Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Rays

Avisail Garcia is making his sixth consecutive starts, the last four in center field. Between this streak of starts and Jim Leyland’s remarks, it appears Garcia has settled in as the regular center fielder until Austin Jackson. And there’s still no word on when Jackson will be back.

UPDATE: Last-minute change for Rays, which didn’t become evident until Sam Fuld stepped to the plate to lead off the game instead of Matt Joyce. Kelly Johnson apparently has been scratched. Matt Joyce moves down from leadoff to third, with Fuld replacing Johnson in left.

I doubled down in Beat the Streak for the first time, going with Torii Hunter’s history off Alex Cobb as well as Miguel Cabrera’s current stretch of hitting. You can look at beat writers’ picks here.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (numbers off Alex Cobb)

  1. Andy Dirks, lf
  2. Torii Hunter, rf (6-for-9, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b (2-for-4, 2 walks)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b (1-for-2)
  5. Victor Martinez, dh (1-for-3)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, ss (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  7. Alex Avila, c (3-for-5, K)
  8. Omar Infante, 2b (0-for-2)
  9. Avisail Garcia, cf

P: Doug Fister

RAYS (numbers off Fister)

  1. Matt Joyce, rf (1-for-9, HR, walk, 2 K’s) Sam Fuld, lf
  2. Ben Zobrist, 2b (5-for-14, K)
  3. Kelly Johnson, lf (1-for-3, K) Matt Joyce, rf
  4. Evan Longoria, 3b (1-for-6, walk, 3 K’s)
  5. James Loney, 1b
  6. Desmond Jennings, cf (1-for-3)
  7. Luke Scott, dh (3-for-8, walk, K)
  8. Jose Lobaton, c
  9. Yunel Escobar, ss (2-for-7, walk, K)

P: Alex Cobb


Rondon had a Valverde moment last nigh. 4 walks and one K

my bad i think i jinxed him a few stories back, then. he looked GREAT the 10 innings before that….

Garcia starting instead of Kelly, Smyly being given a late inning role in the pen…..Jim finally gets there, doesn’t he?

It took him awhile but hes slowly figuring it out. Lol.

Jeff Baker with Texas:344/.420/.689/1.109.

Cafardo: “Justin Verlander’s batting average (balls in play) for the last three seasons: 2011, .237; 2012, .275; and 2013, .368.”

Hey, it’s Michigan. And as a Grand Rapidian, it is 58 degrees and raining! Go Tigers! –Dave

They forgot today to work the count on the most inefficient pitcher in MLB

Betcha Fister wishes he had Cobbs generous strike zone! Bull!

That’s a way to get out of an inning! Nice play by Fielder and way to execute Alex.

There are only 27 outs, keep them, more or less goes the dictum by Weaver

Why would you send Garcia on the first pitch?

Failed hit and run

Garcia mucked that routine fly ball there in the 5th.

He is learning to play in a hard park. Kept the ball in front of him. Still better than the options

Not that I necessarily want Kelly in, but he doesn’t muck that up!……I want Austin back!

We want Jackson back


It was the umps fault

What is wrong with Dirks?

Besides he hasn’t been that good!

Doug’s probably wondering what he has to do to get some run support?

El Tigre, why hit and run on the first pitch?

I dont know, just guessing why he was running. Or he lost a sign

Well, so far the stats heading into a tie game past the 7th inning haven’t exactly turned out favorably for the Tigers. Maybe we can turn that around. I keep waiting.

So true:. tied to start the seventh, 0-5

2 of the hardest hit balls tonight by the Rays were to Prince. Both ended in DPs.

Did anyone get a load of that game in Seattle!

highlight beside box and summary

A full game, the BoSox-Yankees would be still warming up

Come on Prince! Get this for Doug!

Cmon fielder. Make it 4 games in a row right here.

Well that sucks! I guess we will just hafta walk off in the 9th because i just know they are not gonna spoil yet another gem.


And now here te Rays go in the 9th…………terrible airmail throw by Garcia! What happened to tat arm we saw last year?

Pull him before the game is wide open

Looks like the Tigers get to face Rodney.

Tigers have not had one come from behind walk off “mojo” win this year. It’s really surprising.

Well lets hope we can change that tonight. Rodney is a perfect candidate the way hes been pitching. Cmon tigers!

