Why Rick Porcello was charged with Sunday’s loss

I’ve received several questions since Sunday’s loss asking why Porcello was charged with it, since the go-ahead run was a baserunner (Alexi Casilla) that Phil Coke put on with a base hit (Danny Valencia’s single before Casilla pinch-ran for him). It’s a question that takes way more than 140 characters to explain, but even explaining the concept in plain language isn’t easy. So to the answer the question, I dug into the Official Baseball Rules and found the rule that applies. It’s Rule 10.16(g):

When pitchers are changed during an inning, the official scorer shall not charge the relief pitcher with any run (earned or unearned) scored by a runner who has on base at the time such relief pitcher entered the game, nor for runs scored by any runner who reaches base on a fielder’s choice that puts out a runner left on base by any preceding pitcher.

There is a comment attached to Rule 10.16(g) that better explains the situation that unfolded on Sunday:

It is the intent of Rule 10.16(g) to charge each pitcher with the number of runners he put on base, rather than with the individual runners. When a pitcher puts runners on base and is relieved, such pitcher shall be charged with all runs subsequently scored up to and including the number of runners such pitcher left on base when such pitcher left the game, unless such runners are put out without action by the batter (i.e. caught stealing, picked off base or called out for interference when a batter-runner does not reach first base on the play).

There is a example included that is very similar to the situation Porcello and Coke had yesterday. Even though the reliever put a runner on, once the runner ahead of him (whom the starter put on) was retired on a fielder’s choice, that runner the reliever put on actually becomes charged to the starter if he later scores.

In other words, it’s about how many baserunners the starter had on when he left, not the specific runners. Otherwise, you would’ve had a situation Sunday where Casilla would’ve been Coke’s responsibility on second base, but Chris Snyder would’ve been Porcello’s responsibility on first base. The rule avoids a situation of having baserunners out of order in terms of which pitchers are responsibile for them.


BS…..JV has a 7 run lead. Bring in your best relief pitcher. RP has a 1 run lead. Bring in a relief pitcher who has a questionable record. Just another example of the JL warped thinking syndrome.

who did you want in?

Not Smyly on Saturday!

fair enough rich. albeit i saw people rejoicing THEN because they didn’t have to see jVV.

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I’m surprised that people don’t know the rules regarding pitchers’ wins and losses.

Just took a look at rondon’s AAA stats: in the past 10IP he has given up 3 hits, 1 ER, 0 HRs, 3 BBs and has 12 Ks.
So does that mean well see him soon?

can anyone give me an update on Dotel? aside from he’s been on the dL for 6 wks and has no structural damage….

B Real is still walking batters like it’s cool – down in toledo. He ain’t coming back up any time soon…

I think he will be brought be brought up. Probably as soon as Putkonen can go down.
Putkonen has some nice stuff but I don’t think he will evr know how to use it.

My posting from Sunday disappeared. Don’t know what I said. Anyway, back home from a good trip but with disappointing results. We have work to do. Later

The circumstances called for a ‘shut-down’ relief pitcher. If you look at Coke’s performance this year his ERA is artificially lower than it should be because he always comes in and allows an immediate hit or walks a batter (thus a score). When the run scores he is charged to the starter of course, but the truth is that Coke shuts down no one. There are likely few good choices in the Minors but Coke is a bust.

Coke: IRS 11 / 4 36%
Dotel: 5 /3 60%
Darin Downs from awful to great.:16 /6 38% He was at 70%
Ortega: 4/0
Smyly: 7/0
JVV 2/0
Benoit. 5/0
Putkonem. 1/0

Agreed. I have always maintained being a Pepsi fan. Coke is over-rated and an institution.
His status as a LOOGY still has merit but the numbers with him do NOT lie.
This team needs Q2. Jury is out on Ortega but I think Villarael won’t cut it where Q2 might be one of those guys that can have fantastic numbers for one spectacular year before fizzing out. Some would argue that has already happened!
One thing is clear though, the mixture out there now will not win a championship.

Interesting that, after 55 games, Detroit is 30-25. Last year, 25-30.
Homestands usually wake the bats up.

Rich, add two recent years 2009 30-25 and 2011 29-26. Not sure about 2010 but we were in first at the All-Star break weren’t we???

I think that pitchers should be charged with earned runs for the runners that are on first base when they enter the game.

I think the manager should be charged with the earned runs allowed by a pitcher who obviously shouldn’t be facing right handed hitters, and he leaves them in anyway.

Ha ha. Ole Jim’s ERA would be through the roof😉
— Bob

Runners on. Coke went for the most advanced runner. He reduced the chances of scoring. You cant punish the pitcher for that so the exchanged runner still on the account of the previous pitcher. If the rule were like Porcello´s fans want , Coke would go for the runner on first to keep his ERA low

Meanwhile at least we are not the Angels they just lost 4 straight to Houston?

The Tigers won 43 in 2003. DKnobler mentioned , they even swept a series.
That is why Baseball is better than the NFL, NHL or NBA

Very true, El Tigre. In 2003, the only games I followed the Tigers closely were the final four when they avoided the unthinkable ending record. 2006 the Royals denied us a division championship. 2009 the White Sox denied us a division championship. 2012 we sprint only the last ten games and deny the White Sox the division championship and WIN it ourselves. That’s baseball. Anything can happen those last few games.

is it time for baseball yet? im hungry.

Just read your story about Cabrera as player of the month. I’ve seen it twice in the last week that the RBI record is held by “Hank” Wilson. Maybe his given name was Henry, I don’t know, but he’s generally known as Hack Wilson.

Good catch. Wilson’s real name was Lewis Robert, which of course becomes “Hack.” Makes all the sense in the world, right? 😉

Let’s hope Sanchez is on today. He has been really inconsistent. Some days on, others off and sometimes on and off in the same day.
When he is “ON”, he is an absolute treat to watch.
I’d be surprised if Dirks was in the lineup today. Pena for Alex is a no brainer.
Dirks is becoming the player a lot of us expected to be—a decent 4th outfielder. Unfortunately the legacy of the missing lock-down, power hitting or base-burner starting left-fielder continues.
I believe this job will go to Garcia or Castellanos before this season is over.

I think Garcia has a real shot at becoming the starter but Jim is stuck on lefty-righty. Takes the old guy forever to change his mind about something. Wasted a lot of time starting Kelly.
Not so sure about Castellanos this season. That guy sure can hit, though.

Addendum: we haven’t won as much without Kelly in the starting lineup?

Dan, did you say no brainer? Leyland is still the manager isn’t he? Yeah, disappointed with Dirks as of late. Almost dinner time Evan! Go Tigers!

Moore is a lefty you say? Good, we hit them better by 24 OPS points! Where at home you say? Great, we hit 98 OPS point higher!


we don’t play well against good (winning %> .500) ball clubs? well we at least hit them well – to the tune of 70 OPS points better!

Remember this guy is 8-0.

QB claimed Kansas

he gone

Lineup: Infante 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Tuiasosopo 7, Pena 2, Garcia 8. Sanchez 1

Beating Matt Moore might stoke a fire under our boys. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure.

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