Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

The reverse splits that Corey Kluber had going into last night’s start (splits that largely didn’t hold true, unless one counts Cabrera) are nowhere to be found with Ubaldo Jimenez. He’s holding right-handed hitters to a .175 average (10-for-57) this season, compared with a .256 average (23-for-90) for left-handed batters. The big hope for right-handers is the walk total, 12 out of 71 plate appearances. With the at-bats that Tigers hitters have been putting together recently, that could be a factor, but Jim Leyland is going to his left-handed hitters for this one where he can — except one.

Alex Avila, 1-for-21 in his last seven games, gets the night off with Justin Verlander on the mound. Brayan Pena, a switch-hitter who normally gets against lefties, is behind the plate for Verlander for the fourth time this season.

Not a whole lot of good numbers by Tigers off Jimenez. Miguel Cabrera’s 13-for-38 includes a 10-for-30 clip since Jimenez jumped to the American League. Fielder, despite the lefty strength, went 4-for-16 against him last year before doubling off him in Detroit a few weeks ago. I went with Cabrera in Beat the Streak, for what it’s worth.

You can follow the game online via Gameday, watch online through MLB.TV or listen on Gameday Audio. Locally, you can watch on Fox Sports Detroit and listen on 97.1 FM.

The Indians, meanwhile, present us with our first matchup between Verlander and former Tiger Ryan Raburn. Michael Brantley, 11-for-26 lifetime against Verlander, is batting cleanup.


  1. Andy Dirks, LF (4-for-24, 5 K’s off Jimenez)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (2-for-13, 2 K’s off Jimenez)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (13-for-38, HR, 6 walks, 6 K’s off Jimenez)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (10-for-35, 6 walks, 7 K’s off Jimenez)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (6-for-18, 2 HR, 1 walk, 2 K’s off Jimenez)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (7-for-23, HR, 4 walks, 2 K’s off Jimenez)
  7. Brayan Pena, C (4-for-5 off Jimenez)
  8. Don Kelly, CF (2-for-11, walk, K off Jimenez)
  9. Omar Infante, 2B (3-for-14, 3 K’s off Jimenez)

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Michael Bourn, CF (2-for-5 off Verlander)
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B (2-for-12, 4 walks, 4 K’s off Verlander)
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS (8-for-47, 4 walks, 19 K’s off Verlander)
  4. Michael Brantley, LF (11-for-26, 3 walks, 3 K’s off Verlander)
  5. Carlos Santana, 1B (4-for-20, 2 HR, 4 walks, 4 K’s off Verlander)
  6. Jason Giambi, DH (4-for-17, 2 HR, 2 walks, 9 K’s off Verlander)
  7. Michael Reynolds, 3B (3-for-15, HR, 9 K’s off Verlander)
  8. Ryan Raburn, RF
  9. Yan Gomes, C

P: Ubaldo Jimenez


Dear Justin,
Don’t mess around with Kipnis -> give him garbage and challenge Cabrera. You own him anyhow and frankly Brantley isn’t particularly on fire.

(brantley – in case cabrera does get a hit)

someone recently asked about the Nats and what is going on with them. Well it can’t be good when your closer is critiquing your outfielders, right? lol “Washington Nationals closer Rafael Soriano questioned Bryce Harper’s defensive positioning on Tuesday, saying that the star right fielder should have been in a better position to make a game-saving catch against the San Francisco Giants.” – ESPN

They have since kissed and made up.

You quoted him saying he was scared of the wall but last week, he said he would keep playing the same even if he died playing hard ( after crashing with the wall).

Adam Kilgore, Washington Post:
“I don’t want to hit the frickin’ wall full-on,” Harper said. “Of course that crosses your mind after you jam into a wall. It doesn’t really feel very good. It [stinks] that I couldn’t make the play. I totally put that loss on me.”
Reminds me of that “I’m Only Human” song. Harper’s intitial response to the wall collision was bravado. Obviously a collision like that sticks in a person’s head.
The bottom line is the Nationals have been struggling and the media played it up a smidge. That stuff usually doesn’t get out (see Dotel, Octavio).

Thanks. The first time he remind me of Griffey. He injured himself against the wall and in his comeback, he did the same again and ended injured . I guess the team like him better avoiding the wall

well that’s good, rich. Hey I just noticed the Twins have been doing poooopy lately, and we get to play a 4 game series against them this weekend. Furthermore, Cleveland goes on to play Boston – who have played well this year.

The schedule. Follow the schedule. Play your games. Win as many as you can.

Pena has a good small sample going there.

