Phil Coke rehab update from Toledo

Here in Toledo, where the Mud Hens are wearing those Chewbacca jerseys that have gotten national attention. One pitcher here who won’t be wearing them is Phil Coke, who has been at Fifth Third Field working out ever since the Tigers went on their road trip. At this rate, though, it would not be a surprise if the left-hander dons a Mud Hens jersey for a rehab assignment in the next few days.

Coke said Saturday he threw a 26-pitch session off the bullpen mound after playing catch off flat ground for three straight days. He felt his left groin strain a little bit, but nothing severe.

“It wasn’t anywhere close to what I felt in Detroit [throwing on Tuesday],” Coke said.

The big test for Coke will be how he feels tomorrow. If he feels all right, that should be the clearance for him to take the next step, as he put it. Given that the Tigers want him to face live hitters, it would not be a surprise at all if that next step was a rehab assignment this coming week. The Mud Hens homestand runs through Thursday.


Tons of Kudos to VMart for keeping his composure and continuing to hang in there and hit the ball when he has been getting robbed by great fielding plays or by the top of the wall. His time will come.
Andy Dirks is playing well too. Kelly is a gamer who gives it all—all the time. Nice to see a player maximize his abilities and also play with heart and head.

I hated every minute of tonight’s game. Obviously kidding, that was a fun evening of baseball where one could relax and enjoy it. I’d say the Houston fans got their money’s worth if Cabrera is worth the price of admission.
Got the first 3 so I’m good with the series. Now time to get greedy.
I think Mr. Scott Barry had a bad night behind the plate. Victor hits liners all over the ballpark with nothing to show for a month then gets a homer with a pop fly to left. Baseball…….

Tigers Win! Tigers Win! Bring on the curly fries.Looks like our lefty laggards are starting to warm up more each day. Pitching is astounding, Defense is more than adequate, and everyone was hitting the ball tonight.Kudos first to Miggy,Victor, Alex,
and Torii. Lots to like. but here are my three, the not so obvious things:
1. Tigers score first, and continue to add on runs all the way through the game.
2. Dirks solid catch in one of those crazy corners of Minute Maid.
3. The double play started by Santiago in the bottom of the 8th. was a thing of beauty.
Alex had another great throw out on a steal attempt. It was his best overall game of the year. Ajax is back in the groove. My oh my. what a fantastic rotation we have.
Get the brooms out; we need a total sweep. Rich, are you going to the Nats games?
Good night all.
By Greg on May 4, 2013 11:03 pm – Reply

I just reposted from the previous blog.

Then I’ll repost too. I’ll be at Wednesday’s game, Greg. Hope to avoid much rain.
I’ll be in section 124 and I’ll give you the row and seat number later.

WOW. jJason Grilli has 12 saves in 14 games and 21 Ks in 13 IP

glad alex avila has gotten on base more and hit with more power for the past week or so!
since april 29th: .278/.381/.667/1.048
before april 29th: .169/.229/.262/.490

Better than Fielder:280/.438/.520/.958. Now, what clicked? Is he more aggressive or went to his usual patient approach?

ElTigre, thank you. I’ll work with that.

Your stats demonstrate the work AA has done to adjust his hitting mechanics. He can now make a difference and literally did the other night. I am curious about V-Mart. Legendary Lloyd worked with him on balance issues following the Angels series, to get him going. He is stroking much better now, in my opinion. Is that supported by the stats?

Evan, I checked the box from the last game with the Angels and V-Mart’s BA was at .182 then. I don’t know how to get his stats, including his slash-line, from that date on. V-Mart’s BA is now higher so I assume there has been improvement across the board.

May iI help you?
.At the official Tigers webpage, go to stats and click 7 days. At fangraphs there is a box where you can chose the splits. At baseball reference you can go to the splits for the season.there are ready for last 7/30 etc

Rich, I am only going to be at Tuesday’s game. Was hoping to say hi. Are you going to Baltimore for the 29th? I’ll be there for the entire weekend series?

I’m considering going stag to Tuesday’s game, but that depends on the weather. I’m not sure about Baltimore and there’s also Pittsburgh the two days prior to that. One can do a self made Tiger tour to Pittsburgh-Baltimore.

The rotation for the Nationals has changed, and changed for the worse for the Tigers. Tuesday will be Jordan Zimmerman, now the Nats best starter. In his last two starts, he’s pitched 17 innings, allowed 3 hits, walked 1, and struck out 12. This guy is the real deal. Wednesday we’ll see venerable Dan Haren. After a rough start, Haren is now pitching well. More importantly, he’s always been tough on the Tigers. The game he pitched against us in LA a couple years ago was arguably the best pitching performance of the entire season. Sanchez and Fister will need to be on top of their game.

If you are talking about his victory over Verlander, you might be right. I saw that game and they were both lights out.

Last 11 games for Victor, beginning after the west coast trip: BA .277 Slg .447 OPS .718
BaBip .279, still unusually low.

Thanx to you and EiTigre. Glad to see V-Mart getting back to form.

It was my opinion that of the struggling kittens (Omar, Alex, Victor and Dirks) – Victor was the one who wasn’t getting unlucky he was simply out-of-sync (e.g. had swing mechanics issues). I thought the other guys had good line drive % and low BABIP, and i assume(d) they’d come around (Alex, Omar). Dirks injury might explain his slow start.

Just a note about AA. Former All Star Ron Coomer and current Fox analyst as well as substitute broadcaster for the Twins annonced that AA was putting in extra work on his hitting mechanics. AA was reportedly working on staying closed, keeping back and hitting to the opposite field as he was jumping out at the ball and failing to let the pitch come to him.

he was working with Kaline right?

Coomer made his report during the second(?) game of the recent Twins series.

Not sure if it was Kaline, but someone mentioned that on a previous post.

Rick Porcello won’t start again until May 12th. Spot starting is a pretty tough role to fulfil. Being thrust into that role this year will be a difficult one for him.

I don’t see Avila as ever being what you’d call a good hitter, but everyone knows he’s better than he has been. I think the part about him letting the pitch get deeper into the zone is accurate. It’s one of the issues, anyway.

No Avila, Hunter and Peratta today.

Peralta. I need a new formula for my glasses

Houston: Grossman, Martinez, Castro, Pena,Corporan, Laird,Ankiel, Cedeño, González.

Tigers:Jackson 8, Dirks 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Kelly 9, Pena 2, Infante 4, Santiago 6. Verlander 1

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