Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Astros

Jim Leyland talked over the weekend about trying to get Ramon Santiago a start during one of the games against the Astros. He’ll give Jhonny Peralta a game off tonight. Other than that, it’s the same lineup as last night. That includes Don Kelly,

The Astros placed their second baseman (and best hitter) Jose Altuve on the bereavement list following the death of his grandmother. He’ll miss the rest of the series. Jake Elmore, who was called up in Altuve’s place, gets the start at second and bats second.

“I played Kelly tonight because this guy is the type of pitcher Kelly might have success against,” Leyland said.

Right-handed hitters are actually batting higher against Harrell for the season (.338 compared to .274 for lefties), but lower for his career.

You can follow the game online via Gameday, watch online through MLB.TV or listen on MLB.com Gameday Audio. You can also play any of the matchups below in MLB.com’s Beat the Streak fantasy game, in which fans try to pick a player for a hit each day for a chance to top Joe DiMaggio’s record hitting streak.


  1. Andy Dirks, LF (0-for-2, walk off Lucas Harrell)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (2-for-2, walk off Harrell)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (2-for-6, HR, walk off Harrell)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-5, 2 K’s off Harrell)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (2-for-4 off Harrell)
  6. Alex Avila, C (2-for-5, 2 walks, 2 K’s off Harrell)
  7. Omar Infante, 2B (4-for-4 off Harrell)
  8. Don Kelly, CF (1-for-2 off Harrell)
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Doug Fister


  1. Robbie Grossman, CF (1-for-3, K against Fister)
  2. Jake Elmore, 2B
  3. Jason Castro, C (0-for-3, K against Fister)
  4. Chris Carter, 1B (3-for-8, HR, 2 K’s against Fister)
  5. Carlos Pena, DH (1-for-9, 2 K’s against Fister)
  6. J.D. Martinez, LF
  7. Jimmy Paredes, RF
  8. Matt Dominguez, 3B (2-for-3 against Fister)
  9. Marwin Gonzalez, SS (0-for-3 against Fister)

P: Lucas Harrell


got some speed at the bottom of the lineup tonight, cool. cross your fingers for fister’s curveball.

Why not get Garcia in the lineup tonight? He will need to hit right handers in the bigs sometime. I like Don Kelly, as a role player, not as the new CF while AJax is out

per Mr. Tiger, don kelly is the teams 3rd best outfielder. And our #1 is on the dL right now.

in 2012 (at the show) he had a .745 OPS vs lefties and a .588 vs righties. And this season in in toledo he has 6abs against LHP and his slash line is .667/.714/.833/1.548 and in 31abs against RHP his line is .387/.387/.484/.871.

(garcia, that is.)

Appears that Garcia would start tomorrow and that’s it for the near future. Probably a straight platoon.

Cmon another start for don kelly. Wheres garcia. What the hell is wrong with leyland. Garcia should be starting in place of kelly. And why not put tori in center and move kelly/garcia to right. So hes gonna let garcias bat cool off by not playing h for a guy that cant even keep his average above .200. Real smart.

i’d leave that old man in LF cuz if he breaks a hip – you’ll be sorry.

and I platoon Garcia and Kelly in CF. At least Kelly isn’t going to make stupid mistakes (on defense and on the basepaths) that a green Garcia is bound to make from time to time.

err RF my bad lol

But at some point, we have to find out if Garcia is going to hit ML right handers. This is a perfect opportunity. DK is a part time guy and a good one. Let’s see what we have in Garcia on an everyday basis for 2 weeks. They did the same for QB last year. Nobody will track CF like Ajax so there is no point even comparing. Garcia, Dirks, Tori or DK can cover CF servicably for a 2 week stint. If Ajax’s injury lingers, then we have major concerns.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Hunter is not going to CF, nor should he. If you start Garcia, it’s probably Dirks in CF. I’ll take Kelly in center because he tracks the ball better.
Funny how, no matter how well Kelly does, some people don’t want him to play. Like ever. I see that all over the internet.
However, I do agree about getting Garcia some ABs against RHers. If he’s going to stick up here when Jackson returns, that is. Big if.

Fyi i am not a don kelly hater. I actually like what he brings to the team. Alls im saying is garcia is hot right now and this would be a perfect opportunity to see what he can do in the majors. And i wasnt sure bout tori in cf thats y i asked.

