Thursday’s lineups: Tigers at Pirates

PNC Park 005

Torii Hunter is out of the lineup, and left-handed hitting Andy Dirks is in against Pirates left-hander Jeff Locke. Interestingly, Dirks is in right field, with Avisail Garcia. Other than that, it’s the standard anti-lefty lineup.

Brandon Inge is starting at third base for Pittsburgh tonight.

With so little matchup numbers for Tigers pitchers against Locke, you’re on your own intuition or just standard lefty/righty or home/road splits for Beat the Streak. Or you can just go with the failsafe option: When in doubt, pick Cabrera.


  1. Omar Infante, 2B (0-for-2 off Locke)
  2. Andy Dirks, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (1-for-2 off Locke)
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  7. Brayan Pena, C
  8. Avisail Garcia, CF
  9. Doug Fister, P


  1. Starling Marte, LF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B (1-for-3, 2 K’s off Fister)
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF (3-for-3 off Fister)
  4. Garrett Jones, 1B (0-for-3, K off Fister)
  5. Russell Martin, C (2-for-8, K off Fister)
  6. Travis Snider, RF (1-for-10, 3 K’s off Fister)
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B (3-for-9, HR, walk off Fister)
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Jeff Locke, P


1-5 had better put up some RBIs tonight…. especially without donny kelly in the lineup to spark offense 😉

This Locke could be tough on us. He has started ten games and most of his number are better than Verlander’s. Enough said. Let’s get to our battle stations!!! Go Tigers!!! The depth chart does list Avisail #2 in center. How much has Dirks been in RF this year?? Lefty starting and we have three lefties in the line up. Of course, one of them is1.000 hitter, Doug Fister!!!! Go Tigers again!!!!

“Interestingly, Dirks is in right field, with Avisail Garcia.”

That IS interesting!!! Two right fielders!?! Wow, there’s no excuses for not catching anything to RF then, huh?

I must have missed the memo on Alfredo Figaro being back in MLB with the Brewers. Did we trade him to a Japanese or Korean team??

Released by the Tigers played two years in Japan

If Inge gets anything above the knees, it better hit him!! And since we have Doug on the mound it very well could!!!

Yeah, you notice that Inge has received a steady diet of “lunge and checked swing” pitches from Tigers pitchers. Brandon might be the most stubborn hitter I’ve ever seen.

give brandon sliders and watch him overcheck his swing all day long

1293 SO to show for it

It was feeling like the Tigers are struggling against plus-.500 teams, but my quick math says we’re 12-11 against those clubs. Most of that is from a month or more ago, though. p.s. “quick math” means in my head.

True, 12-11≥ 500/ 17-11 vs below 500 teams. Tigers so far with 10 th easier schedule so far

Not me. I’d have 2E in there in left and Omar leading off.

Just like the Skipper does.

Beck:”Spotted at PNC Park: Jack Wilson Pirates jersey. Rumor has it that fan will be trading it for a #Tigers jersey soon.”

He is a FA, backup to replace Santiago?

PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO slashline
309 285 29 64 10 1 0 15 5 2 12 51 .225/.253/.267/.520

this is what he did in 2011 and 2012, btw

He used to be a great defender. He was always mentioned as trade target.

What the heck am I talking about?


against walker, i don’t mind a HBP to start the game off hah

Boys have got their hitting shoes on again tonight.


Does Twisted Fister have his devilish K-pitch working or what???

Miguel cannot be our only offense. …somebody else is going to have to step up


Way to go Johnny. ………

Bonus play for Ramon.

What’s the latest gossip on two on no out with the eight place hitter coming up!!!

Stutter-step according to Jim and Dan. That’s what got him out.

Reckless running again. Even with the pitcher coming

Awesome thrown out at the plate

He didn’t look at Brookens going around the base and slowed down.

Brookens had the ston sign on and then changed hismind , causing the runner to momentarily hesitate. A huge second out. Brookens makes too many costly mistakes.

4 straight hits and no runs.

This Fister is one tough out.

Can we get a run in?


Leave it up to the Tigers to screw that opportunity to score runs up. Brookens ergh

No runs on four hits with three men left on base. We go to the bottom of the fifth in a scoreless pitching duel. To tell you the truth someone is smiling down on us when we play like this. Tigs baseball.

The big dog throws out the mutt.

Indians just scored 7 runs with 2 outs in an inning. ….we can’t score 1

Fister has 9 Ks thru 5 and is occassionally hitting 92.

Wagner:”RT @RyanFieldFSD: Austin Jackson did more running & has been hitting on side. Hopes to begin rehab assignment early next week <{- @MudHens?"

Pretty pitiful bunch of hitters out there.

