Injury updates: Jackson still taking BP, Dotel still throwing

Not much new to report on the Tigers’ rehab front. Austin Jackson took batting practice with the team again on Friday, but there was no discussion about an impending rehab assignment. I’m sure that’s frustrating for Tigers fans, but the team medical staff wants to be sure when he gets going again that he’s at minimal risk of re-injuring his left hamstring.

The choices are about to get tougher for the Tigers as far as where to send him, because all three nearby minor-league teams are going to be on the road for a good chunk of next week. The Toledo Mud Hens begin a nine-day road trip Saturday, so Jackson would be in Rochester or Syracuse with the team if he went on assignment with them next week. The Erie SeaWolves are home for the weekend, then take off for Portland (Maine) and New Hampshire. West Michigan is home through Monday, then will be in Midland for three games against the Great Lakes Loons.

As for Octavio Dotel (remember him?), he still has to progress to the point where he can begin a rehab assignment. He hasn’t thrown a mound session in a couple days, but is still pain-free and working out in Lakeland according to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand. Dotel has missed a month and a half now with right elbow inflammation.


So far, so good.

very pleased about victor’s HR. Victor heats up and this offense is going to be OK regardless of AJ or dirks..

Infante extended?

torii looks sub-par in RF so far this year. that was another example.

That contract is looking worse everyday. The RF

Yes and no. By comparison, the Hunter of 5 years ago or the mess the Tigers had out there last year, offensively and/or defensively? To me, and I have said it several times before, the Hunter of today remains very serviceable.

Dan mentioned he is not putting an effort like the Hunter we used to see . But we only watched him some games . You watched him the whole season, was his like this with Halos?

His defense is not what it used to be, but he can still hit.

No. Hunter of 5 years ago was faster, had more stamina and could provide power. This Hunter does not hit with as much power(but maybe for better average). He needs to rest more often in order to be more effective. Otherwise , his consistency is negatively impacted. Hunter can still throw well and gets rid of the ball quickly. He is still very seviceable in my opinion, especially when you consider his clubhouse contributions.


Is Hunter worth his contract? When initially signed by the Tigers, I thought no. If they win now and he provides a significant contribution this year and plays/mentors well next year, I think DD again proved out better than most of us, or at least me.

atta boy victor!!

Well, it’s getting interesting, again. Was that an error on Torii? I didn’t hear. Sure looked like it.

ha i don’t know but it was raburnesq!

i swear nick swisher let one go through his legs at 1st in the 2006 alds. I’ve always thought he was less than focused out there! haHA! geroooooooonimooooooo!

JV is his own worst enemy. As he ages his fastball is becoming more predictable, more recognizable, more familiar and more hittable. Yet he is egotestical enough still to think he can get away with it when he has no business throwing it. That includes 0-2 pitches to Bourne.
He will be fortunate to muck this game out.

Pun intendede.

Sam Holbrook has not been good either.

I’ve noticed this about Torii from the moment he arrived here. He did not bring his Gold Glove with him.
I think he will be insurance next year and Castellanos and Garcia will be getting more playing time than Torii.
That’s if Avi is still here. I would much rather have him than Dirks, but so will every GM in the business.

Top of the seventh. JV 101 pitches. Do we pull Verlander and bring in a lefty?? Which one??

I think JL is right in sending out his Ace. He is at least sending the right message to JV.

splitter for HR

El Tigre, what is Giambi lifetime off Valverde?? The save he blew against Cleveland earlier did he pitch around Giambi or go after him??

0 for 2

one walk

Do we have anyone warming up??

Another splitter

Greg, I hope your OK!

I see why VV does not favor the splitter. A very inconsistent pitch for him. Sometimes dynamite, other times not so much. The upshot? He has no choice other than to refine it given his decline in velocity/movement on his heater.

Although Torii did a very good Brennan Boesch impression on that play near the wall, he’s still better than what we had out there. The fact that it hit the heel of his glove couldn’t be blamed on the pitch of the stands. Heck, maybe he’s missing Jackson in center, who knows?
Is Valverde still in his spring training here in June? This needs to be addressed. Two consecutive Fridays, two innings, four homers. We need a closer.
Victor heating up and also finding the holes.

