Sunday night’s lineup: Tigers vs. Braves

It’s the typical right-handed heavy lineup for Detroit against Braves lefty Mike Minor. Jhonny Peralta stays in the sixth spot. The only Tigers who have faced Minor are National League veterans Prince Fielder, who’s 3-for-3 against him, and Omar Infante, 4-for-12 with two strikeouts. Nobody in the Braves lineup, for that matter, has faced Doug Fister. B.J. Upton has faced Fister, but he’s getting the night off in the midst of a 4-for-32, 14-strikeout slump. Dan Uggla moves to DH, with Tyler Pastornicky at second.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  8. Brayan Pena, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Jordan Schafer, CF
  2. Tyler Pastornicky, 2B
  3. Justin Upton, LF
  4. Freddie Freeman, 1B
  5. Chris Johnson, 3B
  6. Evan Gattis, C
  7. Dan Uggla, DH
  8. Reed Johnson, RF
  9. Andrelton Simmons, SS

P: Mike Minor


Looks like braves are changing things up

These two pitchers have been very tough this month. But what happens tonight??

Dan Uggla plays 2B like a DH.

Well said. And he makes an improved Prince look that much better.

still raining in the Toledo area, considering this is an NL game I assume they do all they can to get the game in.

Great comparison DOK with 2012 on previous thread.
Some of those names so near yet so far.
Also highlights how the best laid plans can go pear shaped with your pen.

Thanks, Dave. Three more games. Finish April strong. The Braves are shorthanded because they are missing LHBs of Heyward and McCann. Next up we have the Twins for the second time this season. We first will see two RHP who are struggling since ptiching okay against us. Do we make the adjustments?? Go Tigers!!!!

Through 2 innings our hitters have gone quickley and quietly…… Only Omar and Prince have ever seen this guy. One time through the order and I hope to see better at bats.

That was quick!

Austin! The man

Meet the next MVP


Back-to-back blown DPs by Infante. Gotta make routine plays or this defense does not work.

Because it is built on offense.

Well that was a nice lead or about two seconds! Bleeders hit batters and Omar not completing yet another double play! Fisters gotta figure out this hit batter thing it’s costing him.

Fister’s velocity took a dip from a high of 91 and now he is in trouble. Nothing in the 4th over 89. Movement has been good but separation and swinging strkes are negatively impacted.

IMO there is not a big difference between good and elite. I think this is an issue for Fister and hope he regains the velocity to attain his potential for the Tigers, as he demonstrated in 2011. And what is up with boinking all these hitters? Strategy or loss of command?

Ah, Fister at least hit 91 again against Freeman

Huh? Got a later different reading or I screwed up. But it does look like 90 against Johnson.

And yet another hit batter……….doug what the heck

Princes first line drives since april 17

rain could be to blame for that HBP

The problem is he already had 7. But yes, like Infante´s throw, the weather is to blame

one more inning before calling the bullpen

Just got a run need a shut down inning this time!

made up for it.

Nice, Infante. Trade a bomb for a blown DP. Yes!

Big add-on run. Good job Omar.

The weather agree with them.

Just wow!

Woo hooo … Gotta love the 3 run homer … 2 in one game.
Let’s close out the sweep!!!!
— Bob

Wild pitches ……..bad

I dont think Pena is used to catching AlAl slider. He seemed to be fighting it a bit in the 8th.
— Bob

I dont get this. You got an inning out of AlAl. Why not give Downs or Coke and inning here to mop up. Instead, AlAl puts two people on and JL is bring in Papa in a non save situation. Now, your “closer” is not available tomorrow because he pitched yesterday also. These are the decisions that I scratch my head at.
— Bob

Really? You trust one of the worst pens in the AL, if not the worst (although not in terms of talent)?

You don’t feel a win is to be had by a proven guy? You let that opportunity go against an expllosive team?

With a 5 run lead? Yes. If the other guys cannot hold a 5 run lead in one inning then everything else we do will not matter. Let Downs or Coke start the 9th clean. No matter. It worked out and he did not throw many pitches.
Go Tigers!!!
— Bob

I definitely see your point and under usual circumstances It would be a no-brainer. I think JL doubts his pen for good reason and wanted to nail down a victory and a sweep. So, he went to his best guy.

Well its easy to after the fact say you dont agree with something but I didn’t like the idea of leaving AA in there. Not because I thoughts he would hit and walk a guy but more about over using him.

He had already thrown 27 pitches


Great job papa

Tigers win! PAPA dance.

Until now, Valverde has been helped by CoPa and the cold weather. The jury is still out

I do not understand your point. VV indicated the cold weather negatively impacted his use of the splitter when earlier questioned about it because it was to be a major part of his arsenal. How does the cold weather help him if that is to be a mainstay pitch?

It helps keeping those long fly balls in the stadium. A good part of the outs have been FB to the warning track

Okay, I see where you are coming from now.

No harm .. no foul. And he used very few pitches. So maybe he is still good for tomorrow. Papa looks very good. I still think he was having back issues last year that were kept under wraps. The movement on his fastball has been great.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I agree I think he was hurt last year.

Boy going into the weekend I really thought we had a good chance of being swept. I think our guys really put their nose to the grindstone, also I think we caught Atlanta on the back end of a long road trip. Way to go guys!

2 for 4 RISP. Two three run homers!!

Good series. A couple of missed DPs or Atlanta hardly scores at all this weekend.
Good time to make a little run here.

All the home folks are going to be spoiled on curly fries. But it sure is nice to have three taters in one game. Nice sweep for our guys; my son is not speaking to me(I don’t know where I went wrong there.) It’s a shame to have to play under the bad conditions, but it worked both ways. Tigers really had a great series this weekend.
I offer three things that I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Every Brave struck out at least once. Fister walked nobody. Hitting batters is another story for another day.
2. Victor comes through in the seventh, when at that time, the score is all tied up.
3. The Tigers never gave up the lead, start to finish.

Kudos tonight to Miggy, Ajax, Omar, and Mr. Fister. Even Donnie had a nice base hit. Big wins here as we could have easily fallen behind the Royals, had the Braves been up to the challenge. We are going to have to beat KC, to get the Central. I don’t see them going away. Enjoy the ride! Good night to all!

Fister looked good.
Omar coming around.
Cabby has to supply power for this team to excel.
VMart looking like he is going to contribute.
A2 is wicked.
AJ is a spark plug.
Valverde is Hope & Dream. This would have been a good time to put Rondon in instead of Valverde…….IMO.

don’t look now, but don kelly (.174) has a better batting average than andy dirks (.167)

Fister has so much late movement on his pitches, that is the reason for all the HBP. Guys don’t move cause it doesn’t look like it will plunk them.

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