Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Orioles

ImageMatt Tuiasosopo has started twice against a right-handed starting pitcher. Today will be his third. With the small dimensions of Camden Yards and the hot air allowing the ball to carry, Jim Leyland decided to let him take aim for a few at-bats.

“I’m playing him today, hoping he runs into one with the friendlier confines,” Leyland said.

Tuiasosopo replaces Don Kelly, angling the lineup right-handed against Hammel. Avisail Garcia moves from right field to center.

No changes for the O’s against Justin Verlander.

Since the question is going to come up, Leyland will turn to Jose Valverde if he has a lead in the ninth. Though Leyland’s remarks reflected frustration over letting a game get away, they’re not changing course at closer anytime soon, especially with no obvious replacement ready.

Though the Tigers have a good history against Hammel, I’m sticking with Miguel Cabrera in Beat the Streak. You can look at other beat writers’ picks here.

Though it’s a 4pm start today, the game is actually on Fox Sports Detroit, not FOX national. The FOX Saturday Game of the Week window today starts at 7pm, so this game was moved up. As usual, you can also listen on 97.1 FM and AM 1270 in Detroit. You can also watch online on MLB.TV or listen at Gameday Audio, or track pitches online while you’re watching via Gameday.

TIGERS (with career numbers against Hammel)

  1. Omar Infante, 2B (3-for-7)
  2. Andy Dirks, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (4-for-10)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (3-for-12, HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-6)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (5-for-13, HR, walk, K)
  7. Alex Avila, C (0-for-2)
  8. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  9. Avisail Garcia, CF

P: Justin Verlander

ORIOLES (career numbers against Verlander)

  1. Nate McLouth, LF (0-for-5, walk, K)
  2. Manny Machado, 3B (1-for-3, K)
  3. Nick Markakis, RF (9-for-38, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  4. Adam Jones, CF (1-for-21, walk, 7 K’s)
  5. Chris Davis, 1B (2-for-11, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  6. Matt Wieters, C (3-for-14, HR, walk, 3 K’s)
  7. J.J. Hardy, SS (4-for-25, walk, 6 K’s)
  8. Chris Dickerson, DH
  9. Ryan Flaherty, 2B (0-for-1, K)

P: Jason Hammel


he blows a 2nd save in two nights i’ll bet management changes its tune. with that said, jVV won’t blow another save tonight.

“I’m playing him (Tui) today, hoping he runs into one with the friendlier confines,” Leyland said.
Leyland, how about the fact that Tui is hitting .316 against right-handers and Kelly is hitting .140. Did you ever think of that?

If that were the determining factor to getting rid of VV then I’m all for it. Sacrifice a game now to ensure he is not playing in September? Iim in.

That’s pretty creative thinking Juice. It’s pretty tough for Jimmy to think outside that box that is lablled SOC

No obvious replacement? Try Smyly. He hardly ever pitches anyway.

When will Justin figure out that MLB hitters will hit his fastball when they KNOW it’s coming. He has the command and he has the pitches.. Mix it up dude!

The Seattle reliever Wilhelmson blew his 3rd save of the year this afternoon against the Twins. Guess he’s not that great either. Not many Marino Riveras out there. A lot of good closers seem to be struggling this year. Except for Grilli of course!

Yeah. He got 1 out, walked 3 and threw 7 strikes out of 22 pitches with 1 WP to get the loss and BS (his 3rd or 4th). “Buyer Beware.”

Yes, I guess he’s not the answer either. There must be someone somewhere who can do better than VV. Other than Rivera!

How bout casey jansenn. Torontos closer. They dont seem to be going anywhere and hes been pretty good. Hes pitched 17 innings only 9 hits 4 earned runs 1 walk and 18 strikeouts and 11 for 11 in saves. He has a 2.12 era. He dont walk anybody so thats good.

Double play and a pop up. Good job, Justin!! Which one of these two old time nicknames would you give JV?? Hoss or Dutch??

Boy even when Alex finally hits one hard he still gets doubled up??

I hate ball parks like this were everything is a home run…..crap like Hardy just hit.

U still hate it. Lol. Go tigers!

They dont need to steal signs, that was in the center of the middle
Bat Avila 9th.

of course playing at Launch Pad Yard…

Victor and Jhonny back to back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one to center too!!!!! Hey Justin more two seamers.