I had theCleveland feed and the broadcasters gave kudos to Legendary Lloyd and V-Mart for their working on his hack. They noted Santiago approached LL in a seeming congrats for his behind the scenes work when V-Mart did something well.

Oops, Verlander got in trouble for his attempt to avoid the handshake of doom. Wonder if Jim will make him pick up all the towels or something?

In a night where Prince when 0-4 while leaving 4 on the basepaths…you see the impact of Vmart’s bat. Not including his great night tonight, since may 21 he has hit a slash line of .293/.317/.414/.731. So I feel comfortable saying he is rounding into classic Vmart shape. With hunter, cabby, prince, classic vmart and a hot jhonny….i think you can count on some 2-4 runs a night out of them alone.
We’re up now 3.5 on the lead for the alcentral. CLE has lost 5 straight. Up 6 on Minny and they’ve lost 2 straight. KC is probably a bigger threat, still, and they’re down 7. The SOX seem hopeless this year – but who knows.

tigers are 27-19 in games facing righty starters. 6-7 against lefty starters! Weird with AJ, Jhonny and Miggy all in the lineup.

Look, I’ve seen this clown in person, and something has to be done. JVV has nothing left. He might throw an effective fastball here and there, and even the splitter once in a while. But when it gets down to “Showtime” in late August, your’e fooling no one if you think this guy will get us back to the World Series. Consecutive Friday nights, and Bozo wants to throw BP to our opponent. Enough on the clown. To get the first game of the series is always big; again JV not at the top of his game, but still good enough to get a good solid seven. The major league win leader so 9-0, I think; so JV wins his 8th. having pitched below par for the month of May. We might be luckier than we thought. As mentioned last night, V-Mart is pushing close to .250, and becoming a game changer. WE score four clean runs without Miggy and Biggy getting hits. Not bad. Pena continues to contribute, as well as Torii. We won’t talk about all the balls hitting him in the head. The infield continues to play above average. Let’s look at three things that were good for the Tigers tonight:
1. Tiger strikeouts were limited tonight to 4, with 4-9 putting the ball in play for the evening. That means from Biggy to Avi, the ball was put in play 23-23 times.
2. There were patient at bats, for the most part. Ubaldo’s pitch count was way up there in the fourth inning.
3. Add on runs saved the day,as we scored in three other innings after the three early runs. I guess they knew the clown would be in the game. And why would he be in the first place? He is the “Closer” and this wasn’t a save situation. Follow the rules Jim.

Victor is the big hero for the night. Bring on Masterson. If we score one more run than the Tribe, we’ll be able to breathe easy, knowing the JVV is our “Clown,er Closer”! Good evening all!

It will only get worse with Papa Grande. They absolutely have to find a definite and viable solution. No in-house Hope & Dream. Maybe give Rondon a brief whirl but do not delude yourself (DD) and fans. If he isn’t ready, then do something drastic.
It’s felt by some that we win the division regardless—but what then?

Wasn’t there also a drive to LF that may have been out of other parks? That would have been 3 homers. Obviously, this isn’t working. You can’t use a closer that pitches like garbage in half of his appearances. Mr. Dave’s handling of this situation has been as bad as most of his moves have been good. Puzzling. I doubt that any of our relievers would give up long balls at this rate, and you can’t pitch yourself out of a jam when the ball is in the seats.
But……..they’ll try to “fix him,” discover the problem and send him back out there. Until the next time he blows up.

Or the diversion might be JL vs JV in the epic blockbuster “The Handshake of Doom.”

Jeremy Bonderman held the Yankees to 3 hits and 1 run over 6 innings tonight. Way to go, Bondo.

Two Friday night games. Three splitters hit for homers. Four homers in all. Throw in three other hits. Not good. We lose the first Friday. We won tonight. He has danced twelve of fifteen appearances. We lead the division by three and a half games. The other thirteen games Valverde has a 0,70 (approx) ERA. He lost that game last Friday. No doubt about it. And you know what his first blown save his team had a chance for a walk off win in that ninth inning but could not do it. That’s baseball. Now Valverde is not stupid and he is not stubborn. He will put that splitter in his back pocket and adjust somehow.

Did some quick research after the game. In the last thirty days, we have played the Indians six games and Valverde has pitched in four of those games. Tonight the first five batters who faced him had all seen him two or three times this month. That does not happen to a relief pitcher very often in baseball. Two days in a row it has been Benoit and Valverde. Tomorrow better be a day of rest for them. Go Tigers!!!

