Game 48: Could Max Scherzer be an All-Star?

Max Scherzer, All-Star? (AP)

Max Scherzer, All-Star? (AP)

The question came up after Max Scherzer’s latest victory moved his record to 7-0. Jim Leyland wasn’t having anything to do it. He’s the manager for the American League All-Stars this year by virtue of the Tigers’ AL pennant last fall, but the decisions on the pitching staff come down to player voting.

“I can’t control that stuff,” Leyland said. “I’m the manager, but I don’t have much control.”

Usually players don’t vote until late June or early July, so there’s still a long way to go and several starts for Scherzer to make before the All-Star pitching staff gets filled.

Considering how many other pitchers are off to excellent starts, it’s a good thing players don’t have to decide yet.

Scherzer got off to a 6-0 start two years ago, yet was never much of a consideration for the Midsummer Classic. He had a 9-3 record at the end of June, but a 4.47 ERA and more hits allowed than innings pitched. Jeremy Bonderman won his first eight decisions in 2007 and sported an 8-1 record at the end of June, but his 3.90 ERA left him out of much consideration. He was one of the final candidates for the AL Final Vote, but Hideki Okajima won that going away.

Scherzer is one of four AL starters tied with seven wins entering Memorial Day. Only Tampa Bay’s Matt Moore has more. Of those five, however, Scherzer has the highest ERA (3.42). For that matter, four of the five AL pitchers with six wins have better ERAs. Anibal Sanchez has a 5-4 record, but an ERA better than a run lower.

Yet the strength for Scherzer so far is in his secondary numbers: 47 hits allowed over 68 1/3 innings, and a 16:81 walk-to-strikeout ratio. His .195 average allowed ranks sixth among AL starters, while his 0.92 WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched) ranks third. His 10.67 strikeouts per nine innings comprise a ratio good for fourth in the league, while he ranks fifth with 6.19 hits per nine innings.

The secondary numbers have a lot of similar names. Yu Darvish is in the group. So is White Sox lefty Chris Sale. So are Moore and Hisashi Iwakuma.

That’s one way of thinking. Here’s another: As good as the Tigers rotation has been this season, one of them should be expected to make the All-Star team. The question is which Tigers starter.

Despite four consecutive selections to the Midsummer Classic, it’s no longer an automatic that Justin Verlander is an All-Star — not based on his statistics so far this year, maybe not given what happened with Verlander’s start in last year’s All-Star Game, and especially not given the depth now in the Tigers rotation. Sanchez is making a very good case alongside Scherzer.

The Tigers had two starters on the 2009 All-Star team. haven’t had more than one starting pitcher on the All-Star team during this run of excellence, not even with Verlander and Kenny Rogers were doing so well in 2006 (Rogers made the team and got the start). Other teams have put two starters on, including the Angels (Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson), White Sox (Sale, Jake Peavy) and Rangers (Darvish, Matt Harrison) last year.

To answer the question, yes, Max Scherzer could be an All-Star, and Sunday’s performance certainly helps. Still, he has a long way to go, and not the easiest route for it.

Play of the game: The beauty in Avisail Garcia’s bases-clearing, pinch-hit triple was two-fold. First, he batted lefty Caleb Thielbar for seven pitches. Second, he reached down and got a 72 mph breaking ball for the pitch he could hit into the gap. Essentially, that ended the game right there, and everyone knew it. Leyland was going to send Scherzer back out to begin the seventh until that change and that hit, then he went to his bullpen instead.

Out of the game: Scherzer had a run in, runners at the corners and two out in the fifth inning against Justin Morneau, 5-for-13 with three home runs off Scherzer entering the game. Scherzer, however, had a curveball.

“I thought today was another test with it,” Scherzer said. “I’d faced Minnesota a few starts ago and really pitched with it well then, so obviously they knew about it coming into today’s start. And to still have success with that pitch against that lineup, it shows that pitch is very good, that it really is what I think it is. It’s a change of pace pitch and just gives me another pitch to throw against lefties. And that makes me a better pitcher.”

Scherzer mixed fastballs with a changeup, then threw Morneau a 2-2 curve. Morneau hit it to Torii Hunter for the out.

Strategy: Casey Fien’s walk to Omar Infante to load the bases in the sixth inning left Ron Gardenhire with a decision whether to have Fien face Don Kelly or bring in lefty Caleb Thielbar to face Avisail Garcia. He chose the latter, opting to put pressure on the rookie rather than play the numbers with the veteran. Leyland said he was not surprised by the move.

