Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

It’s the standard Tigers lineup for an opposing left-handed starter with the exception of Ramon Santiago. Omar Infante has some knee soreness, according to Jim Leyland, and while it isn’t a lingering concern, it’s a good reason to give him a day off and start Santiago.

Joe Mauer has the day off for the Twins. Ryan Doumit, who was dealing with flu-like symptoms the last couple days, starts behind the plate.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Brayan Pena, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Brian Dozier, 2B
  2. Jamey Carroll, 3B
  3. Josh Willingham, DH
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Ryan Doumit, C
  6. Chris Parmelee, RF
  7. Oswaldo Arcia, LF
  8. Aaron Hicks, CF
  9. Pedro Florimon, SS

P: Scott Diamond


Sorry but the Twins fans could think you are offending their team

Watch out for that sneaky Jamey Carroll. He’s a troublemaker. Love ‘im.

Already fairly annoyed with the strike zone. We’ll see how he calls it for Diamond. So far he’s getting freaking squeezed

Sanchez getting sqeezed that is

Not a good start . With Porcello tomorrow, they need the bullpen

Well…….he was squeezed on the first three the doumit snd parmalee not so much. Pena botched that play a the plate

I think Dirks catches that ball in LF. 22 is not so fast.

Kinda messy.

holy smokes, did someone say Ortega is the new long man? Might need him soon.

he will be

Sanchez can get his pitch count back in order by throwing minus 7 pitches in the 2nd inning.

makes sense to me

Tough for Sanchez to top his last outing, I’ll settle for him getting it under control for the next few innings – hate keeping track via gameday while working – my work keeps interfering with my game!

he is racking up the strikeouts though again – hard to get that negative 7 pitches that way!

I agree I think Don or even Andy catch that ball in the first inning. Not exactly what I would call thrilled with the strike zone. Not thrilled with the at bats by our guys in the first inning especially since Sanchez threw so many pitches in the first.

The Tigers need to “put it on the board” runs.

Yuk. Not pleased

Of course Pena not thrilled with his strike out especially since he knows Sanchez not getting those pitches called strikes

anibal coming back from the 3-0 count to get parm out. nice.

oswaldo….. hah my last name is: oswald.

Like Oswaldo Guillen

Nice play be Peralta. Range.

flowing and gliding?

Sounds like the head in a propeller-less plane.

I’m on the laptop. Typos to be ignored, please.

ran rayburn 4 homers in 2 games? I am going to the game on the 10th and the 12th (first series against the indians) and i think the last thing i want to see in this world is ranburn hitting homers on me.

I’ll be there on the 12th – Mothers day gift!

No hit through 3. Soft tosser too much for them I guess.

Lets break the no hit

Close, but Victor can’t beat that out. Most guys do. A play worth noting as we go along.

Last inning for Sanchez

Quickly and easily through 4…

7 Ks – not bad!

8 – he’s rollin! But i’d put smyly in there to face the lefties in the next inning.

because you don’t want to put downs or ortega or rondon in there with men on base – in case anibal doesn’t pick up where he left off.

Smyly is no available 3 games since 4/27 and back to back

Sanchez is coming back out, and Smyly is unavaliable today. You get Downs.

ok well i think it’s a gamble to put him back out there — he might get you out of the inning under 125 pitches or he might put a guy on and you have to bring in downs. and we already know what that means.

Diamond is pitching a NO-HITTER. Thought I’d try to jinx him.

That did the trick.

Good job rich. Nice jinx

Ok that was a bad play.

No hitter broken up but they still look like crap

wow – what a turn around for sanchez. i was wrong there.

They are good. QS after 41 pitches in the first

Geez, I had an appt at 2:30 and come back and the Tigers appear to be back in the game. Go Tigers! Light a candle!

RONDON: you have to throw and offspeed pitch

and hold guys on

and not walk guys on four pitches

Getta couple and give it back. Rondon doesn’t appear to be ready or the prime time. Ya he can throw hard, but so what. He doesn’t fool anyone.

Rondon will be of little use if he doesn’t mix in the slider.

agreed he has now thrown a few. but his balls and strikes is way outta whack – today i think it’s command that’s messing it up

not ready for prime time is my diagnosis.

Holds the ball so long before delivering.

Flying open.

And goodbye.

yep lets bring in downs with the bases loaded. O_o

What did they see to even make them think for a second Bruce could play with the big boys?

Blinded by the light…ning.

Thing is we need him….nobody else to call?

not good.

Dotel will be back soon. Putkonem is the other option

that hurts giving those 2 runs right back

dangit downs. skipper let him get rusty – so when he needed downs to get us out of a jam. he couldn’t. terrific.

downs command looks terrible

got hosed on the DP tho

They are showing the replay and that should have been a DP.