Por Doug deserved a better fate than this…..his boys have given him 0 run support in his last 2 outings.

and, waiting.

Detroit needs Jackson. Garcia needs Toledo.

So now Leyland pulls Fister? Where is Smyly? He should have pitched to Joyce. Another game outmanaged. Maddon pulled Cobb and walked Miggy and brought in a different pitcher.

Come on Leyland didn’t do anything wrong….Doug had well under 100 pitches he had to go back out. Fielder probably shoulda had Fuld out on that bunt single., then Doug gave up a coupe seeng eye singes it hapoens, but hw s it Leyland fault…everything is not fault. And guess what Smyly came in and gave up a triple to basically put it out of reach.

I agree this one is not on leyland. Fister was lights out all night and under 100. U gotta bring em back out.

I also agree. Well said by you both.

Another QS wasted

And here comes Rodney.

What does the pitch count mean? Smyly, a lefty, should have come in to pitch to the lefty Joyce. Why did Leyland send Garcia on the first pitch to Dirks? It is not hindsight. I made both those calls before they happened.

Pitch count and they hadnt squared anything up on him. And how do you know Leyland sent him…maybe a missed sign and guess what sometimes they just don’t execute. Some if its got to be on the players. Just because they lose doesnt make it his fault.

What is wrong with our lineup?
There is no way we should be getting shutout like this. No reason.
It seems the better our pitchers pitch the worse our hitters are.
This kind of contradiction does not win championships.
Prince not getting Fuld was the difference. He dives at him and puts him ut and this inning does not happen to Fister who deserves much better than this effort his mates gave him today.

PR for Vmart?

You mean CPR, right? That inside FB at 99 had him scared.

I said that after the the walk before the single

I said that after V-Mart’s AB with the inside 99 FB.

I have a delayed feed. Sometimes worse than usual.

cry like a baby!

I am just frustrated that we can not score any runs. Garcia getting thrown out at second? I think my neighbors heard me yell.

It’s incredibly frustrating…..this team. Imagine how Doug feels 0 run support into games.

Rodney is NASTY.

Fister received a lot of RS until the last game

Bunting, whatever happened with Garcia,:giving outs like candies.
And the misplayed bunt.
Fielder hit a lot last two games when the game was open.

Three shutouts so far tonight. Indians lost, too. White Sox and Mariners each had a 13 inning shutout and then both scored five in the fourteenth!!! Wonder if that ever happened?? Sox won in 7-5 in sixteen innings.

Good pitching duel, entertaining. Got to win those close games, fellas. That’s a real bad trend.
I also thought it was not a steal attempt, but also not a classic hit and run. Jim just put the runner in motion and it didn’t work. Sometimes it does. More often it doesn’t. Not a bad call, though.
I think Hunter is also having trouble tracking the ball at Comerica. I know he’s played there a lot, but now it’s every day. The slant on the stands fools a lot of outfielders. Jackson, Granderson, etc. all talked about it.
Guess what? We need to win tomorrow to avoid dropping our third consecutive series. Also a bad trend.

I did see that, but thought he was stealing. Guess not.

missed the first 6 innings due to my daughters birthday (6) – but i really wanted drew to start 8th inning. c’mon jim i KNOW his pitch count was down but you gotta play to win series. Drew could have gotten us 2 innings then beniot and maybe even jose. Kudos to Doug – guy’s an ace.

Couldn’t disagree more……

Regarding Fisters run support…..I disagree he had a bit in the beginning of the year but not always.

0 run support 0-3 loss Tampa he got the loss
0 run support 0-1 loss Pittsburg no decision
2 runs of support 2-3 loss Minnesota he got the loss
8 runs of support 8-11 loss to Texas no decision
6 runs of support 6-2 win .Houston….he got the win
4 runs of support 4-5 loss Washington He got the loss
4 runs of support 4-3 win Houston he got a no decision
8 runs of support 8-3 win Atlanta he got the win
3 runs of support 3-4 loss Angels … decision
6 runs of support 6-2 win Seattle He got the win
11 runs of support 11-1 win Toronto he got the win
8 runs of support 8-3 win Yankees …he got the win

Unfortunately, I had a conference call and couldn’t wtatch very much of the 8th and 9th innings. Why did he take Fister out? Also, I know Garcia has some power, but that arm of his is very suspect. He’s still a work in progress.