The thing is, the Tigers will finish in the neighborhood of 90 wins. The other Central teams have to beat that.

Umpires and Rules:
Interesting development in the Arizona Colorado game today. A guy (Fowler I think) hit a long drive down the RF line, close to being a homer but not that close. It seems as though the umps went off the field to review. But they were determining foul or fair,not HR. They ruled it foul.
Is this technically a reviewable play or did the umps make a big mistake?
I wonder if we will hear more of this.

It was also interesting because the announcers acted completely like it was a reviewable play. There was no contention that I could spot. I admit I was only half watching but you think the announcers would have been aware enough of that ruling to discuss it.

A ya! I only thought they ruled fair or foul on a home run. Sounds like they may of screwed up big time or blatantly disregarded the rules.

As we say here: made the rule, made the loophole

Really interested to see what JV does today?

The Ajax relatively minor injury is a blessing in disguise both for timing and showing management a fit Andy can play everyday.

Tough luck out for Prince and the Tigers in the 1st inning.

Thats good we gave verlander a little lead before he even stepped on the mound. That should relax him a lil bit and take a lil pressure off him. I know hes verlander but he is human after all.

Come on tori what the heck was that. It doesnt seem like hes giving it 100 percent. And did anyone happen to notice on that sac fly it didnt seem like he was running full speed and he almost got gunned down by raburn.

He is making mistakes running and fielding. That two year contract is beginning to look bad

And he has lost some speed and has yet to hit with much power.

Well 1st part of first inning JV okay struck them out albeit a generous strike zone. But after that well it looked not too good, some hard hit balls. Lets see how the 2 inning goes. Because if it looks like the 1st well not thinking problems are over.

Raburn looks surprisingly good in the outfield. First, a good throw to the plate and then a nice basket catch in the corner.

Raburn´s arm was never in doubt, he has a cannon. The problem for him was reaching the ball and keep it on the glove

Torii needs a day off.

Wow Torri how can I defend that? But to be fair Velander is pretty much sucking it up again. Everything is being hit very hard.

Ok its official. Tori is out to lunch. And that should of been an error. He needs to take a lesson from dirks right there.

“out to lunch” is right!

The Garcia´s hot bat before going to the bench is ready. Time to play him in RF

Nice catch by Dirks and another very very hard hit ball. Call me officially worried.

My personal goal for JV’s first inning = no runs allowed and less than 20 pitches. So much for that. Clunk!

2-2 game. Needed more runs in the first inning for the Tigers.

Need Justin Verlander to something right.

Well hopefully verlander figures it out real quick or we could be in for another long night. Im holding out hope tho. He has always been a pitcher who gets a better feel the furtger into the game he goes. So im hanging on tight to that notion.

Hes obviously prolly not gonna go deep into the game but as long as he can go 5 or even 6 if were lucky and not give up more than 3 or 4 tops. I think we ll b alright

Well, I’m officially worried.

lost his mojo.

God I hope you are right. ….I can hardly believe what I’m seeing now 3 games in row.

Well I suppose he got out of it with minimal damage, but hes not right.

Some D would help him

2 innings and nearly 60 pitches. I hate to say it but………………..

Since the Indians can swing it and JV looks to be less than his dominating self, the Tigers need to take advantage of scoring opportunities when they are present. I doubt the Tigers can win tonight if they leave 18 on base as they did yesterday.

At least his command isnt as bad as it was the last game. Hes almost there. I think he still has a chance for tonight. Good were scoring runs. Well the offense is definately giving him the opportunities.

Well Justin has a nice little cushion…lets see what he can do with it.

There he is. Verlander welcome to the game. Glad your finally here. Dont ever leave us like that again.

That was betterJV

Nighty night raburn

How can the official not give Torii an error? Is JV throwing many first pitch strikes? Fun to watch those doubles by the Tigers to drive in runs. Victor, Pro hitter, 2 sac flies. Richard, I think it was 9 lob but yes, they need to score more runs.

I don’t know how they couldn’t give him an error…homer call I guess.

Well ump screwed up there, dude was out by Amoreena than a foot, actually wasn’t close.

We now know where Torii’s brain is. It’s in Anaheim having a discussion with Mike Trout. You’re a Tiger, Torii, not an Angel.

Man has brayan pena been a good signing or what. He has definately earned a shot to be the primary starter if avila doesnt figure it out soon

AA has been hit so many times, it’s really almost unbelievable. How many times has he had his bell rung? Too many, imo.

Dan & Jim said there are lots of dark clouds. Hope it’s not the ones that came through MI today. Torrrential downpour.