He doesn’t like putting Downs in there because he stinks. He’s a mop up guy and nothing more….last several games too critical to put him in. Believe me his story I root for him. He’s just not good no matter how much work he gets.
Oh imagine an ump got a call wrong at first.

Well, JL had a chance to use him as a mop up guy on Sunday or last night but he didnt. JL paints himself into these corners.
— Bob

Or maybe he just doesn’t trust him…..I don’t.

No add on runs, here, please.

Geez, Ortega shook him off 3 times and struck him out. He doesn’t look afraid.

well done ortega!

Ortega looked good. Nice arm and threw strikes.

I wanted so much to see 6 wins.

Glad to see Ortega get a game in and seemed to handle it well, of course if the game was more on the line then maybe would have been different, but good for him. Almost an “oh well” game it felt like but a sweep would have been much, much better.

1.82 ERA/ 3.2

From the start, this smelled like a loss. it’s the proverbial Twinkie getting the timely base hit to get in a hole. Our batters then obliged Diamond with a nod. They make adjustments wait too late. Sadly today’s game shows that throwing 102 mph is as worthless as a bald headed needing a comb. Rondon has to work on his control, and he must master the off pitch. Or he’ll flame throw his way into oblivion. I searched hard to find three good things in today’s game:
1. After the horrendous start, Sanchez actually throws a decent game; with three runs off of him, he did give his team a chance to win.
2. T-Soap actually made a good throw home in the top of the second. Pena should have made the play. Would have stopped Twinkie momentum.
3. Eleven K’s by the pitching staff. New record for games with 10 or more in a row.
IMO, Ortega is more ready than Rondon.

Kudos to Miggy and Torii. Everybody else seemed to be in a funk. On to Houston.
Good evening all.

Love the new nickname for Tuiasosopo!

Rondon optioned. Putkonem will be called up

Jim says the kid can’t get enough work. He needs to go down and make adjustments and get more work in.

Rondon needs to go to AAA but with two relievers day to day, probably there was work for both him and Downs.
And no need to go 1110 plus everyday with the starters. They need to go deep but in innings not pitches

I didn’t see the 9th inning today, went back to work. I did see Ortega in spring training. All I can say is, Rondon looked great with a 10-0 lead in the 9th. We need guys who can pitch when the pressure is on.
And I still can’t fathom how management missed the call on Rondon by such a wide margin. He’s nowhere near ready to CLOSE games.

Hope the team doesn’t go back into a funk. What you do now is go to Houston and take 3 of 4, like any good team would.

Who called the game? He did not throw fast after fastball by his own design.
Having the trust of the manager would help him but also will leave without work Valverde , the favored veteran.
Downs was allowed to rust before throwing him on the fire
Why is Santiago still there? Your 300 SS cant be replaced with a below 100 hitter and expect to win.

And he deserves the same kind of patience showed to RR, BI, DK, RS,, since he has more upside that all them together

I always like JL’s anos line of you never know how the three extra levels of seating will effect a pitcher.

It’s sure a sad day for the Tigers organization when the fans cheer for a young man who attacked a 70 year old couple and pried apart the elderly woman’s legs to steal Fielder’s home run ball from her. SMH. Pretty ashamed of the entire Tiger’s organization, including their farm team, and my home town team, the Toledo Mudhens. Values and morals have totally disapeared from society when young men attack senior citizens and sexually assault them for a baseball. The ball landed in her lap, and they came from 4 seats away to steal it.

that is a terrible story

What are you talking about?

wow i hope there is a follow up to this story – where i come from you give the ball to elderly couples and young children

and what is Fielder doing hitting balls at the mudhens game. grin.

that is too bad to hear – not sure how the Mud Hens got tied in or the entire Tigers organization – can’t really blame everyone for the actions of a few – but tough story to say the least.

Without further details, it sounds like something you’d look up on Snopes.

Play Ball! And when you sit out Torii consider batting Avila 2nd. He could also benefit from hitting in front of Miggy.

I didnt see any fielder hr today.

Don’t look now, but the AL central is the tightest race/division in baseball!

We talk about the organization holding onto players too long.
but interestingly enough Raburn 320 is killing it right now, Delmon has hit well since he’s been back (1 game but he hit a homer), grilli has like 10 saves, inge is hitting 300, matt joyce 5 homers…..etc.
jus sayn!

