Valverde to stick in Lakeland a while longer

Jose Valverde’s road potentially back to Detroit is going to keep him in Lakeland a little while longer. It sounds like he’ll be in the minors longer than that.

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski confirmed the immediate plans on Valverde and the thought process going forward. His next outing will be Wednesday in an extended Spring Training game. If all goes well, Dombrowski continued, the plan is for Valverde to pitch Friday and Saturday for the Class A team in Lakeland.

No plans are set from there. Part of it depends on how Valverde pitches, but part of it also depends on the weather around the Midwest.

“It’s a decision for us to make sure he continues to work,” Dombrowski said during pregame batting practice Tuesday at Safeco Field. “He’s doing fine. His progress has been fine. We just continue to analyze, and we’ve worked with him too, wanting to make sure where his comfort zone is.”

Asked if Valverde needs to pitch at a higher level in the minors before the Tigers make a decision, Dombrowski said, “Higher level than extended [Spring Training], yes. We’re going to put him in A-ball for sure. But we have until May 8 to make a decision, so I would think at some point [yes].

“At this point, we’re not just going to leave him in Lakeland and make a decision. Our plans would be to move him up, but the weather has been so bad. We don’t want him to go and join the Toledo club and all of a sudden be sitting there for three or four days in a shortened time period and not pitching because of the weather.”

That doesn’t mean they have to pitch him in Toledo, Dombrowski cautioned, to make a decision.

The May 8 date, it turns out, is the day Valverde can exercise the opt-out clause in his minor-league contract if he’s not in the Majors by then. It is not a May 5 opt-out as previously reported. It was originally May 5, but was pushed back when visa issues delayed Valverde’s arrival to Tigers extended Spring Training.


If you prefer to see the count on the screen and you have the choice, the Seattle feed has it.
Fister looks sharp.

That he does. Does he have the curve working again???

If Dirks is injured is time to claim Wells or call up Castellanos

He was hitting in the cage this afternoon, for what it’s worth.

Dirks was injured two times during spring training and probably wasn’t ready to go on 4/1. Giving Andy a second day off when Seattle has RH starters in all three games is telling. If he ends up going to the DL, it will be the guy behind door #3, Quintin Berry, with four doubles, 5 rbis, 6 steals and a five game hitting streak. He’s hot and deserves the call up. QB had a rough start but has bounced back. Castellanos is starting to look like someone who could have used six more weeks at AA.

Fister is hitting up to 92mph! He does not have to be Nolan Ryan, but with his arsenal the extra few miles makes him into an elite pitcher.

Wells was picked up by Toronto I believe. I think this is a trap series for us…it usually is…we never do well against these guys it seems.

By the way…I hear Wells name mentioned a lot ….what’s this interest? It’s not lie he’s a great or even tat good of a player.
Fister fell apart here real quick in the 4th.

He is on waivers again

Oh…..I didn’t realize that.

Fister has a very bad habit of throwing strikes when ahead in the count. 0-2 pitches should not be hit with his kind of stuff. He needs to go out of the strike zone just a bit and try to get guys to chase. He is pretty fixated on throwing strikes and it does get him into trouble.

GK, Wells was designated for assignment yesterday by the Jays.

He has two more innings in the tank. He is a pitcher. The non out at home cost him

Just to let you know how our manager will explain Kelly starting tonight he will say, “Harang was the best starter of Seattle’s three for Don to get it going.” It also gives Andy two days off.

Next team that scores should win this one. Us or them??


Beavan is our chance to break it open.

Seven solid innings

With improved velocity, as needed, and decent control!

2nd & 3rd nobody out—we simply have to score at least 1 run. Avila needs to contribute.

There is Dirks

Of course. Alex is a bad hitter right now. An easy out.

He’s miserable…..he can be much better, I think.

Now 2E goes down on 3 pitches. These are the kinds of squandered opportunities that can result in discouraging losses.

Oh my god these strikeouts……..ugly.

AJax for MVP

How many ground outs to Infante tonight?? More than Jhonny for the season??

Generous strike call there to strike out Miggy. Shoulda been another walk and a run.

8-5 and we’re doing just fine. Vintage Doug Fister.

Nice clean game. Tigers keep it going. Mister Fister is one slick dude on the mound. He looks almost effortless when he’s in the groove. There were three things I liked about the game tonight.
1. Miggy’s almost “blase” approach to this game. he seemed determined to get the job done tonight. The HR was a true gem in hitting.
2. The clean defense again tonight. It’s supposed to be a big liability. Nothing spectacular, but everyone just seems to be getting it done routinely.
3. Ajax’s eighth inning AB. He’s down 0-2, and works a walk to force in a run. Does everyone see that this guy is not striking out each night. What a major improvement.
Of course, everybody else struck out, the only downside of the night.
Remember it’s April in the D. Good night all.

Too tired to comment last night (or early this morning) but nice yo see Victor have a nice night.

The last thing I sort of remember is Dirks going in for Victor. Victor had 3 hits and I must have felt confident to nod off. The Tigers look real good right now. No flashy defense, but make ALL the routine plays. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

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