Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

It’s the anti-lefty lineup tonight against Derek Holland, which means Omar Infante leads off, Avisail Garcia plays center and Brayan Pena gets the start behind the plate.

The Rangers put Ian Kinsler on the 15-day DL on Sunday and called up top prospect Jurickson Profar to take his place. Profar, however, won’t be starting tonight. Leury Garcia gets another start at second, batting ninth. Meanwhile, Craig Gentry gets a start in center field, giving Leonys Martin the night off.

Check out David Murphy’s numbers against Doug Fister.


  1. Omar Infante, 2B (2-for-4 off Holland)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (10-for-34, 2 HR, 5 walks, 7 K’s off Holland)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (2-for-9, HR, walk, 4 K’s off Holland)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (0-for-3 off Holland)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (2-for-6, HR off Holland)
  6. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (3-for-8, HR, K off Holland)
  8. Brayan Pena, C (2-for-5, 2 HR, walk, K off Holland)
  9. Avisail Garcia, CF

P: Doug Fister


  1. Elvis Andrus, SS (5-for-24, walk, K vs. Fister)
  2. David Murphy, LF (8-for-18, 4 HR, K vs. Fister)
  3. Lance Berkman, DH
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B (6-for-17, K vs. Fister)
  5. Nelson Cruz, RF (7-for-19, HR, 2 walks, K vs. Fister)
  6. Mitch Moreland, 1B (1-for-11, K vs. Fister)
  7. Geovany Soto, C
  8. Craig Gentry, CF
  9. Leury Garcia, 2B

P: Derek Holland


Memo to Doug Fister:
1) Bury your 0-2 pitch to these guys.
2) Don’t hit anyone
3) Limit your bad inning (you will have one) to 2 runs please
4) You may need to become the stopper on this team.

Mister Fister reminds me of Weaver. Both guys are tall and lanky with crossfire deliveries. Sure need a big game from him tonight.

Except he’s not a jerk.🙂

How about we score some runs with this so called great offense?


we got this game tonight fellas!

Wagner:”Rondon threw seven pitches, all for strikes, for his ninth save”

Yes …..I think we might see him again sometime…can he do it in the bigs though?

If he uses his slider , yes.

Oh, brother. What are we in for tonight.

Well one thing is for sure Miguel can’t do it on his own. That’s one of the reasons we can’t seem to win, because nobody is hitting consistently except Miguel. And oh ya the pitchers!

1st inning and already pissed about the strike zone….inequity in the strike zone.

Would Avila have thrown him out?

Not this year

He blocked the plate,

Another reckless running

We better get some runs in.

Wasted opportunity #1…………still pissed about the strike one there are definitely pitches Holland was getting called strikes that Fister did not.

Exactly what our inept hitters opulent get done the top of the inning. And here in the bottom of the inning still not a fan of the strike zone. Hasn’t evened out yet.

Oh, my

441 feet according to Dan and Jim.

Can we KO one of their pitchers in the third inning??

Nice Miggy,

Boy I wish Miguel had hung on to that….I wish Prince would of and probably picked it. And I wish the strike zone was as favorable for our pitcher as it is for the lefty on the other side.

The Miguel Cabrera and Mister Fister show!!!!

Remember that hing I said about Miggy can’t do it himself?

Not sure there is anything to say about Miggy tonight other than WOW.
Holland does seem to be getting the high strike.
2E has had 3 dynamite at bats tonight.
Feel way better about Pena playing today than the alternative.

Leo Sayer’s song keeps ringing in my head.
Yes I am that old.

Sotos batting average is getting healthy on tigers pitching

Don’t get comfortable.

I’m not…………close getting closer.

not looking good.

Pull him out

Does Beltre get on anyone else’s nerves with that stupid swing. …and two bloop hits and those idiots got the lead. Id like to say unbelievable but its not.

Garbage hits.

Well……what happened to our pitching staff over the last week? Porcellos ironically is the only starter that is doing his job. Yes the Rangers are good, these are god pitchers and they can’t consistently get anybody out.

Texas grinds out ABs and gets rewarded with garbage hits. We should do the same. I don’t want to see this team fold up the tent now.

Sanchez wasn’t going to have a 2.03 ERA all year, nor Verlander a 1.58 or whatever he had. If Verlander has a third clunker in a row, I’ll be a little worried. I am worried about Fister. He hasn’t had his command all the way back to spring training, where he walked a bunch, if I recall correctly.

