Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

It’s the standard anti-lefty lineup for the Tigers, which means a second consecutive night off for Alex Avila. Brayan Pena actually has fared worse against Scott Diamond (0-for-5 with three strikeouts) than Avila (1-for-3, two strikeouts) has, but it’s a very small sample size. Interesting that a fair number of Detroit’s right-handed hitters haven’t hit Diamond well at all.

One guy who has fared well is Miguel Cabrera, 8-for-16 against him. If he homers tonight, he’ll tie his career-best streak of four consecutive games with a home run, set back in 2004 with the Marlins. If you’re playing Beat the Streak, it’s tough not to pick him between the matchups and the way he’s going.

You can follow the game online via Gameday, watch online through MLB.TV or listen on Gameday Audio. Locally, you can watch on Fox Sports Detroit and listen on 97.1 FM AM 1270.

As for the weather forecast … well, considering how off it was last night, let’s just not even get into it.


  1. Omar Infante, 2B (2-for-7, HR off Scott Diamond)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (1-for-6, 2 K’s off Diamond)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (8-for-16, HR, 2 K’s off Diamond)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (1-for-11, walk, 4 K’s off Diamond)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-8 off Diamond)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (3-for-15, 2 walks, K off Diamond)
  7. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF (0-for-2 off Diamond)
  8. Brayan Pena, C (0-for-5, 3 K’s off Diamond)
  9. Avisail Garcia, CF (1-for-5, walk, K off Diamond)

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jamey Carroll, 3B (7-for-19, walk against Rick Porcello)
  2. Joe Mauer, C (7-for-27, 3 walks, 2 K’s against Porcello)
  3. Josh Willingham, LF (6-for-10, HR, 4 walks, K against Porcello)
  4. Justin Morneau, DH (6-for-26, HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s against Porcello)
  5. Ryan Doumit, RF (4-for-10, walk, K against Porcello)
  6. Chris Parmelee, 1B (0-for-2, K against Porcello)
  7. Brian Dozier, 2B (3-for-5, HR against Porcello)
  8. Aaron Hicks, CF (0-for-3 against Porcello)
  9. Pedro Florimon Jr., SS (0-for-2 against Porcello)

P: Scott Diamond


I think we’ll get this one in – rain will be leaving the area 7-8pm

Disappointing news on AJax, hamstrings are so tricky and can’t be rushed.


8:05, first pitch

Some of you know I was lucky enough to be in the clubhouse when Phil Garner was the manager as I am in the food business and a business associate, Roger McKinney, was Phil’s roommate at Tennessee (football). I also met Ernie. They were just talking to Miguel about what they do during a rain delay. The twins have lost 8 in a row? How about 12 in a row! Go Tigers!

Sounds good to me.

Nice job porcello.

No, I didn’t know. Cool!!!!

Oh cabby you are a god among men. What a beaat.

I feel sorry for porcello. Everytime he gets screwed somehow. He gives up all thesr ground balls and there getting doubles and taking 2 bases or bad defense. Its always something and alls hes doing is what hes paid to do and thats get ground balls. I guess that shows how important it is to have a legitamite strikeout pitch

Porcello does not fit this team, pitching for contact kills without D

Feeling sorry for him when he puts it on a tee for Willingham. The starting pitchers lately except for an occasional good outing has been unacceptable and way sucky!

Ya i guess i spoke to soon on that one. Your right tho. He needs a team with better range behind him

I read the first sentence of your comment and knew it was you! Then I looked for initials and/or name, and, I was right. I don’t feel sorry him.

Although I do agree that he would benefit from a better defense

It just seem like when he gets in a hole its more because of not good defense then he gets buried and all of a sudden when the runners are on base thats when he gives up doubles/hr etc. He doesnt pitch well when theres runners on and hes pitching out of the stretch and that eventually leads to a bad day at the office.

And then theres times where he just doesnt have it

Porcello has a high leg kick. With runners on, he doesn’t often use a slide-step. Instead, he seems to rush the ball up to the plate, which results in a loss of control inside and outside of the zone. An example would be that fastball/sinker he served up to Willingham, which was a strike but not where he wanted it.

Ah i see. Well i knew something wasnt right when runners were on. I assumed it was that. Thanks for clearing it up

Peralta has been brutal out there so far in this game.