Very disappointed.

This team likes to tantalize it’s troops by hanging around, and then losing in one of the last three innings. Had a feeling tonight. Like Dan says, how does this team get shutout 6 times already this year? The four and the six had, I believe five strikeouts between them; take the bat out Mr. Three, and your’e talkin thin ice on scoring. Cobb has tough stuff, but Doug matched him pitch by pitch. I mean, he’s in the ninth, and hadn’t thrown 100 pitches yet. As each games passes, you realize how much we miss Ajax, and how bad the AL Central is. Thank heaven for small favors.
We desperately need the win tomorrow; how low can you go, and still stay on top in your own division? Well, there were three good things in this game tonight:
1.Avila plays his best game in 3000 years. The DP was totally cool, and the two hits(yes, there were two)were his most solid contact in 500 years. When Avila hits, and you still lose, you know it’s trouble.
2.I mention it almost every night, but Infante has taken his defensive gain to another level. Too many K’s, but the leather is is holing it’s own.
3. Only 1 walk from the pitching staff again. It is so critical in late innings to avoid a walk, especially a leadoff walk. Our starters have been doing their job pretty effectively lately.

Kudos belong to the battery. Madden has proven how to beat us by taking th bat out of Miggy’s hands. Look for this trend to continue until V-Mart comes alive. By the way, The Tampa closer might look like a clown, but he surely doesn’t act like one.
Good night all!

Please overlook my spelling; it’s depression from being retired from teaching; HA!

This Tiger offense continues to be an enigma. Polar opposites from one day to the next. No complaints on the staring pitching, though. At least the Whitecaps won, and the Griffins advance to the Calder Cup finals. Will be a tough series against Syracuse, though.

Not getting good hitting when getting good pitching is a major concern. Again, this team seems to be “departmental”. One facet of the game is not reinforcing the other. Similar to a workplace environment where one department is distinct from and non-supportive of the other.
The kind of pitching we have had should promote the opposite effect. It should fire up the troops and get them playing better.. The fact it is not is the concern.

The reason the fans seem to shift their attention to one problem or the other is….there’s always one problem or another. Can there never be a stretch where everything works?

I think these struggles of late prove how big austin jackson is to this team. We were just kinda cruising along winning series’ left and right and then jackson went down and we havent been the same since. I am counting the days until he gets back. Oh and a lil better defense in the 8th and fister would of been back out for the 9th looking for the complete game shutout.

JL’s version of a pep talk:
“The starting pitcher’s job is to keep you in the game and give you a chance to win it,” Leyland said. “Sometimes that’s the luck of the draw. Last night we scored 10 runs. Tonight we didn’t get any.”

Run Support Average (per start) , Scherzer:6.55. Verlander:5.50. Sanchez: 5.08. Fister: 5.00

For all the talk about Verlander, his record: 7-4.
Sanchez and Fister have better ERA but worse records than Scherzer and Verlander

My point was that it was scewed by a few games when they scored a bunch but for the most he has had several when he has got very little.

I know, And it is true. The same happened to Verlander and Sanchez. The team scored no runs or a little before giving them a lot of RS. The only not affected by the pattern is Scherzer

ESPN has Scherzer, Sanchez and Verlander top 10 for Cy Young Award:

Another bummer of a loss. Fister had a great game, and I would have been livid had he been pulled prior to that inning. Can’t win if we don’t score. Terrible throw by Avi in the 9th. Happy thought for Avila, and he does seem to be working the count more and getting a few more walks. Am wondering if we will start seeing more walks to Miggy, lots of them lately.

walked lobaton in the 8th, then gives up a hit to fuld on his first pitch (chagneup). Then a 3 pitches out of the strike zone and then zobrist hits a single (changeup). Matt Joyce then hits the 1st pitch he sees (cutter) for a sac. 1-0 rays.
maybe it’s hindsight but it went bad there right quick.

besides if your starter gives you 7 or 8….heck why not knock some rust off of the pen. if you don’t they’ll get rusty

Walking cabby to face Prince and then not giving prince much to hit. Good strategy because Vmart is hitting like .230 with (until june) little power.
Want a smoking gun stat? When the tigers win: Vmart’s slash line is .320/.360/.451/.811, when we lose Vmart’s slash line is .100/.163/.122/.285

also i found this interesting for Vmart in 2013:
0 out: .318/.395/.500/.895
1 out: .211/.241/.254/.494
2 outs: .160/.203/.200/.403

then again these splits tell a diff. story for Vmart in 2013:
high leverage index: .286/.309/.408/.717
medium: .225/.289/.288/.576
low: .193/.247/.277/.524

Kelly in CF today. He may be hitting a lofty .180 but he is only hitting .150 against RHP.
Should be a challenge for Torii today. He has not had a lot of success against Carmona.