Big difference giving up 3 or 4 over 7 inning ,,,,,these guys have been worse, they can’t even get through 3 in some cases.

Oh, that was beautiful bunt by Omar.

Omar! Do NOT dive into firstbase!

That’s all they do is have meetings on the mound.. Ridiculous!!

Jim’s ticked off and I don’t blame him. Endless, long confabs.

Leylands right about these conversations on the mound. They have been many and very long and this umpiring crew seems to be inclined to give them whatever they want and for how long they want. I was saying it three gsmes ago.
nice strikeout by Torii. Very timely yet predictable

Every game they have these long meetings. Probably intimidated by Nolan Ryan. 3 big ribbies for Prince. Good for him. That was clutch!

Texas took advantag e of big breaks in the 5th. Key at bat was Murphy walking. Those damn 2 strike hits hurt badly too.
Prince is so overdue. He owes the fans and his mates a premium at bat right here.

He heard ya!

They did not fold the tent.

Good job Prince!!


Waiting to long again to call the bullpen

And that happiness lasted all of five minutes. I won’t even talk about how Murphy should of been out on strikes….but that’s how Cuzzi has been calling it all day

Thank you, Andy!

Boy Moreland hit the cover off the ball there.

Benoit for the 8th, Valverde for the 9th. Coke is a LOOGY. That left Reed in the pen. Screwed.

Could have let Downs longer

Funny how that lowish pitch was good enough to call Dirks out but two that caught more plate against Murphy were balls. Cuzzi stinks and decided who he wanted to win this game early on.

That is why i dont like diving

OK, I’m going to bed. Jim and Dan said mental error by Cabrera.

Throwing in the towel I guess…….I’m exasperated!

Well–it has been alluded to by more than a few bloggers here. JL does not manage his bullpen well at all.
Here he is before the game saying he needs a day off for his bullpen and he takes Downs out after pitching to 1 batter.
Instead he relies on a rookie to pitch in the national spotlight against a tough team.
In a close game that is not the way to preserve your bullpen.
As to Ortega, well not throwing strikes killed him. Murphy had a great at bat and, as always, murders the Tigers. What do you expect on a 3-2 pitch? Well Murphy sure knew what to expect.
Leyland has to bear his share of responsibility for the way this game has gone.
He needs a specialist beside him who manages the pen. No doubt in my mind about that.
Hard to watch these guys play bad ball on national TV. Too many times we have been embarrassed on national TV.
There is something about this team that is found wanting when the spotlight is on.
IMO, this is one of Leylands failings.

Ok phil coke if u can get out of this inning unscathed i will completely change my opinion about u being one of the worst relievers in our bullpen.

The commenter for ESPN en español. JL was sleeping leaving Ortega for Murphy there

Maybe…but it would be nice if the umpires also did their job properly. Murphy was freaking struck out!

F’up #3 of the inning. Pack it up boys.

I’m going to bed these idiots aren’t worth me losing one more minute of sleep.

2E is not a legitimate left-fielder. Twice today he air mailed throws to home. Little league stuff. They have humiliated themselves tonight and in this series.
Thank goodness this wasn’t a game against the Chisox a few years ago with Ozzie managing—-they would be laughing at us in their dugout.

I know we have made alot of mental mistakes this inning but whats wrong with coke. He has been really hittable for a while now going back to last year. Excluding the playoffs. Wheres the phil coke from the playoffs. I want that guy. It seems like his stuff is there. Is he just not commanding his pitches?

Our team is going nowhere with this bullpen and the way it is being handled by Leyland and Dombrowski.

Coke optioned to Toledo and call back Putkonem is the only internal move possible right now

Ya putkonen looked really good for the few games he was up. But ya i dont care if coke is to established or has had to much success in the past. The bottom line is hes sucking now and nobodys beyond a demotion if your consistently bad and hes been bad for awhile now.

I agree. The bullpen is horrible. I know theres rumors that the tigers are aggressively trying to find some relief help but leyland isnt helping matters the way hes using them.

I don’t think Coke is anywhere close to a great pitcher but there were three pretty huge things that happened in that inning that won’t be called errors but they cost him dearly.

I know there were alot of bad plays that inning but the 1st guy he faced got a hit. And if it was just this game i wouldnt say anything but im talking every time he goes out there lately he gets smacked around it seems like.

These starting pitchers not doing their jobs in ths series has depleted the pen. What would you all have done…. I agree he ay of left Ortega in too long, but in my opinion not much choice.