Ugh…..gonna watch some Red Wings!

U might wana go back to the tigers

Well, Porcello battled it out without his good stuff, but Peralta, Joe West and a 3-run homer did him in. A lot of extra pitches because of the Jhonny and Joe show.
Team’s a little slow tonight.

Day and night with Porcello. Beat Texas 2-1 with their hitting but gives up 5 against a team with 8 losses in a row? His run support in the last 2 games has been just 2. That doesn’t help along with the poor D.

Garcia set this

Does Miggy look okay to you?

He looked like his hand was bothering yesterday. But he just looks pissed off too!

Lack of playing time cooled him off. But after being 0-2 he went on base and scored

Sorry, I need glasses, I read Miggy Jr

I like that answer gk. Lol. Ever since the end of that 3rd game in texas you could just tell he was about to do damage

We will take it. Now cmon prince. No pop ups and no strikeouts

Haven’t watched every last second, but hasn’t Prince popped out three times now? Honestly…..he was money the first month he’s been ugh…mostly the last three weeks or so.
Like I said I haven’t watched every second of his, kinda going between wings and this. But would I be complaining about what an idiot the umpire is? Is is just bad or unequal?

It’s Joe West. Enough said.
— Bob

Yes thats his 3rd pop up in a row. I agree. We want the prince from april. At one point he had 3 more hr then cabby and was equal in rbis.

Fien splits are inverted. Garcia was a better option

I was wondering that myself.

Someone is yelling something about “charlie” all throughout this game. Totally obnoxious.

There still yelling charlie. Wth!

I’m glad somebody heard him besides me. I thought he’d never shut up, but maybe Charlie helped the Tigers win the game.

How did tori miss that one

Pulling a Grilli?

Wow go wings. Very impressive.

I see ya big fella. Lol. Cmon tigers!

He is back

We got ourselves a ball game. Good job tigers.

I was thinking whe 2e got hit by the pitch they would screw it up with grounding into a double play……no they just offer up whimsy pop ups. But still great to get back into the game.

Go Wings.

I thought the same thing. Good call by country joe finally.

I was also a lil dissappointed that 2e didnt get a chance to hit there. I think he could of done some damage with runners on 2nd and 3rd

Yes i love it. Even tho the 2nd baseman gave him a gift we will take it

Well this will be a big test for valverde. The big 3 for minnesota coming up.

Still, bad call bunting there

That is not managing to win the game

I think he just wanted a runner in scoring position for the big boys. Didnt wana risk a dp. Although i wouldnt have minded seeing him swing.

Terrific game!!!!

Dance PAPA!

Really nice outing by Valverde……..especially Willinghams ab.

Dance valverde dance!! Great comeback win for the tigers! .

We tigers fans havent seen many comeback wins in awhile so its good to see.

Hope VMart is OK.
Pretty important win today for the club.

Me too. Hes finally back to himself. And hes been wearing out alot of pitchers with long at bats even when he doesnt get a hit.

big win today – we hung in there. i just hope tomorrow’s starter can hang in there for a quality start!

What a nice come from behind W for the good guys. Sorry Hawk. I’m still amazed how some pitchers totally tie us up. Diamond is decent, but he becomes Koufax against us. Never fully understood it, but we struggle more against wannabees than against the cream of he crop. It as critical to maintain with Cleveland. They’ve got to hit a low streak soon. Kudos to Omar, Miggy, Biggy, Victor, and Jhonny(offensively).
Hats off to JVV also. I will give the devil his due. Three good things to like about the game tonight:
1. Every starter had at least one hit. So on the comeback trail, we didn’t have to depend solely on Miggy.
2. We didn’t quit tonight; kept grinding away to make 6-3 deficit a one run win. There were contributions from everyone. BP kept add on damage to a minimal level.
3. The fact that Biggy on two different occasions tonight, came through with big RBI’s after Miggy was intentionally walked twice.

Again, aren’t you truly amazed by Miggy? Just pure raw, God-given talent bestowed upon a young man who gets joy from playing this game. Good night all.

Very well said. And i know what you mean about us and wannabees. It drives me crazy sometimes.

Oh and yes. Miggy is on another planet. So glad hes on our team. Best trade in the history of the tigers.