Evan, my point exactly on Fister. Even tho his pitch count was low, all the TB hitters had a good look at Doug. 10 runs one game and 0 the next? Don’t make no sense! Whadda ya think Jim?

I just finished watching the 8th and 9th inning up to the point Fister was taken out. I don’t get it. Why take him out? Weird play on the bunt, Fund runs to 3rd, infied hit gets past shortstop. Probably should have had that and now Smyly comes in?

Fuld, not Fund. And then, I had to watch that godawful throw from Avi.

well you might take him out because the rays already saw him 3 times and were starting their 4th time through the lineup. i’ve mentioned you might get someone in the pen a shot – so they don’t get rusty. I would have put smyly in the 9th and let him pitch 2 innings or so.

def. a bad throw by avi. kelly would have made a better throw i guarantee

Yes, I know Kelly can catch ’em and can throw ’em. That’s his forte. I still would have put 2E in to pinch hit for Avi.

Let’s try to learn something from that loss last night. Call to stat pros. El Tigre, Dave B. DB, Evan, Rich, whoever else who wants to do research. It was the top of the ninth and Fister, who I believe was at 97 pitches, was facing the top of the order for the fourth time. We see those stats, first time through the order, second time…, third time …. What are Doug’s numbers the fourth time through?? Doug Fister has gone deep enough in SIX games to get to that fourth time through the order. Small sample size but getting near fifteen batters probably.

in 2013, 15 abs: opponents slash line .533/.529/.533/1.063
career: .279/.317/.369/.686

Pitch 1-15. Opp ba…..239
16-30 Opp ba .256
21-45. Opp ba .268
46-60. Opp ba .285
61-75. Opp ba .231
75-90 Opp ba ..245
91-105 Opp ba ..277
106-120 Opp ba .196

But last night….. It was a botched play by Fielder should of been an easy out then he gave up 2 seeing eye singles….they really hit nothing hard that ninth inning of course until Smyly gave up the triple. That being said you can’t score one stinking run you can’t win. They aren’t playing well they aren’t scoring runs consistently. They are horrible in 1 -2 run games.

And the last batter for me would have been 2E.

i don’t disagree with that

Avi’s bad throw and the pitching decisions make no difference when the offense doesn’t score any runs. This years offense reminds me of the ’08 team that was shutout 12 times. At least the pitching staff is a lot better then that one.

this is true.

Well, a real good throw maybe gets the guy out….maybe, and then that gives our Tigers some spark. Our lack of hitting is a mystery. The ’08 team ended up in last place and I said from the beginning that JL lost that team.

He had no shot at getting the runner at the plate but he allowed the runner from 1st to move up to 2nd and then 3rd on a wild pitch which brought in the infield and Longoria was able to hit it through. A throw to the cut off man and only 1 run scores in the inning.

Just curious Jason. You doubled down with Hunter and Cabrera. Neither had a hit. So do you still have a laptop?? What’s up man?? Do we get a post?? The game starts in less than an hour.

[getting antsy for pre-game show]

Now, look at that throw from Willie Horton.

Man, oh, man, watching those memories of Magglio hitting that HR and I was there, but the ’68 team was my favorite.

Donnie is starting. I didn’t say I like him that much, Jim.

Jason is not here. See the Twitter feed on the right side of this page.

we have the league lead in 10> run games and 0 run games.

I don’t expect JL will do much about Dirks until the average dips to about .220. At the rate Andy is going that will be in 2 weeks.
I think it is becoming clear that Andy is not the solution for our perennial LF problem.