Nathan in—Tigers out.
We have NEVER hit this guy. In fact I think he is perfect in saves situations against us.

Hes 35 for 35 in save chances against us

That was a totally embarrassing four nights of baseball. Thanks Tigers.

Embarrassing is too kind of a word for these last four nights. Debacle works better, with tonight the debacle of all debacles. Sadly, Mr. Caesar Illitch has put the bank on this team. I’m afraid it ain’t gonna happen. So many weaknesses have been exposed in this series. Miggy deserves better. What a magnificent ballplayer. Ruth and Cobb would have been honored to play with or against him. Kudos to Miggy.
There were a thousand things to dislike, but there were actually three things to like about the game:
1. The Infante bunt for a base hit. He needs to do it more, run more, but get picked off less,
2. Can’t remember the inning or batter, but it was a tailing liner to left that T-Soap made a good catch on; what appeared on the screen was A Dirks fully in back up mode. That was on of the good sound fundamental plays.
3. The defensive play by Dirks which prevented a total wipe out.

Bull Pen does not throw strikes with authority. Both Ortega and Coke were barely over 50% strikes to balls. This was a killer also. Our beloved team ate a lot of crow tonight. Hopefully they can feast on better offerings Tues. and Wed. Those games will give us a better view of the starters. Absolutely the worst fundamental game played in a long time. Good morning all!.

Very nice. Well puf.

Alls i know is we could of really used albuquerque. Hopefull he finds his command soon

Remember at the end of the game on saturday and the camera showed cabrera sitting in the dugout with a scowl on his face. I just think its funny cuz rod allen made a comment about how mad he looks and the rangers pitchers better watchout cuz somebody is gonna pay tomorro. And then miggy has a 3 hr game. Nice. Lol.

I hope we start to see better defense from Toriii too. His throws have been off mark, he is not getting to balls and he got real lazy not backing up the throw from sanchez to 1st yesterday.
Sad state of affairs when your 3-4 hitters drive in 8 runs and you lose.
I doubt we will see Evan Reed back up in Detroit.
How many more desperation call-ups before we get the pen fixed?
Next thing we will start hearing is fancy rhetoric about getting Dotel back and how that will firm up the bullpen.
Don’t buy it.
Dombrowski needs to do the job he should have over the winter.
The Tigers can’t afford to trade any more catching prospects.
I expect Jim Leyland will not mis-mage his bullpen tomorrow.

Tiger relief pitching record against other AL teams during JL’s reign:
2006 2/14;
2007 11/14;
2008 12/14;
2009 10/14;
2010 8/14;
2011 11/14;
2012 10/14;
2013 9/14.

Putkonem recalled. Reeds down.
Coke is the one that need to go to Toledo.Two LHP in the bullpen are enough. I know, dont gonna happen.

It’s not just the pen and does anybody think this pen debacle had a lot more to do with the starting pitching absolutely (minus Porcello) sucking? Neither of your two best pitchers made it through the 3rd, Fister didn’t make it through five and even Porcello didn’t make it through 6.
Forced to have your pen work that many innings over a four days stretch isn’t so much mismanagement but the starters in their inability to go even 6 innings forces you to do things with your pen that aren’t good. We might want to look at not one not two not three but four or your staters failing. Starting with Mr. Verlander who set the tone for the whole weekend and makes something lie $800,000 a start. And no he’s not and can’t be perfect but he’s had two really bad outings, not just so so outings, but he’s got to be better than what he’s been.

Thank goodness there was no Tigers Live after the game. I did cheat and watch the last inning Missed Miggy’s 3rd HR, though. Gawd help us in Cleveland. Our BP is only good if the starters can go at least 6-7 innings Jeff Jones is probably wringing his hands. How many more pitching coaches can they fire? Bad throws and mental mistakes happen too frequently, also. Have I left anythinng out?

Sure, no team is going to win if your starters regularly behave like they did against Texas.
But the weekend has largely been an anomaly with our starters having the equal best win/loss record of 20-11 or 645%.
Our relievers have the 2nd worst win record of 3-8 or .273%. for comparison, the Indian bullpen has a perfect 7-0 record.

I can already hear the echos of that drum in Cleveland. Oh, you know they are chomping on the bit to get to us.

