Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

A night off for Torii Hunter means a night in the lineup for Avisail Garcia against a right-handed pitcher, Samuel Deduno. Don Kelly starts in center, with Garcia in right.

Deduno has pitched effectively against the Tigers, and he has pitched colossally bad, like someone averse to the strike zone. The trouble for the Twins tonight is that their bullpen has logged a lot of innings lately. If the Tigers wait out Deduno and try to run up his pitch count, and he can’t throw strikes, it could put the Twins in a really bad spot, not just for tonight but for Saturday afternoon.

As for the Tigers bullpen, the one guy on break tonight is Jose Valverde, who finished out the last three games. Joaquin Benoit will get the save opportunity if there is one. What happens against right-handed batters leading up to the ninth could be more interesting, with Leyland potentially mixing Jose Ortega and Luke Putkonen. It could also end up being a night when Anibal Sanchez gets a bigger pitch count.

The one Tiger with good numbers off Deduno is leadoff man Andy Dirks. Still, it’s tough to go against Cabrera in’s Beat the Streak game, even though you know his run will end for a night at some point.

You can follow the game online via Gameday, watch online through MLB.TV or listen on Gameday Audio. Locally, you can watch on Fox Sports Detroit and listen on 97.1 FM AM 1270.


  1. Andy Dirks, LF (3-for-6 off Deduno)
  2. Omar Infante, 2B (1-for-4 off Deduno)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-5, walk, K off Deduno)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (1-for-3, 2 walks, K off Deduno)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-3, 2 walks, K off Deduno)
  7. Alex Avila, C (1-for-4, walk, K off Deduno)
  8. Don Kelly, CF
  9. Avisail Garcia, RF

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Jamey Carroll, 3B (3-for-9, 2 K’s off Sanchez)
  2. Joe Mauer, C (4-for-8, walk, K off Sanchez)
  3. Josh Willingham, DH (2-for-12, 8 walks, 5 K’s off Sanchez)
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B (3-for-10, walk off Sanchez)
  5. Oswaldo Arcia, LF (0-for-3, K off Sanchez)
  6. Chris Parmelee, RF (1-for-8, 3 K’s off Sanchez)
  7. Eduardo Escobar, SS
  8. Aaron Hicks, CF (0-for-4, walk, 2 K’s off Sanchez)
  9. Brian Dozier, 2B (0-for-5, 2 K’s off Sanchez)

P: Samuel Deduno


lol – too much time on his hands!!

Jim leyland was just on the radio on the jim leyland show explaining why he chose to sac bunt instead of let tori swing.

Don Kelly, the 25th man on the Tigers roster, seems like a good guy. But I am confused by JL’s use of him. Tonight marked Kelly’s 16th start in 46 games. To me, that is way too much exposure for a marginal player who seems better suited as a late inning defensive replacement, or as a pinch runner, or even as a replacement to protect a starter in a blowout. After all,Kelly is hitting .194 with only 1 HR and 4 RBIs coming off a year when he went.186 with 1 hr and 7 RBIs.

I’m sorry Don Kelly. I’m glad to be wrong when you go yard and drive another in.

Still 2E hits better against RHP

Who knows maybe those extra at bats are gonna pay off. Maybe jim leyland does know what hes doing.

ElTigre, I agree and still think Kelly is being used beyond his capabilities. One AB doesn’t change his track record. But it’s still nice to see Kelly and the Tigers succeed in this instance.

No i do agree that 2e should be out there a lil more and have kelly as his defensive replacement late. Or even garcia out there more now that hes up.

While using a Tiger uniform I want all them to succeed

Exactly el tigre!

Sanchez has been magnificent thru 8. Great location, sweet slider, nasty splitter.

Hold on. Some tuff guys comin’.

Well, incredible job. Now working on his 3rd career 1-hitter.

Great game by sanchez. What a gem. Totally worth every penny in his contract. I knew he was a decent pitcher but i had no idea how good he actually was. And hes young too. Looking forward to many more starts by him. Damn you joe mauer. Now hopefully the rest of the rotation can feed off of this and get back to dominating the league like we all know they can. Go tigers!

So close, so far

And he struck out the side!

One no hit , 3 one hitters.

I think mario said this was his 5th game allowing 1 hit or less so with the one no hitter this would be his 4th 1 hitter.

True . Iott tweeted the same

MLB sez the same. The FSNO guy sez 3 1-hitters and 1 no-hitter. The vote looks favorable for the 4th 1-hitter at this time.

Leave it to the cleveland guys to get it wrong. Lol.

Whose my Tiger? Anibal Sanchez!!!!!!!!!!1

Well played, MAUER. I swear I would have walked him. I would have given him nothing to hit. Other than Carroll, that’s the only guy that could have busted it up. Oh well.

I said the same thing as others when Mauer got that hit. So close!!!! Still, he was masterful tonight and gave the fans an unforgettable memory.

Thats funny cuz i was kinda hoping he would walk him too. Lol.

Second try with the Tigers, the next time will ends it

According to gameday, he used 6 different pitches.

Second game in 2 years I’ve been to that our pitcher took on to 8 1/3…….
I wanted to say this earlier but cell service in the stadium was difficult tonight. But Kelly is getting more time because he is way better defensively than any other option while Austin is out and it’s a difficult Centerfield.

I was at the game against the astros when sanchez had 17 strikeouts. That was pretty cool. Had good seats too. Was a fun one to watch. I didnt wana leave my seat. They were swinging and missing at everything that night.

I was there too….that was super exciting!

Cool i wonder if we seen each other. Lol. I sat behind the visitor dugout bout 10 rows up. I usually sit on the 1st base side. That was actually my 1st time sitting on that side.

Oops not the astros. I meant to say against the braves. Thats even more impressive

Unless Cleveland puts together some kind of comback tonight, we’re back in first place. We’ve had our west coast trip and the 4-gamer in Texas. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve seen so far this season. Couldn’t say that most of last year.

Not surprised at all by Sanchez. His stuff is that good. Was opposed to the signing in the off season. I will gladly eat crow on that for the year. You could sense no hitter as early as the fourth. It’s getting to be a normal occurrence with our rotation. Looking for a sweep against the Twins, even knowing that we couldn’t sweep Houston. Three things tonight:
1. The continued good job from Dirks in the lead off position. Andy’s making good contact, and getting on base like a lead off guy should be doing.
2. Though Alex can’t hit, he sure can guide a pitcher through a dominant performance. Most pitchers who are in the running for a no hitter always tend to give due credit to their catcher.
3. Donny’s HR for add on runs in the later innings. As I posted last night, he always makes a positive contribution in every game he plays.
Kudos to Miggy, Jhonny, and Omar. Game ball goes to Mr. Sanchez. On to Saturday. Good night all!

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