Adding up the records from Wednesday’s win

Just in case you dozed off during one of the extra innings, the Tigers pulled out a 2-1 win in the 14th inning on a Brayan Pena RBI groundout and a play at the plate to throw out Justin Smoak trying to score on Dustin Ackley’s two-out double off Joaquin Benoit. The result, however, was just part of the story.

Here’s the rundown of the records (mostly for strikeouts) set, matched or neared:

  • The Tigers struck out 21 times, tying their franchise record set on Sept. 18, 1966, when Cleveland’s Sam McDowell struck out 14 batters over six innings. That record was matched 25 years later on May 8, 1991, when Blue Jays knuckleballer Tom Candiotti struck out 12 Tigers over seven shutout innings in a game that remained scoreless until the 14th inning.
  • Detroit, which also struck out 16 times in victory Tuesday night, became the first team in modern Major League history to win back-to-back games while striking out 16 times or more. Just three other teams in modern big league history — the 2002 Brewers, the 1986 Mariners and the 1966 Red Sox — struck out that many times in consecutive games. All of those teams lost both games.
  • The Tigers became the first American League team to strike out that many times and win without hitting a home run since Cleveland did it against the Mariners on Sept. 28, 1986.
  • The 40 combined strikeouts between the two teams fell three shy of the Major League record, set on July 9, 1971 in a 20-inning game between the A’s and Angels.
  • The Tigers and Mariners both struck out at least 19 times, just the second such game in the live-ball era according to ESPN Stats and Info. The Padres and Giants were the other teams to do it in a game in 2001.
  • Not since Mark Prior and Javier Vazquez on April 9, 2003 had two Major League pitchers both racked up 12 strikeouts in the same game, according to ESPN Stats and Info.
  • Not since the great Randy Johnson dueled Mark Langston on Sept. 16, 1992 had two opposing starters put up 12 or more strikeouts with an earned run or less, according to Elias Sports Bureau.


1. Great bullpen tonight.
2. Defense holds the line
3. Mad Max is the real thing.
Take them anyway you can get them.

Bizarre game, series for that matter. Will remember for a long time particularly if JV follows the lead thus far.
Beyond the call of duty Jason but much appreciated.

Wow! How long has it been since we’ve seen that kind of quickness in getting a ball back in from the outfield?!! The spin and fire from Torii. A thing of beauty. Brayan Pena is a gamer! Two great signs! Wish I’d have stayed up for this one.

Soooo tired…… Early in ths game like the 8th inning I thinking ths game is moving right along and I’ll get to bed earlier tonight. WRONG!

none of those records are as surprising as peralta bunting for a hit

helluva win – one of those kinds of wins that gets a team really going

So glad to see we came out on top – I went to bed after we did not score in the 10th and I too though how quickly the game was going. Pena had a heck of a game, catching 14 innings, getting the game winning RBI and playing blocker for home plate. What an odd game to have both pitching staff’s be so dominant – great shot in the arm for our bull pen – still have to read the box score but very pleased for everyone who pitched last night. Max was just on fire. Great win guys – another series win while on the road – that spells success.

By the way I cannot believe they haven’t changed it to a hit for Victor an an earned run for Felix. Am I wrong? Jason do you think they will protest it much like they did in the first game on Mauers behalf?

It should be Coke, Dotel, and Downs for sure in the bullpen today.

Impressive pitching and defense. I think the defensive stats thing needs some work. The Tigers make the plays they should, turn DPs and have an occassional sensational moment. I’m gonna go old school with the stats and trust my eyes.

I had a 1:30 AM cutoff point, so I caught up this morning. Good win. I assume Avila catches today…………….? 😉
The good news is that there is only one more 10 PM start for the REST of the SEASON! And it’s on a FRIDAY night!
(I hope I didn’t jinx into a rainout in LA this weekend)

No way on the rain. It’s sunny here with temps in the 80s.

No, now I remember Downs coming in but after that it was a blank. A replay is coming on at 11:30 am on FSD. What a throw by that golden arm of Torii’s and the perfect throw by Prince, and then for Pena to hang on and wave it in the air. The Tigers have a great team!, Go Tigers!!!!!!!

The shot of Pena face down in the dirt and holding up the ball (see, I’m NOT dead) looked like something from the climax of a baseball movie.

Pena is not Kevin Costner, but I’ll take the real deal any day. I have been reading this blog since 2006, Tiger fan since 1968. Really have learned alot and especially enjoy the informed comments from guys like Rich, GK, DOK and SlowByrne and all the regulars. Rich, I think I’ve read in your commments that you live in Virginia, as I do. I’ll be going to Nats/Tigers game on May 7th with my two sons. Would be a pleasure to meet you.

With the Angels next on the agenda, it is noteworthy that their pitching staff continues to be a negative focal point. With a MLB worst ERA, the pitching coach, Butcher, is catching heat. Last year, it was the hitting coach, Hatcher, who lost his job.

The Tigers will see Hanson, Richards and Wilson this weekend.

Likewise, the Angels will face Sanchez, Porcello and Fister this weekend. But today it is the Mariners. Are we ready?? Keep battling. Then after the Angels, it’s back home to play the Kansas City Royals. How does Verlander, Scherzer, Sanchez sound?? Or it could be Scherzer, Verlander and Sanchez. Either way KC will have their hands full. Go Tigers!!!

i know it was king felix, but is anyone else a little concerned on the high amount of K’s the past two days? all those records listed above kind of scared the crap out of me. and benoit, is it safe to say he is nothing compared to what we thought we were getting a few years ago? he was lights out, and still show signs he still has it, but so few and far between. i’m not as into stats as some of you here, but i would guess he is in the top of the league of giving up the long ball the past few years…anyways i hope they got enough sleep last night. go tigers!

Kinda…….it’s ot the K’s against Felix it’s the other ones.

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