Glad you’re not a Kelly hater. There sure are a lot of them out there.
It’s a good point about Garcia and I’d like to see him in there too. I’d be fairly certain he starts tomorrow. As a matter of fact, we’ll probably see him some in Texas if Jim gives Torrii a blow. This manager is really into L-R matchups, as you know. I finally got tired of beating my head against the wall and just go along with it. He wore me down.

Joe Maddon’s Rays have a live band performing in the clubhouse.

They try way to hard for me down there in my opinion……

Hard to imagine “hater” attributed to Don Kelly. The guy is a good utility man with the ability to come through in the clutch with his glove, his bat, his legs or his brains.
BUT, the key word is <utility man.
I think the suggestion to play Garcia against RHP is a very good one. Avi will not develop properly if he not getting reps or being exposed to major league RHP.
I think Leyland is smart enough to know this.
As to comparing Kelly with a guy like Inge? Well Inge had a pretty big mouth and a lout of excuses coming from it that exacerbated fans’ feelings about his performance. Donny comes to the park, minds his business, makes no excuses and gives you the most of his abilities every time. He is also the kind of player that is willing to listen and adjust his game if it is off. Inge wasn’t.

Boy, can I relate to that wearing down comment, and not just by JL.

I love DK. But he is not an every day player. Garcia needs reps against right handers in the ML. This is a good time to find out. That was the only point I was making earlier. As to Tori playing centre … he probably isnt going there at this point. But he could for a 2 week stint. I am confident in that.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Don Kelly as a starter (5 for 36).138. DK against RHP .147. DK for the season .200. The guy who should be scratching his head is Matt Tuiasosopo who has hit well over .300 against RHP. That’s the guy who could play left while Andy holds down center tonight. Then with the lefty going for Houston tomorrow both Matt and Avisail should start. This will make 14 straight games played for Andy so the day off for him tomorrow will be fine.

Thank you. Well put.

I have Mariners . Yankees. Grandy is back


last month for Fielder.239/.828

Iott: Garcia will play three of next 5

Dullsville, USA. When are these guys going to hit?

Did they hear me? Way to go, Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure nice to have some players able to make things happen. Way to go Omar and Donny delivering.

Good job Don Kelly. Offensive impact on game as a starter. Nice ribby.

Ramon too. Now the original 13 all have a ribby!!!!!! And player #14 will be in the lineup tomorrow.

Papa looked good!

Good evening Tiger fans.Another W and another game earned against the Tribe. We need to finish this off tomorrow. I really do like the two Righties for the Astros, but we need to beat them now.good to see Ramon in the lineup, also Garcia was worked in at an opportune time. Kudos tonight to Doug, Miggy, Omar, and Victor. Three good things also happened in this game:
1. Pitchers have +10 Srikeouts and 0 walks. This is an amazing method to be successful for the rest of the year.
2. My Worst Nightmare JVV actually pitched for the first time in a long time. The offs peed stuff was very effective, the fastball was firm, and the command was spot on. I’m just glad he had a four run lead, and not one.
3. I continue to be awed by the level of play we are getting from Omar. The stolen base just made the team come alive. Very lucky to have him on our team this year.

I commend Doug for hanging around long enough to find that excellent release point. From the fifth on, he was pretty much lights out. Only one remaining problem. What do we do with Alex? Good night all!

Thought the exact same thing about Infante. Seeing him play every day makes me think we need to extend his contract, just a player. And I think he will bat leadoff versus LHP.

That’s 6-0 vs Houston. If Detroit loses tomorrow, it’s hard to complain about 6-1. Remind me of that tomorrow.
Valverde threw the split tonight. Hard to gauge performances against this Astros team, but he looked much better than Sunday.
Kelly contributed but I’d also like to know about Tuiasosopo. He’s not getting much time. Well, Jim does play favorites, I think that’s well documented. I would consider that one of his larger negatives. He’s talking now, guess I’ll go listen in.

Just got back from the game….first 4 innings incredibly boring…then it got fun. Hate to jinx it but we’ve been to 7 games this year and we are 7-0.