Grilli had harsh words for JL. He beaned a Tigers in his fist visit. Oddly, many Tigers fans have him in the same category of the mentioned.
Joyce was traded for Jackson who was traded for Scherzer .
Jackson,Casey Fien , Rodney,Below did not get the same opportunity
Others neither but the returns were big: Miller, Maybin, Turner, Brantley., Furbush, Wells.

2 people to watch out for in the Astros lineup: Castro (the catcher) and Barnes (the CF). Don’t want to act like Pena is a slouch either – WATCH OUT.

That comment was posted last year .

The strange one , i mean


Important game for Porcello. IMO.
They can’t hide Smyly in the pen too much longer.

: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Dirks 7, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Porcello is starting.

Anything less than 3 wins in the series and I’m not happy. Not that making me happy should be anyone’s goal.

The dreaded AAA call up? Yikes in the past this has not been good..hopefully times have changed.

Wagner.”Describe Avisail Garcia: Yowsa. Already has 2 hits, nearly threw runner out at 2nd”

Some pretty bad ab’s there in the 1st.

Way to start the game. ……our hitters look pathetic and Rick well just isn’t good enough

2 people to watch out for in the Astros lineup: Castro (the catcher) and Barnes (the CF).
By evan on May 2, 2013 1:29 pm

guess they didn’t listen


Rick has not fared well with the home run ball. That’s four now. Are they hitting the 2 seamer, 4 seamer, curve, or change up?? Or one of each.

The HR, 4 seamer

Omar’s fast becoming the team’s backup spark plug.

“Cabrera is 5th-fastest Tigers player to 1,000 hits since ’21 — Kell, Kuenn, Greenberg and Gehringer were only to reach faster” RThompson



Top of the 6th here and the hitters must get it I gear…….this is horrible!

Wow……they really look pathetic tonight. For all intensive purposes a aaa team is out doing them so far. How embaressing for them.

Avila is completely clueless. I’d rather see Pena in there the way Avila looks at the plate. Hitting like this you shouldn’t even be in the majors at least not as a starting catcher. And it’s not recent it was most of last year and the second half of ’11.

Down in the comments, Rogaki makes the same arguments that Evans and me did a couple of days ago. He was good in 2012:

It would be nice if he was more fazed by being pitiful. Guys like Inge, Raburn and Young were run out of town and weren’t as pitiful as he has been.

Against a AAAA team. No big deal

Another great series of at bats by Avila and the other 2???????????

Back to back and two innings?

This is our manager’s basic test for all young pitchers. They have to man up like it’s 1990 again.

Passed with Honors for him then

Nice play by Infante in the 9th

How many of you want Benoit in the tenth??

Benoit and Ortega looked great! Too bad the hitters are so sad tonight!

I can’t see our guys pulling this one out tonight. They look listless. Not sure why we can’t play better ball in the extra innings.

At least Leyland had enough sense to PH Pena for Avila.
Brookens has to send him, even though it is probably the best OF arm in the game, he has to send him with 2 out.

Totally disagree….. You don’t nor should he have been sent.

Boy Brookens has gotten a lot of guys thrown out at the plate.. A lot. People wanted Geno run out of town for a lot fewer.

Brookens was correct to send him. No brainer. Situation.

Disagree. And I guarantee if Geno had done it he’d be getting slaughtered on here.

Two outs , on the road , go for home. Like Boesch in Baltimore

Our hitters have looked like they’ve never seen big league pitching before. Hard to figure it.
I hate extra innings and overtimes. Just hate ’em.

If I heard this correctly, the gun had Ankiel’s perfect throw to the plate at 101mph.

Former big league pitcher with a running start. I believe it.

He may end up on the mound tonight if this thing another 3 or 4 innings.

We’re using a lot of pen but Fister should be able to go deep tomorrow.
Anyone think both of Houston’s homers would have been flyouts in Comerica and a number of other ballparks?

That we agree on. Why does it seem that when we get into these homer friendly parks we don’t seem to take advantage?

Trying to hit homers is why.

There comes Plutonium. Hope he is for Houston

Bust up that bat, Luke!

Before Kelly hits, I’d like to say that I disagreed with pinch running him in that spot. Jim went for it all right then. My feel for the game was that it would go on awhile.
Bo Porter can put the winning run on 2ndbase because he has a crap team anyway. Try that in NY and you’re toast.

Kelly with a double! I did a reverse jinx!

18 strike outs now…..for their pitching not ours. Aweful. Can nobody come up with the big hit?

Santiago could have been there for 2E and he scored . Hindsight but

Two impotent teams playing in an empty and ridiculous ballpark.
That’s enough for me.
Good night.

So, we know who was causing the bad luck.(JK)

Kelly POG

Glad I decided to stay up one more inning for the top of the order. Way to make them pay Kelly!!

