Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

For those of you who have been begging to see Avisail Garcia in the Tigers lineup against a right-handed starter, he’s starting tonight against Justin Grimm. He’ll bat ninth, moving Omar Infante up a spot.

On the Rangers side, David Murphy moves up to the second spot against Anibal Sanchez, with Leury Garcia dropping down to the bottom.


  1. Andy Dirks, LF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (2-for-2 off Grimm)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (0-for-2, K off Grimm)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-1 off Grimm)
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Avisail Garcia, CF

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Elvis Andrus, SS (0-for-7, 2 K’s against Sanchez)
  2. David Murphy, LF (1-for-3 against Sanchez)
  3. Lance Berkman, DH (5-for-13, 3 walks, 2 K’s against Sanchez)
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B (2-for-3, K against Sanchez)
  5. Nelson Cruz, RF (1-for-2, HR, K against Sanchez)
  6. Mitch Moreland, 1B (0-for-2, K against Sanchez)
  7. Robinson Chirinos, C
  8. Leonys Martin, CF
  9. Leury Garcia, 2B

P: Justin Grimm


Cleveland just won’t lose?…..well the next few days they face King Felix and that iukimara or whatever his name is. Now that only matters if we take care of business.

It is up to the Tigers. The Cleveland schedule has been way harder than the Tigers schedule so far.
With their run differential and playing the Astros they could be :26-14 and are 23-17.
Miguel, Peralta and Infante, and these last three days Dirks are doing a great job. The rest are slumping badly, specially the fourth spot.
They were so good vs Houston that they still lead the majors in run production

Iwakuma. Even with him and King Felix pitching, Cleveland could still win because the Mariners usually can’t hit. It’s sad they had to be the ones playing Cleveland during this time.

Tigre—Prince is going to hit, not one, but two bombs today to sanp out oh his funk.

He is due for sure.

I like your comment.

Cleveland are now 15-3 in one run and xtra innings, the Tigs 6-10.

Don’t those stats overlap?? Quite a few extra inning games are decided by one run.

My apologies, 8-3 in one run, 9 innings and 4-0 in extras for 12-3 overall.
Either way, an unsustainable pace.

And not only can’t Alex hit …throwing a ball has become troublesome. Sure would like to see him get less playing time.

Cripes almighty. Already an error by Avila.

Or catch the ball……growing weary of him.

I thought for sure Pena would start today. Nope! Maybe he’ll hit a HR & win the game.

Tomorrow. LHP

Please, no more damage in this inning.

Anibal is my Tiger. Please get it together.

So if Alex can’t catch, or throw or hit, why does he still get to pay so much.

I think you know the answer to that GK!
Alex was one of those guys that we once thought how blessed we were to find on our club. A good fielding, LHB catcher who could hit.
If only we again can feel that way

I guess having your daddy in the front office doesn’t hurt.

Guess none of them are real interested in playing te game. Jeez ths is tiring already tonight. Lost it in the lights my butt….nice excuse Torii

And now Sanchez is getting in on the idiocy.

Although in all fairness Murphy was struck out twice but whatever.

Can’t believe they didn’t give Torii an error on that….ridiculous.

Well, the Tigers have to get right back in this game. Hopfully, they can score some runs?

As ugly as things have been so far, Texas cannot feel good about scoring only 4 runs. The Tigers can still pull this out.

4-2 now. Gotta wonder how long Sanchez can hold on.

Good to see Prince rap one to left for a hit.

Cleveland won again.

Might be time to let Smyly try.

We need a zero on the board and Anibal gets 12 pitches to do it!!

Torii has lost another step this year. Should have been backing up the play on the nubber to Sanchez too.
Sure hope he makes it to 300 homers this year!!!
Nice RBI double though.
Tigs look pretty bad in the field so far. Sloppy.

Well, they screwed that call up. The guy was out.

This game is looking Grimm. Another pitcher with a mediocre record and the Tigers can’t hit him. Then Sanchez has one of the worst games I can remember.

You mean besides Veranders on Thursday and Porcellos in La?

Get 2 and give em right back! Just not or night. And thanks to the ump for missing what was finally a caught stealing and botching the call. We suck enough tonight don’t need your help too!

Since I wasn’t paying close enough attention, did either one of those errors result in a run scored or prolonging the inning?

the “3B” and the bad throw by Sanchez were outs 2 and 3

thank you.

You are welcome

I’m sorry, but AA is starting to feel like BB.

Al the runs “earned”

5 ER of the 6

Holaday is hitting 274. And has been always good behind the plate

Prince, Martinez and Avila. Light a candle.

Not worth watching these slugs tonight turning it off…cy Grimm just too much.

They are in a hurry to go to the hotel

Coke is also taking the way out of Detroit

This team sure hasn’t been much fun to watch as of late. What disappointment. Expected a lot more out of these guys……..this lineup is full of holes right now and he pitching lackluster.

Watched a few innings, realized they weren’t going to play tonight, and switched to some TV shows and a little of the Nationals two hour(!) game. No point in watching if they’re mailing one in. Try to get the split tomorrow. Meanwhile, another party for the Rangers and their fans.
This will sound like piling on maybe, but Avila needs to go to the minors to get straightened out, if it’s possible. And Jim, hitting Alex 6th, maybe should go with him.
I read here that Cleveland couldn’t sustain their 12-3 record for 1-run and EI wins. The Orioles went 24-6 last year if I recall. The Cleveland club has had a ton of walkoffs in the past three seasons, it seems.
I’ll sign off so poor Greg can try to find his three good things.