I did not stay up past the 7th inning, the feel for the game was not good. Our starting pitching has been pretty amazing up until this last week – I am still no panicking and figuring is it just really bad timing for them. Miggy is a beast and is just amazing – he was worth every penny last night and such a shame his team could not get a win so we could focus on him and not how we fell apart again. I was also glad to see signs of life from Prince last night too – that double was nice to see off of a lefty pitcher. I see Reed gave up 2 hits but no runs so I will also hope that is a positive as well. We play the Indians next and we need to step up BIG and right this ship. I think Max is just what the dr. ordered. Another stat that is something else – 2E got walked 4 times yesterday? Unfortunately he never got to cross home plate on any of those but that is kind of amazing.

The starters worked a lot early in the season going well beyond 100 pitches in April. Now, we are seeing the consequences.

Last night there was a bigger problem : the defense.
2E wasted his opportunity badly. Not only the bad running( runners on 2b and 3b, you dont break with the hit ) but missing the cut-off twice and in the worst way as we say here “showering” the cut-off ,the ball flying over him , giving away a base diving . and his lack of range
Peralta lack of range showed once and again.
For ESPN in español it was Coke ´s fault ,for ESPN it was Miguel´s fault, the misplay in the 8th.
Fielder being unable to catch a throw just slightly off the line. A real 1B does that play and bails out the 3B.
Since Fister, is a grounder ´s pitcher almost like Porcello., he had no chance

Last night, the ESPN in español crew kept repeating their mantra with the Tigers: but for Verlander their starters struggle to find consistency. Many have the Tigers as one of the best rotation in MLB but ,perhaps , the umps not. Why if not the K zone against them?
Verlander and his continuous complains could explain his but the others?( BTW: in the rivals blogs , the talk is about the Verlander´s zone,he is seeing as been favored by the Umps with a generous zone even against the Yankees)

2E has been a good hitter, but is a very mediocre OF’er. I think that was pretty obvious from the get-go, but he was brought on board for his bat He gives it his all which is more than I can say about some. Leave Torii in RF. His throws have not been what I certainly expected. We have great stars, but the team doesn’t seem to be gelling. A healthy Austin Jackson will be a welcome sight to see.

Oh, and that throw from Miggy to Biggy was offline, but Prince could have got it if he’d stretched out by doing the splits which is what we’ve seen Fister do on more than one occasion. Bad throws, too many missed opportunities.

Either way it was the defense that cost us that game. And jeff jones better have a busy week getting these starters back on track. The starters were pitching so good and now there just not. And your right about the bullpen being overworked. They threw what something like 18 innings and 300 pitches in this series. That will make a bullpen look bad every time. Im not ready to hit the panic button tho. The starters are too good. They will be fine and im sure dombrowski will add some help by the trade deadline.

My last beef: Since April, we’ve already heard about voting for our All-Stars. I’m sick to death of it. Who cares if a bunch of them make the All-Star team but we can’t win our division? That is the goal, boys. Isn’t it? Winning the division?

Couldn’t agree more. Only thing worse is the Home Run Derby to me is like asking all the top pro golfers to have a longest drive competition before the Masters. Cheap, tacky and the game is far bigger than that.

Still have not heard Rod utter one single word about Torii and the team this year!! I have been following the games closely via the computer. Must ask you, was Coke ready to go in for Ortega and face Murphy?? That’s where we need Phil last night. Just one batter. How many less pitches for Ortega?? How many less pitches for Phil?? Maybe more pitches for Reed. More importantly did we get to Benoit and Valverde with a lead??

Believe we have a target out there. The guy I see fits our manager’s criteria for good bullpen help. Cool Hand Luke might just be the other team’s target. He certainly could help them. Or maybe one of the other pitchers we have auditioned recently will be their guy. Trades in May can happen. Will we see one???

Enlighten us further.

Evan, caught 18 ‘gills yesterday. Got home at 9 to watch the game. It looked like Jhonny had a few plays he could have made. That “garbage hit” by Beltre was unfortunate. So sometimes the starters need help. To have 4 or 5 starters that have a quality start but can’t count on the bullpen? Why is Cleveland so good this year? Who is their manager? Maybe JL will give a pep talk on this off day! Go Tigers!

I doubt leyland will give a pep talk. He has said before hes not into all that. But i think he needs to do something like that. It could really help the team.

Terry francona is the manager.

Hey very cool DB very cool – I have found luck with the gills this spring as well. tasty lil buggers.

and does anyone want to put a date on the annual CLE collapse?

Our manager needs another veteran in the bullpen who is over thirty and has over three years in MLB. The guy I see has nearly six years in the bigs, makes Phil Coke money, has improved some over the years, learned to run with the big dogs and eat some innings along the way. It does not look like Dotel will be back very soon, if at all. Did you think Phil should have pitched in the sixth inning last night??