Al wells that ends wells

18 Ks for each team. Gotta be close to a record for a single game StatMan, do you know what the record is?

Looks like 43 Ks in 1971 in a game between the Angels and Athletics.

40 Tigers- Seattle

Two weeks ago. So we were told that day.

Thanks for the info.

Good win for the Tigers! Congrats on Putkonen for getting the win, and for Kelly coming through in the clutch! The Wings win in OT, too, 5-4. Good night for Detroit fans!

Every relief pitcher we used tonight should be unavailable for tomorrow. Do we send somebody down to bring up another pitcher??

I lied. I stayed up for it.
Should have Valverde, Smyly and Alburquerque tomorrow with Fister going 8.

so mad, I went to bed after the top of the 13th when we couldn’t score Kelly after the double – bad, bad TigerGirl. So happy for Donny, guess Jim made the right call having him pinch run. He made all the right moves last night, our bullpen was fantastic, so hats off to them, they have taken a lot of heat but they really did well last night. Ortega has been iimpressive. What a great win and congrats to Miggy – he is such a superstar.

And at least Brookens is consistent – I agree with sending him on that play especially when we are struggling to score runs in a game. He does need to consider who is running though, I say almost never send VMart anymore if there is a chance it is close, but sometimes you have to force the issue. Did not like though letting T-Soap 2E swing away in the 13th without one attempt at a bunt, but it all ended well so I am happy. A snow out in KC? Yikes!

Good morning all. I must admit I came upstairs at the top of the 14th., and gleefully watched the guys win on Gameday. I have always believed that once a game goes beyond 11, that the home team nearly always wins. I was so mad that our offense went to sleep again against the worst team in the AL. We have to win these games.
KC is not going anywhere. And poor Alex; this guy is spinning his wheels, his head, and his glove. Must become a major priority. This is too much defensive talent to waste. Well, I slept on this one, so here goes. Three things I really liked about the game last night:
1. Porcello did not pitch a bad game. After that long first inning, he actually showed some command with his pitches. I do think he has made some strides, albeit snall ones.
2. Our pitchers held Houston to 3 hits over the last 10 innings of the game. Only two walks, and they came in the last two innings of the game. This was great therapy for the bullpen. Seven innings of one hit ball.
3.Good steady play by Peralta at short tonight. Nothing flashy, some low throws, but about as dependable on the routine stuff as you would want to see.

Kudos to Kelly and T-Soap. Also to Jackson and Ortega. Pray for Alex. He needs ever break he can get. Well deserved win for our Tigers. Good morning.

I might add the play by Infante was a big deal – not sure how he had that accurate of a throw when spinning like that –

That play by Infante was the kind of play I see other teams make. You could see on the slow motion replay how he picked up his target in mid-spin, a millisecond before he let the throw go. Outstanding.

I agree about the Infante play….while yes it was very nice you do see other teams make these types of plays often….

My favorite part of the game was when Jim pinch ran for Victor. I realized he was taking his one shot at that time, but I had a definite sense that the game would go on for a long time and disagreed with the move. So then Kelly turns INTO Victor Martinez in extra innings and it all works out. I was right and wrong on the same decision. Baseball can be a lot of fun.

StatMan, was the 40Ks a Detroit-involved record? According to Baseball Almanac’ the MLB record for collective Ks in a single game was set on 7-9-71 in a game between the Athletics(17) and the Angels(26), a total of 43.

And the correlation between HOME and AWAY and RUNS and NORUNS continues…

Just goes to show you that evaluating relief pitchers is no easy task. Here we are less than a month into the season and the new recruits who were overlooked for the initial 25 man roster are now bringing strength to the pen.
I think we also should acknowledge how good Prince has been defensively. Greg is right about the low throws—and they have been coming from all over the diamond–Cabby too. Prince is digging them up with consistency and ease. Last year this was a concern.
Porcello gave us a quality start. He threw the ball hard. I think he has a problem keeping the heater down. When he can keep that down around the knees like his sinker he will be even better.

ATTA BOY DON! (just relistened to the game)

and how about T-Soap piling it on with a line drive!?
and who started the offense back up? Austin Jackson!! He’s got the keys to the bat-mobile!

4 hours after the game I had to wake up and took my daughter to the school so forgive me if my information was misleading: From ESPN and Stats:”The combined 40 strikeouts by the Tigers and Mariners on Wednesday tied for the second most since 1920. … The A’s and Angels combined for a record 43 in 20 innings on July 9, 1971 and the Padres and Giants also had 40 on June 19, 2001.”

That clears it up. Thanx.

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