Thursday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

The Tigers go back to their standard lineup (sans Austin Jackson) for the showdown with Yu Darvish. Don Kelly returns to center field, batting eighth.

Keep in mind as you watch Justin Verlander tonight: He said yesterday that he did some “fine-tuning” between starts after his struggles with fastball command doomed him last Saturday against the Indians, but the work was no major adjustment by his standards.

“Just trying to get my body in sync,” Verlander said Wednesday.

With the routine he maintains between starts, especially when he’s on normal rest, any major side work mechanically would be out of the ordinary for him.

“It’s never anything major with me,” he said. “Just fine-tuning.”


  1. Andy Dirks, LF (1-for-3, walk, K vs. Darvish)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (6-for-18, HR, walk, 6 K’s vs. Darvish)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (2-for-8, walk, 2 K’s vs. Darvish)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-6, HR, 3 walks, 2 K’s vs. Darvish)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C (1-for-7, 2 walks, 4 K’s vs. Darvish)
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (1-for-9, K vs. Darvish)
  8. Don Kelly, CF (1-for-3 vs. Darvish)
  9. Omar Infante, 2B (2-for-3, K vs. Darvish)

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (5-for-30, 6 walks, 8 K’s off Verlander)
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS (4-for-22, walk, 3 K’s off Verlander)
  3. Lance Berkman, DH (1-for-3, 3 walks, K off Verlander)
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B (12-for-41, HR, 9 K’s off Verlander)
  5. Nelson Cruz, RF (4-for-21, 2 HR, 6 K’s off Verlander)
  6. Mitch Moreland, 1B (2-for-12, walk, 7 K’s off Verlander)
  7. Geovany Soto, C (0-for-3, K off Verlander)
  8. David Murphy, LF (7-for-22, 2 walks, 5 K’s off Verlander)
  9. Leonys Martin, CF

P: Yu Darvish


Verlander cannot throw 20 pitches in the first inning or allow any runs because Darvish is very tough to hit.

Looks like a packed house.

1st pitch strikes are pure gold. Hope Ver brought some with him.

Management is absolutely stupid for not playing Matt Tuiasosopo in front of, or behind Miguel Cabrera. This guy is a legitimate big-time player. Good power hitter going to waste. Trade him fools!!!!

The Tiger depth chart has been updated and now shows Don Kelly as our starting center fielder!! Avisail #2. Andy #3.

I guess that’s why. Jim must have had a hunch. Good for Don Kelly. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job Don Kelly.

Did we ever have a lead against this guy???

Surprises abound. JV only threw 19 pitches in the 1st inning. DK hits his first HR off a good pitcher. The Tigers score 3 on Yu. And Yu is up to 60+ pitches. Now JV has to hold them.

Shut me up. Jv is going to blow this?

Not looking good, at this point. Better get Drew warmed up.

Dead arm.

He blew it. BIG TIME! Do they have room for him at Toledo with AlAl?

Some consolation but very little. Darvish will not get a quality start either.

He is paying for the useless attempt of no hit. And the too many 120 plus pitches games

Wow just got home. …what the heck happened. Is he hurt or does he just stink his last few outings?

Fastballs way up in the zone and no secondary pitches working. Other than that, he was fine.

Ya fine…he just sucked

Can’t get complacent. JV has a world of talent and a golden arm. BUT, he is not surgeon like Anibal, or a strike thrower like Fister, or an intellect like Scherzer. He’s an intimidator. Intimidation gets predictable. JV is hitting the stage of his career when he needs to adapt again. He is a bit of a slow learner. He’ll figure it out because he has so much determination.
I think back to one pitch that may have changed this game and it was to Andrus in the 1st inning. Should have been a strikeout but Elvis got the call and went on to get a hard hit ball just out of reach of Omar.
OK, I’m overstating the significance of this pitch but this is the kind of scenario that sets JV back on his heels. Can you imagine what Sanchez would be like if he had the power in JV’s arm?
Early in the season and there is a lot to sort out yet. JV is not invincible. He needs to accept that and take his game to the next level.

Truthfully. …all year even with the low era, I just wasn’t feeling it with him….something just off. But his last few outings just bad. I’m concerned there might be something wrong with him. They also were saying all spring there wasn’t anything wrong with Halladay either. And look he’s having surgery now. Just saying

Always fun to see a guy make his big league debut.

Appearently these umps want to go home because Cabrera was safe and the ump called ball four to prince a strike.

Oh, I wish we had an eraser and could wipe this one off the board

Lend me that eraser when you’re done. I’ve got some things to erase and none of them are ballgames. 😉

same here…….