Avila defense has not been questioned but for the non block a couple of days ago. If he can keep good defense , he can bat like a catcher.
If not platooning him could be a good idea as soon as the pitchers are comfortable with Peña

to be fair to Alex – he was hitting before these last three games (where he got 1 walk and no hits in that span). With that said, his slash line since the LA Angels series (remember Mr. Tiger worked with him then) is: .170/.291/.340/.631 but interestingly he’s been unlucky with a BABIP of .222
jVV had good speed on his fastball, threw his splitter 3 times (1 for a swinging strike) and had good command of all pitches (e.g. he threw 8 of 10 pitches for strikes).
Since april 24 andy dirks in 62 PAs has a slash line of: .321/.387/.607/.994. Not luck either (BABIP .304).
since april 25 don kelly has 29 PAs with a slash line of: .267/.353/.400/.753

Remember, it is spring training for Valverde. Tigergirl, have you picked Omar yet? Go Tigers!

it very obvious already, but jhonny has really been hitting all year. can you believe he’s hitting a slash line of .326/.381/.455/.835? Maaaaaan – and all the talk was getting Vmart back! Talking about Vmart, since the LA angels series he has his a slash line of .257/.273/.419/.692 and he’s been fairly unlucky (BABIP of .270). From april 1-21 he was really bad tho (.182/.286/.197/.483).

After the stolen base last night DB, yes, I think Omar is my Tiger right now – although to be fair Coke is my Tiger but I have to pick an every day guy as well. Nice game last night by our utility guys – way to come in and get those hits. Doug does such a good job of fixing his pitching as a game goes on – that is not the easiest thing to do and he has the mental fortitude for it. Can’t say enough about the 2 mid -season pitchers we got over the last few years, really brilliant for the Tigers organization. Papa had his mojo going last night and from what I hear his splitter – that will be vital to his success. Again, fun watching them beat up on teams they should be – the poor Astros though are just finding ways to lose with those wild pitches last night surely not helping their cause

AA’s defense can probably carry him for the most part, or at least guarantee platoon starts. Frankly, after his 2011 season I was looking for a lot more out of his offensive game. AA has shown flashes at the plate, but not much consistency. So I continue to hope he didn’t just have a career year.

I think Hunter can play a seviceable CF in the short term, but am not excited at the prospect. Hunter still has a plus arm at that position,takes good routes and gets good jumps. The problem is he has lost some speed and CoPa presents a huge challenge to his coverage abilities. Hunter is much better suited at this point in his career to play a corner position.

out curiosity, with alex’s non-offense related skillset, what would be the minimum OPS you’d need him to have to be the starter? Platoon?

The OPS question is difficult to answer. On the surface, AA does not look horrible due to his walks. The problems with that are his walks don’t drive anyone in and he then clogs the bases due to limited speed. AA is basically a station-to-station guy and is often just a DP waiting to happen. To be valuable offensively, he needs to score runs and/or drive them in.

Does anyone else see that we should rest V-Mart two or three times a month on day games after night games?? In May, he is 1 for 14 in such games. We already missed April completely. So far in May we have had three opportunities and not done it yet. We could have rested him the final game at Houston, then let him catch the first game in Washington. Does he impact the Washington game and help us win it?? We need to rest him some and the ideal time is day games after night games. Check his stats in those games this year.

i would but i couldn’t find how to do that on baseballreference

Good point. I agree.

I would not rest Victor. He is starting to hit the ball with authority. I like Dirks in center and let Garcia play right. I would also give Pena more playing time at catcher. If he continues to hit then Avila becomes a platoon player until he proves he has his stroke back. Jhonny, I knew you could hit. He is smooth at short.

I actually don’t see that VMart would need to rest.. I don’t mean to dispute your stats as they are, well, indisputable, but not being an everyday player those stats may be something more circumstantial than a sign of being weary. At least I hope, as his bat coming around is a must to offset the season Avila is seemingly going to have hitting behind him. What we really need is for AJ to hit more consistently and get his average up 20 points or so and for Torii Hunter to start banging the fences more.
Valverde was good last night. Arguably, very good. I didn’t see the last inning but my guess is he must have thrown a sinker or two, or something other than the fastball we have become accustomed to expect every pitch. I don’t think this fellow will be our closer in the fall but must give him credit for a job well done last night.

In my opinion Alex has got to do something or he doesn’t deserve to be in the lineup as much. Just because you are a catcher doesn’t mean you don’t have to hit at all. There have been a few players booed out of town for performing better than Alex is. Not sure why Aex isn’t getting the same treatment as others before him got. By the way I don’t really approve of booing my wn players never been sure what it actually accomplishes, except worse results. But back to my original point if he doesn’t start doing his job better Pena deserves a little more playing time.

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