Sunday: Tigers at Angels

1. Austin Jackson, cf (3-for-16, 7 Ks off Wilson)
2. Torii Hunter, rf (7-for-29, 2 HR, 8 walks off Wilson)
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b (4-for-13, 4 walks, 2 K’s off Wilson)
4. Prince Fielder, 1b (3-for-6, 2 walks, 3 K’s off Wilson)
5. Victor Martinez, dh (4-for-22, 4 walks, 5 Ks off Wilson)
6. Matt Tuiasosopo, lf (0-for-5, walk, K off Wilson)
7. Jhonny Peralta, ss (2-for-22, 3 walks, 10 K’s off Wilson)
8. Brayan Pena, c (3-for-9 off Wilson)
9. Omar Infante, 2b (3-for-8 off Wilson)
P: Doug Fister

1. Peter Bourjos, cf (3-for-6 against Fister)
2. Mike Trout, lf (0-for-3, 2 K’s against Fister)
3. Albert Pujols, dh (1-for-2, HR, walk, K against Fister)
4. Josh Hamilton, rf (3-for-16, walk, 5 K’s against Fister)
5. Mark Trumbo, 1b (1-for-7, walk against Fister)
6. Howie Kendrick, 2b (5-for-17, HR, 2 K’s against Fister)
7. Brendan Harris, ss
8. Hank Conger, c (2-for-5, walk against Fister)
9. Luis Jimenez, 3b
P: CJ Wilson


Halos:Bourjos CF, Trout LF, Pujols DH, Hamilton RF, Trumbo 1B, Kendrick 2B, Harris SS, Conger C, Jimenez 3B and Wilson P

this is reposted from the last blog entry: the past 7 calendar dates the wOBP numbers for a few tigers:
prince (.211), andy (.186), alex (.177) and omar (.000)….and i’d say anything under a .300 is not cool.
and to break it down further (again the past 7 days):
Omar has obviously been horrible, not a hit in his last 21 PAs. Santiago should be playing for him instead of jhonny “flow and glide” peralta – if he wasn’t fatigued – i mean dehydrated. Andy has been striking out too much – but in general his babip is low .231 (so maybe he is getting unlucky – because he is hitting line drives at a 30.8%). Alex is hitting into too many ground outs and isn’t walking. prince is hitting the ball a little more but is popping it up (infield or outfield) a bit much, striking out too much (10) and not getting enough line drives. Interestingly enough, when he does hit it on the ground he’s been hitting into GIDPs (3 in the past week).

Happy Pena is playing today instead of alex

But VMart is looking better: 325. That is good news

true. only player with more walks than strikes in the past 7 days.

Dehydration, huh? I said it 2 or 3 days ago that this team looks lethargic and tired. Playing with hangovers? I’m starting to wonder why they look so awful. I don’t want to think these thoughts, but I looked at their faces, and see no desire or hunger…just tiredness.


been some hard losses lately, i can see them being kinda drained.

Tiredness? Homesickness? I think they’re sick and tired of making outs.
11 homers in 17 games won’t do either.

How many curley fry games?? Two games at least. Right?? Mission control we have a power outage!! Hell, we can’t even get hits!!!! Play ball. Go Tigers!!!

Just out of curiosity how is V-Mart hitting against lefties this season?? I know it is probably only fifteen ABs.

19abs in fact. 250/.316/.250/.566, 2bb, 0 K, 2 GDP,

29.4 LD%, 29.4 GB%, 41.2 FB%, 14.3 IFFB%

do it, 2E!

Come on, Tui!

rats. left’em loaded

Predictable……..letting him off the hook. The Tigers of one week ago would not have let that opportunity go by!

did you know that – aside from 2E (who has 3 PAs with RISP) – only Cabby (.480) and Ajax (.364) are batting over .300 with RISP this season? C’mon fellas!

can brayan continue his awesomeness?

2 for 21 with bases loaded. They have being doing the same since last year. 10 runs scored .

good point sir

ok now we have the 22 bases loaded opportunity

lets try 23

good man Omar! and good walk Torii! Now for Miggy – the man who can hit with RISP! Lets knock this Wilson fella out of the game – right now!

Nope”…………wasted opportunity 2.

what is it about line drives at fisters head?

fister is great defensively – looks great out there

Pretty bad idea not throwing that ball to 1st on howie kendricks bunt single. They woulda had him. Lucky it didn’t come back to haunt them.

Negative nelly today”……..but I fear they let Wilson off the hook the first two innings now he had a 9 pitch inning. Stuff like that typically seems to bite you in the butt!

Fister ,GB/FB has been increasing every year

falling apart.

the “defense”

Yep let Wilson off the hook and here we go, we still can’t hit and Wilson is on track.

This is a gong show. Do we even know how to play the game? What did we give them there? 5 or 6 outs? Running to third with the ball hit in front of you? Pitch count on Wilson is rising and the first two batters of the 3rd go out in 4 pitches. It is easy to lead the league in the least amount of errors when they score “errors” as doubles. Just play the game right.
— Bob

A new SS

New third baseman to…..he made an error oh I mean a double, he was the reason they got the three runs that last inning.

Also might want a pitcher who doesn’t hit three batters in one game.

Miguel isn’t right.

Had a good feeling Fielder would come through. We are back in it.

Prince!…..but Miggy doesnt usually have at bats that look like that.

i see you big fella! I see you!

Against LHP, yes. He has been impatient lately

Get him Infante!!

Good report from the farm. Crosby seven innings of shutout ball. Rondon a save with no Ks, no BBs and no hits. QB one jack. Final 3-0.

Another play Cabrera coulda woulda shoulda made!

Big double play!!! Rally from the top!!!