One thing to keep in mind about a decision like that is that it’s not just about the hitter, but the pitcher. Fien just entered the game and walked Infante on five pitches, and kept missing the outside corner. If Gardenhire couldn’t trust his reliever to throw strikes with the bases loaded, then Garcia wasn’t his biggest problem.

Line of the night: Prince Fielder is now 6-for-6 with eight RBIs over the last six games when he comes to bat following a walk to Miguel Cabrera, intentional or otherwise.

Stat of the night: Alex Avila’s blooper to left was not only his first run-scoring hit since May 10, but just his second hit of any kind in that span.

Print it: “Joe West was joking with me asking me if I wanted to get the ball, keep it as a souvenir.” — Alex Avila on his sixth-inning RBI single, a blooper into short left field.


When there are complaints about Kelly getting starts, the flexibility it gives Jim with his bench should be kept in mind.

And now comes Rivalry Week! That’s right, fans, a four game home and home interleague series pitting rival on rival.
The Red Sox go head to head with the Phillies, hoping against hope to once and for all destroy the ghost of Grover Cleveland Alexander, a desire that dates back to 1915.
From the upper midwest, it’s the Milwaukee Brewers against the Minnesota Twins, in a battle for supremacy over which team has the best “M” logo, despite the fact that the Twins have a “TC” logo.
Our own Tigers go up against the hated Pittsburgh Pirates, continuing the never ending battle between these two teams as they answer the burning question “Why do we play THEM all the time?”
The Colorado Rockies battle the Houston Astros juggernaut in their quest to prove…..something or other.
Rounding out this week of Must See TV, the Rangers go up against their in-state rival, the Houston Astros………wait a minute, they’re in the same league now. Okay….the Rangers go smack up against the Arizona Diamondbacks, finally putting to rest the debate over which state has the best border patrol.
It’s Rivalry Week, that special time of year when we all throw darts at our portraits of Bud Selig that hang in our dens (admit it, you have one).
Coming soon, how did the MVP and Triple Crown winner fail to win a starting position on the All Star team?!?


Hey, Rich we harken back to the days of 1909 when Ty Cobb, Wahoo Crawford, and Bobby Veach were patrolling the OF for the Tigers. The series is all tied and the evil Pirates are pitching Babe who?? Why Babe Adams their rookie pitcher. Pirates win 4 games to 3. Ty never sees the World Series again. But Henry Ford continues to build those automobiles and Detroit continues to prosper. Not until the middle of a depression will the Tigers be kings again in 34 and 35.

He hit .298 in April and went 0-22 in early May. First impressions were not good last season. Beltre just a little bit better at that time. End of the season. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet Miguel has a picture of him somewhere and probably shoots it!!!!!!!!!! No darts.

Didn’t both JV and Edwin Jackson make the 2010 All-Star team?, along with Papa.

You’re right. It was 2009. My apologies.

2009 .Jackson and Verlander.Starters

Sanchez ERA is the 10th in MLB and fourth in the AL making his a better candidate. Two of his games are among the top 10 performances for the year.
But the Cy predictor ESPN has Scherzer 4th for the Cy Young.

Why do we play THEM all the time? we need to amend the lost WS in 1909 after being up 3-1

Against Liriano: 2E, Garcia and Peña?

Alex 4 for 8. Peña 4 for 13. Santiago 3 for 10 . Infante 1 for 9. 2E 0 for 5 and Garcia 0 for 1 in 3 AB.
Current Tigers vs him:299/866

2E vs RHP/LH:353/333
Garcia: 500/231
Little samples for both

“I kind of rushed a little bit and ended up trying to get some quick outs, because I knew (the rain) was coming,” “Made some bad pitches, got hurt.”
Did the pitching coach went to the mound to slow him down?

Lineup: Infante 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Tuiasosopo 7, Pena 2, Garcia 8. Verlander is starting.

Okay, you guys are answering rhetorical questions from a tongue in cheek post, but the thing is, do you think the players themselves know anything about the 1909 WS? The rivalry aspect takes a hit when we consider these things. How many true interleague rivalries are there, about two?

Not many. But a few more than two. Yanks-Mets, Cubs- White Sox, Cards-Royals Battle in Missouri, Reds-Indians Battle for Ohio. Tigers-Pirates is a stretch and may have more to do with our manager’s winter home!! Could be exciting if we traded manager’s at the end of the series!!!!

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