Working from memory, I don’t think Coke was warming up yet. Anyone know for sure?
And who’s your guy?

I recall Dan & Jim saying Coke was warming up. I didn’t speak up at the time for fear of the groans..

The way the weather is looking, we may not play a game tomorrow night. Everybody stay safe out there. Tornado weather.

Honestly…..Cleveland is living a charmed life right now…Iwakuma.who has been unhittable is appearently hit table today by Cleveland. Honestly.

Are u serious. First felix and now iwakuma. Geez. Even tho the indians are the hottest team in baseball i dont suspect they can keep it up the rest of the year. I hope we go in there and sweep em. That would definately make everyone forget about the horrible series in texas. Including myself.

Mariners are scrapping. It’s all tied up.

And now it’s not…….Cleveland Indians are on fire.

No, Gk it’s tied up again. 5-5 top of the fifth.

One Ryan Raburn with a three run dinger today for the Tribe. Can we stop him???

dangerous weather today in MI. please everyone check your radar data from time to time.

Even with the starters not getting many innings in the Texas series JL cannot be absolved with his management of the pen. Throwing Downs to one batter in a tight game in the 5th inning was absurd. You gotta get 1+ from Downs at that point. You have to think ahead–what if the game goes to extra innings? And it could have.
On top of that, Downs has been one of the more dependable guys in the pen. To throw Ortega in at that juncture was not maximizing the circumstances.
You cluld see the same old stubborness in the SOC’s face even when it became abundantly clear that Ortega was not going to make a good pitch the rest of the night.
I would really like to see Jeff Jones saddle up to JL in the late innings and not Gene Lamont.
Leyland simply does not manage a bullpen well. Regardless of the personnel he has in it, which right now is deficient.
This is product of DD’s own brand of stubborness over the winter. With Valverde being cast away (and he WAS), the overly optimistic and misguided logic that Rondon would step in and dominate the league was absurd. There were quality free agent relievers available.
And I am not just talking about Rafael Soriano. Papelbon, Nathan and Bell were also available.
The Nationals had a pretty good back-end relief corps already but they still had the wisdom to consider improving it.
Dombrowski went into the season with blinders on.
We shouldn’t forget the Polanco fiasco. The coronation of a minor leaguer to start at 2nd base was obviously a disaster. One that many fans and baseball people knew.
All that being said, Rondon deserves another chance. Not sure if he is ready yet but his numbers at Toledo are impressive and he appears to be getting better.

All sounds pretty accurate to me, Dan.

Is my memory correct in that there was another Seattle at Cleveland weekend series about the same time of year when Cleveland went walk-off crazy on them? Did this happen before, like in 2011 or 2012?

Who did the walk off today??

Yan gomes hit a walkoff 3 run hr in the bottom of the tenth. The mariners took the lead in the top of the 9th and cleveland tied it then they took the lead again in the top of the tenth and cleveland walked off in the bottom of the tenth off who else but charlie furbush. Oh the irony.

I agreed with how Downs was used last night. His pitch count this month is way too high. Overused. He did his job by putting out the fire in the fifth. The problem last night was Leyland wanted Ortega to give him TWO innings of shut down relief. It did not happen. Ortega gave up four runs and it could have been seven if not for a really good catch by our center fielder Andy Dirks. Is that accurate? Why on earth is a relief pitcher EVER put in a position to possibly allow seven runs?? That is insane. And all I want to know is why wasn’t Coke ready to bail him out against a LHB?? Since Polanco left we have won two division championships, not bad.

ESPN did not show Coke warming. But in the 6th, the usual procedure in a close game is to have a couple of reliever warming. If possible one of each arm. Especially against the team with the highest run differential in MLB

Oh, at first you would think that 10 innings today for the Indians would put their bullpen in a tough spot playing us the next two days. However, they have an EIGHT man bullpen. Wonder if that is what we should do??

Seems like a lot of folks forget that we may have won some divisions but we have not won the series. And in the two series we “played” in, we were extremely ill-prepared.

Like I wrote earlier, the radio guys said Coke was warming up. The broadcast did not show it or say anything.
It’s raining, blowing and hailing. The radar shows storms for the next several days including Cleveland.