To bak. and Hammel needs to go.

back-to-back-to-back. Maybe not the right call on Hammel but he needs to go.

If i am JL and JV I hit the next BAL man at the plate. Hard and about midlevel. 95mph+

When the game is wrapped, put in Valverde and he can hit a batter

They would eject him in a second if he did that. Maybe wait til the last hitter he sees then do it. Lol.

haha true true yea forget about it I was just TICKED when tui got hit.

Well, our guys, Rich and Greg are getting their money’s worth today. What a show!!!

We don’t want JV tossed. But you look at him throwing the pitch that hit 2E it looks like he was aiming for him. Normally I would say he had been coming in high and tight all afternnoon, but it looks like there was aim there.


2e and Avisail cant hit against RHP

Dan & Jim say breaking ball.

We need a collect to send rich and greg to every game

That’s right!!!


We need Bondo today

Holy cow what an inning and still nobody out. 8 runs!

Curley fries and a grand slam in the same inning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long time for JV to sit!

F*** YA! Thats all i got to say. Bout time. Woot woot! Loving it

JV proceeds to walk the first batter. hold on to your hats folks.

Lead off walk scores. But that’s all.

So are the Tigers going to just stop hitting? Hardy just hit another one…..lets let them back in it?

Long rest cost him a run.

Pretty bad baseball , risking an out 3-9.

Good job Prince. Let’s add another one.

JV doesn’t look too sharp today………are we just going to let them right back in this thing?

That is an Ace , getting the job done without your better stuff

Kelly is at bat. He is a defensive replacement. This is what a 25th plyer should be doing.

Kelly and Dirks were real, real sloppy on that fly.

Real special game today!!!

Hope Rich and Greg had fun – helps to erase the game from last night – went to the grocery store and missed all the home runs – better shop more often!

A lot of happy Tiger fans at the yard today. A hot day and hot bats. Four homers in the same inning. It was like a double grand slam. Alex seems to be seeing the ball better. He needs a little luck now. Him and Victor now are hitting the ball hard, but right at someone.

Casey Crosby perfect through 5.

My mistake. He hit a guy. Still, no walks no hits so far.

Reporting livr from the Holiday Inn in Baltimore. First, I got to see Rich and Mrs. Rich for the first time in four years. Rich, it was great seeing you and your Bride. Second, I had the honor of being introduced to our one asnd only Bog King, Jason Beck. Thanks for thaat surprise too, Rich. Third, both of us got to witness the awakening of a sleeping giant. I mean it was back, to back, to back, take a break and top it off with a grand slam. Eight runs in one inning. Tiger fans were going insane, and Oriole fans were whining their heads off. Re the hit by pitch on T-Soap, one could make a case that it was not intentional, but under the circumstances had thier guy not been ejected, worse things might have happened. I still expect a Tiger reliever to retaliate tomorrow, especially if we or up or down big time. As far as JV, not his best, but certainly an adequate performance in 90 degree weather. I believe the batters rolled over in the last two innings because of the lead and the heat. Kudos to the team today for going after a 7 game winner, and driving him to the showers early. Rich, you were also right about the crowd; much more subdued and behave than on Friday.
I look forward to Porcello tomorrw in 95 dgree heat, and will be eating lots of ice.
Here are the three for tonight.
1. Every starter in the lineup made a contribution to this win. all starters got a base hit. Many had rbi’s and runs scored. A great offensive effort for the first time in a good while. Maybe Prince will become the four he should be again.
2. Omar makes two excellent defensive plays at second base. His defensive effort has been going up lately.
3. Drew Smyly keeps Jose(The Clown) Valverde away from the pitching rubber. I took a survey among Tiger fans in my section, and by 96% to 4%, we agreed that a seven run lead was not safe for our closer.

Miggy continues to awe all baseball fans. What a pleasure. And Thanks Rich for the visit and the introduction to Jason. Good night all!