While I laud your optimism, “adjust somehow” isn’t very hopeful. Valverde can’t turn himself into something he isn’t. IMO, he’s done. All hitters see all the pitchers on the staffs of division opponents often, and that’s no reason for not doing the job.

I believe Valverde NEEDS to find his splitter, not scrap it.
The fastball will not bail him out.
I also disagree on the so called use of the splitter. I don’t think the 2nd homer was a splitter at all. Looked to me by the grip it was a changeup.
All that aside, I hope he doesn’t find his splitter. I hope when he comes in again with a 4 or 5 run lead that he gives up a few (but not too many). Because he is a Trojan Horse.
I said it last year (often) and I will say it again, he will break Tiger fans’ hearts.
Nothing changes his inability to be a smart pitcher or his inability to hold runners on (or even care much about them). When I see him on that mound I see a man totally wrapped up in himself and his immediate future. I do not see a man who is thinking about his team and the game and what it means. He is in survival mode.
I do not mean to attack him personally, I just am very afraid of what I see and what it can do to this season.

“Leyland on Verlander’s dugout move: “You might think that was comical, but I don’t think that was comical at all.”
Well, If JL is looking for a fight , JV is the wrong one. JV will be still with the team when he will be long gone

He must be mad at his so called closer . A closer he asked for.

That was my take on the matter too.

JV needed to behave like a professional though. JL has every right to be less-than-thrilled with lack of professionalism.

JL = rigid. We see it all the time.

here were are already boo hooing about the pen! Closers don’t grow on trees – so what’s your solutions – who do you want to give up – because I now know it isn’t Garcia!

I think the question is who do you get before who do you give up.

There is a disturbing trend of Valverde giving up large numbers of long hard hits. This goes back to last season. It’s not a temporary blip. The whole thing is crazy. Closer by committee immediately became closer tryouts which was scrapped after three games and one blown save. One of the strangest things I’ve seen watching Tigers baseball.
Who’s the best pitcher in the bullpen right now?

don’t get me wrong, I don’t think valverde is an above average closer. I simply think it is what it is and unless you are willing to part with a legit piece of this offense or starting rotation it isn’t getting better.
Take jVV out of the clowner position and then you’ll probably see his numbers fall right off cliff. We know he is a worse pitcher when not in a save position. Right now I think you just pray to gawd that his a) splitter improves, b) mental toughness improves. I think that is his problem – his fastball is OK imo.
Best bullpen piece right now: beniot or smyly.
I’m going to the game today BTW and i predict no rain.

Smyly by far by the numbers , second in MLB in run prevented,somedays ago . BYB had the link.

He showed he has the right stuff against the Yankees.

With all due respect, and I have none for Valverde at this time, he is simply not the same guy who was 50-50 two years ago. We have to accept that as reality. While the fastball velocity is okay, it’s that there is no movement with it. He’s lost what he had. I’m sorry that happened to him. It’s a roll of the dice every time he goes in, save or not. This is not true with a team’s pitcher who has been designated the closer. Look at Senor Smoke from Cleveland! Every time he came in against us, he did his job. JVV started imploding last year. What you saw last night is that person.
If we don’t come to that reality, we are truly in deep doo doo!

The Tigers relievers have 11 SVs in 19 SVOs. VV is 7 of 9. 6 other relievers were a combined 4 of 10 in their closer tryouts, including Smyly who was 1 of 2.

These numbers always confuse me. These are 9th inning saves? Closer opportunities?

Me too. By MLB definition, a SVO is “the number of save situation appearances by a pitcher to close a game.”

That’s what I was thinking. There can be save opps in the 7th or 8th and so on. I tried to get numbers once on actual 9th inning closer-type saves once but ended up going through game by game descriptions. For example, Smyly got that save by working the final four innings.
Looks like the closers, i.e. Kimbrell, Soriano, etc., have blown three saves or so. Grilli and Rivera have been good.

Yeah. I think if SVOs were limited solely to the 9th a lot of SVs attributed to multi-inning guys like Fingers and Smith would need to be thrown out.

Get rid of Valverde and Leyland! Both are over the hill. Verlander should ask to be he would have only two loses if not for Valverde and/or Leyland.

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