Duane Below designated for assignment

Whether or not you believe that Duane Below was the pitcher who deserved to be dropped from the 40-man roster, he’s somebody the Tigers had to believe stands a reasonable chance of sneaking through waivers. Thus, when it came time today to clear a spot on the 40-man roster Jose Valverde, Below was the guy designated for assignment.

If somebody claims him (hey, the Blue Jays have been claiming players left and right this month), then the Tigers will lose out on somebody who currently stands as an insurance starter for them at Triple-A Toledo. If not, he’ll return to the Mud Hens rotation next week, and the Tigers can purchase his contract back if they have the need to call him up this summer.

The 27-year-old Below has bounced back from a miserable Spring Training to put up four quality starts in as many chances at Toledo. His 1-2 record belies his 2.10 ERA and 15 hits allowed over 25 2/3 innings. He has walked four and struck out 15.


I’m not exactly clear on how a 27-year old LH starter clears waivers. There was really no one else?

Kinda surprised at this move. Besides being an insurance starter, Below can throw out of the pen. And, he was one of the 3 effective starters for the Hens. Crosby and Misch have not done much.

For whatever reason, it seemed like Below landed on the wrong side of the organization’s favor last year. I always liked him and thought he pitched well when given a chance. I know he got bombed in Spring Training, but he was pitching well for Toledo. Hope, but doubt, he clears waivers.

Add his name to the growing list of young players with the short straw confronted with done veterans that no team in the Majors wanted (like Worth with Santiago) .
He was ignored once and again as spot starter while rusting in the bench for weeks,Only to be used when he was due to fail
I hope for him that a good team claims him .He was badly mismanaged by the Tigers. And has no future with JL

Well said.

The committee needed a CEO, they could have go romans and have two: Benoit and Al2 since both are weak or with suspicious health

Now we’re getting news about Valverde’s beard. It would be nice to have a plain old closer and not a circus act. I’m tired of the dancing bear already and he hasn’t even appeared in a game. It’s all coming back to me now………

Valverde claims to have been offered a major league contract by the Yankees over the offseason. Reports are that Bryan Cashman said that is “false false false.”
Who you gonna believe? Ah, the intrigue……….

“Valverde’s deal reportedly contains a base salary of roughly $2MM with another $3MM available via incentives. “

Olney:”NL source: Mets didn’t make an offer to Jose Valverde.”

Somebody’s not being truthful here. And it’s probably Scott Boras.

See that Miami claimed Below, he has a shot there. Good luck Duane!

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