Tigers-Royals rained out

West Coast 020DETROIT — The Tigers had amazingly avoided the early-season postponements other teams have suffered this season despite the miserable Midwestern weather. That run is over.

Tuesday’s series opener between the Tigers and Royals was postponed due to rain. No makeup date was announced.

Though Monday night’s forecast called for a cold front to bring steady rain to Detroit for most of the evening and into Wednesday, the forecast was iffy on when the rain would begin. The hope was that the system would hold off long enough for the game to begin in dry weather, then play through the rain.

Those plans were thwarted when rain began falling on Comerica Park shortly before game time. Though a window of dry weather briefly appeared on the radar southwest of turn, it soon closed. The game was postponed less than 20 minutes later.

Tuesday’s scheduled starters, Max Scherzer and Wade Davis, will start Wednesday’s game instead. While the Tigers pushed everybody back a day in their rotation, the Royals will skip Luis Mendoza, who was originally scheduled to start Wednesday.

That sets up a Thursday afternoon battle of aces between Justin Verlander and James Shields.

The Royals come to town for weekend series in August and September, the earlier one a four-game series. The two teams could schedule a doubleheader during one of those series or try to schedule it on a common off-day. They both have an off-day Aug. 19 after the four-game series, but playing then would require player approval since it would have both teams playing about four weeks between off-days.

All paid tickets for Tuesday’s rainout for will be honored at the makeup game. No ticket exchange is necessary.


So how is the rotation impacted?

KC doesn’t return until August and that’s already a 4-game series. Gotta love Bud Selig’s interleague play.

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Tigers-Royals both have off days scheduled coinciding with both series in Detroit. August 19 and September 15.

No five game series in August. Let’s go with September 15th.

I will take Valverde over Villarreal at this point in time.

It’s more important to send BV down to get “right” than any hope that Valverde will rediscover himself. He is simply the lesser of two evils. Rondon is key. A huge part of what this team needs.

Valverde shortened his season’s work by at least nine weeks and saved a lot of bullets. Read somewhere that he lost some weight, too. He is raring to go. Proud man who was none too happy how last season ended. Spit to the left, spit to the right and away we go.

“Valverde will be with the club in Detroit tomorrow and manager Jim Leyland says he will be the team’s closer.”@tigers

Villareal to Toledo

‘Stranger than fiction’ comes to mind. Hopefully a fairytale ending.
How many years will go by until the leagues move to 16 teams with both central divisions expanded to 6 teams? Could easily see a Carolina based team in the AL East with the Jays in Central.

interesting news on Papa Grande – sure hope they know what they are doing – who knows, this could be the greatest thing ever or the dumbest thing ever so I’ll hold off on judging – innocent until proven guilty, capable as any until he shows otherwise. I was a big fan in 2011 so show me that side.

Although I was looking forward for the kids to see him at the Mud Hens this summer, getting a close up look wearing the Valverde glasses they gave out last year at a game we attended!

Rick Thompson:Pitching matchups will now be Scherzer vs. Davis on Wednesday and Verlander vs. Shields on Thursday. #tigers

Well just got back from the ballpark. So stupid, I knew it would not be played. Only cost us $35, Not including the ticket!

I think it’s hysterical Papa was ID’d on the plane to Detroit. He must be ready to go. Welcome back, Papa!

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