WELL it’s NOT due to his position in the lineup. Since may 12 – when he started being put in the 1 spot (or 9 against lefties) his slash line is .256 .281 .360 .641, before that he batted 5 and 6th a lot and hit .239 .327 .375 .702

max in the zone

Castellanos will have that job next season, if not before.

Looks like the hitters are picking up right were they left off last night which is pitiful! With the exception of a couple of fluke games over the last few weeks they have been incredibly boring to watch. Underperforming most nights at least on the hitting side.

No new blog? Does Roberto Hernandez = Fausto Carmona? Last with Cleveland. Changed his name. Lied about his age.
I am beginning to think VMart is a black hole in the lineup.

Jason is off today……
Who isn’t a black hole on this team. They all stink!


Miggy isn’t.

VMART 2 run shot!

i grow beards in between tiger runs these days *yawn*

[begins shaving]

Lloyd baby- This inconsistent hitting has been going on for years. I’ll always be a Tiger fan but watching this hitting game after game is getting me down. Do other teams go through this?

He’s got an assistant, also. That was supposed to help.

Both teams going at a fast and furious pace. Game over before 3:15??? Was this guy on the mound when Galarraga threw THE game??

Omg we scored a run!

jim and dad keep talking about how fausto made a gesture to cabby after getting him out. Then a hit, a hr, hit, hit… prince, vmart, peralta and alex. Kinda like guilen when Weaver gave Maggs trouble – protecting your teammates! Cool!

Two struggling hitters make solid contributions lately. Good job V-Mart and Alex.

Think VMart heard me? Or maybe Lloyd was impressed that I called him “baby?” Now Infante digs a black hole.

And Omar hit the ball hard but ended up hitting into a DP. Almost a big inning.

Who did the Tigers get for Matt Joyce? Seems like they gave up on him too soon.


He was traded for Jackson who was then traded for Max. No complains from me. To receive value you need to give value. Not every trade can be highway robbery

and Schlearth

Now didnt we get sherzer and schlereth from arizona. It was a 3 team trade with new york. We got coke and jackson from new york. We got sherzer and schlereth from arizona. Arizona got edwin jackson and new york got granderson. There may have been a few more insignificant players but i dont remember if there were. Am i wrong?

Oh wait now i get it. We got edwin for joyce before that trade. I dont know why i was thinking like that. Lack of sleep i guess. Lol.

Max is dealing today just like Doug did last night. The difference of course is he now has a two run lead. Let’s see how it plays out for him.

Good job Don. Lead off single.

don starting the offense – SOP.
and kudos to cabby for paying back fausto for disrespecting him

He always gets RS but last game

Top of the sixth and this will be Max’s biggest zero of the game if he can get it!!!!!!!!!!!!

max you gotta go out there and shut down that next inning what are you DOING!?

Man pheraltas been so good. Hmmm… maybe he is on steroids. Totally kidding. That was just a joke. I dont think that even a little bit. He just got himself in great shape this year. I think that weight he lost sped up his bat a lil bit and thats why were seeing him spray the ball all over the place. And he is noticeably thinner. The last game i went to he was on 1st and i was sitting right there and got a good look at him. He looked really good.

I would feel safer with more runs. Are Smyly and Benoit available today?

Gotta PH here for Dirks. I’d leave Kelly in as he is a clutch kind of guy and certainly you can use his defense in the late innings.

kathy, you pinch hit Avi here or 2E?

Garcia had a really nice at bat there. JL made the right call after all.

hopefully max corrects whatever messed him up last inning

and he does

Top of the eighth do we see Benoit??

I would say absolutely yes.
JL will remember Fister and Porcello plus Benoit needs to work.

The big decision will be the 9th

that’s one way to knock out the starter😉

Miggy enjoys playing baseball, it is fun to watch. Nice steal of 2B. Now VMart can bring him home!

folks, he is so special that Miguel! And big props to Tommy Brookens for knowing the arm of Fuld.

Someone is having fun today

The birds are back. Didn’t know if the 3 run lead would be enough, but we should be OK. I hope!!!

Beniot can get it done!

Top of the 8th. It’s not over yet.

Miggy is fun to watch for soooo many reasons.

Here we go: the roller coaster ride.

Oh boy….. It just can’t ever be easy!

Well should be out of this inning that s if the ump wasn’t squeezing Benoit!

