Cabrera dealing with sore back

The sight of Miguel Cabrera hobbling at all sounds an alarm across Tigers viewership on television. The shot of Cabrera favoring one side after a sixth-inning groundout Wednesday in Washington had many wondering if something was up with his hip.

For his part, Cabrera said the issue was with a sore lower back, and that it wasn’t a serious concern.

“My back was tight, a little sore,” Cabrera said. “My lower back. It’s no big deal. I was able to play nine innings with that. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll work out, able to stretch and ready to play.”

Cabrera did not show any sign of being limited in the eighth inning, when he flew out to center, or at third base.

The sore back is presumably not from carrying the Tigers offense, given the balance shown in Houston last weekend. That said, Cabrera is batting 11-for-16 with runners in scoring position over his last 11 games, including an RBI single Wednesday for Detroit’s lone run in a 3-1 loss.


Don’t be hurt!

shut him down for a game, I prefer losing him for a game or two over a few weeks

Maybe it was those two fantastic fielding plays where he ended up diving and throwing to stop potential hits.

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