Putting Tuesday’s 1-0 loss in historical context

Not since Bruce Chen shut down the Tigers at Comerica Park last August 29 had Detroit suffered a 1-0 loss. It was the Tigers’ only 1-0 defeat last year.

Not since Bobby Seay entered a bases-loaded jam in the 12th inning and promptly walked in the winning run had the Tigers suffered a 1-0 loss in extra innings. That was five years ago, on May 26, 2008, at Angel Stadium, squandering seven scoreless innings from Kenny Rogers.

Even then, it was nothing compared to what Rick Porcello gave the Tigers on Tuesday.

A search on baseball-reference.com shows only one other game in modern Tigers history in which a pitcher tossed at least eight scoreless innings with 11 strikeouts or more and didn’t get a win. Earl Wilson tossed nine shutout innings on four hits with 11 strikeouts and ended up with a no-decision in a 10-inning Tigers loss to the Angels on July 6, 1966.


Such a shame to lose that game last night, but what a great job by Ricky – some great pitching and some hits that went right to the right spot. Man, I thought Victor hit that ball out. I was not a fan of bringing Ortega back out for another inning, thought we were pushing our luck but hindsight is what hindsight is and am not pinning it all on that one decision. We had our scoring chances and did not get it done last night. Grilli was pretty pumped up.

Ortega was pitching his second inning. Something never asked to JV an almost never to Dotel or Benoit( he was pulled off with the game still winnable) , because they cant do that.
Dotel key to success last year was JL using him like he must do with Coke and RHB, limiting his exposure to LHB
Putkonem has the stuff to be a good 7 th or even setup guy . They ( him and Ortega)are doing a great job replacing Al2 and Villareal. And probably they will be in better condition when the summer gets hot and the arms begin to weight too much
They are young like the rookie Zumaya who helped the Tigers in 2006 or Smyly who saved the Tigers when the veteran failed badly .
In win mode now, you play your best players not soon to be Old Timers or below average player when you have better material.
If they trade, better do it for the real need: a closer.I dont buy JV comeback.

The irony is Porcello always had great RS , now he is pitching like in 2009, in fact even better, and has no RS.

I didn’t mind Ortega coming back out for the 11th. He made 1 bad pitch. He was throwing strikes and gave up 1 run in 2 innings.

Was the bad pitch a poorly located fastball?? What was work for Rick?? 4 seamer, 2 seamer, curve or change up? Or everything!!!

Ortega is a longish reliever if I’m remembering correctly, so it makes perfect sense to me. Benoit as you remember pitched the day before and didn’t do so well, it makes perfect sense to me that he would only get one inning. It stinks, Rick seems to be on the short end of the run support stick. But that’s he way it goes.

Cheers to everyone that wrote not to trade Ricky last spring. He only gonna get better
as he find himself on the mound. He has not even went into his prime yet.

Good point. He’s got great stuff and last night we saw what happens when he’s got it all working. Those types of performances should increase in the future. The curveball has been the key.

I don’t know. When my tea is in a situation where you need runs are not coming easily you might want to go to your long reliever. Smyly was the forgotten man yesterday.

Smyly was not available. He was getting a second day of rest after throwing 39 pitches Sunday against the Twins.

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When the Tigers’ offense is on…it’s amazing. But when it’s off…everone seems to shut down. Crazy with that many talented hitters they can’t put one run accross the plate. Not that they have the ability to play small ball either…

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