I want to personally thank brian dozier for helping us win this game tonight. Lol. Thanks for listening to all my chatter throughout the game tonight people. I work alot so i dont get many chances to just sit and watch the game and make random comments. It was fun. Good night all. GO TIGERS AND WINGS!!

Man, nothing beats a late innings comeback win against a league rival to boot.

I also thought it strange for Torii to bunt with Miggy surely being walked.
JL has been criticized for pulling relievers too soon but I liked going with Benoit in the 8th making a statement we are going to win this over the next 2 innings.

Lost my internet from the storm here and now it’s late.
I’ve wanted Jim to bunt the runner over in that situation forever. I hate that “take the bat out of his hands” stuff. That’s what Prince is for, and in 2011, Victor. Get the guy in scoring position and don’t worry about Miggy being put on base. More runs to drive in for the others.
Jim……… starting to think like me? After eight years? Really?

Dave B thinks your position is “dumb.” Given the circumstances the Tigers faced tonight, I guess Dave B can count me as “dumb” as you and JL because I was definitely on your strategy page.

Truthfully, I think Dave B’s position on the bunt may well be held by the majority of folks I have read on the subject.

Torii is hitting .366/.424 with runners on and has ground into a double play twice in 182 AB’s (1.1%), the low number no doubt helped by always having either Ajax, Dirks or Omar as in this case ahead on first.
There is currently no stat for Prince hitting after Miggs is intentionally walked, though it sure has been interesting lately and fun to watch.
Prince is however only hitting .294 with RISP and Victor .245, both significantly lower than Torii with minimal risk of the DP the only downside.
Plain dumb to give the likely out.

I think that the tigers should put together a trade offer for evan gattis of the braves. He is a beast with the bat and could starf in lect field. Dirks could be the fourth outfielder. if Avila became hurt for an extended period gattis is a great replacement. How could you pitch around the lineup with Gattis in it. the mere thought of it gives me goosebumps. And he might be available since Atlanta has no spot for him to play. He would definitely help the club win.

I saw him here. He and Mejias( the MVP, followed by Gattis) also with the Braves combined for 30 HR. 15 a piece, the record here is 20.( Cecil Fielder hit 19.) But playing in Maracaibo is like having 70 playing in SD. He played in the OF and DH here not as catcher following Braves instructions, he is still learning to play being reliable there with a great arm.
But the Tigers dont need another OF, they have plenty

is gattis the catcher they wanted to let go? or G cash$?

They want him as LF. I guess they did not expected to be that good but his hard work here was not wasted

still so very little discussion about miggy’s hand!

Jammed pinky on ground ball in CLE. Cold bothered it today. RT @JoeBeernink: @beckjason Is there something wrong with Cabreras right hand? 7 hours ago
Someone mentioned in the post about the (Ra)Bourn HR that he launched it one handed

yea – me. So how bad is it – does he need DH time against the Twins or a day off before june 3rd (next day off)? or is it just something he’ll have to play through?

Oh my god………..I’m dvr’d the game and went back and watched it since I watched more hockey last night. That idiot women and her pal Charlie yelling the whole game. Somebody needed to go shut her up. Drunk idiots.

Random thoughts: Josh Willingham and Luke Scott, separated a birth? Both completely destroy Tigers pitching.
Comeback wins are great, especially after rain delays and the 1st game after a road trip. Pretty gritty (almost as gritty as the WINGS!)
For all of us (myself included) ready to run off players, look no further than Jason Grilli. Beat up terribly by Tigers fans. Now killing it in Pittsburgh.

So if I read the box score right the game was 3 1/2 hours long? Richard wrote “Dance PAPA” at 11:39 pm. Got up too early to stay up that late. Jhonny is really hitting the ball and so is Omar. Great win, poor Twinkies! Go Tigers!

Just saw Prince’s “infield hit” on facebook. Also, Ty Tyson, the Tigers radio announcer from 1927, was Ernie’s guest in 1965. I get some great Tiger info on facebook!

Cabrera jammed his finger Wednesday night. I first saw him shaking it during an AB but don’t know if that’s when it occurred. Later, the cameras showed him being taped up by the trainers and seemingly overacting the pain, as everyone was laughing. Then he shook his hand throughout the game and made a big celebration out of his one-handed homer. I don’t recall if Rod and Mario mentioned any of this at all, but it was all on camera.
Doesn’t seem to affect his throwing.

oh yeah i remember him acting like it really hurt and then laughing while the trainer was tending to it….good memory rich!

