Sunday’s lineup: Tigers at Orioles

Torii Hunter is back and says his left elbow is feeling fine. Even if he wasn’t, he admitted, he might have tried to talk his way back into the lineup and hit one-handed to try to get the ball in the air and out in this park.

Avisail Garcia stays in the lineup in center field, starting for the fourth consecutive game. Ramon Santiago gives Omar Infante a day off at second base.

Finally got an O’s lineup to add to this. Sorry, but no time to add matchup numbers. There was nothing anyway for the Tigers off Gausman, anyway.


  1. Andy Dirks, LF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  9. Avisail Garcia, CF

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Nate McLouth, LF
  2. Manny Machado, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Adam Jones, CF
  5. Chris Davis, 1B
  6. Chris Dickerson, DH
  7. J.J. Hardy, SS
  8. Ryan Flaherty, 2B
  9. Chris Snyder, C

P: Kevin Gausman


Which Rick will we see today? Hopefully last Tuesdays Rick. The Orioles are heavy hitters so the Tigers will need runs either way.

Good: “The Detroit Tigers obtained outfielder/third baseman Francisco Martinez from the Seattle Mariners”
Not that good:QB DFA

Jeremy Bonderman starts today for the M’s in Minny.

Here’s hoping Bondo can make it back…..

Beck:”Add in the fact that Verlander began his throwing program later this offseason to let his arm rest after another long postseason run,” It is that the answer? Is he still in april , his bad month?

2E would love to have Bondo in his team. Some Oriole would have fallen from the branch today.

Kevin Youkilis thinks Porcello is a headhunter. 🙂

Verlander. 3-2 in April. That’s good. 3-2 in May. Usually he does much better. But hey it was not like he lost five in a row. 1-0 in June. Let’s see what he does the rest of the month. And the month after that. Etc. MLB we get grades at the end of every month. Don’t worry about the Hoss.

This guy is a rookie. Two big league starts. Get him NOW!! Do not delay.

This kid was pounded in his first few outings. I give them once through the lineup. Making him throw quite a few pitches but not making any real contact.

Fair enough. Let’s not hope for sneaky power just yet.

Glausman was drafted out of LSU last year and is already in the Show. He has great stuff and I’ll bet he ends up piling up a lot of Ks in his career.

I bet Porcello is wondering when he might be the recipient of a little run support?

Buck playing any small ball??

AA has had trouble catching the ball this year(5 PB) and has been horrid throwing guys out.

He is in Suzuki and Iannetta territory.

Boy still can’t get anything going…..Rick still waiting for those runs.

New month. Two days and two homers for Prince. Get busy big guy.

One run of support. ….that’s all you get!

The way hes pitching that might be all he needs.

One more chance for the big dogs to bite this young pup.

Im so happy that bondo is getting a shot in the bigs. He looks to be in great shape. Ive always rooted for bondo since he 1st came up. He was my favorite pitcher then. Ive been following him since he left the tigers waiting to see him back in the show. So hears to you bondo. Good luck and i hope you can find success again. Just not against us.

I love guys who won’t go away. Quitters have no appeal. I’m with you on Bondo. You know the guy is only 30.

Oh ya. I know bondo pretty good. Thats why i always had a feeling he wasnt done. Hes earned it. He worked hard to get in shape. Hes noticeably thinner. It looks like bondo gave up a few runs tonight. Tough task facing mauer and the boys. I just got home from work so i havent seen any highlights yet but judging by his line score when he did give up a few runs he stayed out there and pitched through it. So thats a positive thing. Hes still getting used to it again. Its been awhile since hes been in the show. He should get better with every start. I dont know. seattles pitching situation but hopefully he sticks. around for awhile and gets a chance to improve.

Five innings and Rick has six Ks, six ground outs and one fly out. Good job so far.

Ya I’m rooting for him as well.
Pretty disappointed in the guys lack of hitting today. Is that AAA call up curse back?

Bondo didn’t fair all that well today….lots of extra base hits.

So what pitcher will we not hit now?

Need an add on run Victor. At least move him over.

Honestly only the Tigers could bunt into a double play…….how pathetic!

Agreed with the Skipper on the idea. But that sure backfired.

It is past the point where AA is playing without hurting the Tigers. He is causing real pain. AA needs to go and get right, if he can.

No walks Rick. Bullpen has to be up and ready he’s at 87 pitches.

What happened with the playing time sharing?

Here we go wasted opportunities…..and a first pitch bomb and now a single.

Just like with Sanchez the other night falls apart just that quickly.

Did we have two options in the bullpen?? Buck just pinch hit. It’s up to Coke against a RHP.

A LHB , hitting 152? seriously Coke?
The first one who needs to go is him.
Where is Downs hidden?

Ok I missed the PH move there. Following by gameday

Are you kidding? That is a dead heat with minimal use of Coke and a no-brainer when AA is being used regularly.

What the Tigers needed instead of Coke was an effective ALBQ who could K someone, whether RHB or LHB.

