Tigers own three of top 58 Draft picks

Major League Baseball sent out information today about next month’s First-Year Player Draft, which begins on Thursday, June 6. Unlike the last couple years, the Tigers won’t be sitting out the first day. In fact, they’ll be quite active.

Among the information released was the final draft order for the first few rounds, including the compensation rounds. Add up the first-round pick that the Tigers didn’t give up to sign a top free agent this year (the first time they’ve held onto that since 2009) with the competitive balance pick the Tigers acquired from the Marlins in last summer’s trade for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante, and the Tigers have three of the top 58 selections after not picking last year until 91st overall.

All of those selections will be made on the first night.

Their first-round selection will be the 20th overall pick. They’ll get the last of the six compensation picks after the first round, 39th overall. Their next pick falls 19th in the second round.

The early picks, and the extra signing money allotted with them, has the potential to go a long way towards restocking a farm system that has been thinned by trades over the last couple years.


Watching the Tigers vs Astros shines a spotlight on the miniscule difference between a team with good players vs a team with not so good players. What would seem to be a chasm of difference in talent is actually more like a small crevice that one could almost hop across. Key word being “almost.”

I liked what I saw in Ortega. Dan, could he be the closer? If you watch other games, it seems the umpires are all inconsistent. All the games are on tv with many cameras. Not like the old days. Our hitters go from aggressive to patient. Victor did extra work and now Alex. Go Tigers!

big game today fellas! I want this series!!! then we’ll have won 6 out of 8 series (with 1 tied with KC). Ultimately I like winning series, especially road series.

Harrell vs Scherzer – actually might be advantage Houston since max has been posting 4+ era the past few games and harrell has been posting 3+ era over the same span. Our bullpen might have to save the game – or our bats. doubt it’ll be our defense or baserunning – i am afraid.

DB, it’s so difficult to project who might make a closer. I do think Ortega has a good chance at it if he simply throws strikes 65% of the time.
Valverde will luck into a save or two but will negate that by being completely unable to hold runners at 1st. His career totals of ONE Pick-off and an 82% stolen base ratio will attest to that. The fact he doesn’t even look at any runner (other than by accident at 2nd base) should attest to that.

I’ve seen Valverde look at the runner on first….. over his back shoulder. Play that out in your mind and make your pickoff move.
The Big Potato will be the same potato we’ve had the last three seasons. Management and some media hoped for more, but that’s not realistic. This is a true case of “it is what it is.” He does bring psychological comfort to the rest of the pen who can’t pitch unless they know their roles. Tell that to Drew Smyly….

Wel dice he saved something ( not including this year) like 111 out of 118 I will take it.

BTW, I shared your nitro comment from yesterday at lunch today. It got some good laughs.

Funny blackout note. Before the Nats arrived in 2005, I was blacked out and could see only Baltimore. Now that the Nats are closer, I’m blacked out FROM seeing Baltimore.

Not sure what Papi Grande has done to draw your ire. In ten games, he has three saves in three tries. This last one was a one run game. Also, he came into one game when Jim was a little nervous and got three outs with six pitches. In three years, I’m almost sure he had never done that. Four games with one walk and zero hits and zero runs allowed. What’s wrong?? Since being added to the BP Ortega, Putkonen and Valverde have combined for over nine innings with no hits, twelve Ks, just two walks, the three saves of Jose, one win, and maybe a hold mixed in there somewhere.

Although I must admit to holding my breath when VV’s number is called, I think your opinion was well stated and supported. So…you get my vote.

“Lineup vs HOU: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Dirks 7, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Scherzer is starting “

Obviously you like him. I have next to no confidence in him. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person.
I’ll say the same thing I said all last year: if they stick with him he will break your heart.
Actually we got lucky last year as Coke somehow managed to pitch like an excellent relief pitcher when Valverde disintegrated.
In the Series we didn’t need a closer.

Good one Rich. I found it difficult to get a good look at a base-runner over my front shoulder (I am RH)! Some guys like James Shields take extreme measures to look at the base runner.

Ortega who has the same profile of Villareal, little frame for that fastball and some command issues:

Henning on Valverde:”tigers will be watching — and hoping — Valverde’s Friday night October flashback was isolated. Low velocity, strike-zone issues. Oh boy.”
But I ll take that cum grano salis as every thing he says. He seems a little biased, he wants Garcia traded because he will be better than Castellanos. Porcello and Peralta. Even, if JV he has been hit hard already. The first day only the cold weather kept that ball in

I don’t get it either since he’s been here he has save 113 of 121 games 93.38% which by the way best in baseball in that time span. So if that’s not good enough for some I don’t know what you want? He was bad in the playoff last year sure ya know who was worse…..Prince Fielder. It really just boggles my mind

Back to the original blog post, this pick we received from Miami last year, along with re-signing Anibal makes this a complete steal. All the Dombroski haters have been pretty silent lately, and this is why. The prospect that will probably be a better pro is Rob Brantly, and I believe he could be a good MLB catcher. But by no means a star. Jacobs is in the minors still, for Miami. And the Tigers got a front line starter, a very good 2B AND the 39th pick of the draft. Amazing. I also get a feeling we might re-sign Infante too.

I said at the time of that trade that I’d like the deal if we re-signed Sanchez. We did, so I do.

GK—things change. Valverde is older and colder. Reputation and historical stats do not ensure the same results in the present. Valverde is no longer a dominant pitcher. He eked out a save last night. Omar bailed him out and the last out was a centimeter from being a 2 run homer to lose the game. On top of a 4 pitch walk to the fastest guy on the field.
It’s OK to have different opinions about this. You and DOK do not need to agree with me but don`t expect me to change my mind about it either.
Valverde was one of the best closers in the last decade. Time marches on.
Even Al Kaline averaged under.260 in his LAST 2 years of play. It happens. The trick for management is not to confuse loyalty, history, expectations and logic.

Dan, I can agree with you that Jose is not a dominant pitcher now. But in my opinion, he is a very crafty closer. It drives me crazy that he allows runners to get in scoring position. For us, his first ten days has just settled things down. The skipper might even have an extra bounce in his step. I never thought this would be a seven man closer team but in the next three months we need to find at least one guy to run tandem with him. Who would you pick? Maybe we will agree again!!! And Gk and I still like that save percentage!!!!!!!!

These are all good points from everybody on Valverde. I’m not down on him at all, but the jury is still out, IMO. We won’t know if he’s the same pitcher for awhile yet. It’s all guesswork right now, including what I said in my earlier comment.

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