Nats-Tigers rained out

The forecast was looking miserable for tonight, bad enough that the Nationals didn’t wait for game time before postponing Tuesday’s series opener with the Tigers. The game will be made up on Thursday with a 4:05pm ET matchup. Wednesday’s 7:05 game will go on as scheduled.

Both teams are simply pushing back their starters, so tonight’s matchup of Anibal Sanchez and Jordan Zimmermann will become Wednesday’s matchup. Doug Fister will be pushed back to Thursday, and on down. The Red Wings-Ducks playoff series is off on Thursday, so TV should stay the same.


Darn. I was looking forward to it

My wife said, “What do they expect us to do now?”!

The thing is, it probably won’t rain at all here this evening. I’m just glad I wasn’t a ticket holder tonight because I would have been on my way before they called it. One person had driven all the way from Saginaw.
Greg, how did that work for you? And will you be at Thursday’s game? That 4:05 start is tempting. 78 degrees.

I have KC- Baltimore. No rain there

It’s not raining in DC. Won’t rain at all tonight. Watch and see what happens tomorrow. Meanwhile, ticket holders for tonight’s game must attend on Thursday or lose out. Can’t exchange for another game.

That’s just not right Rich. Will they give a refund?

As I understand it, no refund. That has happened in other ballparks, like Philadelphia when it was new. I don’t think the Nationals have had that policy but not sure. It’s the price of success and high ticket sales.
And it would appear there has been no rain and will be none. I’m getting some rain here, but this is out in the boonies.
I wish it was tomorrow’s game rained out instead. I would have jumped all over that 4 PM start time on Thursday. Still might.
Nationals management announced the Strasburg shutdown last year in what, March? Then they postpone a game three hours ahead of time. They’re proactive, I will say. Reminds me of that shady business with the White Sox, remember that?

So, this one is “Postponed . Due to ………………stupidity and ignorance”.

Just checked that policy. It is as I said. So, if I get rained out tomorrow, my ticket is only good for the makeup game, whenever that is. Maybe June 3 as Mark suggested. And people are NOT happy here.
Weather here runs differently than other places. Took me awhile to get the hang of it when I moved down here. Maybe the Nationals people are still new to the area.

See my comments on the previous post. Will be there Thursday.

rained 0.02″ at 7pm…or so Reagan National Airport reported. But yep, geeks and models alike were wrong about all that rain.

wow anyone else see what happened to JA Happ? Are pitchers being hit more often these days? SCARY

It wasn’t postponed because of rain, the wordsmiths were out in full force for this one … “inclement weather”

Good one. Now they have an inclement fan base.

Yup. Not much baseball could be played in Detroit in April if you canceled games for “inclemet” reassons.
The fan’s anger should be directed at the box office policy on rain outs. That is ridiculous. Do they sell out all the games in DC?

It is and they don’t. The worst part is that nobody knew about this policy. They slipped it in. Maybe yesterday.
Radar is showing a thunderstorm to arrive at 4 PM. Postponement announce time!
Should I even leave the house to travel to DC?

yes you should you should also bring rain gear and the mindset that there might be a delayed start.

The Nats have never beaten the Tigers. They are 0-6.

Anibal has an 8-0 record against the Nats and has been lights out early in 2013. Zimmerman has done quite well in ST against the Tigers and is off to a great start to his season. As Richard points out the Nats and Tigers have played two series since their move to Washington and we have won all the games. Oh, and before the day off followed by a rain out, we were on fire winning nine of ten. So which trends continue and which trends end??

I have my Mickey Mouse poncho as a tribute to the Nationals handling of yesterday’s business.

lol. i heard that Werth wasn’t going to play yesterday if the field was wet. but today he’ll play. that’s why the cancelled the game.

Regarding JA Happ and pitchers being hit more: If that’s the case, I would blame it on them not getting into a proper fielding position post-delivery. Video of this incident shows Happ following through like he’s throwing a bullpen session. Totally relaxed, standing there sideways as the ball is hit. That’s how he got it in the ear. Pitcher’s defense is no longer stressed.
There are two famous incidents of career-altering injuries from the long ago past. One was Herb Score in 1955 and the other was Dizzy Dean in 1937. Score was hit between the eyes. Dean took one off his toe, tried to come back too soon, and ruined his arm.
Just some stuff while I listen to the thunder rumble in the distance.

@TigresdeDetroit:”Anibal Sanchez entra esta noche con record de 8-0 y ERA de 1.97 (118.2IL/26CL) contra los Nacionales en previos 19 comienzos contra el club.”
Aníbal entering tonight with 8-0 and 1.97 ( 118/26ER) record against Nationals in 19 starts against the club
Other Nationals and another Aníbal. Both upgraded

I am 30 miles from the park and no rain or thunder here. They have lowered the chance of rain down to under 25% this evening. So, the way forecasting works around here, we may get wet.

I kept calling the inclement weather info line yesterday while driving up to DC. Each time the announcement was game was starting on time. It was raining the whole time we were driving up. We go to the Metro station in Vienna at 4:30, met my son for dinner. At 5:30 with no rain, the game was called. And it did rain heavily as we drove home. I thought maybe the outfield was too dangerous. It was the biggest conundrum I’d ever been in. If I don’t go, and they play, I paid $100 for nothing. If I do go and it rains out, I drive 8 hours for nothing, and have to drive back again. I wish sometimes I wasn’t ignorantly in love with the Tigers.

I’ve got the same conundrum tonight but it’s nowhere near an 8 hour drive. I could get to Detroit in 8 hours. With a radar detector, at least. Anyway, as the movie line goes “I’m going in!”

Area people, you can get inside Nats Park tomorrow starting at $7 on Stubhub.

Oh, as promised: I’m in section 120 seat 10 behind homeplate.

hope you’re hungry it’s $1 Hot Dog Night!

We will be able to see you on TV, Rich? What are you wearing (besides you Mickey Mouse poncho)? 🙂
Go Tigers.
— Bob

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