Back home now. Greg covered most of it. I was more than happy to take him up to the pressbox and Jason, good to see you again.
My impression was that the HBP from Hammel wasn’t intentional. Looked like a breaking ball. I do agree that Wendelstadt had little choice but to eject him. I haven’t looked at the replay yet, but that was how it looked live. Anyway, the Orioles fans near me were yelling “Good! Get him out of there!”
One thing that stood out today was that Tigers fans, and there were a ton of them in the ballpark, are just as awed with Cabrera as everyone else. We see it everyday but it never gets taken for granted.
One guy passed me on the seating concourse and, seeing my Tigers shirt, muttered “you’re in the wrong ballpark.” There were a LOT of us there. Hard to believe there were years when I was the only one.
Hot day. Glad I switched my seats to the shade.

Discussed: why use Smyly, who may be the best pitcher in the entire bullpen, in the 8th with a 7 run lead? I think Drew more as closer material. There’s too much rigid thinking going on.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Lets waste our best bullpen pitcher when we have a big lead. That makes sense. He needs to be our other setup guy with benoit when we have a close game

Thanks, Greg and Rich, for the replays. Some of us think you two ought to go to more games together! As the camera panned around the park, I, too, was astounded at the number of Tiger fans in attendance. A game to remember, that’s for sure. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

Rich and Greg…….I think if you look at the replay on the hit by pitch you will see that the direction and aim of his body changed..the concensus here is that it looked pretty intentional.

When I looked at the replay, it did look like it may have been intentional. Even with a breaking ball. Kind of a soft message being delivered. Either way, he’s gone in that circumstance.
I also got to see the umpires reactions. Jerry Layne behind second sprinted into the infield. Alan Porter, a very good young umpire IMO, came in from first and greeted Tuiasosopo as Matt took his base. Pre-emptive actions. Stuff you don’t see on TV.

2E has acquitted himself very well so far. He stands in there and gets a pretty decent swing regardless of who he is facing. Playing Garcia over Kelly is a no brainer.
Really neat to see the three of you guys and your spouses, getting together. Baseball does that doesn’t it?
I hope someday to get to Comerica. i’ve never been there.

Yes, he has and he’s also put up a slash line of .333/.465/.491/.956 in 71 PAs this year so far.

Win today. Win the series. Yesterday’s line up is good to go for today. No change needed. Everyone can rest tomorrow. Even you Evan it’s a day off on Monday. No game scheduled. Now don’t panic!!! That .465 OBP is the one that impresses me with Matt. He draws walks like a feared clean up hitter.

Dirks 7, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Santiago 4, Garcia 8. Porcello is starting.

Sorry gang I forgot Torii would be back today. That really throws yesterday’s line up out the window.

Let’s hope Torii comes back a little rejuvenated.
He has been a very nice addition but a little more power and a little more gold glove defense would be what the doctor ordered.

Ramon? Yikes. I guess after pounding 5 dingers yesterday JL figures he can overcome the auto out in the lineup.

On May 20th, we had an off day in Cleveland. How does the schedule read?? We will play thirteen games in a row. Cleveland, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore. Seven games on the road. Goofy schedule. Where could I rest Jhonny and Omar?? Better not against Cleveland or Minnesota because they are in our division. Hey Pitsburgh is in the OTHER league. That’s it. If they start some righties I’ll do it. Alas, it does not happen. This must be a oops I better play Ramon Sunday. He’s our Skipper.

Keeping them sharp? If they ever need Santiago they will be in big problem
It is just sunday special lineup.

Now if there was a plan to play Ramon two games in Pittsburgh it would have worked out just fine. It worked out that Pittsburgh pitched two righties in a row in the middle two games of the series. Two starts in a row for Ramon and a day off for each of our starters. Then in the last game does Jhonny still get ejected?? If so then Ramon plays three games in a row. Bonus at bats. Absolutely his best chance for success. Are you looking ahead Skipper??

I figured he was just giving Infante two days off.

Sure he was. These guys don’t want two days off. Most of the time they don’t want one . When they have a scheduled day off on the road all of them are mad as hell!!! Now we all understand that things were much different back in the depression years. How many players were on the 34 team?? Well, Hank Greenberg played 153 games and the three other infielders played 154!! They did pretty well too as only one of them failed to get 100 ribbys. Not sure if it was Owen or Rogell and the one that missed out only did so by either two or four!!!!! Four infielders and they totaled nearly five hundred ribbys!!!!!

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