“too many 120 pitches plus games” is probably part of it but why did they leave Darvish throw 130 pitches when he had a 6 run lead? Not too smart when they see what is going on with JV. Is the Texas bullpen that bad?

Ryan´s philosophy. Not pitch counts but individual´s pitcher counts. When he breaks the arms of every pitcher there , the experiment will end.
Colby Lewis would go only 100. Wilson and Darwish that long. Ogando when back from DL , 100 too

Bad game. We don’t do very well down there. Seems like they always have a big party at our expense.

3-7 last year , it was easy to win 7 for them

Verlander is human after all. No command of pitches two straight starts. His pride will make him work it out properly. This was a lousy loss, anyway you look at it. Luckily the BP only gave up two add on runs. Everybody seemed a little out of sync tonight. Hard pressed to find three things to like:
1. D Kelly’s first tater; always acquits himself with dignity. He plays in his own skin, knows his limitations, and is okay with that. Good guy to have on the team.
2. The lineup made Yu fight for the win. Fewest strikeouts in any start todate.
3. The eleven pitch at bat by Victor in the third; he was 0-2 and ended up with a sac fly. Very entertaining.

Kudos for Jhonny continuing to hit well. Let’s hope that tomorrow night brings us a little better luck. Good morning all.

We’ve not heard the last of this young man.
Bruce Rondon:
14 IP. 5 hits 5 walks 17 K’s. 0 runs. less than 1.00 WHIP
This is an untapped talent.

I just read the above attached article from Jason….Justin “just tinkering never much with me” or something like that. Better start realize you aren’t good and start working at doing your job.

The Rangers have much more plate discipline no doubt helped by them ‘losing’ their high maintenance star.
I had the Rangers feed who I felt were extremely fair.
JV and Alex to me haven’t been on the same page for some time.

Plate discipline from what I have seen the few games this year compared to seasons past.

What a rough outing for JV yesterday. I am used to him giving up some of the hits, it was those walks that was really frustrating. I am not ready to hit the panic button – the man is not going to throw an almost no-hitter every time out. He said before the game he was tinkering and apparently they did not get it worked out. Nonetheless I predict he pitches terrific the next game. We did a great job of getting to Yu early on, just too bad we could not add anymore on. I did get a chuckle out of the VMart at bat that lasted a good 5 minutes I think. New day today and the game yesterday is over.

verlander with Avila: 4.01 284 .349 .381 .730 but 398 Babip
With Peña:1.77 169.244.239 .483 but 216 Babip.
Peña inspires him more confidence?

3.15/2.71 SO/BB

And nice job Don Kelly – way to get an inning going!

Evan, what I meant about JL was that he has had the players. Trammell did not. Went fishing last night and got home at 10. Caught a few 18 inch bass. Verlander throws it high and outside and all the hitters take. He has not had much movement on his fastball. Regarding Avila, I like him to show a little more emotion. I like what I see in Pena. After all, the catcher is the quarterback of the team.

AH i see i see – yea of course trammel didn’t but he should have won about 12 more games than he did in 2003 (i was a season ticket holder that year). Just too many bench guys playing all the time.
Were those largemouth or smallmouth bass and where are you fishing (e.g. SE michigan)? I fish SE michigan pretty regularly.

I know I’m chicken little…..but is no one else concerned about Velander?

Donny Kelly Baby!

Verlander has spoiled us royally the last two years. I would be concerned if his velocity was still low (as it was a couple starts ago). Sounds like velocity was up, so I am guessing physically he is fine. He needs to get his head on right (forget the last 2 starts) and trust his stuff (ALL his stuff, not just the heater).

JV is determination personified. He is a bit arrogant but eventually he will adjust and correct. He could benefit from throwing more strikes. When you are ahead in the count and you work fast the hitter can never dig in.

Carrying the load in two consecutive postseasons can take its toll. That’s a lot of high stress pitches. He’ll be all right, but they may have to watch him a little closer.

The cool thing about DK’s dinger: It felt like Tiger Stadium watching the ball clear the overhang and fall safely into that lower deck. Pretty to watch.

I enjoyed that article the other day. Good that you linked to it here. Henning has some good points. As to not being able to do something in Right-Center because of the scoreboard, well, what do they use at the JOE around the boards?

Evan, we have a cottage on Long Lake, (Coverdale),about 40 miles SE of Grand Rapids. Last night were smallies. Lots of Largemouth, ‘gills and perch. No TV so we listen to Dan and Jim. Go Tigers! –Dave

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