My position on Hunter’s bunt was that it was a situational decision for this particular game and situation, rather than a hard and fast rule. If you do the same thing everytime, it’s rigid thinking which is something many people accuse Jim of. The overall stats can be overridden by a specific situation. Having watched every pitch of the game as usual, I felt the bunt was in order at that point.

And the fact that Biggy had an RBI hit the previous 4 times Miggy was walked didn’t hurt.

Back to the bunt. I generally disdain it because it often means giving away outs and they are very valuable. However, I thought it was a good move last night for all the previously noted reasons. My major concern about it’s application at the time was Fielder’s tendency to hit into DPs as well as the fact Kelly would have been on the hotseat had Fielder made a single out. And I don’t trust Kelly nearly as much as V-Mart in that situation. Anyway, “Get’em on, get’em over, get’em in” worked out just fine. Also, Torii proved his ability to lay the ball down, which was recently the hot topic.

Eighth inning of a tie ball game at home. Perfect time for the sacrifice bunt for us. Absolutely. No doubt about it. It was not an ideal set up as perhaps our best bunter was the runner on first base!!

Good points about the bunt. The pros outweigh the cons IMO. Most important the go-ahead run gets in scoring position. Supporting that you now put pressure on the infield to make a good play. If they walk Cabby they set up a potentially huge inning putting an extra runner on base and still with a RISP even though a DP situation.
You have to like the idea of your cleanup hitter coming up and battling out of bit of a slump. As Rich also said, it is also a good idea to avoid being inflexible in those situations and be willing to adjust your management style and tendencies. A little less of the SOC in that position took some creativity and neck stretching for JL. Good on him. I prefer to see him engaged in the game rather than an “innocent bystander”.

don’t all surf over to the stats pages at once, but Jose and Joakim have really been putting up solid numbers recently.
I heard a rumor that Dotel is starting to get back into form? He was at the Tigers’ spring training complex thursday…..
ALBQ a different story however, as he pitched last night and gave up a HR and a walk in 1.2IP (with 1 SO).
B Real hadn’t walked a guy in two starts until last night he walked 2 guys in 1IP.

For the stats guys, here is an interesting article on the bunt question and pitching to Cabrera:

In a nutshell, after Cabrera is intentionally walked, Fielder is 8-16 overall, and 3-4 this season.

The mistake that Gardy made was not walking Fielder as well. Who was it that did that earlier this year? It was to face Kelly as well.

It was tampa bay

but if they walk Fielder, it puts the winning run on 3rd with 1 out. WIth 2 outs maybe….

“Alineación de hoy vs. MIN: Dirks 7, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Kelly 8, Garcia 9. Sanchez comienza.”


De nada

Cabrera is simply amazing. For May 10 homers 27 runs batted in .427 ave.. On 5/13, he went 0 for 4. Before that he had hit in 10 straight May games and after that he has hit in 9 straight games. Last 0 for 4 before that was 4/13. The man can not get lucky on the 13th. Is he locked in?? Last four games 6 homers 13 rbis and a .600 ave!!!!

earlier this season Jim Price kept saying he wasn’t locked in yet…..

The 13th of the month he can’t get a hit…..spooky!!!!???!!! Weird coincidence.

MLB stats. The Detoit Tigers have a team batting average of .285 which is first in MLB and have four starters in the top 25 in batting average. Cabrera (.391) , Peralta (.323), Infante (.323) and newcomer Hunter (.313). We have two new bench players, Matt Tuiasosopo ,340 and Brayan Pena .300. Our first three guys under .300 are Prince Fielder, Austin Jackson and Andy Dirks. All three of them batted over .300 last season!!! It’s been a struggle for V-Mart this season but he is third on the team in rbis and is a CAREER .300 hitter. Now true the way baseball works most of these players hitting .300 will taper off and some could end up below .250. However, the potential to stay first overall as a team remains strong. Go Tigers!!!

With an uplifting DOK comment – I am going up north for the weekend. I’m hoping for 2 of the 3 remaining games. I hope everyone around these parts has a good and safe weekend – go tigers!

vs RHP:
Tuiasosopo: 353
Kelly: 152

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