.

And Rabburn lurks. Nice bit of drama.

I can’t watch.


Too bad infante didn’t catch that. …really really really unfortunate

All those runs we left on the bases today are also very unfortunate

Any chance Smyly is warming up??

Dance PAPA!

Never a doubt, right?

8 of 10 in SVO.

Why was hunter that far and why went back? Infante had no chance

No doubles defense.

I think Rod said he was playing no doubles depth….I’m guessing because Belliard told him to. Infante did have a chance though it was in his glove. Tough catch though for sure.

Agree, he positioned himself as ordered.He did not play that way by his own

Guess I am invisible. Said that 20 minutes ago for the first time and then again later in reply to ElTigre.

If we dont reload we dont see the new comments. More than once I have i written something only to discover that someone already said that

Nice bounce back for Valverde.

If Bourn got some swings in the ninth was Smyly ready to go??

Watching Reds and Cards on Fox. Announcers adding Nationals to a growing list of disappointing teams. Also had mentioned that the Cards had four hitters with long hitting streaks.

Almost terrific play by Omar. Hard enough to catch that ball when you are able to keep your eyes on it but he had to look completely away for Torii charging towards him and then find it again over his shoulder.
Why on earth would Francona not get Santana to 2nd base?
Glad to see Valverde has not abandoned the splitter.
Not sure how, but he got it done. Until the next time.
Ricky Porcello pitched a great game. Wow.

You might say he pulled a couple of good splitters out of his back pocket!!!!!

ElTigre, thanks for the info. I gues I must reload automatically. Anyway… No doubles defense.

Yes,now reading all the comments.

Ortega sent down

Ortega threw 194 pitches in May and was a very important part of our bullpen. He started out strong and was the victim of two homers, which lead to two losses. Harsh business baseball. Great similarity to Luis Marte?? Not enough difference between the heater and the change up?? That heater is top notch. What did they hit for the homers?? Anyone?? For some reason he spent his final five days with us in the bullpen without pitching once. Jose can you take five MPH off that change up??

Take away the fiasco against the Angels and Rick has a 3.63 ERA.

Do baseball players know when that calendar turns over to a new month?? Sure they do. April and May were a very slow process for V-Mart. June?? He’s on fire. Seven games and he has a .333 average this month and his slugging percentage this month is more than his April plus his May SLG combined!!! Go get them Victor. Yes, I am the guy that wants you to take a few day games after those late night games. Just want you to be ready for October baseball. Go Tigers!!!!

Ortega, not Putkonen?

Go figure eh? Putkonen’s last 2 appearances have both been poor.
What I liked about Porcello today was the ability to get a K when he needed it in a critical situation. That is a different Rick Porcello.
Alvarez has never had the kind of success he has had this year. Good luck to him tomorrow.
Nick Castellanos is raking at Toledo. 3 hits again today with another homer.
Nice to see him figuring things out.

Castellanos. Just what is wrong with his fielding?? He really was vastly improved last year at Erie at third base. His transition to the OF seems okay.

Had a wedding on the agenda this evening, so just finished the replay. Not going to belong winded, since it’s lat and I’m tired. Kudos to Rick,Andy, and Biggy.
1. Two really nice catches by Garcia keep a tight game under wraps.
2. Everybody but Avila had a base hit; he did contribute with 2 walks.
3, Both Coke and JVV acquitted themselves will in the innings they pitched. Four K’s in 2 and one third innings. Jose, when he closes a game, should simply walk off the mound. No antics needed. Good evening all!

That was the easiest Valverde save I’ve ever experienced because I didn’t see it. All I know is I’m standing in a parking lot near midnight and my phone says Valverde Save. I don’t think I’ll watch the final four innings I missed this time. On to Sunday’s game.

The Nats and Twins ,8 inning short of history

Yesterday was Phil Coke’s finest hour of the season. He did the job. Does he have good history against Swisher?? Anyway RHB are not hitting him quite so well lately. Definitely a good trend. Now can he keep the mojo going??

The usual weird sunday lineup: Dirks 7, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Kelly 8, Avila 2, Santiago 6, Infante 4. Alvarez is starting.

Just don’t understand Kelly getting so much more playing time than 2E. I’d have 2E in left and Andy in center. Kelly should only start once or twice a month.

well Avi and Tuiasosopo have never seen masterson (advantage pitcher) —- and don kelly has seen him 17abs and has a .353 BA against him. Don kelly has the defensive advantage over both Avi and Tuiasosopo as well.

Agree .but this time Kelly is the right choice:2E:.350/435/.750/1.185 vs RHP but Kelly vs Masterson:353/.353/.412/.765

Agree with Mayo and evans but Garcia is better with a glove than Kelly

raw talent: yes; mlb OF experience, particularly CoPa: heck no

Kelly is better in the outfield at this point than either Garcia this point. I think his speed makes up for some bad routes. Not sure where all this Kelly animosity comes from….if Austin were here he would not be getting ths kind of playing time as he wasn’t before AJ injured himself. Masterson is having a great year and just maybe there is something to putting somebody in there who is not only familiar with him but has had success.

He can PH for Kelly late against the inevitable lefty that will come in to face Prince, Victor, and Avila after Kelly. I think the defense is a toss up.

I did watch the 9th inning from yesterday. Valverde threw some good pitches. A lot of them.
Why would you play a no doubles defense with a two run lead and Valverde on the mound? Even if a guys singles, he probably steals second anyway. Anybody got anything on that?

Santiago: 1 for 11 vs Masterson 3 walks. Must have bunted 3 times, since he has 16 PA

It is not animosity but a player hitting 190 taking playing time away from better players.

Less the 6 more and 30 MM / a year will be unfair.240 for the new contract is the benchmark. Pujols career numbers are better but Miguel is younger and is playing a harder position. His salary must be way above Fielder, better player and better physical condition, or around Verlander.
2 reaming years at 30 and 6 more : 240 . He would me 38 by the end of the new contract
Still dealing an extension this early is risky. You dont want the best player in MLB disgruntled for two years and a half.

Rick Porcello has a really good number developing as LHB are only hitting .267 against him. Eleven starts now for him and Francona started a righty heavy line up yesterday hoping that one of them would run into one against Rick. RHB actually have more homers against Rick than LHB. Nice trend for Rick and let’s hope he keeps it going. He also has settled in nicely with pitch counts between 95 and 110. Please don’t get greedy.

Garcia is not getting slighted in favor of the ever bashed Donn Kelly….Kelly has 5 AB’s in June. Garcia has something like 24-25. Poor Garcia.

2E has not played since 06/04

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