Ryan Raburn tops four Tigers for AL Player of the Week

The Tigers had quite a few candidates for American League Player of the Week, from Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder to Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer. In the end, though, they couldn’t top their old teammate, Ryan Raburn, whose back-to-back two-homer games and 11-for-12 stretch earned him his first weekly honor and the first for a Cleveland Indians player since Asdrubal Cabrera two years ago.

Raburn became just the fourth Major League player since 1939 to register 11 hits and four home runs over a three-game stretch, according to Elias Sports Bureau. Hall of Famers Duke Snider and Kirby Puckett were among the other three, along with Shawn Green, who was the most recent to do it in 2002.

Verlander and Scherzer both went 2-0 last week, recording 17 and 18 strikeouts over 14 and 15 1/3 innings, respectively. Cabrera and Fielder both had three home runs and 10 RBIs, with Cabrera batting .423 for the week. All of them were listed in the MLB press release as noteworthy performances along with Mike Trout.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Congratulations, Ryan.

Still should have thanked my wife for that hand created baby gift, though.

i don’t get it.

does anyone know the average duration of the streaks raburn goes on (i’m calling them “Ryan’s Runs” these days)? Half a season, roughly? If so, he should be cooled down by around the trade deadline. With any luck it’s just after so they are counting on him down the stretch😉

Add Pacific Coast League Pitcher of the Week Jeremy Bonderman.

Tyler Collins player of the week at the Eastern League.
Passed water doesnt drive the mill.
Morosi:”Angels 9 games back. Only two teams — ’01 OAK and ’06 MIN — have reached postseason after being that far back thru May 5, per STATS LLC.” So, those April games do matter

The ’87 Tigers were 11 back on May 5.

I guess he means in the Wild Card Era

From ESPN:”Their three games with 18 or more strikeouts already tie the live-ball-era record for such a thing, last accomplished by the 2001 by the Arizona Diamondbacks”.
The three games of the Tigers

Couple of D-Backs named Schilling and Johnson on that staff.

In fact,Randy Johnson started the three games. 20 by himself in one

Tigers , one ahead and the same number of Ls.
CWS 2-KC:1

Ankiel DFA.

Suprising, he was one of the few with talent in Houston. I guess they will field two AAA teams this year.

Wagner: Coke to begin rehab today. Garcia still out as precaution, Berry PH but not ready to play full time

Wagner: Coke pitched scoreless inning

SO Clete Thomas in 3-2 count

Rondon; 3 SO./BB Save


Coke pitched the 8th inning and Toledo made him a winner with the only run of the game in the bottom of the eighth. Rondon three K save.

I always thought attendance for interleague play was boosted because it took place in June. This article would seem to bear that out. I love being right.

what is your solution then? Isn’t the reason interleague is all season long is because both leagues have 15 teams?

Solution to what? It’s just an article about attendance. It demonstrates that perhaps interleague play isn’t as popular as MLB has always assumed it is.

So I hear/see that Phil is probably very close to coming back. Who would he replace, tho? Al albq is the one that should go down to AAA to work on things. If u are going on performance….

BULLPEN WHIP the last 30 days:
ortega 0.00
big papa 0.25
cool hand luke 0.43
drew 0.75
beniot 1.09
downs 1.33
coke 1.43
albq 1.45

Rondon 3.00
BReal 3.00
Dotel 3.50

interestingly enough the 3 new guys (orgtega, papa and luke) have about as many innings (3,4,2.1 (respectively))as our struggling guys (rondon, B Real, Dotel) got (2.1, 3, 4 (respectively)).

Putkonen will ride the shuttle back to Toledo first.

Even with Smyly as the committee of one , most teams dont carry 3 LHP in the bullpen. Downs and his IR% could be the one down.
If not, Putckonem, last to come first to go( he is seeing as a starter not a reliever so I guess he will be back to work for that)

I think the Tigers made the decision last year that Putkonen would be best suited to be in the pen. He only made two starts last year and none this year.

He started during the fall as long as I know. Was he used as starter to build his strength like they did with Villareal?

If I recall correctly, the Tigers were going to transform Plutonium into a starter this year at Toledo. I’m not sure how far that idea came to fruition.

I checked. 8 games, no starts, 16 plus innings.

Phil allowed a hit and walk last night. Should he go twice more at Toledo and be ready for Cleveland later this weekend either Saturday or Sunday? Al Al was overused in April to the tune of 223 pitches. He also is throwing too many sliders (58%) which has led to two arm surgeries in the past. He needs to gain confidence in that fastball. Set up man for Rondon at Toledo would be a spot for him to work on it.

yes good point about the sliders and their correlation to injury. And overusing.

Also, kudos to Raburn. Streaky hitter for sure. I still root for him, seemed like a quality guy and good teamate.

Spot on about Raburn. He had a good quote too that went, “those guys over there are trying to feed their families, too.” He is just over their doing what all the players are trying to do but now with the Indians.

First let’s focus on the challenge of the Nationals and NL ball. Ortega and Putkonen are ready to pitch. Let’s see what they do in their next action. The decision on Phil comes no sooner than Saturday. We want to win two games between now and then. The skipper has that extra PH in V-Mart so what spot does he find to use him to the best advantage. Go Tigers!!

As I write this, it has been raining steadily for several hours. Bear in mind I’m not all that close to DC, but there is an area of low pressure causing rain to come in off the Atlantic. Picture rain blowing into Detroit from Cleveland. By gametime, it shouldn’t be as well formed, but there could be issues.
I feel bad for the Detroit contingent because DC is a great place to visit and they probably won’t be back for several years.. Hope they had their fun yesterday. I see that Smyly, Fister, and Downs were out and about.
Greg, if you’re reading, I’m not going to tonight’s game. Sticking with original plan for Wednesday.
Jason, get in any good runs?

i don’t see the game being played tonight due to rain

I am hoping they call it. I am close to DC and it has been raining most of the day. It does not look like much of a window to get the game in without playing in the rain. I hate sitting rain watching a game. The Tigers and Nats both have June 3rd off. The Tigers are in Baltimore on the 2nd, so that may make it easier to call it.

Don’t think they’d just make it up on Thursday afternoon?

Monday, June 3rd is the open date for both teams after the Baltimore series.

i hope for thursday afternoon but hey you never can tell what they are thinking

@TigresdeDetroit:”Anibal Sanchez entra esta noche con record de 8-0 y ERA de 1.97 (118.2IL/26CL) contra los Nacionales en previos 19 comienzos contra el club.”
Aníbal entering tonight with 8-0 and 1.97 ( 118/26ER) record against Nationals in 19 starts against the club
Other Nationals and other Aníbal. Both upgraded

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