If any game is in the hands of our bullpen, we will most likely not win. We should have pounded their pitcher today and we didnt. The bullpen will be the reason why we will not pull away in this division … and really, this division should not even be close.
— Bob

Actually, it’s the way the bullpen is used that will be the down fall.

You could see it coming. Rick pitching well just like last time and 2 times before that. Very little run support. Coke in to face a RHB. 2 innings for a Tiger comeback against Oriole bullpen.

We definitely need something different going on in the pen…..nobody but Beniot an Smyly are any good, at least you feel pretty comfortable with.
In fairness although Coke threw a few strikes to McClouth that were called ball and they were not. But to me this really goes back to not capitalizing on opportunities to get add on runs. Grounding into many double plays …… They really should of been able to handle the youngster a bit better than they did. Porcello’s body language completely changed after that homer and hence his pitches flattened out, and that in my opinion why we are here.

A 111 PH?

? Not sure what you mean.

Kelly for Garcia. He is hitting 111 in his last 10

Pinch hitter? Well lefties hit about 200 points higher against Oday than lefties. I guess that’s why Kelly pinch hit.

Garcia and 2E hit better against RHP than Kelly. The matchup has to sides

Ya but Oday is probably a better right handed pitcher than they are getting there hits off of. I didn’t have a problem with it in this particular case. Four freaking double play balls were the biggest problem today.

Maybe the Skipper wants the offense to score some runs.

A 4 pitch 8th inning. Are you kidding me? And yet another DP. Unbelievable. Thats 4 by my count.
– Bob

Kinda looks like Dirks didn’t play that on very well.

Not going anywhere with this pen.

Nope. It is not used correctly, but in JL’s defense it is hard to make chicken salad out of chicken (you know what). Smyly needs to be your lefty in tight games from now on. Not to mop up in a game with a 7 run lead like yesterday. This pen will kill us. Bullpen are funny things. They seem to be more about confidence and feeding off each other (see Pitt). That is why you will see bullpens go from good to bad and bad to good year to year.
We are in trouble with the cast of characters we have.
But I dont want them trading the farm for a bullpen piece that may not work out. They boys just need to do their job and JL has to put them in better situations to succeed.
— Bob

It’s the managing of the pen. He brings in his best bullpen guy in a 10-3 game and his worst in a 2-1 game. IT’S ALL ON THE MANAGER.


I agree with that. Thats exactly what i was thinking. Coke should of been out there yesterday and smyly today. Why would u waste smyly pitching him with a 7 run lead. Thats just stupid. I didnt get to see the game today but it sounds like it was another tough one to watch. I knew soon as i seen smyly come into the game yesterday that it was gonna bite us.

In a Valverde like fashion he finally ended this inning, Stranded 2

Swinging at the first pitch in a game 2 down in the 9th?

Pretty crappy at bats by 4-5-6……is that really all they had? Congratulations Tigers pretty crappy road trip were a complete lack of hitting and a pen that is unable to keep you in it. Pretty disgusted and now your actually going to face the good pitching of Tampa with the likes of Matt Moore and Cobb. Best hitting team??????Seriously expect me believe that?

Well, we have good starting pitchers. Our bullpen is a mess. First Dombrowski blows the offseason stuff then Leyland is stuck with his preconceived notions on how to use it. I did mention late last night about Smyly being used in a meaningless situation yesterday.
Not letting the offense off the hook, but one subject per post.

Jim’s putting the loss on himself. “I botched it”

How did he explain it??

That he shoulda taken Porcello out after the 6th.

The good news is Tampa Bay beat the Indians. Of course, the bad news is we play Tampa Bay and then Cleveland. Get ready for Maddon ball.

Nice of the Skipper to take the responsibility …..but he had less than 90 or right around there pitches in. I think 4 double play balls did them in not to mention Porcello laying some cookies up there for them in the second.

Sounds to me like Leyland saying something in hindsight. He’s a real politician. Explains his long tenure in the game.

If Avila is so overmatched in that AB that he has to be ordered to bunt (which he doesn’t do), why not PH Pena?

Why would Kelly EVER PH for Garcia?

We’re losing close games because we’re being outmanaged.

ElTigre, I’m with you on the Kelly decision. Heck, Fister would have a better chance of coming through.

That does not mean I advocated the use of Fister in that situation.

Basically, we played a 5-game road trip with just the one 8-run inning, and five of those runs came off a pitcher rushed into the game who said “I’m ready” when he really wasn’t. That’s how I see it.
Need to do better in low scoring close games and better against good teams.

Basically with Jackson in we were playing nearly .580 ball without him we are playing below .500 neatly .460 ball. For starters I think it might help having him back. The pen is well less than desirable with the exception of a few. But the offense is as washy washy as ever one game with ten run this week and 2 games with 0 offense, a game with 2 runs and a ame with three runs. Some offense, and I’m sorry there ware some pitchers in there that weren’t Cy Young.

Chris Iott‏@Chris_Iott1h
“Basically every question in the post-game media session ended with Leyland blaming himself for that one decision.”
See, I don’t even have to watch the postgame presser to know how it went. Now the team and some fans go out of their way to defend his decision to leave Porcello in the game with 16 consecutive scoreless innings and about 90 pitches, putting other real issues on the back burner.
“Like I said” Jim knows how to play things. A survival genius.

