Hunter to miss two games for kids’ graduation

If you’ve been reading the site this season, you hopefully read the Mothers Day package and Torii Hunter’s tribute to his wife and the job she did raising their sons, including Torii Jr. They’re headed off to college, and Torii and his wife will be able to visit Torii Jr. at Notre Dame this fall, which was one reason he signed with Detroit.

Before that, however, comes graduation from high school. That’s this coming weekend, and Torii Hunter plans on being at home in Texas to watch his sons receive their diploma.

“This is just once in a lifetime,” Hunter said. “I hope people forgive me for it.”

Most fathers hopefully will understand.

Hunter plans on heading home after the Tigers’ series in Pittsburgh Wednesday and Thursday. He’ll miss the games Friday and Saturday in Baltimore, then return for Sunday’s series finale against the O’s.

I don’t know of any special list that would allow the Tigers to deactivate Hunter and call up another player for a couple days. Essentially, this would be like a day-to-day injury that costs a player a couple games. The Tigers have survived plenty of those the last few years, and they’ll get through this one, too. You can’t fault the reasoning.


great role model

i agree with boltach. on the pregame show today Mr. Price talked to an older gentleman that called games for the tigers back in the day – he said he missed 2 games in 50 years. one was his daughters wedding, the other his granddaughters wedding. family, man. family.

follow up to my 2E vs Garcia comment from the previous post: 2E since may 11 is 4 hits in 14abs with 6BB and 1RBI. Garcia since May 14 (when he came up) is 6 hits in 23abs with 0 walks and 6RBI.

With little samples both have inverted splits.
I dont buy JL explanation. A player in his last year with the team will have 200 AB that would be better served with 2E or Garcia.

Hunter will do the right thing. Gibson did the opposite, he was managing so he was absent when his son graduated: though love according to him.Probably he was right too.


See Beck’s article from earlier today. It is entitled “Leyland, Tigers Seeing Big Things in Garcia’s Future.” It will clear up the demotion issue as far as Garcia is concerned.

Go. It’s cool

I thought I might never get my two through HS. Damned if anything would have made me miss their graduations. I was hoping to see Torii on Saturday but this is more important.

Venezuelan TV: Miguel Cabrera is 0 for 15 on Mondays this season

Torii may be able to afford to be gone 2 games but I don’t know if the Tigers can afford it. Baltimore is pretty tough. Some guys gotta step up.

Baseball has changed. Some of it for the better; some of it for the worse.
And as in all things baseball, that’s open to personal interpretation. Personally, I’m glad Torii is the way he is.

All games have changed.. instead of making us fit and healthy.. they make good beer gut alternative.🙂

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