Thats right tigers pour it on em and dont stop. Let cleveland kno whos division this is and stomp every ounce of hope right out of em.

DB, I checked the Gameday box from yesterday. 18 LOB is the verified count.

And thankfully, the way the Indians are coming back against JV, they are taking care of opportunities tonight.

LOB is measured two ways. One is individually by player and one is as a team at the end of an inning. I believe you are both right.
— Bob

And so are you, Bob.

When do they measure it individually by player?

To bad they didnt delay the game about 10 or 15 min before they did. Like right before verlander gave up those 3 runs.

It was actually nine runs left on base…but if up you add individually each player who left runners on its 18.
Well so much for Justin figuring it out. I just don’t get it.

Oh now i get it

JV needs to put a plan into action. Not just talk about it. Someho he has not adjusted well to not being dominating.
He has to find away and he needs to use grey matter to do it not his right arm.
He’s in more trouble with his game right now than he has ever been IMO.

Thanks for being the referee Bob🙂 I checked the team LOB. So much for the first pitch strike. Was Justin trying to hurry cause of the rain?

OKAY. Does anyone think Verlander could be tipping his pitches, like the fastball? They are teeing off on that like they know what’s coming.

Could be … I remember there was speculation a few times in his early years that he might have been. But you are right, nobody is uncomfortable in the box right now. That is for sure.
— Bob

Is this game going to be washed out?? Played over later in the year???

I think they finish it tonight. By the way, the other two trips to Cleveland are both 4-gamers. Plenty of drum beating in store for us.

A 1-2-3 inning would have been nice to beat the weather and the game being possibly washed out.

I was wondering that as well Rich. He’s not right though that’s for dang sure.

I still think that the two misplays and the bad call derailed him today.

Two misplays? What was the other one? Torri

He failed twice.

Just looked at the radar it doesn’t look very promising at all.

I think theres a chance he was trying to hurry up and lost focus because he seemed to be pitching pretty good there after the 2nd. But ya i think he just doesnt know what to do cuz hes never struggled this bad before and its probably making him second guess himself.

been looking at the weather all day – specially the ‘dar. There is a chunk of rain (which will go by the stadium just to the southeast) but after that its still gunna be lightly raining. IDK how bad they wanna get the rest of this game in…but mmmmmm i can never tell what they are thinking. Imma say 80% chance they call the game since they are losing.

That’s up to the umpires now with the game underway.

From what I see on radar, they just need to be patient for awhile. They really need to get this game in for many reasons.

“Tarp is off. Just announced: 10:20 goal for resuming game. That’s in 13 minutes. More storms on way, but maybe they can finish 5th.” Beck

Man i hope this game doesnt get washed out. That would be just clevelands luck. Man he was so close. Well if they do finish it tonight then i think smyly can get us to benoit in the 8th and maybe we score a few runs along the way and valverde pitches the 9th with a 5 or 6 run lead. Sounds good to me.

Wasn’t there a “Raingate” situation with Boston last year?

Yes, but Boston was winning so the won the shortened game. Verlander first outing with less than 6 inning in 60 ? games

I just asked Mario if John Adams had gone home.

Check that. Now Verlander’s heading to mound to warm up. Not the bullpen. The regular mound Beck

Verlander resuming. Is that wise?

I would say no. But we will find out fpr sure. Justin must of begged and plaeaded to the skipper. He deserves it tho. Hes verlander guys. Cmon. I can see. Why it would b important for verlander to finish this inn

looking for the W? I don think so

lol @ rich re: john adams. Yea i think if they wanna start the game up in 6 minutes they can get those two outs. Hate to see this game called with the offense we’ve put up. JV’s performance however, is discouraging to me.

He’s got 2 outs with RR coming up.

lol but true

RR doing something for the Tigers


strike? that was way off, he wants to end the game in a hurry

c’mon drew don’t coke this up

Lol. I know thats the last thing we need is smyly to get in a funk. Hes half our bullpen.

Honestly….Max is appearently the only one that can keep these guys off the road.

True. ERA away:1.20. Home.5.85

How bout max he is good aint he. Man he was so awesome to watch yesterday. It was like a big breath of fresh air. Dangit smyly this isnt the time to forget how to pitch. Any other time but now. We so need this game

Seriously you gotta freaking be kidding me can anyone on this freaking pitching staff get anyone out?

Dirks with a bad throw

Ya i thought he had a really good shot to throw him out. He wasnt that far away. He should of had him

you said it brother – it was offline as heck didnt’ have any zip either. Dirks does a LOT of things but he doesn’t throw people at home that is FOR SURE.