Said it before-, we are not seeing Torii’s Gold Glove in 2013. He sure has slowed down. Does not appear to beginning 110% like we once saw him do.

absolutely – his glove is pretty good but not even close to jackson or granderson

37 YO. That happens

Yes, you are bound to slow down. But I am talking about effort. He just is not “all out” anymore.

I would not be surprised to say Garcia more out there next year if they keep him and Castellanos.

ok papa lets see a splitter

and there it is!

daaaaance dance papa! well done! beautiful!

Dance PAPA!

Okay. Nice win. Benoit a little shaky. No drama with VV. Did Miggy act like that slide hurt him a bit?

Jim Price said it was a “slide raspberry”.

dan and jim said prolly a raspberry

Alright Max! 8-0 is awesome! Nice to see Papa have a good inning, a 3-run game is more comfy to watch rather than a 1-run game. Nice job V-Mart, he is coming around folks.

There we go big boys. Another greatly pitched game. Watching the tigers win is always a thrill! Love it. Man we got a mean starting five.

pape threw splitters, and his fastballs were well located with good velocity

The splitter was nasty.

Anyone who thinks victor isnt gonna help this team is wrong. I mean ya hes starting slow this year but cmon he just missed a year of baseball. He will come around and i think hes been showing that for more than a few games now and even more today. Hes gonna continue to be an important piece to this offense.

No one is going to give up on VMart, except some bloggers. His track record is too good, he paycheck is too big, and his presence is too important. I think he will mash in the summer if/when it gets warm

Exactly. Me too.

Max has been our most effective starter all year long. He’s going to make it difficult to resign him. We’ll have to choose Max or Ajax. Just can’t see us keeping both.
Tim McCarver(barf), has already predicted Cy Young for Max this year. He’s certainly in the running at this time. The amazing thing is that he’s going deeper than any other starter. Good win for the guy today, against what ever his name is.
Kudos today to Victor, Jhonny, and Miguel. Three things stand out in this game today:
1. The Garcia Sac Fly in the sixth. There were two outs, and at the time the score was 3-1. This gave us our fourth run. Good job by the Rookie, especially with the two outs.
2. The Cabrera stolen base in the seventh. No stolen base means no fifth run. Again, Miggy demonstrates baseball skills and smarts from one who has no speed, but is an above average base runner. And the best player in the game today.
3. V-Mart has three RBI’s today, and continues his slow journey toward .250. Hi will be a very important bat in the coming games.

Alex raises his average two points today. Dirks lowers his by seven. Oh wouldn’t it be great to see consistency. Congrats again to JVV. I still see him as a very weak link, but will give him props when he earns them. Good evening all! Bring on the tribe.

Rejoice. We won the series. One little crooked number and three add on 1s. That’s a good combo. Solid pitching. Max only threw 100 pitches. And latest 6 day vacation man Benoit knocks off the rust and throws 24 pitches. Why was he on vacation?? Well, he threw 202 pitches in April and followed it up with 193 in May. That’s a heavy work load for a bullpen guy so the Skipper found six days to not use him. Is he ready to go?? Sure he is. The reports make me believe that Valverde looked very good. Now we have the Indians coming to town. Man your batlle stations. No scalps for the Tribe.

Greg, how did Garcia get a SacFly with 2 outs?

There wasn’t two outs.

Anyone who watched the game on TV may have seen Cabrera set up Hernandez for his next AB. The next AB was when there was a runner in scoring position. Miggy might be the best hitter in history.

GK, ahhhh yeah. I had that one figured out actually.

Good point Dan. I was dreaming of a four out inning.

First pick, someone who rejected the Pirates to sign with Houston.

Nice to see some clutch performances today. Garcia’s was one of them.
As was VMart’s. Victor also had another RBI opportunity taken away by a nice play at short. He was, and is again, stinging the ball.
I see an outfield of Castellanos, AJ and Avi next year. I think Torii will spend a little time DHing and being a very reliable 4th outfielder. I know I am jumping ahead here.
So as the OF rounds into shape we will again need to address the middle infield.

Can we begin to be optimistic with Alex? Have to be careful not to expect too much but a little power and about.270 from here on out would be a solid contribution.
Gotta get his defense cooking again too.

Looks like more bad news for the tribe. Chris perez and his wife got busted trying to get marijuana through the mail. They said it was like 1/3 of a pound.

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