Jhonny. Geez.

oh thank gawd for that 2 out single! C’Mon BRRRRRAAAYAN!

2nd base ump f’d that one ump. Cannot believe he made that call.

Green light Jackson???

Safe. Amended


They are giving PF the IBB

“pitching around” the worse tactic. Give him the base and go on

Wild pitch for the lead????

Way to leave them loaded again and thanks to the umps for changing the whole complexion of that inning. Might want to go back to umpire school not that I think you need to realize that if the runner slides into the base before the ball gets there he’s safe.

true, but they have had plenty of opportunities to get runs and can’t seem to get the job done. So many lob, it makes my head spin.

my gawd i can’t believe they left them loaded again

The ump helped with the second “strike”

Good job by AA

Really bad AB by Austin there in the 11th. Gotta protect the plate.

Bottom of the 11th. Let’s see what this guy has.

everyones favorite loogy!

Well, our pitchiing has been wonderful. Shame on the Tigers if someone can’t step up.

came in got 3 RHBs out – might get 1 guy out next inning. that’s the role i envision for him. he’s doing it well.

Good job, Phil. You might get the 12th, too. Let’s score !!

lol @ hamilton

A B C D. Will Downs be next???

We now have played enough extra innings on the left coast to give us an extra game!!!

Hero Hunter???

sending phil coke out for a third inning – what a brilliant idea jim

Coka cant get out RHB
Coke cant get out RHB
Coke cant get out RHB

He did real well against the righties the first few innings. It’s not Cokes fault. Let’s talk about Cabrera, Martinez , Jackson, Infante, Hunter,…….etc. the problem were the errors ( even if they were counted as such. And again nobody hitting. Didn’t help that Fister bonked 3, I think at least one of those scored, although overall I think he was good enough to win. Did I talk about the hitting, they are embaressing themselves.

Hey Jason. What is the team batting average each year for the past three seasons against the Angels @ the Big A???

Thank you for this information, El Tigre. We just do not hit well in Seattle or at the Big A. Do we??

“Dotel wasn’t available. Elbow inflammation. Leyland did not want to use Villarreal 3rd straight day. So Downs was last man standing in pen.”

They need to dl dotel and bring up rondon

They will wait until Tue. Beck too

The umps are inconsistent for all teams, not just the Tigers. When will some of you realize that Leyland does not know how to handle a pitching staff, let alone motivate the hitters Porcello was gassed but the manager had no clue!. Who is in charge of this team? I know, JL does not hit or play in the field. And the comment about Trammell as a manager, he had NO talent on his team. I will still, and always root for my Tigers! The winning streak starts Tuesday at 7:08 pm. Go Tigers!

Rondon should have made the team out of ST.

The Tigers always play their worst ball at LAA. Looks a lot like last year’s team so far. Is that good or bad?
I thought Infante was called out at 2ndbase because his lead foot slid over the bag. Most of the big leaguers don’t know how to slide, opting for the raised foot pop up style that gets them called out. Maybe they teach that to prevent ankle injuries, I don’t know. I do know they can beat a throw but still get tagged out.
Okay, back to .500 (sigh). 18 games wasted. A sisyphean beginning to the season.

Someone wanted to win: Peña

The best part of the game was when my wife pointed out the topless girl in the front row. Of course, I knew she had on a halter top hidden by the railing, but it was still the best part of the game………………

Three things were noteworthy in today’s game:
1. Fister’s continuing good work as a Tiger Starter
2. Alberquerque’s 2 innings of work were as dominant a relief effort that I have seen in a long time.
3. 16 Strikeouts recorded by Tiger Pitchers. It’s a shame it wasn’t more, especially on balls hit to Cabrera.

There are some really serious issues with this club, that really showed up today. The defense is limited by range and space; we will generally make the routine plays.
But outside that range, we really looked bad. V-Mart looks lost at the plate. We’re approaching 75 AB’s, and the timing is off. He’s not grooving on a fastball like 2011.
Give it another 30 AB’s, and if not improved, you’ll have to change the 5 hole. No production is coming consistently from 6-9. If Miggy is off, the whole team appears in a funk. RISP average is attrocious; we must see a commitment to get it done. Bases loaded three times to no avail. T-soap is probably not the answer for a RH batter. I love DK, but he’s got contribute something offensively. Alex Avila needs a wake up call, or a ride to Toledo. Time to perform, or move out. the only reason I am not in full alarm is because of Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, and Sanchez. Good night all!

The balls that got by Cabrera were ripped and he was probably lucky to make them look doable. Miggy made an outstanding diving play to record an out. JP? This guy did not look like the same defensive player as in the first 2 games of the series.

Was at the series and the Tigers do look tired as a team. Lots of squandered offensive opportunities and it looked like the umps hurt the Tigers at least twice. V-Mart looks horrid and is unbalanced with his cut. His topside as a RHB tends to drift forward. The Tigers are 14-38 at the Big A since 2002. Coke was actually mostly effective against RHBs until Trumbo. Leyland didn’t really have much left in the pen. Hard to pin Coke’s third inning use on him. Jackson was hitless for the series.

The 3 earlier blown saves by the pen make the Tigers’ record worse than it should be and they still stick in my craw.

You know who Alburquerque reminded me of today? Mariano Rivera. In that the hitters knew what was coming and still couldn’t hit it. That may have been the most dominant relief performance we’ve seen from a Detroit pitchers in years. If he could only be consistent.

Yes, Rivera has been dominant for years. And he has basically been a 1 pitch pitcher. Today, ALBQ mixed a nasty slider with a power fastball. A very dominant relief performance akin to Rivera, but with more options. It was impressive to see..

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