I’m not going to waste time re-viewing that inning, but it seems to me the ESPN guys talked about guys getting up in the Detroit bullpen way too late for Coke to have faced Murphy. I assume that’s accurate because Jim has gotten caught with his pants down before in that situation. The game was on the line right there.
Either way, Coke, as a LOOGY, should have pitched to Murphy.
I didn’t know we planned strategy by a monthly pitch count.

This is fun:
Ian Desmond‏@IanDesmond201h
Brian Kenny makes me want to take a Chapman heater to the eye socket. #uncle

Jeff Kobernus beat Rondon and the Hens today. Led off the 10th with a walk then stole 2nd and 3rd. Scored aon a sacfly.
Kobernus is hitting well at AAA and has 20 stolen bases.

Evan, bluegills for dinner 2nite. Dan, you said what i am feeling. Sarcasm about Francona and Cleveland. I wanted the Tigers to hire him. Umpires are umpires (profound I know) Who makes the line up card and who is in charge of the bullpen? It is May 20th and how much more can us fans take? Caledonia, 12 miles south of GR and no rain today. That’s Michigan. Stay safe and GO Tigers!

no rain here either. those some Gun Lake gills then? I drive by that lake from time to time, always wondered how they did there…

So Rondon needs to work on holding base stealers?? Give him another month or two to work on it?? It would not hurt any if he was working out too with a plan to lose at least thirty pounds.

He was doing great in the minors with the weight. Not saying it wouldn’t be healthy in the long run for him to lose some weight, but I’m willing to bet it’s not what’s causing his problem now.

Shadowboxing:”This was a no-brainer,” Leyland said. “This is baseball ABC. You want Tuiasosopo, Cabrera, Hunter, Fielder, Martinez? Who do you want to lead off? C’mon.” about Infante as lead-off. Nobody questioned that.

We fish Long Lake which is 10 miles south of Gun. Good fishing on Gun but way too much traffic. Man, I wish our bullpen could hold a lead. A veteran over 30. Who would that be? Yes, it should have been addressed over the winter as everybody knew we were going to hit and have decent starters.

Some interesting stuff going on in baseball. Johnson blows his 3rd save in a row and the Orioles have lost 6 in a row. Seattle has solo home runs in the 8th, 9th, and 10th but the Indians score on an error in the ninth to tie and a 3 run homer in the 10th to win their 5th in a row. I like the Pirates. The NL central is looking strong! Let’s see what the Tigers are made of. Go Tigers!

if the season ended today: CLE would win the AL central, we’d win a wildcard birth and have to play boston in a 1-game playoff. The Orioles, Rays and A’s are all 1 game out from taking our place in such a game.
This CLE series is nearly a must-win. And tonight’s game looks to have weather surrounding it or possibly delaying it.

Cleveland has an 11-1 record against the A’s, Phillies, and Mariners. 15-16 against everyone else. They will need to win about 90 games. A split in Cleveland this week is acceptable.

i’m sorry i didn’t realize it was a 2 game series. sure a split is fine. the easy way would be to WIN TONIGHT and kluber. gotta klobber kluber tonight

I’m thinking sweep myself. Let’s make a statement. We have our two best (arguably) pitchers going. Granted, we need Prince to start hitting and VMart and Avila to provide something other than weak ground balls to help them out but theoretically, we have a reasonable shot at a sweep.

Talk of Avila being sent down. I don’t think anyone wants to see that have to happen, but it might have to happen.

what to fix mechanics?

More to fix his head, I’d think. His OBP is some 100 points lower than last year? He’s constantly playing pepper with the 2ndbaseman. I wonder if he still uses that heavy bat that Victor recommended in 2011.

I’m interested….you know how I feel about Avila. Where’s the talk coming from. Our wishes or true talk?

I’m sorry, I didn’t give the source. That came from Henning talking to Dombrowski, and maybe others were there too.

I saw the same article. DD was in Erie yesterday (maybe looking at McCann???). Take that as meaning whatever you wish. Then again, Lynn had RP as being traded for sure all winter long. So, who knows??
Go Tigers.
— Bob

The funny line is that Henning has predicted 12 of the Tigers last 4 trades.

I like Alex very much…however hi is really struggling, I mean REALLY struggling. And it just doesn’t seem there is any light there. And everyone knows for the better part of a year it hasn’t been great, not this bad and if he can’t figure it out up here he needs to figure it out somewhere.

Yeah, that’s probably the thinking of 99.9% of Tiger fans. Alex is a good kid.

Avila was good in 2012. His OPB was great.He was way too lucky in 2011. 2012 with more pop is a more reasonable expectation

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