That was a beautiful play at first base

This is what I had talked about with our hitters. Our rotation has to pretty much perfect right now. They throw so well but constantly are throwing under duress. Those are debilitating innings they are throwing. Eventually our team will break down. For some odd reason our opponents don’t.
What the heck are they doing wrong against Walker?
Brookens was right in trying to hold him up,(if that is what he was doing). There was nobody out for crying out loud. Push the envelope with one out but not there.
Snider’s throw was air mailed. Why would Pena not be at least taking 3rd on that throw? Our base-running is a 162 game long torture chamber of ineptitude.
No creativity. No vision.

As I said, Brookens initially put the stop sign on, causing the runner to hestate. Brookens then windmilled 2E home. That out was on Brookens, again.

Dirks: Pathetic. You know you are going to get a fastball and you come up empty.
This team sucks right now.

Every Tiger fan knows what is going to happen now.

Andy Dirks…..has left 5 on base today. This team is infuriating.

Snider was out. Not only that. He passed second and then didnt touch 2nd before he went back to first. Bad call and bad break.
— Bob

The Skipper must be smiling. Brennan Boesch, Brandon Inge, Ryan Raburn and Delmon Young all started in Big League games tonight.

And three of those four did more offensively than what the guys on our team have?

5 outs in that inning to get 3. Interesting? Umps screwed that one up didn’t they?

Even Miggy swings at the 1st pitch and hits a weak ground ball to 2nd. I would have had Dirks bunt for a squeeze.

This is just getting embarassing now. Frickin ridiculous. How can this always happen to us. Were suppose to have the “best lineup” in baseball or close to it. Thats just not true. It takes alot more then money i guess. I kinda wish we would of spent that fielder money on a 2 way 3rd baseman and shortstop. Nothing against the guys there now. that way miggy could of stayed at 1st and we have a way better defensive infield. Just imagine all the talent we could of got with that money. Yoenis cespedes for example. Hes not an infielder but hes got all the tools. And that would of been a small portion of the money. Dont get me wrong i like fielder. Im just saying theres a whole lotta ways the tigers could of gone. And man we need jackson back. Our offense just isnt the same without him.

I know that every team goes through there struggles. Its a long season. No team can just dominate the whole year but were supposed to be one of those teams that dont have alot of them and that gets through our scoring woes quickly. Or a team that can still put up a few runs even when we are struggling. But it just doesnt happen. Pheralta, infante, and hunter all have more hits then fielder. And if my memory serves me cabrera has hit 9 homeruns since fielders last homerun.

I missed that play. Internet went out.
Pretty darn mad at a few guys on this team right now. It’s so frustrating to waste this kind of pitching.
Good teams don’t allow this to happen to themselves.

Good job Fister!!!! Let’s see Benoit now.

Downs or Cool Hand

You were right. I did not expect him to go with Benoit without a lead

Sneaky power going to get them.

I don’t know if I can watch. Another train wreck?

Looks like Miggy is trying to win this on his own. What a play.

Look at miggy splash the leather. Man he is just something else. Its just refreshing to watch him every day and to know hes on our team.

11 men left on base. Awesome who’s pen do you think will outlast the others?

I’m putting it on record.

Both of the 1909 teams would understand these scores the past few days.

Great another battle of the bullpens with the best bullpen in baseball. 9 hits with no runs and 11 left on base. That is just ridiculous.

Individual LOB for the Tigers is 19 per Gameday.

Santiago ha got to make that play…just horrible.

Who do we have warming up???

You always can trust Inge

Did we pound Melancon last year??? Was he with the Red Sox??

Coke did a decent LOOGY job. The issue was the RHB who nearly went yard.

They keep waiting for Illitch’s pocket book to give them a home run. Unbelievable record of LOB. Beyond comprehension. That’s what happens when the only guys who know what to do on base both come from Venezuela. Other than Miggy and Omar, it looks like our guys are in a foreign country when they are on base.

So my segui is related to an earlier comment about the Tigers using a LHP for BP. Is the name of the LHP for BP Coke?

Haha! 2 funny. The tigers on the other hand not funny. U imagine if 2e stayed at 3rd earlier and didnt get thrown out. Fister would have drove him in with that single. That was our closest chance at scoring. The pitcher for crying out loud!

We are 3 for 13 with runners in scoring position!!!!

Quickly and quietly….the Tigers way!

Purkonen for two or three??

Appearently the ump wants to go home because there were at least two pitches in that at bat to McCuthen that were strikes and strikes ll night!. Thanks ump!

Well here we are…..what the pirates had tonight we haven’t had all year a walk off mojo win.

Hardball game. We lost it. Short trip to Baltimore. Bus?? Skipper have them walking??

The ump did help Fister quite a bit. I thought he called a pretty good game. SOS, this team has hitters who can’t hit. They have a lineup that goes into funks and slumps with each other.They have no clue how to manufacture a run. Fister had the best clue as far as that was concerned. That guy gives everything. On the mound, at the plate and even as a fielder.
The hitters should be ashamed of themselves. Lloyd does not have these guys bearing down and getting high quality at bats. They can’t hit a sacfly when needed and certainly can’t bunt when needed. They stand around and watch the defense when they are on base. It’s horrible.
Send Avila down and while you’re at it send Dirks down too. Release Santiago and make Donny Kelly do what he should do. Ride the bench and play when absolutely necessary.
Let’s get some young players here who are willing to hustle.