Thanks, Rich for the endorsement. Wow! We’re just not very good right now. We need to face those facts, and so does the team. Again this was what I call, a “telegraphed loss”. Hey Tiger fans, “We love your support and all, but we don’t want to play tonight.” It was obvious in the first with the sloppy play; it became more obvious in the second, but the real alert was when we scored the two runs in the top of the third to get back into the game. But noooooooooo! we gave the runs right back in the bottom of the third, and went on to get two more hits. That is a “telegraphed loss!’
Right now Alex in on life support, or should say Asst. General Manager support. I love the guy, but he’s making zilch in contributions right. If I were him, I would ask to go to Toledo to work it out. Prince is dead right now, We expect Miggy to hit .850 with RISP. And when he doesn’t we just don’t win. All of a sudden our rotation is better manned by Porcello. We’re praising the return of a mentally ill closer as the answer to our problems. I get sick of Rod saying this Tiger offense will get to the opposing Wannabe of the night, and it just doesn’t happen. Enough whing on my part. There were three good things that I saw in tonight;s game:
1. Fielder has enough chutzpah to get that second run in. No monster swing; just take it opposite field and drive in the run. He might need to do more of this to get out of his funk.
2. Drew stretched out the bullpen, and did a decent job in holding the Rangers one run over 3.1. Coke gets a goose egg, but alas, simply no offense.
3. The Rangers only recorded tow K’s, which meant the ball was put in play 25 times. You should have more than two runs when you do this.

Kudos to V-mart for the nice 2bee, and Tori might have broken out of his blues.
Honestly, I don’t see Doug controlling the Texas offense tomorrow. I hope I’m way wrong. Good night all from poor old Greg

That’s good work from a poor ol’ guy. 🙂 Hey, I got section 332 for June 1st in Baltimore. That’s upstairs behind the pressbox. If we can avoid disasters, natural and otherwise, I’ll hook up with you.

A little humor this morning:
“Rick Porcello: A great example why it pays to be patient in baseball.
Tigers fans were impatient and, so, probably, were his employers as Porcello last year finished his fourth big-league season with a 10-12 record, 4.59 ERA, and with the dubious celebrity of having allowed more hits (226) than any other American League pitcher.”
Author: Lynn Henning, the guy who has probably written more articles urging a trade of Porcello than any other. Always with his finger firmly planted on the pulse of Tiger fans everywhere……….

Funny…and on target.

Alex Avila has had only 3 months between this year and last he has batted above .250 and most of those months well below. I’d really like someone to explain to me why he continues to have the starting catching position? The most glaring deficiency is his hitting, he isn’t throwing runners out, and last night he couldn’t even catch the ball. So I’m not even sure he is a good catcher. I don’t believe they will send him to the minors but he certainly doesn’t deserve the kind of playing time he is receiving. Like I said others have been run out of town for doing better than what he is doing. He certainly isn’t the only problem right now (Fielder, Torii, Verlander, maybe Sanchez and Victor).

I’d be glad to explain it…….if I knew why.
I seem to recall the Royals trying to use Pena full time and it didn’t work out so well. However, I don’t think anyone is suggesting that. They can certainly increase his time a little.
And don’t hit Alex 6th. That’s just crazy.

By the way, you left out his inability to block the plate.

The Tigers traded two catcher last year because they have depth at the position. How comes then that most of them are projected as great glove no bat and as backups?
Mayo has MCann EAT 14 and Ramon Cabrera ( weak arm, good with his bat ,earning him a fast promotion) EAT 2013 among Top 20 prospects, both below 10th.
Holaday is hitting with Toledo, finally. but is not among Top 20

More playing time for Peña is the only solution at this point even if he hits RHP better than LHP. The same inverted splits of Laird
Peña played 69 games as catcher is his top, played 1b,3b and DH once in a while. 36% CS that year.2011

Ya I think playing Pena too much might not be too good either, but Avila getting all but one day is nonsensical…..unless your daddy is in the front office I guess.
They already (Cleveland that is) got two runs off of King Felix and our guys cower under the supremecy of the likes of Grimms.

Cleveland is up 5-0. That’s it–there’s no way the Mariners can come back and score more runs to beat them, because they can’t hit.

Hopefully Fister will have a good game today and the Tiger bats will heat up.

Sorry, that was me. WordPress defaults to the name I usually use on other blogs if I don’t change it each time.

Cleveland does this every year. In the past, injuries have killed them due to lack of depth. This will probably turn into a bad road trip for Detroit. The Tigers don’t surprise me very often.

Official lineup:Infante 4, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Tuiasosopo 7, Peralta 6, Pena 2, Garcia 8. Fister is pitching.

What will the Tigers do with:Jordan Lennerton? he is tearing the league at AAA but plays 1B

2 dingers today for JL2.
Tiges have some 1st base prospects on the farm.
Speaking of 1st basemen—Prince needs to get his game back.. It’s bad enough we don’t have solid LHB contributions coming from Alex and VMart.
I think Victor will come round but I would not be surprised if Alex never does.
Would have been a nice gesture to bat Peralta ahead of 2E today.

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