Saturday: Tigers vs. Braves

Prince Fielder played three games at designated hitter last season. He’s getting a game there today as Jim Leyland tries to watch his workload. It’s as close as Fielder gets to a day off. Victor Martinez, meanwhile, makes his first start at first base since July 31, 2011, the day the Tigers beat up on Jered Weaver at Comerica Park.

Meanwhile, Matt Tuiasosopo’s game Friday night and Andy Dirks’ knee issues earn Tuiasosopo the start against a right-hander. Lefty Mike Minor’s start Sunday means Tuiasosopo will start the entire series.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (2-for-3 against Kris Medlen)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  8. Alex Avila, C (1-for-3, K against Medlen)
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Andrelton Simmons, SS
  2. Dan Uggla, 2B
  3. Justin Upton, LF (1-for-3, K off Porcello)
  4. Freddie Freeman, 1B
  5. Chris Johnson, 3B
  6. Evan Gattis, C
  7. B.J. Upton, CF (0-for-4, walk off Porcello)
  8. Juan Francisco, DH
  9. Jordan Schafer, RF

P: Kris Medlen


My confidence in Victor is complete now after watching him run the bases and sliding into home. His knee must be feeling strong because, if you remember, he still was wearing a brace during STing. He’s hitting the ball with authority and using his legs with full strength. Go Tigers! Light a candle!

Matt T. Time to shine. Go get’em.

Vmart playing first – prince DHing

Looks like a huge crowd and now Austin gets picked off.

Rick already looks better through 2. I was not pleased last week, but anybody who saw that could see he was dinked and dunked and dribbled to death. Not really his fault and really not the defenses either, but it was just horrible.

You at the game?

Nope at home today.

you hang’em – we bang’em!


Oh, my.

We might have to remove Porcello from the rotation strictly because his luck won’t change.

Something’s gotta change…..again nobody hit nothing hard but honestly how long can you put up with this? He’s gotta make his own luck too!

Guess I spoke too soon about Rick. And they don’t turn the double play to top it off. Honestly! They think they wouldn’t have turned on tv anyway. Here we go dinked and dribbled to death.

He walked in one of those runs.

Smyly has earned his opportunity to start.
Fister is also a grounders pitcher. He SO when he needs to. He is older but with less MLB experience and can adapt himself . Porcello must do the same or he cant start

Fielder needs to wake up. His avg is going down quickly.

Oddly at the same time that VMart is recovering

The key to this lineup is the bottom of it. If Omar, JP and Avila can hit the team will wear pitchers out.
Nice to see 2E contribute yesterday. Look for NC to be called up though. Dirks will conveniently be placed on the DL very soon.
Avila seems totally lost. Omar is keeping the bottom of the order relevant.

Key thing to remember is NC is not on the 40 man. If you think dropping Below was tough wait til this move comes. Personally, I think NC s/b at Toledo until September if at all possible. Right now if after watching Dirks hobble around for thirty days,. they decided he needed a 15 day trip to the DL. The best call up is a relief pitcher. And we may have FIVE guys who deserve a call up. Leyland’s three man platoon in LF has hurt us and with only Tui and Kelly to choose from we will be much better. Just a good old fashion win-win.

I became resigned to the fact that Avila just wasn’t going to be a very good hitter then he promptly got worse.
Wonder if he still uses that heavy bat that Victor recommended two years ago?

Porcello’s last start was the only game I’ve seen. Does it look like Alex is trying to go to LF any?? Is that what he needs??

I think I’ve been seeing what you’re talking about for some time now. Many of those balls AA would shoot out to left or to the gap seem to end up as grounders to the pull side. AA is turning over I can’t figure out if it is a change by design to turn him into a yanker, because the ball can jump off his bat, or if it’s a matter of poor hitting habits.

Porcello survived and another QS for the staff

Avila extended the inning for Omar and his HR

Where has Prince gone??


Nice bunt by Alex? NOT?

What is up with the man in the stands covering his face with a hat?

yea what’s up with that guy!?

Good job Don Kelly. See he can get a hit without starting the game!!!

Infante picked Alex up!

Really like that phrase Gk. That’s baseball. So much failure for the batters you have to play with the “pick me up” attitude. Everyone fails and that next guy has to try his damnedest to pick up his teammate.

Who has a better hitting SS/2B combo than us?? Go Tigers!!!!

Holy horsefeathers!!! We just scored in the 8th!!!! Is the sky falling up there!!!!!

Come on Jose….I believe!

i see you there, splitter


Dance PAPA!

95 mph.

Nice!…..who woulda thunk?

12 strikes 2 balls. splitters. great fastball command. no spring training. was pitching in empty ballparks last week.

Never in a million and a half years! Sorry Bossman Jr. That was an error but thank you! Avila looks lost like Boesch did.

Great job Omar Infante!!!! Remember when his batting average was dropping faster than the stock market during an oil shortage scare?? In truth, it was nothing like the issues we had at second base last year. So what has happened recently??
During the last five games he has three multiple hit games and has raised his batting average from .250 to .307. And yes both our SS and second baseman are over the .300 mark.

Jose has his strut back. But no goggles! Maybe he can see the plate now; he’s getting the first pitch across consistently in two outings. Maybe the leak has stopped. Benoit has suddenly in the last two years become vulnerable to the gopher ball. Minimal damage, and Rick sure needed a W. He looked much better tonight, and did a great job against the Braves. A lot of good stuff in the game, but I’ll offer three things that I really liked about game 22:
1. Tigers score first again, and even though we lost the lead once, it is much easier to be playing ahead. We trailed for only the half inning, before moving on. The two add on runs in the 8th. were huge.
2. Alex’s excellent peg to throw out BJ in the the top of the third. This stopped a big inning from developing for the Braves. Alex is lost with the bat, but his throwing is right on.
3. Omar’s continuing contributions from the 9 hole. He is taking pressure off of the top of the order, and Ajax had a good day today. Best 9 hitter in the AL.

Good job by Jhonny, Miggy, and Jose. Every offensive player got on base. Pitching was good enough to get a great win. Good night all!

Toledo vs Norfolk. We face Jair Jurrigens and Daniel Schlereth!!! We lose 2-1.

Yeah, I was watching that! Toledo doesn’t have anyone who is pounding the ball, though. Castellanos is the best at .266 I think. Erie has a few players having good seasons, though.

Porcello solid on the hill, and the offense backed him up. Good all around game by the Tigers, two days in a row.

I just watched the condensed version of today’s game. Not the best way to see what happened, but one can get a feel for it.
Porcello pitched well. I think we’ll have to live with those grounders that bleed through the infield and hope the percentages hold that most of them go to an infielder. Rick made a nice recovery from that shaky third inning.
Peralta had one good play and one excellent play that showed some range. That one was a pleasant surprise.
Omar will drill those elevated fastballs nearly every time. Good day at the plate.
Avila made an excellent throw on that stolen base attempt. He’s had a few of those lately. On a nice run with that.
Since I made negative comments about Valverde as the dancing bear, I will admit that I like that “deep knee bend spin around with one foot in the air” move. But only on the final out!

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