I hear you Rich. That stuff does get old doesn’t it?
It’s a bit like the general taking full responsibility for a loss on the battlefield. Never quite could figure that one out either.
Much needed day off. The team is in disarray.
I see Rondon in the picture pretty soon here. Not as a closer, as DD and JL will go through the motions and rhetoric with Valverde for a while longer, but as someone they hope might settle things down a bit in the pen. Likely to go would be Putkonen IMO.
Berry is gone and he will be fortunate to be able to carry on his minor league career.
I only caught the first 4 innings today and from what I saw Ricky looked very good. Impressive, actually.

Yes. Ole Jim is a great spin doctor. He takes responsibility for a decision I dont think alot of people had a problem with, but never for decisions that put him in the corners he gets himself into. Coke and/or Downs should have benn used yesterday and Smyly should have been available today. Smyly is not your long man anymore. He is your only reliable LHP in the pen.
Wake up.
We deserve better.
Also, we hardly ever bunt and then Jim decides to do it with the worst possible combination of Avila (slow) and Vmart as the lead runner (even slower). Even if AA gets that bunt out a little further, Vmart is still going to be out a first. Machado was not coming hard and even if he had, he probably could have still beaten Vmart back in a foot race. It was weird time to bunt with that combo.
And Kelly should never be an offensive substitution (unless he is BUNTING !!!!!!)
— Bob

— Bob

Sorry. Dont know why I signed it twice. I guess I was making my point emphatically.
Or maybe it was just my version of my own DP😉
— Bob

Now, now. He is the best pinch runner on our team. Sign it thrice if ye want to. Never sign it with double oo!!!!!!!!!!! Okay.

I guess I’m the idiot I didn’t think it was a bad decision to leave Porcello in, yes he’s young but he isn’t a rookie and you can’t treat him with kid gloves forever, Rick just blew it!
Meanwhile the Angels just lost 3 at home to the Astros.

That’s just the point. Nobody thought it was a bad decision to leave Porcello in, but Jim took the “blame” for leaving him in. He’s always first up to take blame for something he didn’t do wrong.

that’s a good one!

I admit I admire JL more for taking a hit for the team than the crew of folks willing to bury him for his decision, especially when it was not a bad one. I lament those folks who do not think ahead and then harshly criticize the results.

Where are all the genius suggestions when they matter?

Did I read that Coke let the inherited runners score? How did Rick blow it? Where was Smyly? So disappointed with the Pittsburg series I did not watch or listen this weekend at the cottage. What is wrong with this team?

Porcello didn’t blow the game JL did by not pulling Rick after he gave up the HR and the 1st single and not having Smyly available and using Coke. Coke should only be used in a blowout.

And by the way, VV will not go away. He has genatalia.


What good are genius suggestions? Who is going to listen to that nonsense?
This is a forum for hindsight. We can only delude ourselves into thinking they might be defined as suggestions.
Nevertheless, I do have a few suggestions.
Send Avila down to get his offense (and arguably his defense) working again.
Get rid of Valverde now (or after the next debacle) and cut your losses.
Keep Garcia in CF until AJ comes back.
Play 2E against some RHP.
Pay attention to the pitcher/batter splits and be wise enough to not just go for LHB vs RHP and vice versa mythology.
Bring up a utility infielder that can provide what Ramon does but with base running speed.
Not one of those suggestions will have any life beyond this forum.

Thank God!

What good is hindsight? It is just bitching about things you could not figure out in advance.

As far as this commenter site is concerned.

Nonsense defined, to borrow your term.

Jim Leyland took the blame to protect Phil Coke. He could do that because he knew that Rick would have his back. Team meetings are held to get these things planned. Also, he admitted that he left Rick in too long. The critical batter for Phil Coke to face was Chris Davis who led off the seventh inning. Buck could have pinch hit for the very next hitter the DH Dickerson. So would Ortega have been ready to face the PH?? Whatever happened the parade would have been much longer than our Skipper would have liked.

The real moral to this story is we better get it right the next time. We play these Orioles again in two weeks. These Orioles have solid left handed hitters and let’s put a big circle around Chris Davis the most dangerous hitter other than our own Miguel Cabrera in MLB right now. This time we used Smyly to finish a 10-3 game, Coke pitched with the game on the line, and Downs to keep our deficit at 3-2 in the eighth inning. How many of you think Downs on Saturday, Coke as a LOOGY against Davis, and Smyly to close against 3-4-5 or 4-5-6 in the ninth would have been better?? Let’s also note that using lefties out of the bullpen against the Orioles can possibly work.

Richard you are a gentleman and a scholar.
I can say that in hindsight can’t I?

The future may not be “now”, per se, but the future looked good in Toledo today.
Castellanos hit a homer off the toughest pitcher in the league early in the game and drove in the winner in the 10th with a walk-off single. His average is improving steadily as is the power.
Bruce Rondon got the win stringing out all 3 hitters he faced on 16 pitches (12 strikes). His ERA is 0.44

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