I agree he does do alot of good things for the team and he seems to be regaining last years form now that hes 100 percent healthy.

agreed on both points there, 4life

If this game is lost its on the pitchers starting with Mr hit shot himself. He was awful again.

That’s hot shot

I agree. in particular, it’s hard to watch JV TV commercials during JV bad starts

5 runs go for the defense´s account

Well Peralta, Omar and Don each hit the ball well and nothing to show for it. Brantley hits a few seeing eye singles and bang he has 3 rbi’s. baseball is interesting if not unfair sometimes.

this game might be delayed again hard rain in the near future

See Pokemon, he has electric stuff

I gotta admit i did not like putkonen at all when he 1st came up last year but he seems to have developed since then. He looks good. Nice fastball/breaking ball combo.

Cool Hand Luke set them down one, two, three. Finally another zero for them.

this rain will be past in 10-15 minutes then light to drizzle for 15 minutes and then we ok

Dang kinda thinking our best opportunity for a win is to have it called. I sure as heck have no faith in most of our pitchers these days.

I know i was really hoping for a big lead going into the 9th for reasons im sure your all aware. Im not quite sold on the comeback kid just yet.

another rain delay

gunna be close to whether this weather hits us once more – might hit the hay banking on it being called

Ill take a called game right now. Putkonen would pick up his first major league save. One good thing about tonight is the whole team got involved offensively. 7 different players with an rbi and everyone has a hit but victor but he has 2 rbis on sac flys so that makes up for it.

They just said midnight to resume playing so you might not wana go just yet.

I wonder if It weren’t so close if they just woulda called it? This is on my nerves.

Glad I stayed up to see Miggy’s bomb.

Thank you mr. Bourne

Miggy is a frackin’ monster. He’s on an entirely higher level at this point.

Cabrera, having injured his hand earlier in the game, got a big kick out of hitting his homer one-handed.
Tell Bourn and Hunter that the ghost of Ryan Raburn doesn’t haunt this yard.

Dance PAPA!

Goodnight folks. Good win!

Crazy night. It feels later than it actually is to me.
There’s a guy on Twitter with pictures that he says show the Cleveland 3rdbase coach signaling Verlander’s pitches to the hitters. I assume he’s picking up JV’s grip on the ball as he takes the signs. I think. In any case, I think the hitters know what’s coming. JV might need a bigger glove or something.
Like I said, crazy night.

It was a drawn-out slugfest, but we’ll take. JV will take the ‘w’ also, although he wasn’t at his best the offense came through for him tonight.

I will gladly pay $35 toward blowing up the drum. Replace it with a fife; and not Barney. I am about to fall asleep, so I’m not going to bloviate tonight. Here they are:
1. Add on runs. The tribe scored five unanswered, but we finally added on with the magic home run.
2. Six through nine had 4 RBI’s and only one strikeout. I’ll take that every day. Nice going to the Soggy Bottom Boys.
3. Putkonen, Benoit, and Valverde go three clean innings with four strikeouts.

Kudos to Andy, Brayan, Miggy. Tori had a tough night in the D. JV made some progress on reestablishing is dominance. Maybe he has been tipping everyone. Just trying to be nice, I suppose. Good morning all!

I’ve watched and played baseball all my life, but can someone explain to me how that is a HR vs. ground rule double/Error?
I don’t think i’ve ever seen that before?

Saw DY got a “Web Gem” in RF for Philly last night and also went yard in their 3-0 win.

Encouraging to see VMart rapping the ball. It may not account for his subdued average but he has been robbed this year on many occasions. When he starts hitting things are gonna look much better.
Hunter worries me. He is playing as though he is showing his age. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen.
Not to say he won’t come out of it but he needs to hit in that #2 spot much harder than he has. His play in the field has been uninspiring.
Putkonen looked great. That slow curve and a 97 MPH heater with the mid 80s changeup are going to really be tought to handle if he keeps hitting his spots. Not sure if he has much of a slider but at least he throws strikes.
Brayan Pena has done nothing but warrant more playing time. He plays hard and understands the game pretty well.
Valverde has very nice numbers. He is contradiction as a closer though. He comes in, slows the game down, allows base runners to run wild (well not so much so far for sure). The thing that concerns me is him being so habituated and methodical on the mound that he will put his fielders back on their heels at the most critical time of the game. When the game goes into lull mode, mistakes happen defensively. It will be a real challenge for our infielders to deal with this.
That being said, he has done remarkably well. I just don’t know how.

quite concerned about the tipping pitches thing. How can i find out more – or at least – does management know about it? We gotta fix that, right!?

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