Too many lazy ABs with the lineup already weakened. We got two hits with RISP and neither one scored the run. The last three days have been really bad. Let’s hope that ends in Baltimore.

Three games in Baltimore against three RHP. Hitter’s Ballpark. Maybe we should burn the bats and get a new shipment. Alex new month starts on Saturday. I know you can’t wait. We will put you down for five hits over the next three days starting tomorrow. Now go get them.

Alls i gotta say is they better get out of this slump because baltimore, led by davis, is gonna put up some runs over there. Actually its a good opportunity to get the bats going again. Hitter friendly ballpark against a pretty bad pitching staff so you would think we should be able to put up some runs over there. Everybody knows pittsburgh can pitch but if we go to baltimore and struggle against that staff. Then i will be worried.

The Nationals were shut out on 3 hits tonight by the Baltimore starter who went 8 innings. His name was Freddie Garcia.

Good thing we dont hafta face him then.

I guess disgusted would be too kind. The last four Pirate Pitchers threw 37 pitches over 4 innings, the most being 12. Every hitter wasted at bats by swinging at the first pitch thrown. The lefty made us look like a rec team. And sadly, this is going to be the story every time we play in a national league park. No leadership is being shown or encouraged. The loss of Jackson is really biting now. Our poor pitchers dominate teams, and come away with nothing. This was the worst yet of a sour taste.
1. Good solid defense again, especially by Fielder and Omar.
2. A 12-1 ratio of strikeouts to walks should win you every game you pitch. Great work Doug to no avail.
3. Omar had two solid hits from the lead off position. Alas, he didn’t score.

Ramon’s days are numbered, and I think he knows that. Normally, he would make the play at deep short. He is seeing 1.3 pitches per at bat. Say what you want about my old buddy Binge. He can’t hit diddly squat, but at 36, he can hold his own on defense. Garcia needs a little more nurturing at Toledo before being turned loose.
It’s on to Baltimore; hope the bleeding stops. I’ll be there for all three games. RICH, my tickets for Saturday are Section 44, Row 27, Seats 1 and 2. Hope to be able to say hello. Where are you sitting? Good night all!

Yes, I shut it off and put it on re-cored and watched a movie instead. When I got the alert on my cell all I had to do was look at the first word “Pirates” and knew they won We just can’t put them away. It’s pathetic.

What is the excuse this time?
Why Putkonem was there for a second inning. Why he was left after the walk off walk?
Why Benoit with the game tied and only one inning?
If Coke , Benoit and Valverde cant go two innings they are useless. The bullpen is short because their lack of strength
i guess Beck was joking about Wilson. He cant be worse than Santiago.
Time to bench Fielder for a couple of games to work in his batting

Another frustrating loss with terrific pitching. I can’t blame this on the bullpen – we scored zero which means you never can win scoring zero. The game never should have seen the need for 11 innings. Fister is terrific. Poor time to be slumping at the bat when our pitchers are giving us games to be won.

If the players win and lose the games, why do they need a manager? Leyland lost another game. His team shows no fire. Boring. I am glad I went to bed after 10 innings.

The good thing I saw was the improved defense to back up the pitcher. I did not see Ramon’s miscue, but Fister (gold glove candidate) Miggy, Omar and Prince, Jhonny have improved their infield defense this year, imo. Prince is much improved at first base compared to last year, imo. They have great pitchers and no-hittters are possible with every pitcher in this group. The screw-up with no outs and bases loaded is a travesty and the lack of clutch hitting.

GREG, we’ll be right behind you on Saturday. Section 43, row 7, seats 5 and 6. You’re below the concourse, we’re above it.
I switched up seats to get shade. Going to be in the 90s.

And again, no Smyly in a game where it looks like multiple innings relief looked obvious. Does Leyland need to give him 4 days rest like a starter?

Rich/Greg. Enjoy your weekends.
Anybody else here given up on reading any articles about Alex Avila and his slump?
We all know what needs to be done for Alex and none of it has anything to do with writing about it.

Yeah, I am tired of hearing about AA. I want to see him break a bat over his knee!

“Which 3 pitching staffs are on pace to surpass the modern era #MLB record for strikeout rate?

“If there’s two outs, that’s a no-brainer,” Leyland said. “Maybe even with one out. But with no outs, I’m sure Tommy would like to have that one back.” But he always backed Lamont

I thought Brookens was playing to the situation of the pitcher up next. Who suspected Fister would be such a big part of our offense last night?

Im a fan of Brookens from the 80´s but as the “rule” goes no first out at home

Tonight’s lineup: Infante 4, Dirks 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Garcia 8, Kelly 9. Scherzer is pitching

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